Manāzil al-Sā’irīn #93 – Chapter on Sobriety

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I'm about to proceed.

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And today we have the chapter on sahoo or sobriety.

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later inshallah, in the focus session we will talk about a chapter on breastfeeding Gordon Bell Baradar.

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first chapter on a sophomore distinction of a sophomore sobriety. And he

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said in his book men as a society

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Station Number 88, or chapter abbreviated sobriety that we have two more chapters and we will finish the section of realities start

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attachment and detachment, and then facade and the facade and then horrible Southern facade and then we will start with a section on the endings

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the section on here yet or the endings which will start with a modifier recognition and end with

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And then

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here started by Anya, like usual, he said God allows agenda fuzion polonium Cardona dakara, boom.

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A lot of ladies, when terrorists are removed from their hearts, they will say to one another, what has your Lord said, they will say the truth. So what is the relationship between the

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two zancudo veniamin Center has been removed from their hearts on the angels hear the sound of the Lord.

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The intensity of the experience makes them start to shock.

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And then they just like when the Prophet told us to get the revelation, it used to be hard on him.

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And then he would almost wake up from it

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from the intense experience of the revelation, and the same applies here. So this is about a circle that says sobriety after intoxication. And here the angels

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have the sort of the shock removed from them or the terror removed from their hearts.

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And they became sort of sober

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and as you accept a soft focus circuito natsuko mahkamah bus to a supple makonnen Saigon Underland tomorrow morning on a Tata Tata on mineral heritage.

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Software is above circular intoxication and it suits the station of bust or expansion. sofo is a station that is clear of delay and suffices from any pursuit and is purified from any culpability. How does culpability how to be translated? Sometimes it's hard to say but here it means culpability.

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So what does that mean?

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Well, sahoo is the opposite of soccer. Soccer is when when someone goes through an intense spiritual experience after much spiritual labor,

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much much spiritual labor and that is not limited to ritualism and that is not limited to repeating the sake

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of Allah subhanaw taala, but is also purifying the hearts and after being tested. One test after another in your devotion to a lie in your heart method, Franklin, mercy towards his creation and devotion towards them and so on. And after much spiritual labor, you get some intense spiritual imports like worried that that will overwhelm some people who are not

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established enough in their spiritual stations and cause them that intoxication. This intoxication is different from the intoxication of ignorance from the toxification of pretension, from the intoxication of lust from the intoxication of greed. These are people who are still law abiding, Sharia compliant law abiding. These are people who are still maintaining the facade. These are people who still stay within the bounds of Allah and never transgress his bounds yet are down to the who, wherever in late iterations of Sufism that deviated from this, that is their own deviation

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is not the deviation of the error the masters of the past that is not the deviation of the true masters of the past that is deviation of some groups, no matter how

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prevalent the deviation has become

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look at Muslims and how far they deviated from the way of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions. would that change the name of Islam itself it should not, although it does affect it perceptually in the perception of the onlookers or the outsiders, but it should not affect the Islam itself ontologically it does not affect the religion itself perceptually in the minds of people that may

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the same should apply here as well.

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In the whatever deviations that happened and they happen to they have become prevalent

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torok or

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sort of organize

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Sufism with an organized Sufism, certainly certain

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flaws prevailed. But that does not should not basically mean that Sufism in itself, the way it was practiced by the early and the true masters of the past, is responsible for such deviations, we have to call out the deviations

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and preserve the pure legacy. So don't throw the baby with the bathwater.

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So So Chris, the soccer that we're talking about is basically intense spiritual imports that cause people to become overwhelmed, they may not become very

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they may lose sensation of themselves and their body and so on, they will continue and and briefly they may be overwhelmed to the point of making those esoteric statements as we said before,

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but they come back quickly and correct themselves. So that's the soccer that that is

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that is considered to be a station not unnecessary station, not unnecessary bridge to solve.

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But aspects of it are necessary just like we talked about Fernanda and we said that aspects of it are necessary for people to reach substance to by law for a law with a law.

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But it's not it's not necessary because the the companions have maintained their sobriety throughout their lives because of their establishment, their connection in their spiritual stations.

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But it may be a station that some of the salahaddin will go through some of the righteous people will go through and then they cross from the station to San Juan, that is why I see sahoo after surgery because he goes from the lower to the higher. So he intentionally made someone come after so clearly tell you that soccer is intended to lead you to succumb to the state of sobriety, the state of alertness, and we will talk more about the difference between them. So he says here about soccer is a station that is clear of delay. Saigon Underland Tovar because he consider the Sahaba to be some some

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there is a relationship between San Juan and presence and when you are in the Divine Presence you are not waiting for anything because you reached your destination there is there is not anything to wait for.

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So that's what he means by Sagar. Moving in Allah tala, mocha Nana tala is clear, for suffices from from any pursuit which does not mean that your pursuit of pleasure will stop at one point your spiritual labor will stop at one point here.

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The effort that you put into the worship of Allah on the surface of Allah, whatever stop at one point, but when he reached here, this reach your destination, you become more like you're carried. Not Hammond. You're not burdened, you're being carried. So the pursuits become effortless.

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The pursuits become effortless and that's what this means.

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Moving on a thought of attire on courage to have mental heritage is purified for many couples.

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culpability of the station of soccer because the nature of soccer may be

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may cause people some harm or culpability, because it may be an overwhelm, they may go through these experiences that overwhelms them and they may or may make mistakes. But this is sahoo. This is basically sobriety. This is alertness, they're not making mistakes, they are

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free of culpability.

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Then the she accepts soccer and women who have failed hardcore soccer women who have been harmed.

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For soccer intoxication is being intoxicated with the real filha because of the lyrics because of your vision of the majesty and beauty of the real

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subhanho wa Taala you become intoxicated you cannot handle it, it overwhelms you. And as we did not overwhelm the Sahaba because of their cut back on their establishment and their spiritual stations, but it may over it may overwhelm people who are not as established as the Sahaba.

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When they have this absorption, absorption into the focus of their attention, which is a last minute Allah, He said down and say that a lot of particularly if you say for instance Allah Allah Allah without the full equation without the full model, the prophet Sal Sal and tortoise lai lai LA, this may result in

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may result in the you know, the management of your shoulder, your perception of the world around you, because the focus of the attention Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, with a focus of attention on the divine soprano tyla may make you reach a point where you lose perception of the self and the surroundings. Is this a superior station? No, it is not a superior station, to be aware of the surroundings that will, you know, read the history of the prophecy of Sedona Sahaba. To say out of the prophecies of others, however, they were completely aware of their surroundings completely aware of itself, which did not detract from their devotion to Allah subhanaw taala, that connectedness

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with Allah subhanaw taala, the recognition of Allah subhanaw taala never did it, but they were still completely aware. But when you do this,

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and you know, it become absorbed into the focus of your attention, and then the intensity of the experience and the intensity of the vision of the majesty and the beauty of Allah subhanaw taala may overwhelm you, you become intoxicated in a Supra Anima who are filled with sahoo. Number one, for intoxication is being intoxicated with the real answer, who is being sober, by the real now come to seminar, lebbeus maveo avasarala, the observer v where they will let you have to fall behind what I did, I will let EMC be here.

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are these? So, now I become his here and with what he here is his site with which he sees and his hand with which he strikes his leg with which he walks and if you subsist by Allah He is, you know, you're hearing what you hear, can you become overwhelmed by the visit of the Majesty? No, you don't become overwhelmed because you are subsisting by him after you had already been stripped from your ego, you are substance then goodbye him for him with him alone, you do not become overwhelmed by the intense spiritual experience after much spiritual labor, you are still makin you're still established.

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And you have full recognition of your surroundings and full devotion to your Lord. So that is why it was better than stop. And the definition of a facade was better than sub Sahara is where the purpose of Solomon his companions belong. So it has to be better than a circle. It is an indication of connection and it is an indication that now you're not overwhelmed, not because you're not having 10 spiritual experiences, because most of us are not overwhelmed simply because we don't have intense spiritual experiences. So it's not like we are in a state of subtle we may be in a state of heedlessness, and we've not experienced any of that, to begin with, but, but the difference is that

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for the companions, they did have the extremely intense spiritual experiences. There was much spiritual

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and have their own spiritual experiences. They were not overwhelmed because of their connection, their establishment, their spiritual strength. And because they are subsisting by a law with a law for a loss, they are not expected to be overwhelmed by any vision of the measure of the or the glory,

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or the beauty.

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Then the sixth set we'll call Americana final, how can men hierarchy, the hierarchy, but hierarchy it normalizes?

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Then, he said,

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and that which is that which is exposed to the vision of the real is not free of bewilderment, not the bewilderment of misgivings, but that of beholding the light of the light of the might, in the light of his mind, it's a Panama Todd. So he's just telling you that it is certainly particularly you know, PVF people make a quick shift from a life of heedlessness into a life of observation and, you know, spiritual labor, they can become easily quickly over whelmed

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habits, the bewilderment not the bewilderment of misgivings, but the V wonderment of beholding the lights of his mind

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when that can happen mechanicville How can American woman's Uh huh, well, I'm you can follow him in Pisa while I'm at our boiler.

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As for that, which is by the real bellhop now subsistance Viola with a love for allies, for that which is by the real it is rectified

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free of deficiency and is not subject to any flaws, it is rectified, it's free of deficiency, and it is not subject to any flaws.

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So, there is no culpability there is no harder because you are always observing to not only have a law, but of his demands.

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you are aware of the self which is important that you are not basically enslaved to the self but aware of it. And you are aware of the surroundings, not distracted by the surroundings, but aware of them, and your whole devotion is the last one. And if you look at

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if you look at the history of the Sahaba the sound of the Sahaba for instance, you look at armadillo and Mojave relates to us that he sometimes

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prepares the army in his Salah, so his Salah, Salah is the peak of your spiritual experience with a lost battle Tada, you're standing before Allah, but he's aware of all of his obligations. All of us demands that even in Salah, he is preparing the army and certainly that would not entertain, sort of like

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branching off and just like forgetting about your Salah, but because of his extreme awareness of his responsibility as commander of the believers, and then the thoughts he cannot find the thoughts they come to him. And he may think hi will designate harlot as the leader or Vedas that either something quickly like this and goes back to his Salah. It's not like he's just like branching off and no, but but this is awareness of your responsibilities, awareness of your surroundings, and this is armor. This is a federal who's going to reach his status, you know, other than his two companions

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the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam and Abu Bakr radi Allahu

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and certainly that's not that's not to compare between the practice of Solomon anyone else but that is just the usual lingo they were always together,

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but that the separate separate levels are completely kept in mind. So the

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so if you think also of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Salah you know when we're talking about Salah in particular because the law should be you know, when you are facing man and conversing with a man and a man is looking at you as long as you don't look away either a man would be looking at looking at you and so that this would be the peak of your

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sort of spiritual connection with Allah subhanaw taala is in your Salah. And if you think if we if you remember the Hadith

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The Prophet sallahu wa sallam after insalata last ran to some of Butte as well as he that weddings of his wives.

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And the Sahaba were started by his urgency by his sort of the urgency of his movement. And then he came out to them and he said that I remember that I have gold, and I hated Forget it, when you get into it, and it could be I hated that it would divert me from worship or concentration, or something of that nature or character or any of this any thoughts at all cannot law that I was afraid that it may keep you behind on the day of judgment that I will be comfortable responsible liable for not distributing the gold immediately that that we received. So this this again, what is sobriety that knowing what the demands of the Divine are and observing them and complying with even in the midst

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of your sort of

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spiritual connection with him subhana wa Tada. Just like enough time, Rahim, Allah tala, Abraham, Allah said, if you are in the presence of a Kenyan, you know, we've

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repeated this several times. You can always be

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abused by the glory and the majesty and so on, and distracted from the service of the Ganga by your amusement, or you could

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handle your amusement and can be committed to the service of the kings while you are observant of every demand of the king, king, not every demand every gesture of the king as well.

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Finally, the sheikh said was

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amendment as added Hi, our data demo software is

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one of the stations of life, the values of Union and the displays of actuality. So that was one of the stations of life and we talked about live station 84 was life. And we will talk about actuality station, which is coming and it's I think station 96.

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And the valleys of union and we've talked about union and we have said that the certainly union is where you're at or that your welds are in complete unison or conformity with

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the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that's it with the station of sakurako

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Chronicle Langham diction Atlantis, Pharaoh go to a lake.

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We will have a very long chapter to finish. So inshallah I will take seven minutes and come back so that we can finish this chapter. So before the winter break, we would have finished up to breastfeeding