Mohamad Baajour – A Moment to Wonder & Ponder #13

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing a situation where someone fell in a storm and is causing damage to Hollywood. They use technical language and describe people as "heady hearted." The transcript also mentions a man named Neil who is causing damage to people and is seen as the one's "heady hearted."
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Nina Mohini

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one Whoa

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that fell on Hollywood you

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fell in howling. Far one was stealthy level wash away from Philly

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for either Eisen divert our gun can

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you help bully Muhtar working just below 100 level salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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Welcome to never leave and can be for two min howling had you been rough and hard hearted they would have broken away from you, my brothers and sisters, the fastest method to soften the heart is gentle speech and overlooking simple mistakes. Imagine this AI is addressing the best man ever created Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, the one with the best of manners, the one with the most eloquent speech. What about me and Neil?

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It is extremely important to think before we speak, the words we uttered have a major effect on the hearts. He could either unite them or divide them. May Allah make us from the people who wonder and ponder upon the Quran.

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