The Purpose Of The Creation Of The Heavens And Earth

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history of Islam, including the creation of the seven award-winning workings by Allah, the use of Jesus as a template for the title of Jesus, and the use of the title "has been upon" to point out the capabilities of Islam's people. The title "has been upon" refers to the ability to create something on Earth, and the "has been upon" signifies the ability to create something on Earth.
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Everything that Allah subhanahu wa taala created. Its purpose was mentioned in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal you said, Allah Allah the Halacha savasana wealthy woman, a lot of women flown, the aterna Saloon Emerald Bay in a one liter level and Allah Allah Cooley che in Kadir what? Anila ha ha probably cliche in Elma Allah azza wa jal, he says that it is He Who created the seven heavens, and similar to that of Earth's seven Earths,

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and the decree comes down between the heavens in the earth, meaning everything Allah subhanahu wa taala created of the heavens in the earth, and the trees and the mountains and the sand and the oceans, all of this, what was its purpose, he said, Lita, Allah mu and Allah Allah cliche in Kadir

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it its purpose was that you can come to the realization and be aware and acknowledge that Allah azza wa jal is capable over all things.

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When you see this roof above our head now, and that there are pillars in the corners that support it and carry it and then you observe the heavens, the sky, as fast as it is as wide as it is, and there is no pillars that carry it. Mohammed Bintaro, Allah azza wa jal says,

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He lifted this entire sky and he holds it. And there are no pillars that are attached from the sky to the earth, why Lita level and Allah Allah Quran the che in Cadila. So that you can come to the realization that Allah has social is capable over all things.

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What and Allah who could help or be cliche in a man and of Allah so He can, has encompassed all things in his knowledge, law, social is aware of all matters.

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You right now sitting and there's a brother sitting next to you have as a sister sitting next to you what is going on in their heart right now. There is no chance in the world for you to know what it is. However, Allah subhanho wa Taala knows exactly what's in his heart and in her heart, and Allah has the help of equally che and

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that's the purpose for why Allah so He can create it everything around us. Everything around us. It refers it points to the fact that Allah is capable over all things. This is the kind of belief anarchy that the believer is supposed to have in his heart throughout his life. We're coming we're coming to the pure heart. But bear with me. This is a rip that you're supposed to install in your heart

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and commit to an AED He formerly taught under ma che in cardio