Seeking Prophetic Patience as the Pandemic Continues

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Juma Khuṭbah

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people, including cases and deaths, and has killed 2,000 people and infected over 27,000 in the US, UK, and Europe. The virus has also caused political and political crises, leading to political and political crises and a wave of respiratory deaths. The pandemic needs to be addressed and individuals need to show appreciation for the human race and show gratitude towards the creator. The long haul of the pandemic will enable the return of normal life, and individuals need to show gratitude and stay in a state of comfort.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa sallahu wa la ilaha illAllah Walia Sala hain. Why shadow under Mohammed Abu who was a solo Hot Tamale and BIA he will more saline Allahumma salli wa sallam other Abdi kawada zuleika Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sallam happy women be that what he was standing up is suniti illa Yomi Dean wasallam to Sleeman kathira Amar bad for SQL when FCB taco Allah azza wa jal was semi will ta where your cooler Huck suparna Yeah. Are you held Edina Armando Tucker, la whelton do enough's. Well Tondo enough sanmar Padma daevid what taco la

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inala hobby rhombi ma time alone, while our taco Nuka Latina masala for unser home, unforce, our home will eco home.

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Our praise due to Allah, Lord of the worlds

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and I bear witness that Allah has won and has no partners, and that he is the friend and protector of the righteous.

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And I bear witness that Mohammed the son of Abdullah is his servant, his last messenger, the Seal of the Prophets, may Allah always constantly send peace and blessings to our beloved Prophet Mohammed to his family, to his companions, and all those who call to his way to the Day of Judgment.

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As to what follows. I again, remind myself and you have the critical importance of keeping the consciousness of Allah in front of us in everything that we do. And we judge our actions, we judge our beliefs, we judge our predictions based upon our submission, to the will of Allah azza wa jal.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has revealed in his mighty book are you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah, and let every soul look to what it put forward for tomorrow. And feel Allah. Surely Allah is well aware of all that you do. And be not as those who forgot Allah and so he made them forget themselves, show surely they are the disobedient ones.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala,

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again, gives us the guidance of establishing a relationship with Him.

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And not only having the fear and the hope, and the consciousness, but that every person, every soul, should not be caught up just on today. But we should look toward what we are putting for tomorrow.

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And so Allah guides us here, with the concept of time.

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And again, we are in a period of time, we are in a consciousness internationally, where people are reflecting

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on time,

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where people are feeling sorrow, and grief around time,

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and where others are finding strength in time.

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And we need to remember when we look at the situation in the world, in terms of the COVID-19, the corona virus pandemic, and this is what has seized the minds of people throughout the planet. It is now the number one issue in front of all of our news agencies, our discussions, it is around this pandemic.

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Last year

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2020 January 9, was the first reported case of this COVID-19 in Wuhan, China.

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And it was in February, that it started to go outside of China and it hit Philippines and then France.

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And then because of international travel

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in February, cases started to come to Canada our first confirmed case was February 20.

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But the cases continued. Reports started to come from around the world. And it reached the point that by

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the 10 days, the first 10 days and much that we have just gone through one year ago, cases started to climb in Canada to skyrocket. And exponentially. The authorities are authorities were forced to make critical decisions. And so between the 12th and the 22nd of March

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The time we are living in right now one year ago, state of emergency was called in the different provinces and territories. In Canada,

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a year has gone by.

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And now when we look at the world, we find that there have been approximately 119,347,632 confirmed cases of the covid 19. In over 219 countries, the total of confirmed deaths. And we know there are many unconfirmed, but the total of confirmed death is now 2,645,335. Around the World 2,000,600

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we have to put things in proper perspective. And that is the beauty of having the consciousness of Allah, because we are holding on to the Creator, for whom time is the same, the past, the present and the future for Allah is the same.

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And we reach out to the Creator. We think in terms of a revelation that gave us give us the past, and also projects into the future.

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And so when we look at our past as a human race, we have to put things in perspective. And the province are seldom used to say to people who are suffering, always look at somebody who is lesser than you.

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Don't look at somebody who's necessarily better than you. But look at those who don't have as much as you who are sicker than you who are in more difficulties than you. between 1346 and 1353.

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Europe, Asia and North Africa, were struck with bubonic plague. Considered one of the worst plagues in history, 75 to 200 million people died.

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They estimate somewhere between 10 to 60% of Europe

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passed away at that time.

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The Spanish Flu in 1918 50 million people died. That's 5% of the world's population. At that time. 5% of people living on earth passed away because of this plague.

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We have to remember in the lands that we are on in Canada,

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that when Columbus bumped into America on his way to India

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and realize this huge continents that were here, they were over 75 million people living here, with great civilizations

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being able to benefit from Allah's creation, and live living in a symbiotic way, a natural flowing way with life.

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And then the European refugees came

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conquer is coming out of Europe. Remember the 14th century bubonic plague 60% of Europe, dead, cholera,

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chicken pox, all types of diseases. And so they literally sought refuge in this part of the world, or wanted to conquer this part of the world and make new territories. And it wasn't their military prowess

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that conquered these lands, it was disease. And so this disease this virus, it decimated approximately 90% of the native population.

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So when you think about 75 million people,

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you think about great civilizations in Canada, US Central America, Caribbean, South America 90% of the population was killed

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by diseases. And so disease,

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plagues, pandemics is part of life. It is something that we have to come to grips with that is a reality.

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And when the companions of the Prophet Muhammad Sal solemn came to him in great difficulty suffering they said mn nejat what is the the the way out? Like we are saying what is the way out? If there is a new variant

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It seems like the vaccine is only temporary.

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Then what's the way out? The Prophet peace be upon him told him I'm sick la Cali Sonic,

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control your tongue

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while he asaka baytech and let your house become wide for you

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what the key Allah hottie attic and cry over your mistakes.

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And so the prophet SAW Selim gave them an internal solution.

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He gave them a solution based on what they were doing and what they were thinking on the inside, coming outside.

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And you would think that with difficulties outside he would give them a political solution. He would give them an economic solution.

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But he told them control your mouth. control that which you eat. That which you say about people don't lie, don't swear.

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Control your tongue.

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And he told them when you look at your house, if there is difficulty outside there is depth outside, let your house become wide to you.

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Make your inner dwelling an expansion make that dwelling connect you to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And while you are doing this, cry over your sins

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and this is the type of advice that we need today when we think that the world is now coming in on us all around from all sides. We need to see that connection on the inside of our houses on the inside of our bodies, our hearts our consciousness with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and recognize that this is a test Yes, close to 3 million people have died. Well yeah to be loved.

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But this is the human condition.

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This is what people have found themselves in from the beginning of time.

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And one of the great scholars of the internal Muslim and we look inside as we cry for change because again, our anthem our theme when we are crying for change should be in the LA holla you Hey, Robbie Tolman had tell you a rumor be unforeseen him, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change that which is in themself.

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Then the change will come.

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And it reached the point with the companions of the Prophet so seldom the best generation when they felt surrounded by the enemies.

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They felt like death was upon them. They even shouted metta Nasrallah,

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when will the help of Allah come?

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And they found out from Revelation, Allah in the natural law, he corrib

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Yes, but the help of Allah is very close to you. It's very close.

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So we need to take stock of ourselves when we look at this time based period that we're in now. After one year, the sun is coming out in the northern countries. It appears like people are coming out but something's blocking us. Will we still be under a test? We need to be sincere to Allah subhanaw taala. Now, sincerity to the Creator. That is the bottom line for us.

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And the Prophet Sal sanlam gave us clear advice and the great scholars of Islam showed us if you want to be sincere to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Then you must have the concept of a taslim. Lee hook me You have to submit to Allah's judgment. You have to submit. Remember, Allah told us insert Allah to insert a talak

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in Allah ballyhoo ambree budget Allah Allah, Allah liquidly Shea in kodra, Allah will reach his purpose, and he has made

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a limit to all things.

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And so we look at ourselves. What are the different conditions that we find ourselves in?

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And the great luminaries of Islam have shown us that people are in four conditions. People are in a condition where they are

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in goodness, they find things NEMA comfort and blessings and now

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case they need to show gratitude. Constantly show gratitude. But some people find themselves in baliya in difficulties, and they need to show or to engage themselves in Sabah.

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In patience and perseverance.

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Some people find themselves in good deeds, they find themselves doing righteousness. Allah bless them to be making prayers, Allah bless them too fast. Allah bless them whatever the difficulty is to give this a cat, the nation thank Allah, they should recognize the mercy of Allah on those people. And we pray that we can continue to be of those people that Allah blessed. We have to recognize this blessing.

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But there are some that find themselves in massiah, that they're committing sins, and they need to make Toba. They need to repent.

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And so in this time of the long haul, and that is the long distance race. This is a generation where people want things fast. They want everything in front of them. They want their food cooked immediately.

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They want their clothes immediately. They want everything in life to pop in front of us. That's not what life is about. Life is a process. And that process requires patience.

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It is the distance between a short distance runner and a long distance runner.

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The short distance runner has a burst of energy bursts out and gives everything and then expects a result. But the long distance runner, gauges his strength

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and starts off strong, maintains his strength and then continues along gauging his body, at some point slowing down at some points getting stronger until he reaches the finish line and then comes with a burst.

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We are in a long distance marathon.

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And what is challenging about this marathon is that we don't know when it will end. And so we need to depend upon Allah to have tawakkol Allah Allah, we depend upon the creator in Allah how badly harmony, Allah will reach his purpose. He has made a limit for all things. And so we pray that Allah subhanaw taala

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would help the human race this planet will enable us to come out of this pandemic and back into normal life. And we pray that Allah subhanaw taala would enable us to benefit from the lessons that we have learned and are learning in lockdown,

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to keep distance to be clean, to watch our mouths

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to be more modest in our dressed in our relationship with other people to know the limits within society to stop polluting the atmosphere killing the animals around us. If we gain these lessons, then inshallah it was worth it. If we didn't, then the word then worse is to come. Well yeah to Billa. May Allah accept those who have died under this COVID as shuhada as martyrs and May Allah protect our children, our families and our oma in this ongoing crisis? akula Kali howdah was stuck for lolly welcome. What is Saturday Muslim men and men can leave them been istockphoto can not

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afford it.

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Alhamdulillah Allah had an aha and follow the summit a lady lamea lead well I'm you lead while I'm yakko Allahu Kufa one aha what will suddenly was seldom Allah sale or will he will Arkadin. Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi etchmiadzin were bad for ya Ebell de la taco la tomar quantum, where your call Huck suparna mockbee dunhua Amira in Allah wa Amala aikatsu soluna Allah Nabi Yeah, are you hella Dina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Oh Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah Abdi kawada zuleika Mohammed wala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine what are the law one and qualify Rashi Jean Auerbach are Omar man, what are they

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Well I'm not bureaucratic you're out hamara he mean Alhamdulillah he laid the head down early however, Walmart corner Lena tarea Lola and head down a lot. Robin Allah to Z equal Lubin Alba is hi de tener will have Lennar mill adieu karamba inaka Intel Wahab Allahu Allah tada Allah number 11 Fatah wa Harman Illa for register one our deignan illogical data while our Marie then in lash feta while I may eat an Illa Roehampton while aha jetadmin Hawaii dunya Illa data ha yeah our hamara II mean robina Arjuna for dunya hassanal with an Iraqi Hasina joaquina there but now what kills an agenda Maota bra yes yeah as easily yada yada Bill alameen Allah homak felon Muslim Mina one Muslim

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at while me Nina will mean at a higher men home while I'm what Brahma Tikka altamura he mean Evangelion Himachal Mullah Nala yat mobile ads and what a sandwich he tied the quarterback

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on on fascia mukalla Bobby komla Hello Come to Cologne aka Muslim