The Questioning in The Grave

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This short talk is about the questions that would be posed by the angels to the deceased after the burial and they would be able to answer them only when they acted upon it in this life else it would not benefit them.

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But then what?

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Now the questions?

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Who is your Lord?

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And you said, Well, I already know it's a law.

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That might be true, if you really worshipped Allah alone without partners. But if,

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if there was anything, and what you are saying is not true, then you won't be able to say

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if the person was saying it, but not really doing it,

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a won't benefit them.

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Only a class

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or a class, you know, sure a class read it. This is the belief of the real Muslim.

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He knows a lot has no partners. He knows a lot doesn't have a son or a daughter.

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And he knows there's nothing like a law.

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This is the man in a law

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and then what will happen?

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You will say Allah is my Lord. The next question

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What was your Nene not religion?

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Dean means what you did with your life.

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Did you get up in the morning early and pray your fudger on time Mashallah. And you stopped your work for though her martial law officer came and you stopped martial law? mug ribbony Shawn time in the masjid Marcia.

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This was your dean.

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You fasted properly, in the month of Ramadan, and you paid the zakat.

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hamdulillah and hide, Marcia, law.

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And you were good to the orphans, the team and the miskeen, the impoverished and the poor, you help them.

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You took time from your busy schedule of piling up money to take some time to help the board to help the orphans.

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And you stayed away from people who are gossiping and backbiting and making Riba you stayed away. You said I don't want any of that. I don't want to talk about people.

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You obey the law

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and His Messenger and those in authority over you.

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Now I saw somebody said, huh,

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that's in the Quran, brother.

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Allah put people in authority over us, we have no choice but to obey Allah, His Messenger and those in authority.

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hamdulillah we find here in Malaysia, very good brothers that understand this, Deen. But in other places in the world, they didn't understand it. And when they began to rebel against their Muslim leaders, a lot took them away, and gave them worse. And when they rebelled against them, they got worse. And they keep rebelling until our whole entire Muslim population is actually in a prison in their own country.

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Because they keep rebelling against the law, and His Messenger under leaders.

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What is your name? What are you doing with your life?

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How do you spend your time dhikr of Allah?

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Or SpongeBob? squarepants?

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How do you spend your time

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reading the Quran?

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or watching the sports? How did you spend your time? What did you do with your time that Allah gave you?

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That was your dream.

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And the third question, Who was your prophet?

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And you say, I know that that's going to be real easy. Oh, really?

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Actually, that's going to be one of the hardest of all, after we get past these other tool, because now it's still a question. Why would that question be there? You're saying you believed in Allah martial law. You did some good acts martial law. But did you do everything on the order of the way that the result told you to do it? Or did you accept people to make up something else and you followed that instead?

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And I've been in some countries where you cannot believe

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The things that some Muslims do. And when you try to correct them, they say, oh,

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but this is what we've always done. Our fathers before us, they did the same thing. And you say, but that's in the Quran. It says that in the Quran, we're doing what we found our forefathers doing? Does it make it right?

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Would you like to know one example?

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The Jews,

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the children of Israel,

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before us, they worship the law.

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Many of them were very good,

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wonderful people, we wish to be like those people.

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But they began to admire

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some of the people,

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other people who had treasures and wealth.

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And some of them follow those people and began to accept their gods.

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One of the things they found was people who would cut the trees, cut the trees, and take the trees into their houses for good luck.

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They had a tree God called wooden.

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This is an ancient religion still mentioned in the encyclopedia today.

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They believe that this tree could help them and they would decorate their house with this dream.

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So Allah sent their prophet to them.

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in Jeremiah was saying, This is what your Lord has said.

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Don't be like the most shrieking, don't go into the forest. Don't cut the tree, don't take it into your house. You carry it on your shoulder, it cannot hurt you. It cannot benefit you. Don't do it. It's in Jeremiah, chapter 10. Verse 678, read it.

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In the Bible, Old Testament.

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Don't do it. So when we come to the Christians when I was a Christian, and I said, Guys,

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we have in our book, we're not supposed to do this. And they say, oh, you're just too strict. We're having fun. This is what we all do. This is what our fathers did before. It's no big deal. But it says not to do it.

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Why are we doing it? Some of them listen, most of them laughed. But the leaders of them the one selling the trees and making the money.

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They accused us, you know what they said?

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Your fundamentalists exactly what they said.

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Now in Islam, when our teachers come to us, and they tell us, please don't follow the way of this believers. This is what the Quran says. He said, Oh, you're a Wahhabi.

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Just like that.

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You've been warned right now, what's going on here? You mean Warren, clearly, by a very good scholar to understand about practicing other religions and claiming that it's exercise.

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If you exercise is not a problem, the scholar said it I read the factual. I read the federal and I read what he said after the fact we're to make sure you understood exercises not the problem. It's when you begin to add the worship part. It's not acceptable.

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And some people said he must be a Wahhabi.

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In other words, anything that doesn't agree with you must be a Wahhabi.

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And you don't even know what it means.

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So if you really want to be one who can answer this question?

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Who is your profit? You have to understand to follow Mohammed obey Mohammed, only then Is he your Prophet, and just saying Salah La La was so long, which is very good, but just saying it with no meaning won't help you.

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And wearing a goofy is very good.

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But there are a lot of people that wear hats all the time and it doesn't save them either.

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We have to know who is Mohammed

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and what he expects from us.

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And then we have to try our best to follow it. This is all included in saying that Muhammad is our Prophet