Group Dhikr in the Hanbali School

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In the humbly framework is to so have a personal practice or does it have any communal element to it?

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As its developed the Mejlis of vicar has become one of the main focal points of

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the practice of to Soloff for many communities, and its benefits are sort of visible you see people who would not regularly do a certain of God and vicar

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by themselves, but when presented with a group, then then maybe some socialization afterwards and some food have come to easily practice it, leading them in their homes to slowly do this themselves.

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Is there any precedent for this in the humbly school

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effectively to me, others talk about metathesis

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as like to be in unison or Casa Ed and of God and those in use in unison? In unison is the the issue here and people can agree or disagree over this, but madalas to sit down together and make thick if you add in unison, that is when

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this agreement starts, yeah. But but there, you know, honestly, speaking,

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I do not believe that this is better. Personally, you know, this is a fapy disagreement, of course, yeah. Wow, how could the disagreement and that is where we have to draw the line. This is not you know, happened button. This is not it's not even with our son, it is just the flippy disagreement.

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And different people from different Mesabi backgrounds, they may have different thoughts about this. I personally don't believe that this is I believe in the superiority of that horrible Rebecca Donahoe, Fiona German authority, but whether we are

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so is that the the sort of the individual the person of the individual

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or you know, Jim here, ma Allah azza wa jal.

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This is all together and this with Allah subhanaw taala I believe that this is superior, but I believe that there when people come together and set together this is established from the Sahaba no one can argue about this, that to have motherless Vic.

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The only thing is that in unison, like if we all make Vectren we all remind each other of Allah and we make this meat Hunter lead and so on.

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If you add any unison, then we can disagree and we can say that okay, this is a valid 50 disagreement. I believe it's not a problem. I personally believe it's not a problem if you believe it is.

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Okay, it's about if he disagreed and