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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of fulfilling prerequisites for entering certain areas of the Bible, including the Bible's stance and the use of the word "has" in relation to their teachings. They also touch on the concept of neutrality and how it relates to the agenda of the church. The speakers emphasize the importance of acquiring and sharing, mental management, and mental management to achieve humility and achieve a stable heart.
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I'm about to proceed. Today inshallah we will go over station 97 we're very We're almost there, up three more stations in Station Number 97 which is the station of surgery or stripping.

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The ship here started by verse like usual and he's Palazzo de la liga, Allah Almighty sir. So remove your sandals, remove your sandals, stripling, remove your sandals, that sort of the superficial suitability is obvious.

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But it is, it is beyond the scope is not that superficial,

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the shape wanted to say that, there are certain places certain spaces, certain stations, certain levels, that have prerequisites to ascend them, to occupy them to enter them, you have to fulfill the prerequisites. So, to get the blessings of the Sacred Valley

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masala is needed to fulfill the prerequisites of the prerequisites as to take off his shoes,

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this could be a sign of humbleness, a sign of humidity,

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it could also be because to get the blessings of the Sacred Valley So, that his body touches the land of the Sacred Valley. So, that you could receive the blessings, it could also be

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it could also be

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in the you know, some of the office hero and said that his sandals were not

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for the made out of sort of type of leather that that was not permissible. Anyway, but, but these are

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speculations. So, yes,

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the prophets all sudden did not tell us that.

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So, the reason certainly some of them for zero may have said that because we pray in our shoes and that does not take away from our humbleness or humility. In fact, it is certainly to pray and one's shoes as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam indicated

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as the purpose of silence. So,

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that's why the facility man may have may have said that.

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But anyway, the relevance, the pertinence is obvious, the chef wants to say there are certain spaces that you cannot enter you will not be invited to until you meet the requirements you fulfill the prerequisites

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to God, there is a prerequisite to ascend beyond this point, you need to have completed read and read would be

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she says here at the Jaden cologne on to the showerhead.

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Project stripping refers to a departure from beholding the end Dickens and it is of three levels departure from beholding the dickens because you're beholding the realities, you are not anymore

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beholding the inductance you're beholding the very realities.

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So, it

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is basically a departure from the old indian stripping is what we used for translation to read

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comes from gelada that is the three letter word je Ma

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and it has to do with this position. It has to do with stripping it has to do with emptiness it has to do so why is it that we for instance?

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So let's have some examples of the word that the jury or the sort of related meanings. When you say Sahara tjaarda, a barren desert, what do you mean by this? It is empty it is doesn't have any plans when you say in some manner the you know, means empty sky doesn't have any who you doesn't have any clouds.

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When you say

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you know

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the jet road for instance.

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When you say the genre that means how do we translate the general impartiality, what the where where is it coming from

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Why is impartiality when you say in submitted is impartial, impartial, he is not partial to himself not partial to his biases not partial to his self interest, not partial to his self interest. So, he is able to remove his self interest, he is able to keep away his self interest and biases. So, he's muted Jared, he is partial,

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when you say Deborah decipher who

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he took his sword out of the sheath, so stripped removed from the sheath

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and so on. So, you know,

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it has to do with this, it has to do with stripping it has to do with this position, it has to do with abstraction, because abstraction means what that you ascend away from the particulars. So,

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you could say that rather kita you could say giedre dharmasala

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to remove all these sort of extraneous issues or extraneous

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discussions that are foreign or not inherent to the subject matter of the book genre, that also could mean to remove the scheme, you know,

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from from the book, so, the concept is clear and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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talked about calibrated.

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Right, there is a hadith where he said as reported by the Iranian margem and

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from a decided cadre, it was also reported from life and the one that is traceable to cipher is actually stronger than the one that's traceable to the prophets of Southern but even if it is traceable to life, we will presume that he heard that from the prophet SAW silent because it is not something that they could basically

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deduce or

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figure out on his own.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that

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that's that's a very beautiful Hadith and

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the different types of hearts he says, Hello, Baba. Takapuna Geraci is Raja new 002 houfy neuro kelburn Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah Allah whenever you have a carbon capture, welcome bondman goosefeather carbon one Africa Mankato caliburn

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saffi method two Emmanuel method two

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method who can submit method or method demand if he can baccala

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that in effect he can

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be done with them.

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So he better What about tala E. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that there are four different types of heart the

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heart that is accurate means what? Here? How would you translate that we translated as pure

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we translate it as viewer, it means strip, it means dispossessed, it means that it is a heart that has basically clear that self

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of its biases, its self interests, its flaws.

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You know, are two that completely move this weeds

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and cleared itself of all the viruses and the flaws, it's hard to it is ready for growth and so on. So it's called badger and we translated it as pure but you know where it is coming from comes from the jury that comes from removing the biases, the self interests, removing the flaws

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currently, so to get rid of the flaws and the diseases and the ailment, ailments and so on.

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And then he said we're kind of born

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with a carbonara fees Rajan user. mineralogical fee you know the art that is pure and it has a shining lamp that is the heart of the believer and the light the lamp and it is the light that's in the heart of the believer.

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We're called burn.

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Our left more bonarda

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parabolica and harder that sealed. The seal is tied, so it's hard to escape.

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etc Then the see this time and that's the heart of the catheter is unable to receive any light unable to receive any benefit because he's covered with his biases with his morals inherited beliefs with his tech lead blind following with his

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biases as we said, with self interest, etc. So is covered to so many things that it is completely sealed that there is no way for the light to enter that heart. And then the chef said,

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said,

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burn. The third one is boredom unchoose for the most part of mankind and a heart that is upside down. And that's the heart of the one f A p knows the truth, or he knew the truth. And then he denied or rejected. So he had some goodness, but then it was turned upside down and lost it.

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And then he said, Well, caliburn Safar software has not, it's not easy, it's not very easy to figure out what exactly the Prophet was meant by this. But it is mixed up. It is hard, it is mixed up, because from the explanation, it is clear that he's talking about a heart that is mixed up or a heart that has two sides.

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And it sort of

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alternates between the heart that is not stable in one station, or in one case condition. And Calvin Safa, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said about this heart, fee him to meet the humid

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female mother, the manual method and effect. It is the heart of that has two elements and elements of an element of an element of faith, an element of hypocrisy, the likeness or the parable of the element of faith and it is like a buckler or vegetation herb, good plant, good small plant that has been supplied by a good good water to have you been supplied by good water, it thrives on good water, and air the parable of the element of a net or is like, like an ulcer, that thrives on pus and blood thrives on pus and blood. So whichever one overtakes the other would overtake that heart, the good water or the person blood. So that there is certainly

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a hint here, that you should be standing guard on your heart all the time to remove the person's blood and to bring in the good water. It's the Holly and Holly, Holly and Holly to remove the person the blood and to bring in the good water and adorn your heart to Holly Holly to Holly with these virtues and and these good deeds. So, that is, you know, related to the concept of Treasury the collateral that is related to the concept of Treasury stripping this position,

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but more stripping in this position here, then abstraction, the project will then need to start to talk about the different levels of the jury then he says darada to Lula de do I in cash free on cast video pin, the jury Do I need cash on cash video pin? The first level is stripping the real disclosure of the errand certainty. The first level is stripping the real disclosure of the certainty, the Earned certainty gets built up in the certainty that you have earned Do you have earned the certainty by what rational inquiry have learned the sense of certainty by being alert by being observant by rational inquiry looking around you contemplating the creation, the heavens and

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the earth contemplating the life and the, you know, learning that it is transients and you know, and coming to

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greatness level of certainty that there has to be a hereafter there has to be a meaning there has to be a purpose. There has to be a hereafter there has to be a creator. This is cast video.

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FAA has acquired certainty it is the opinion that you have earned through contemplation through reflection. This is beautiful, this is great, this is important.

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But he wants you once you have the experience of faith and you have the real disclosure, and that is basically the the light that is instilled in your heart by a loss of power tada where the divine discloses Himself to you, that is through the eyes of your heart.

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He wants

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you to not

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overshadow that experience with your acquired certainty, or to not mix that experience with your acquired certainty. So he wants you to basically

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strip your disclosure of your own certainty or acquired certainty because you're acquiring certainty is about you, the disclosure is about him. This was his gift to you, and you're acquiring certainty is your own work is the product of your own work. And as you know, what the ship has been trying to get us to do is trying to get us to get rid of ourselves and try to get us to this

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on our ego, and ourselves and our work and so on.

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But certainly, we have to be, we have to understand that this acquired certainty is our way you know, Allah subhanaw taala has demanded of us to reflect to contemplate, you know, the signs of a lie in his universe. I add manzara Latin must Torah layout among the observed signs and the Universidad de Mistura, the written signs in his book, and that is our way to certainty. Your way to certainty is basically a reflection on an atom azura the observed signs in the universe and the most thorough the written signs in

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the book of Allah subhanaw taala. But certainly with experiential faith that people can ascend beyond that that acquired certainty to having that type of certainty that is not contingent upon science, not dependent on science.

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Then the SEC says what data to Sania didjeridu is on.

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The second level is stripping the reunion of the apprehension of knowledge, stripping the real union of the apprehensions of knowledge, apprehensions of knowledge that comes up.

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Okay, so what does he mean here, he wants to say that when you are in the presence of the Lord, hi in JAMA your togetherness with the Lord in the presence of the Lord and have a

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don't allow your knowledge to spoil that experience. That's what he wants to say. That is not to that is not to deny that knowledge that is not to

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basically not respect, the knowledge, the fi the knowledge and the purports of the knowledge, not to make benefit of the knowledge, it is not a departure it is basically an assumption, with knowledge us to a different level with your knowledge, but he wants to point out like we have done so many times in the past because He always was brought this up and it is very beneficial, particularly for the students of knowledge to understand that

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that knowledge could be an impediment that knowledge could be part of it. Although it is by default,

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your way a means to the pleasure of Allah subhana wa tada it is a Korba means the closeness to Allah subhanaw taala that brings you closer to Allah makes you more watchful of Allah subhana wa tada and more pious gives you, you know, makes you more tacky and so on. But, but knowledge has flaws. And there are so many flaws of knowledge.

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Mr. Jones, he talks about them in detail many, many scholars talked about the flaws of knowledge the problems of knowledge and

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knowledge can lead to technicality to legalism,

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arrogance, also we see this often

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you see students of knowledge that are busy all the time, sort of

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critiquing others. And criticism is polemics and criticism is Part Part of what the scholars do, you will have to basically point out

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deviation but when you are too busy doing this, particularly when it says misplaced criticism,

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too busy doing this or not paying enough attention to yourself or to you're not paying enough attention even to like a more warranted criticism, you know, so many people around you don't pray, why don't you just get a busier, inviting the people to pray and to, you know,

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given up their their, their lifestyles of heedlessness, and so on and so forth? Why is it that you're picking on some of your fellow students of knowledge are so anyway that the flaws of knowledge are clear, the shack wants to wants us to move away from that.

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And once that's also to understand that what the reports of knowledge are our floors, not ceilings, because what knowledge teaches us particularly the knowledge of fact, what it teaches us is what rights and obligations It teaches us haram and holla. These are floors, not ceilings. Because there is beyond this, what at the end of the day, nakum, as beyond this graciousness,

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and there is no ceiling for graciousness, you can be more and more and more. So that these are floors, when we talk about rights and obligations when we talk about justice, when we talk about fairness, fairness is a floor. But if you're too occupied with fairness and justice, he will be distracted from virtue and graciousness. He will be distracted, you will stay there be busy sort of with you know, figure out what is just what is fair, in, even in your relationships, all of your relationships, if you're too busy figuring out what is just you will be distracted from what is crisis, what is virtuous.

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And, but anyway, the SEC wants you at this level, to this possess or the strip

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of your the apprehensions of your knowledge because now you are in the real union and togetherness with a loss in the presence of a loss of heritage.

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And people to people who ascend to these levels that they go they go way beyond knowledge. It is not like they go be you know, they go away from knowledge. They go way beyond knowledge about knowledge they ascend.

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What data to Sally Saturday, callosum into the jury. The third level is purifying the deliverance. From beholding the stripping the jury to Colossians three the director salita the jury that hollows into the jury the third level is purifying the deliverance from the holding the stripping and this is an obvious shift this is self annihilation self the solution and if there is this illusion, there is no i anymore. And if there is no i there is no mine. And there is no mind then you will not look at your stripping.

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There is no because you're here not there. You You know you're only at this level you're only beholding The Lord has attributes and is as essence the divine essence and you're not conscious aware. And as Like I said before, this is about mental conceptions not not about ontological reality. It is about mental conception in your mind in your mental conception.

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There is there is no you anymore. And if there is no you There is nothing that is yours and you are not seeing your own stripping all the work that you have done all the dispossession that you have done dispossessed your biases this possessed your self esteem

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Last year, the flaws of your heart you clear yourself of all of this, you stripped of all of this, you stripped your heart of all of this, all of this work, you're not seeing it and you're not

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being distracted by it because it is your work one, as long as you're seeing your work you're seeing yourself and if you're seeing yourself, you have not achieved complete self annihilation and complete of the solution

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in your mental conception, as we said, so you have not reached that level of funnel yet at the same desires of you to reach this level, which is the third level and as we said, elements are necessary for both parties obsessed by Allah with a love for Allah, but

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is not overly necessary bridge to the car and the car is the ultimate station of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the companions subsisting by Allah with a love for Allah. Complete awareness of the reality around you that does not ever distract you from your connection to the Lord and from your presence with the Lord and from your subsistence by the Lord.

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Probably other stuff regarding electrosonic aloha Nick Sutherland, Stanford Graduate, I will take seven minutes