Hatem al-Haj – FOV04 Fiqh of Oaths and Vows – Expiation of Oaths

Hatem al-Haj
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I'm about to proceed. So today inshallah we would have, you know, two sessions. The first one would be the last chapter in the sort of segment of a man another oaths and vows. And the next one will be the beginning of the segment on penalties or crimes, you could call it penalties, or you could call it

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That is the segment on Hadoop engineered. So

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we'll get to it, but first, let us finish the segment on a man when that is oath and vows. And we did talk the first chapter, there were four different chapters

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put them put in a door before a man. So, the first chapter we discussed and the vows the second we discussed a man the oath in terms of the routing the routing of the mean and so on.

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And then the third, we discussed the interpretation of OLS and we said that, you know, we follow a particular order, the first thing, the thing that matters is the intent, the second is the text or the trigger of the oath. The third would be the shadow

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or scriptural

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implication, the fourth would be the RFP or customary application and the fifth would be the linguistic or logo we implication. And

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then the last chapter that we will finish today inshallah is the book a foreign to me or the chapter on explanation for

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how to explain when there is hence,

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when you breach when you break,

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when you violate your oath when you don't honor your hosts.

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And as we said, not honoring your host can sometimes be obligatory hence can sometimes be obligatory, if you if you take an oath to not praise today, of course, is obligatory.

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So, in

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then, today, inshallah, we will talk about the authority to mean,

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and that is expiation for both.

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Mahalo died in the year 620, after the hedra

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said in his book on that effect, which is a high belly primer, under the chapter expansion for Olds or berbicara. To mean,

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he said, we'll have to

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Tamati Mr. Kenan house of the metal Mr. Lee come out his work to home,

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family limited for CMOS lsvt.

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The expiation for the breach dose is by the feeding of 10 needy people from the average of that which you feed your own families or clothing them or the freeing of a slave, but whoever cannot find or afford that,

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then fast three days is required than a past three days is required. Now, when we talk about exhibitions in general,

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there are three different types of exploration

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with regard to

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the options that you're given one time, you are not given options.

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There are there are you know, one type there there is, you know, you are just told what to do one time you are given different options in a particular order, and you cannot violate the order. So it's called the letter T.

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So you have to respect the order. And example of this would be cathartic

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to say it, for one to say to his wife, you are as forbidden to me as the back of my mother. This

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The heart the kuffaar of the heart is an elective team you know?

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So it says family limited you know

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how to make the labor the normal normal economic

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same female donor the Mercado fatale recruitment company and

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the former lobbyist for CR Mo.

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Vamos a Tina miskeen Okay. So then the Confederate is the heart Allah said that you have to emancipate a slave. Those who cannot find one or afford to emancipate one

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then family lineage whoever does not find or for for geometry, bi and then fast for two successive months is binding, family lemmya Stata. So, he who can who is unable to fast, who he cannot fast, then

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feeding 60 Misaki would be in order. So, this is called a fara letter T meaning

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with a particular order with a binding order

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there are four rods that are added to here

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to here from here to this option here is giving you options verbal now, giving you options. So cofactor here is when you are given options, an example of this video, if

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so, when you violate the harem, the conditions of a harem or the requirements of a harem, when you violate the requirements of a harem, your data is a failure tendency ominous other patterns putting out a notebook for video tournament CRM and how sadder

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than an expiation is binding

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fasting or charity or No sir, which is the sacrificial animal

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sacrificing an animal

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then in this particular case,

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we have the two combined, so we have the team and here so this

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gives you three options to choose from. And if you cannot afford any of the first three options, then you will need to

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fast so Allah subhanaw taala says Allah does not take you to task or blame you physical bit laggy concerning

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meaningless owes the level API men lead nickel meaninglessness in your oaths while lacking your room but he will take you to task give him a man

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concerning the oath that you have confirmed or contracted FACA Farah to who then it's expiation at our maturity Misaki is feeding 10 poor people

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and also the matter of the average of what you feed your families or kids where to home closing them or closing them out or the Harrier or acaba emancipating. Aqaba means a neck which means a slave for men lemmya did so he who does not afford it he cannot afford it yet it means I can find you could say can't afford here for cm without it I am then fasting three days.

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And economists are added here as an explanation motor via consecutive

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that you can refer to a medical term this is the explanation four year olds when you take oath or when you swear. follow a man

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and the Guardian rules that have given a lot of humanity and are looking to screw. So

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then we said that this is odd at

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first it is odd to hear you're given three options first uttama Misaki is one and also how is where to whom to

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iraq emancipating slaves three. So, these are the first three options you choose any one of them the some of the scholars that actually what would have been the default is emancipation

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usually usually emancipation is what we start with

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what would have been the default is emancipation and why is this what is the point here or the chest or the sort of the

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because when you breach your violate the oath you you, you want to emancipate yourself from hellfire. So you emancipate a slave in this dunya so that you are as if by violating an oath would make you deserving of punishment and then fire so to emancipate yourself from the Hellfire you emancipate a slave from captivity, and then not lots of pinata, because not everyone can afford them then out of those rocks gave us but it is not it is not a rock. So, where you know,

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you move from one to the other, because of some need or because you are given the three options, these are three different options because a lot set out or means or means you have the option

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then diplomat limited, who cannot afford the possiamo 30 am and fasting three days would be buying that again, it is important that we teach people that fasting is not basically permissible. Unless you are unable to provide food or clothes to 10 poor people. If you're unable then you're fast, you don't start by fasting that's not acceptable. Because here it is not at sea, it is dirty, you know, you choose

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this or this or this. And then if you cannot then you move to,

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to the to the first thing

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Then the

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law said we'll hire on Bayonetta academic afara see what a theory on who the company rasulillah is allowed us element halophila mean in favor of minha value capture reality levy who hire where are we

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at La Jolla, California Mina. Both were reported by Muslim from Abu hurayrah. He was he is free to expiate before or after breaching the oath. This is because the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, He who took an oath, but found something else better than than it are, then that

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should explain it for his oath, and to do that, which is better. It was also reported, should do that which is better and expiate for his oath should do what so should explain and do that what is or should do what is better and expiate. So the expiation came before the violation in watery narration, the explanation came after the violation of the oath in another narration, and as we said, I repeat the violation of the oath or hence can sometimes be obligatory, sometimes recommended, MOBA you know makuu Hara, okay. So.

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So then you could either so you you take an oath, that you will not visit a friend, for instance, or that you will not visit a relative this week, and then

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you reserve reconsider, and you decide to go visit them. When should you pay the cuff

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before or after you have the option, before or after it becomes a binding when you violate the oath becomes a binding when you violate those, but if you explain it before, then it is fine. Certainly expiation before the oath itself would not be would not count because that is, you know, expansion planning and aka severability.

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So, since the Sabbath day, we have two setups for

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taking the oath and then violating those. So that is the subject of the

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before the first part of the setup of the font or the cause of the oath you cannot expeed like you can't explain it and then taken over

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And then violated, you know, but like you could take an oath then explain, violate or violate expeed and

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and certainly you don't violate it unless it is permissible or for more.

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But there is a lot you know, the you know, this particular Hadith also teaches us a lot about proper conduct a, you know,

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some of us tend to be very stubborn. They don't we don't change our mind, because we believe this is inconsistency inconsistency can sometimes be the right thing. Because when when something better appears to you, or when you find out that you were wrong, you do need to basically recant,

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retreat and reconsider your position.

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And that is the inconsistency that is that is helpful.

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In fact, was Churchill, I guess, who said consistency is a sign of the feeble mind.

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That is stubbornness, you know, consistency in the sense of stubbornness, certainly, we love consistency in the sense of

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sort of unified standards, meaning, you know, in the sense of not having double standard and intense sense of having resolve to commit to what is right.

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or wrong. Rosie Matala, Rosa lemania is a bit of lamb. What are the metadata? I asked you consistency in my affairs and resolve

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in righteousness. So that consistency is important, but sometimes when you find that you were wrong, you need to change tracks.

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And that's what the prophet sallallahu Sallam is saying here. The Prophet even said this about himself.

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He said well la Illa Allah for Allah means the Hydra Hydra minha ilica fattoria meaning I tell you to live you're hired by a lie never taken notes and then find out something else to be better accepted that I would expect for my oath and do what is better do what is better.

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the sheikh said we will do this work to do Salafi Roger. So, what is it that

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we will do and he will tell him accom settlements a key wax Welcome sir. What about

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fab they lend you

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the clothing

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required for expansion

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while the entrepreneurs for October autorama consultants are keen

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it should be what comes up Misaki now,

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okay, you know the English is fine. The clothing required for expiation is that in which salaat will be valid for the man and single garment for the woman address and FMR headscarf for this part of the hijab, it is sufficient for one to feed Five, four persons and clothes, five emancipating half of a slave and and feeding or clothing five persons is not sufficient. The same is true for emancipating one half of two slaves. Okay, so basically the mix and match in the Tafara where is it permissible and where is it not permissible?

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the feeding of the 10 people feeding of the 10 people that's the first one that we should talk about feeding 10 people can you feed one person 10 times

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harder have yours okay say say that because don't just say yes because of anyone who would say anything will be right. So

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they have yes and it is also a report in the Hanbury mouth.

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And in the ham belly method, the the official report would allow you to go down from

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10 people to one person 10 times but you give them food daily for 10 days. You give them food daily. Keep in mind if I have one family that has 10 people, that's enough, I just give them food. One day that's like a family of 10 people

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These are 10 poor people. One of them is like an infant, give them formula that is feeding. Because how do you feed an infant formula. So if you give them a formula that is feeding, so it is just 10 poor people, regardless of age, one family could have 10 people, you give them food, etc. But if you find one person, a bachelor who is poor, and you don't find anyone else that is for you give them food, then they leave for 10 days. If you don't find 10 people to feed, Maliki's and shafa is a commodities, they require feeding just the literal interpretation of the entrepreneur psyche. 10 people they stuck to this they said feet and people hanafy said feeding one person 10 times is like

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feeding 10 people one time. Okay. homebodies You know, I guess if the poverty position is very nice and fair, if you don't find 10 people feed one person 10 times that's it.

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And what is it that you're going to feed them

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when ham belly just say remember the authorized ham very position and then we can talk about what could you do what is still permissible. But the author's Hanbury position is that you have to feed them one of the five foods that you can give in return

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what are the tamarins to be

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born shy and awkward dates raisins, wheat, barley, dried cheese, dried cheese, peppers, dried cheese, they used to use this these are food staples, people can survive off of them for some time, you cannot give people you know something that is not your protect, meaning that people cannot live on it for some time, but these are you know, food staples.

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So that's somebody's position.

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And when you give them How much are you going to give them? That's the next question. So these are the five different foods certainly there is another combative position that that is a upheld by Melvin Tamia rahimullah that you could just feed them anything just give them food whatever you feed your family members, you know

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cook them a meal you know like sort of piece of chicken rice vegetables and give them the food

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and that is that is enough

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and it was reported from NSF pneumatic that he would do that so that we have a traceable report up to this as a hobby that they would have that they did that the Sahaba don't lie

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okay but in the embedded position, we are feeding one of the five different types and he them which is basically

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a dead meat you know, a ban would be like whatever it is that you eat with bread or

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so is is preferable to give in addition to those five different things.

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But anyway, you just give them a meal that you know it would be better inshallah

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and most of the time what you guys are doing nowadays you're going to the like sort of an online service and drop down list and you check this you're done.

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But if you can find 10 people and do it yourself then this would be superior. So we're feeding the 10 people and we're feeding them according to the company is one of the five different types of food that would be okay to give in South Dakota.

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And how much are we given them? According to the HANA fees we are given one PSA for one PSA

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per person

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according to the MADI keys

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when a second

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no I don't remember the medic is now I'm just gonna talk about the Hanafi shefa is in combat is only I don't remember the medic is on now, but according to the Safa is

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you are giving one mode

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One mod is how many one sirens how many words to know once are

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444? What is one mod one would it is a volume measure it is not a weight measure. And it's somewhere between 0.51 to 0.75 liters. Volume measure 0.51 to 0.75 liters.

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So one size in this case would be

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somewhere, like if you take the 0.75. So, it's somewhere between like two point something two point like to

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actually less

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to three liters. That is one saw. Okay.

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One liter is about one kilogram just for ease, because you guys, it's, it's hard. It's about one kilogram, but it depends because, you know, different foods have different densities. So when you translate from volume to weight, it varies among different foods. Okay, so what did the ham bellies say?

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That ham berries said

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No, they didn't say one they said two modes.

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Okay. So, two modes according to the combat he would be let us say 1.1 liter

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to 1.5 1.1 to 1.5 liter because it's not very clear what mode mode what is a mode? This is a mode that fail of

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the two hands

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but it is not the flat one.

00:27:21 --> 00:27:25

It's not the tail of your two hands, it is the

00:27:30 --> 00:27:39

the heaping fail of the two hands. And when you translate this even when you talk about water you translate this from the heat

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of the two hands in wheat into the similar amount of water anyway, but the fate of the two hands is the mode four times this would be this law.

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Why are we having all of this keep in mind that whenever we have burger which is we here we have we have because of the love nama said that the profits are the law is for the citizens gathered for assignment Tomlinson which items on Amazon Menaka

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and then he said that when he talked about how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam made the catheter mandatory, he said and afterwards they they

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half of Burberry to be like one of the other foods. So because we it was more expensive than barley and stuff. So they consider the ones that have a solver. So which tells you that the Sahaba did consider the value. That's a big discussion, but it tells you that the Sahaba did consider the concept of value. Okay.

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So the HANA fees when say one PSA for everything, but they will say half a PSA for wheat in particular. The honeyberries will say to mods for everything, but they will say one mud for wheat in particular.

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The Shaka is already saying one more, so they're not going to happen. It is one more dip anything one would have anything. So why are the chef is saying one word. The Hanafi is saying once. And Hanbury saying two modes the witches half as they're there all over the place. Why? Because you know the Hadees of cinema and Asakura field by all the the one you made the heart and came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. We have different narrations differently

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For this hubby's one report in happy the wood the profits alongside of them said to him uptime was.

00:30:11 --> 00:30:13

So what is the what is

00:30:15 --> 00:30:32

that affair of the heart? How many people how many people? Are you going to feed 60 people? So if he told him up I'm was what is that was was what is it was 60 PSA

00:30:34 --> 00:30:59

is this? Is this good for the HANA fees? Yes, it is good for HANA fees, because they are saying once our per person, one was the 60 sauce, so feeding one person me to feed every person one saw, that's what they're saying. Now, then, how are the others answering this? There are critiquing the

00:31:01 --> 00:31:02

the authenticity of the Hadees

00:31:04 --> 00:31:11

the authenticity of the Hadees. And then you have some or the intensity of these reports that talk about

00:31:12 --> 00:31:17

what's been happening and then you have some reports that

00:31:18 --> 00:31:30

a woman came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. The MC dal or otrs will also send unlimited admin Tamra McTell. mentum,

00:31:32 --> 00:31:37

the MC has 15 sauce.

00:31:38 --> 00:32:02

And when when when the man when the man the man couldn't afford anything, he couldn't afford to do anything and the promises aren't kept on telling me Can you do this? No, I can do that. No, I can. And then the Prophet has told them to feed people and then the man said that he doesn't he can do this. So the Prophet was on mixer was brought to the prophet SAW Selim that has 15 sauce. So

00:32:04 --> 00:32:15

15 divided 15,000 divided by 60 people is one quarter of a software each person What's one quarter of US law one mod?

00:32:16 --> 00:32:41

Is this good for the Schaeffler is yes, it is good for the referees. How do you answer this? If you're Hanbury, you would say that may be that's all the the Prophet God for him. So since there was none, you know, that is that does not mean that this is what is obligatory, but the man didn't have anything and that's what the prophet got. And he gave it to the man so that he could feed.

00:32:42 --> 00:32:46

But the surveys are not only this is not the only

00:32:48 --> 00:33:25

evidence for on the side of the shafa is because there are like Abu hurayrah, ata and others, they say the same one mode. So there are traceable reports to the Sahaba, where they said one mode, one mode. And we have pretty much the agreement of the Sahaba that one mode of wheat would do. That's an armada of na bass, Abu hurayrah and no contestant among the Sahaba to this that one mod would would be sufficient of wheat, wheat. So then

00:33:26 --> 00:33:32

we have another report of the same Hadith where the prophets of Salaam was brought in

00:33:33 --> 00:33:34

and that

00:33:36 --> 00:34:03

it was reported that it has MIKTA land to make tills which means what 30 sauce 30 sauce divided by 60 people have saw, is that good for the honeyberries Yes, this would be good. So, since a very important, very, very important varied, the 100 thieves would argue

00:34:05 --> 00:34:07

that this would be the safest the one saw

00:34:09 --> 00:34:52

that Safa is where I would argue what and the last liberalism, nonetheless variability of the macula so to impose on the macula something on the basis of conjecture. We all agree that this person will be liable for one mode or at least to impose more on him, you need a solid proof because of us liberalism. The default is non liability, I'm only liable for what is certain, and you're making me liable for more. So that's what the chapter is us. And the shafa is us also that, you know, reports from the Sahaba and the US also, that concept of

00:34:55 --> 00:34:58

the US also the fact that most of the reports, do talk about

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You know 15 sauce or mix, which will translate to one mod per person. Now, the honeyberries have a very good argument by the way, they will say they will always certainly try to defend the authenticity of the Hadith that they are using. And they will all the also can say what

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that, that affirm the expiation for the idea when you violate the Haram requirements by agreement is one half of us all So, are we making a difference here? So, let's just go by that we agree that feed in for a ferret affiliated as when you violate your home, we and you agree that we will feed the poor person half as well. Let's just use it here. Since we have all these reports here. Let us basically consider our agreement elsewhere you know, to be enough to corroborate one of these three reports

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here or one of these three different measures. So, that is you know, that is so, one would do would be

00:36:21 --> 00:36:26

sufficient to be better once I would be best

00:36:28 --> 00:36:34

but anyway there is there is much disagreement here. Now, the next thing ticket

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to address here is whether value the value of the food and instead of giving you know giving the value in a fraud would be okay can you give them $5 to go purchase the me that they would love to have Hana fees said yes. Have any Tamia Rahim Allah sided with them if there is a superior he sided with the majority for the about the default no the default No, but he said if there is a superior sort of gain benefit in doing so, then it is permissible then if there is a

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particular benefit in doing so, then it is permissible most of the time, you know

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the in kind donation has has a place in the tree and it is good that we give in South Dakota etc for instance, food for the people, but when it isn't logistically difficult just to be flexible enough be open minded enough to switch when it is logistically difficult Yes, it would be lovely that we do exactly like the prophets are telling us to do during the time of the Sahaba and to give food staples and make sure that the people are there is no hunger and if some people food is not really a thing for them, because there is

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sort of plenty of food all over the place, then maybe it is good to look for people that are hungry, that would make use of the food. But if it is it becomes logistically difficult then you want to understand that, you know, the Hanafi said it's okay. How am I going to have that as he said it is okay. Other you know and the companions have alluded to the concept of value when they equated one half of US law of wheat to once of barley.

00:38:45 --> 00:39:07

So, there is there should be things should be a little bit more flexible. Now, the final point we will the final point is can you give this to a non Muslim? Can you give the cuff to a Can you give the expiation

00:39:08 --> 00:39:12

or lack of fodder to non Muslim

00:39:18 --> 00:39:22

you went over Okay, you're ready? Yes if you're hanafy

00:39:27 --> 00:39:30

Okay, you know if you're the majority yes if you're happy

00:39:32 --> 00:39:59

so he asked if you are hanafy and it is actually interesting, because the HANA fees are the ones who said that you cannot give this a captain and Muslims you remember their position about the Zika them and the shafa is the sub no more is a cat okay for non Muslims. In fact, the chapter he said it was never okay for non Muslims this Hanafi said it may have been okay but Omar

00:40:00 --> 00:40:05

I sort of stopped it therefore we follow armor is sort of

00:40:06 --> 00:40:29

termination of this. And the medic isn't the ham bellies are the ones who were flexible about this. I don't mean the others are inflexible. But anyway in the medic is a combat these are the ones who said you could always give us a captain and Muslims, but that is not individuals do and that is basically the Imam doing it for

00:40:30 --> 00:41:07

those whose hearts are to be reconciled. And the assertive representatives of the Imam, I personally believe that the organizations, organizations Muslim Muslim organizations would have that power to determine if they want to give the Zakat to if they want to give those capital a motherfucker dovan those whose hearts are to be reconciled anyway, but you will find that the HANA fees who said you cannot give this a captain and Muslims are the ones that are saying that you can give the kuffaar out

00:41:08 --> 00:41:09

to a non Muslim

00:41:11 --> 00:41:18

which tells you that they the the followed, they followed basically a certain

00:41:20 --> 00:41:28

methodology in their extraction and their deduction of rulings. So they were not particularly this way and by

00:41:29 --> 00:41:51

particular feelings, you know, so it is not like they have an agenda and it's not Muslims. So they said that you can give them the Zakat, because here these are the could give them of the cuff. And certainly there is some disagreement within the Hanafi. Mother because Abu hanifa and Mohammed Rahim Allah

00:41:53 --> 00:42:04

are the ones who said it is okay. And I will use a prime Allah said, No, it is not okay, just like the majority. So can you then

00:42:05 --> 00:42:17

like, I'm trying to show you the flexibility, the end of the spectrum when it comes to the flexibility? Can you take $5 and go out to the street? and

00:42:18 --> 00:42:31

give it to or not $5? Because 10 times five is 50. Can you take $50 and go to the street and give it to the first homeless person that you find?

00:42:33 --> 00:42:54

Yes, according to the Hanafi Zia's, certainly, you know, this, this is basically a at multiple levels counter to the position of the majority, you can give value according to the majority. You can't give the explanation although all of them said charity could give to non Muslims but you can give the explanation

00:42:56 --> 00:42:57

to non Muslims.

00:42:58 --> 00:43:15

And you cannot give one person what is due to 10 people according to the majority. So you would have violated many rules according to the majority. But could you it? Would it still be valid according to some Yes.

00:43:17 --> 00:43:19

Okay, having said that,

00:43:26 --> 00:43:30

what else do we know? Okay, so this is a tomato plus a turkey

00:43:31 --> 00:44:00

again, and we said let's let's just go over somebody now, only try to remember this each of escape you will have to feed them as a key you can only feed 110 times if you cannot find the 10 Misaki five two times or 110 times if you cannot find the 10 millisecond but you have to feed 10 Misaki each miski and as half of us have this food staples that you can given

00:44:01 --> 00:44:06

and it is preferable to give like something to go with it you know

00:44:08 --> 00:44:28

except for wheat, it is one more than not half a PSA. So half a PSA would be about one kilogram. One mod would be about half a kilo gram and you figure out how to switch this to your pounds and ounces.

00:44:29 --> 00:44:31

A little bit more than one and a little bit more than half

00:44:34 --> 00:44:44

and that's it. That's the that's the better way of doing the photo when it comes to feeding. When it comes to clothing. clothing.

00:44:45 --> 00:44:59

It is whatever it is that you could pray in. You give them a an attire, a garment that they can pray in, whether it is a man or a woman and attire that they can pray in their prayer develop

00:45:00 --> 00:45:11

Okay, and then how to how to recover which is clear. And if Amanda Mia did for CR Mo, Mo he talked about the successive

00:45:15 --> 00:45:17

okay. So, it is

00:45:19 --> 00:45:24

the three days should be should they be successive consecutive

00:45:25 --> 00:45:49

three days or not the HANA fees and honeyberries said the must be successive or consecutive three days. Why did they say this? They said this, they said this, because of the loveliness old when he used to reside this he used to say that I am Matata three successive days, how do we make sense of this?

00:45:51 --> 00:45:57

There are different ways to make sense of this there are you know, when it comes to the heart and brains modes of reservation.

00:45:59 --> 00:46:23

There are four the different or 39 different positions mentioned by some scholar in one place about, you know, what, what is the relationship between diet and health and how the crops relate to heaven and so on and so forth. So it's a very sort of complicated issue. But basically, based on the mainstream position, based on the mainstream position.

00:46:25 --> 00:46:48

The use of are sort of the remains the carrot are the remains of the heart of and they are all traceable to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and all divinely revealed that that is the mainstream position, mainstream position. But like I told you, there are many positions all reported from Muslim scholars of the past.

00:46:50 --> 00:47:33

But when it comes to this, of the loveliness of Oh, this is an explanatory recitation, this is para ffcra karate theory, the HANA fees and the ham bellies, they said the least you could say about this is that he must have heard it from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that it is consecutive. So we will treat this not as for an but as still traceable report to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because our beloved household would not have this from himself. So you must have heard it from the professor. So when he recited he added this has an explanation clarification.

00:47:35 --> 00:47:37

karate FCRA explanatory.

00:47:38 --> 00:47:40

recitation. So.

00:47:42 --> 00:48:04

So the hafeez and Hanbury said the least you could do is to treat it like a hobby. So that you said that has the three days have to be successive or consecutive? The medic isn't shafa he said know that this is our library, Mr. Woods understanding you may be you and we're not really sort of

00:48:05 --> 00:48:28

bound by 11 episodes. Understand that guy don't have anything clearly traceable to the provinces. This is not part of the Quran. I don't have anything to say it's it has to be consecutive. That's what the magic is. And shafa is our say, okay, we're happy that he is here. It is three consecutive days, three consecutive days, the first three consecutive days. That's the first thing.

00:48:31 --> 00:48:34

Then the six What are you going to do?

00:48:36 --> 00:48:40

When you can feel the sorrow? Oh, no, we didn't finish that part about

00:48:42 --> 00:48:48

the mixing, mix and match. So I found the five people

00:48:49 --> 00:49:11

only can I feed give them food? Each one for one day and give them five garments. So 556 and four, whatever, you know, is that okay? Yes, it is okay. That is okay. Now, can we say

00:49:13 --> 00:49:26

imagine emancipate have a slave and give food to five people? No, it doesn't work this way. You cannot mix from here from this group of feeding and clothing.

00:49:27 --> 00:49:51

With this group, or with this group, you cannot say I would fast two days and make up for the one day of fasting by feeding let's say three or four people. That's not gonna work has to be fasting three days and that's it. You cannot basically combine the feeding and clothing on one side and the emancipation on one side and emancipate half. And

00:49:52 --> 00:49:58

now what if you What if you emancipate

00:49:59 --> 00:50:00


00:50:00 --> 00:50:00


00:50:02 --> 00:50:24

so you have two slaves, you emancipate one half of one and one half of one, and, you know, and and epner the authorized position in ignorance that this would be permissible. He said here it would not be permissible. There is a disagreement within the meth lab, but this would be permissible according to some

00:50:25 --> 00:50:33

Okay. Then the sheikh said well I will capital Abdu l abyssea will capital disarmament limited may will Cafiero be founded on animal entity,

00:50:34 --> 00:50:45

he will cover any money vertical Sonia mackanin waha The main thing, what khudobin any attain will be locked in

00:50:48 --> 00:50:49

to ie

00:50:51 --> 00:51:03

the slave experience by fasting only because the slave does not have ownership. So, experience my first and only likewise for anyone who cannot find the means to expeed after providing sustenance for himself

00:51:05 --> 00:51:57

and his dependence. So, if you have if you have the means, then you have to feed or close but you have the means not you know you don't think from your own require the necessary sustenance? No, if you have beyond what he would say now providing sustenance for himself and his dependence and paying his debts. He's not required to sell for that anything he needs such as his home servant furniture, as well as books and utensils. The same is true concerning merchandise he relies on for a needed profit. If he is a merchant, and he has merchandise, we will not force him to sell his merchandise to expiate. If you are able to execute beyond all of your needs expiate, if not fast, three days,

00:51:57 --> 00:52:11

that's the bottom line. And then the sheikh said womanizer about the sorority? If so, let me examine Linda karwan who woman limited in lambskin and well hidden rodeada de la serata a.

00:52:12 --> 00:52:20

So, someone who becomes solvent after starting the fast is not required to switch to another form of expiation

00:52:22 --> 00:52:36

you like when when you started the faster you did not have money to experience it. And now that you have started the fast you got some money can we say now you have to go back and explain it No, you already started the fastest finish the first thing that's

00:52:38 --> 00:52:51

one who can find only one poor person should give him food daily for 10 days daily for 10 days. And this is this isn't this is

00:52:53 --> 00:52:55

the end of about

00:52:56 --> 00:53:01

any amine or explanation for us inshallah, we will take

00:53:03 --> 00:53:04

six minutes

00:53:05 --> 00:53:15

break until 10. And then we'll come back to start to get up in Geneva the book of fatal and non fatal assault

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