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The importance of remembering to pray and the need for natural control when it comes to prayer is discussed. The speakers emphasize the importance of repeating the prayer and avoiding mistakes. The speakers also address the issue of women not being allowed to lead in prayer and the potential for women to lead the movement. The importance of praying behind someone and not letting someone else do things is emphasized.

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Have you served

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to summarize the book that will sometimes give certain rulings or certain concepts. He talks about the

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congregation prayer, whether it's when he said that congregational prayer is legit

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Amen, but they can do it at home or in the market in the authorized view of the mother does not have to be that

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basically, but that does not take away from the importance of the Santa.

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when we talked about the order of priority when it comes to the Imams and who should lead the prayer, and the proper order in this regard, the difference between

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these because this is one of the most productive and non malware or one of the singularities peculiarities of remember, when we give precedence to reservation reservation or knowledge.

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the other thing, they give precedence to knowledge over reservation, everybody gives precedence to knowledge and reservation over piety.

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Because knowledge of reservation mattered to the congregation more if you're going to need the prayer than your priority, which certainly matters to you when you know

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And then, yeah, knowledge is a combination of technologies.

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Here, your hands your reservation.

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Please give precedence to recitation over the others give precedence over dissipation. And automation means basically, that we

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have over memorization so for companies it's first memorization Second, the first memorization the second fact preserved in this order.

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But then we're talking about somebody who knows how to prep for not talking about someone who does not know how to pray.

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Today, inshallah, we'll go over three different subtopics one of them is the invalidity mama and one of them is

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one of them is some rulings related to E. Commerce. Okay?

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Who should not be

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allowed to come from and it's a logical fallacy that you're

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not seeing

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enough See what I mean.

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The Prayer is not valid behind one of these prayers invalid, except one, except when one who does not know about his ritual impurity,

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nor the one being that or the moon tell about it before the meet the stream. In this case, he repeats his prayer alone. So he says, if you're missing any song, or corner sharp, conditional validity of the prayer is in any condition or validity of the prior in the crime that are facing the suffering of our current nakedness. Your layer your proper intention, the removal of impurities have to be an unassailable follow these occupations, or you're missing any of the 12 or 14 pillars of the premier if you're missing any of the pillars of the prayer or any of the conditions of the prayer, then in this case, your prayers and the prayers behind the prayer the congregation is invalid except

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for step one condition he mentions here which is if you are aware of your of the lack of you will do

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that you don't have a little bit you don't have, you know ritual purity. If you're if you're unaware of this and you start with a prayer and you finish the fire.

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Here are the people behind you do not need to repeat the prayer if they were not aware of your lack of will do.

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But you do need to repeat the phrase

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and you need to pray the prayer by agreement if you did not have to. However, there is another issue

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in here in the mouse, also appointed authorized yield developer. If you have mudassar on you fails on you have you did not recognize it until you finished. The Prayer is gone.

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recognize this until you finished the prayer. In this case, you do need to repeat the prayer. If you are the email,

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you need to repeat the prayer of the email. So

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the people behind you do not need to repeat the prior if they did not know beforehand that you have that data on you. But if you have an address on you, whether your email more than seven, you will need to repeat your prayer for them to authorize us.

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But that is not the position that

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it is not a position here that was chosen by putterman here. So it's not immediately on, he chose chose one of the two positions, he did not choose an authorized view, because during his time, Lazarus view was not previously authorized you we weren't talking about authorized generations of the mother. During a media era, he was talking about philosophy, and he was talking about the differences between his grandfather and put them and so on.

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The distances between them was just like, a few decades, so that it's a completely different issue. So me, I chose this position that the development shows

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that if someone had asked on them, because when the prophet SAW seven took off the stand of the famous cubbies, he did not repeat what he has already played. So they argued that if you know that you have an adjuster on you,

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and you can take off, whatever you have, like the promises of the coffee settlers, then you don't need to repeat the prayer. The same applies to someone who ended the prayer and then figured out that he hadn't adjusted. And the same applies to someone who ended the prayer. And then after figured out that he hasn't adjust on him. In this case, he does not need to repeat the prayer, according to American Dharma in and around them. And according to the choices they make,

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and according to

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according to the authorized do the most out, you have adjusted on you in the authorized view, you don't need

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to know about it,

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okay, is this clear. So if the ma'am compromised any corner or shot, or even intentionally compromised, let's forget about this.

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So if the amount compromised any corner or start or condition of validity, their saliva and urine saliva is not valid, except if the Imam did not have will do

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or have the data on them. They will do

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that for you as a congregation. You don't need to repeat the prayer after the event figures out that he did not

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register for the event.

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The amount will need to repeat the prayer.

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The one family the one who's praying alone will need to repeat the

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coupling to the authorized view of the master by agreement. If it was If it is not, you remember this. If you did not have to do you must repeat the phrase just saved yourself. If you did, what there is no prayer without whether you for God's whether there is no report and if you don't, there is no prayer without spiritual purity. You know, there is none. Whether it is for you, for God to you, this just doesn't matter. You have to do it with natural purity.

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Because he was not, he was not he was not sick to make them. Like it was just like to call. So So how to figure that this was not an excuse to not

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to not make was just the fact that it was

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this application clarification or something that I sent.

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You just finished.

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If you are inside the prayer, and you realize that the event does have an attack on him

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How could you

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What if you realize that they learned that you have to get out of the prayer, because your prayer is not accepted, if you know that your email is missing condition or a pillar?

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maybe in certain circumstances.

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But anyway, while

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you're opening

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up in your work, in our homes,

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in our cars can't even somehow fail to deserve.

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It is invalid behind one major pillar of the prayer except for the erosion of the neighborhood. If the price was sitting because of sickness that is hoped to be cured. They pray behind him sitting unless he began the prayer standing hand became him, and then they would pray behind him standing.

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If you're confused, right.

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or not, that's great

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is that if you're if

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you're a man cannot complete the corners, pm stamping is one of the pillars of the fair. It is.

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If you cannot stand in the prayer,

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what should be done? The Hanbury said that he said that if your Eman cannot stand in the prayer, then

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your event can be an event

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unless your event is the regular event of this neighborhood of this semester.

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In this case, we have two conditions. We have two conditions, your email,

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starts the prayer standing person and then since or starts the prayer setting. If the email starts with the prayer city, we all sit from the beginning.

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If the email starts with the prayer standing, we stand from beginning to end as well since even if he sat down there after. So why did he say that?

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He said that because we have two different companies that actually do both.

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It's just them and others as well. But I should have said that

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you know.

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So we said that the profits are seven praise.

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And then some of the Sahaba joined that this was a you know, I shouldn't description and then sometimes have a join them. And he pointed to them to sit down they prayed behind him standing and he was sitting he pointed to them to sit down. And then after

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he told them

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he was appointed to be followed. So don't be at variance with them so that they have the end of this habit, whatever supply the reason for someone to loosen as well. And if he prayed sitting then you all pray second.

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So that the majority of the scholars say that this is abrogated

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because what the hell is my Saladino said,

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when he was sick, he came out and he found a buffet and he wanted to ride it around he found a double buffered train so but then left the mansion for the projects on the southern end. This is controversial, but then you left it on the profit behind them. But he left the mansion for the prophet SAW seven and the Prophet prayed sit in. And this was reported from It has been a while back, he was standing and the rest of the congregation were standing so they were following up a buck. And Uncle Buck was fighting the profits on the low some of some of the profits were sitting. So that the majority said

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the latter abrogated the earlier homies and they say that the earlier have used the profits of them or sell them put them in a solution for someone who has told them if

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they're sending you old praise sitting.

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Because as he pointed out on some of the innovations, that he did not want them to stand while they're monitoring. So leaders are sitting which used to be the habit of diversions of Romans For the Persians, the Romans, the monarch or the Royal or the governor would be sitting and everybody else standing to show extreme reverence. So the Prophet did not want them to do this. So we all sit

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They get together all stand together, don't, you know, stand before your mind. So Royals are leaders are those. So the concept together was them together. When the prophet SAW Selim became comfortable that they learned the lesson. Then at the end, he allowed them to stand in prayer when they're in ascending, because the concept itself seeped into their minds can be would not be doing it to show extreme reference to their leader. Now, it is just like a matter of, I can stand up in the prayer, the fact that the man is sitting does not mean I can, since it is important to the prayer of the stand up, I would stand up, even if I remember sitting.

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Okay, so that's what the majority, the majority thought about this.

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Keep in mind, the mannequins would not allow you to bring your hand someone who's sitting to begin with if he can stay was talking here, we're talking about having kind of ease and shuffling, they will allow you to pray behind someone who is sipping, but they will require you to stand up, they don't allow you to sit down, because you're sitting down

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their family is

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figuring out, the best way to reconcile between those two hobbies is to create different scenarios. And that is a companion constantly, they always try to create different scenarios to the quiz, follow the hobbies, all of them, because

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the interest of the scholars well, but they really take it to heart, this concept is

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basically to employ all of their hobbies and to

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give consideration to all of your hobbies takes precedence over neglecting some of them. So we want to be observing them all the time. And we have seen so many examples, so far of this concept.

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So I figured, well, let's make make two scenarios.

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Let's say that, in one scenario, the Prophet salallahu salam, you know, that the congregation started, when the Prophet was sitting, that's the first scenario. So they should have started sitting in the front half continued sitting. In this case, when the prophet SAW someone pointed them sit down, because they started when the Prophet was already sitting. So they should have started singing and continued singing. In the second scenario, the you know, the lower scenario scenario is that they start the framework of understanding, then when the profits are sometimes joined the prayer and he sat down, they should have continued the standard, they shouldn't have continued to

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stand up because they start down the prayer sin.

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So what if no one can read for love, but like somebody who says,

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there's only one man and the rest of women, but he needs to say,

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if there is one person only one according to

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Chinese, they will allow you to break the random standard. According to the home values, they will not allow it except for the amount of the neighborhood or the congregation the amount of time. So but according to the hobbies in Java is they allowed you to stand behind them, they consider this corridor for someone to loosen as well, you all pray sitting by the prophet was just to caution them to not stand while their leaders are sending to show reverence to their leaders with extreme reverence to the readers who are leaders because that is extreme. showing respect to the leaders is an Islamic concept. So an extreme reference or extreme respect is honestly but showing some

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reverence, or some respect is certainly Islam.

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As far as the left, but if someone's leaving,

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and he's sitting on a different story, we're talking about the NAFTA.

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NAFTA is not a pillar to begin with. We're just talking about the fact

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that he said,

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Okay, we're finished with this. And then everybody has his free futures, okay for people who are not binding themselves by

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a comfortable

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position, that if a man sits down, you could be standing up is falsified.

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Then he said, What are you

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Got to learn it by region, it is invalid for a woman to the man.

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It is invalid for a woman to the event. We've talked about this several times before and we did talk about this is not about spiritual deficiency, this is not about you know, this is not take away from the status of women, whatsoever a woman could be multi multi is greater than a man, you have like, tons of events all over the place monkeys, you know, some of the house, the, you know, the facility and others, you know, throughout the generations in itself. Three of those masters were women.

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So, the idea here is

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it this is about propriety. This is about, you know, men and women are not mixing to begin with

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industry, Muslim form of the love of the soul.

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When a woman wants to correct the amount she should clap, and Hubbard comments on this and says that she should not raise her voice from the back

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to make the man here correction, and if she is clapping, so that she doesn't raise their voice and the Salah, that wouldn't make any sense that will be the man raising your voice to make the pronunciation here. And we will not make any sense that you'd be leaving the prayer in front of everybody. And then in this case, if she's leaving the prayer that would be praying together and this girls will be just like, mingling between men and women, the roles is inappropriate, obviously inappropriate. The nature of our Saba makes this particularly inappropriate.

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So that should be a given. They agreed on this there is a consensus with the husband

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and others that women should not be men in the form of prayer can a woman leave men in the nest the prayer

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in the mind, she's always leading from the back she's not eating from the from those who said that she will be in the know the prayer said that she when the from the back, no one said that she will lead from the front. Okay, so there is competition

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that she may lead coming in or people who don't know how to recite Fatiha in an after prayer, particularly the prayers you'll be leaving from the back reciting and the main argument, you know, just like we're gonna have been standard prayer, the minimal light up, women would line up and the woman would leave from the back, raise their voice, they'll hear her and they will follow the voice prompts

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will not be seen

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because you'll be behind them. That is in Korea, because the men are unable to decide according to some embodies some of them qualified this idea in my head and men. Some of them qualified this by being an older women.

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Some of them did not qualify.

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But he said that whenever there are non recyclers

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no respecter among the woman, she would resign for the particularly in the term we pray. Now, this this position is based on a report from a

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report that the provinces are permitted

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to be in her household in prayer. Now, these has some ambiguity concerning the household, who are the household, like what are the men about men in her household forgot? Where

00:23:44--> 00:23:46

household will also likely be?

00:23:49--> 00:23:52

So there is some of you that is why hobbies melodies and stuff

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on this is can the free, sort of

00:23:59--> 00:24:14

they just did not on this. They prevented women from leaving the prayer. And they cite various reports and fact that none of the greatest of all

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So on the people in congregation

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of the following generation,

00:24:26--> 00:24:29

make that distinction, because they have a hobbies,

00:24:30--> 00:24:36

our hobbies, they must find a way to use it. And they made that distinction.

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that phrase behind somebody who can't say support prayer, and he's not able to recite that to her properly. She in this case, just pray by herself and let them pray by himself. She set a frame behind them. And the case that somebody does is not able to go right to the salon, or as any man should you just pray by herself in this case.

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I'd like to bring myself

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if the person who's about to lead the prayer, cannot recite fat to help properly or cannot, you know, lead the law properly. For example, He doesn't know the rules of someone should so the woman who was about to pray behind this man said, Pray by herself, and let him pray by any chance to see if this man is a man from

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the heart pray enough prayer.

00:25:25--> 00:25:31

I met in a fog. She knows this by agreement, she'll just leave, she's just she leaves.

00:25:35--> 00:25:42

But if this man was hurt, and you know, prior then she can leave.

00:25:46--> 00:26:03

Because it is about appropriateness, it is about propriety, it is about decency, it is about modesty. It is not about the fact it is not about any spiritual deficiency, or intellectual deficiency, she can be a Mufti that's much higher than an email,

00:26:06--> 00:26:38

then the development could be serviceable. We still talk about invalid email for those who cannot be announced. He said, If you cannot fulfill the conditions in pillars, you cannot be a man except for one case, if you can stand up, and you are the neighborhood, then temporary and this is not like forever, if you have a temporary, it's not like they know that he was diagnosed with a terminal disease. And then for the next six years, we will be praying Sydney, the congregation, no temporary in the center.

00:26:41--> 00:26:48

And then then the woman condemned the other category of people in the prayer are going to be successful.

00:26:53--> 00:27:20

As is the case for one who has urinary incontinence, urinary incontinence, in this case, their behala is deficient if they have urinary incontinence, their kohara is deficient according to the hierarchies can have methods that are as efficient therefore, they cannot be the people in prayer. According to the magnetism shafa is no position within the company melfa does not authorize they can be

00:27:22--> 00:27:27

in this case, you know, particularly if this is the

00:27:28--> 00:27:49

if this particular person is really an important figure in the community, and he is the true leader in the community. And he does have urinary incontinence or some other type of incontinence, then I believe that shown flexibility here is important, like is warranted.

00:27:50--> 00:28:02

Particularly because many of the brothers have that obsession, and many of the brothers avoid the brothers avoid when it comes to urinary incontinence, you know, it's

00:28:04--> 00:28:06

you know, many brothers have that obsession.

00:28:08--> 00:28:09

Or it may be my skewed

00:28:10--> 00:28:12

perception because of my exposure.

00:28:15--> 00:28:34

My medical brothers complain about from the terminal urinary incontinence and if they are the true leaders of their community, then you have this malakian shelf a position. It's also a position that you have to have not authorized amount to have the position. But still it's the medical physician who would allow you to the interpreting.

00:28:43--> 00:28:43


00:28:50--> 00:28:52

Yes, that's the rationale we

00:28:55--> 00:29:10

emphasize good for them, it's good for the congregation. If it is valid for them, it is valid for the congregation that have these American bodies, we want the man to be basically in the best shape in the best form. So we want the young to

00:29:12--> 00:29:14

to have the perfect reason.

00:29:15--> 00:29:19

Okay. Then what is that? Who else come up with the phrase what

00:29:24--> 00:29:25

am the electric

00:29:26--> 00:29:34

If only it is translated as electric only and the 50 definition is the one who does not recycle property. That's

00:29:35--> 00:29:36

the one that does not

00:29:38--> 00:29:39

work for me.

00:29:42--> 00:29:57

It can be illiterate, who does not recycle our property or compromises learn from them. They're in except when they need someone like them something so if it is a group of people who

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

know how to get started

00:30:00--> 00:30:01

I think one of them will be this

00:30:03--> 00:30:07

and then it is a group of people who all have urinary incontinence

00:30:10--> 00:30:13

is served on the urological floor.

00:30:17--> 00:30:24

One of them will be, and so on. And then we did talk about women leading women before and we said that

00:30:26--> 00:30:47

women can lead women, and that is also applicable to the sapphires. With a little bit of drama in the hierarchies, but not permissible. According to the Maliki's, yet the majority said women continue women in the brain. So, then what about the person who does not recycle?

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00:30:51--> 00:30:54

the harmonies gives the definitions to one

00:30:55--> 00:30:55


00:30:58--> 00:31:04

is one of them, if that is one of them, and as that one merges with learners,

00:31:06--> 00:31:07

is one of them.

00:31:09--> 00:31:11

So basically, laughing

00:31:14--> 00:31:18

Latin is what Latin is basically changing

00:31:22--> 00:31:23

the vowels.

00:31:25--> 00:31:28

I mean, people use it loosely for any

00:31:29--> 00:31:41

Miss pronunciation, but it is changing the vowels. So when you buy instead of either you saying that there have been I mean, you say hamdulillah when I mean

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you're changing the vowels.

00:31:47--> 00:31:52

Okay, that is basically when you change one letter from another,

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changing the consonant

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when you change the consonant stuff is, so when you change

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you know how for make it

00:32:13--> 00:32:20

or you change the rock, make it lamb, Korea, like you say, 100 a lot, a lot bigger, I mean,

00:32:25--> 00:32:28

you know, children change.

00:32:30--> 00:32:43

But if 100 of them belong, I mean, children change iraq into them. So meaning, you know, this is not a presentation, this is a demonstration, I'm not changing the Quran.

00:32:45--> 00:32:50

If you say this, then then that is not acceptable

00:32:51--> 00:32:52

to lead the prayer.

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then the third one

00:32:59--> 00:33:08

is to merge vectors together and merge or to drop merge or to drop letters to completely drop a letter or to merge two letters together

00:33:10--> 00:33:15

also have this qualifier These are three disqualifiers.

00:33:16--> 00:33:27

Keep in mind that the valley keys and more so in has allowed everyone who's all of this would be applicable across the board

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some of you and says here,

00:33:36--> 00:33:41

the consonants for instance, company exclude from the consonants The one who changes the law

00:33:43--> 00:33:44

into law.

00:33:45--> 00:33:47

So, the one who says it,

00:33:49--> 00:33:52

people will have the army.

00:33:53--> 00:34:04

They haven't seen that they excluded this because it was just like a widespread problem of a moment bad with widespread unfavorable widespread situation

00:34:05--> 00:34:15

a problem a widespread problem. So they have seen that because of the widespread problem, the exclusion. That is why the Hanafi is even might

00:34:16--> 00:34:17


00:34:18--> 00:34:22

or might, you know, are twins in here. Then together here

00:34:24--> 00:34:49

on Mondays and Saturdays are twins here. The Hammer fees, the earth, the Maliki's are on the other hand, the medic is only half of them, and hasn't as well. On the other end, they will allow all of this if someone tried to learn and was not able to learn, they would just allow them to be you know, if they did their best, trying to learn and fail, fail to sell out into the

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

recycling family and this recognizable This is a family you know, but but they're having difficulty with some

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

You know,

00:35:02--> 00:35:13

or something that they're having some difficulty with constructing fabric is recognizing that allow them to the Okay. Then the hierarchies.

00:35:16--> 00:35:28

The earlier canopies were with the hand buddies and cafes. The latter half of these became more like Maliki's in some regard, particularly in

00:35:30--> 00:35:45

which is changing constant consonants, constants. So they they became more like the latter half of these two, why? How do they justify their departure from the area of higher fees by the concept of on woman,

00:35:46--> 00:35:57

which is widespread, or unfavorable, widespread situation? unfavorable Western situation? They figured everybody is just like,

00:35:58--> 00:35:59


00:36:01--> 00:36:06

No one is able to cite anymore. So whether

00:36:07--> 00:36:09

there has to be there has to be

00:36:12--> 00:36:13

a difference between?

00:36:19--> 00:36:19


00:36:22--> 00:36:28

Amanda is going to be talking about changes to me. This one that she has changed?

00:36:29--> 00:36:30


00:36:33--> 00:36:34


00:36:42--> 00:36:56

doesn't matter how you learn, and what matters is your presentation now, at this moment? Before we start with the prayer, now your reservation? Is your reservation accurate or inaccurate?

00:36:57--> 00:37:05

If any of these inaccuracies to the embellies will disqualify someone from the manor.

00:37:08--> 00:37:27

The Spirit will disqualify someone from any inaccuracies, the 123. Keep in mind, keep in mind that sometimes I feel more like Maliki here, because I was when I hear many of the younger people

00:37:28--> 00:37:41

who the the prayers, and they are not Arabs, and they don't speak Arabic and Arabic is not their native language. You know, I go to the mC mC and just hear you, for instance configures your brain

00:37:43--> 00:37:57

somebody, and then there are errors, and then I become less tolerant of people. Because I think I think that some people are able to do some

00:37:58--> 00:38:18

people are able to do it. And then if we take a little bit more seriously, maybe we can do it. Also, if someone else can do it, then I can do it. And if there are many non Arabs, who are able to perfect the fact that maybe those fellows were

00:38:19--> 00:38:20


00:38:21--> 00:38:23

wanted to say exceptional.

00:38:25--> 00:38:34

Maybe those fellows given given a bit more time, maybe they have more, you know, concern for them, some are given more time, why shouldn't I

00:38:35--> 00:38:39

but at the end of the day, if I completely failed,

00:38:40--> 00:38:51

I am the true leader of my community, if I completely failed, the leader of my community, that it is hope that there is a concession in the

00:38:54--> 00:39:24

very second session in America, it is preferable for those leaders to have someone who protects the facts and protects the reservation because the beauty of reservation in the salon is consequential. It does have an impact that the beauty and resolution in the salon on the congregation that it would be certainly more pious closer to parity for the leaders who cannot perfect that they have to have someone

00:39:26--> 00:39:35

that even like a teenager who perfect some facts that happen to read the prayer while they continue to be the leaders in every other regard, judging

00:39:37--> 00:39:59

you know, conflict resolution, whatever within their community, they are the bonafide leaders. There are so many great scholars in the Muslim world who never leave the congregation pray because they are not the appointed the maps because number seven have appointed the mousing nonprofit have they would never leave the memorandum in his master. They always

00:40:00--> 00:40:50

Behind the development rocket, remember, rocket is usually hired by the Ministry of Environment. You know, it's usually like, yeah, I have an older fella, usually on your phone down. So many scholars, great scholars, tier one scholars in the Muslim world. In fact, the majority of the tier one scholars that I know of, they don't need to grab behind the mouse. So there is no problem in having someone who is less knowledgeable. And you know, having the best status in the community, leave the prayer, because they're insufficient and beautiful. And you continue to be the sort of a leader of the community. But if they choose to leave the prayer, half there, they have done their best in

00:40:50--> 00:41:12

perfecting their craft and have failed to because of some difficulty, there is hope that we will have an execute for them in the American society. And later hanafy positions, particularly if they're changing the constants

00:41:13--> 00:41:14

is not clean.

00:41:17--> 00:41:32

Yes, there are multiple massages in the area. And one is more convenient. And it's and the man has nothing to do with that or even drops certain letters, should you stay with him one that's more convenient to leave.

00:41:35--> 00:41:38

And if this email would have done their best

00:41:41--> 00:41:42

to learn,

00:41:43--> 00:41:46

then you have the option of staying behind them.

00:41:47--> 00:42:08

Certainly the taking the concession, concession or the length of the concession you know, none of us are not talking about dropping the by the way and others they're talking about changing consonants or other constants, like Brock lab and Bob and thought and those ones, half and half ghost ones.

00:42:10--> 00:42:11


00:42:13--> 00:42:14

The Egyptian that.

00:42:17--> 00:42:18


00:42:22--> 00:42:22


00:42:24--> 00:42:28

Yeah, all that stuff. That's what the hackers are talking about. They're talking about graphing.

00:42:30--> 00:42:39

So here, hopefully, there will be a concession in that group of scholars with a group of scholars. Now.

00:42:40--> 00:42:45

The second part of that is that if, let's say you want to stick on the safe side to stay with the shepherds, and

00:42:47--> 00:42:56

what about silent prayers? Should you can you you take that ruling for every prayer or just the prayers that are gentle?

00:42:58--> 00:43:03

Well, certainly the silent prayer have to be less of a problem, but they're talking about the environment in general.

00:43:04--> 00:43:06

The Sun Prairie

00:43:08--> 00:43:10

should not be a problem to pray behind someone

00:43:11--> 00:43:13

in silent prayer. Yes.

00:43:23--> 00:43:24


00:43:37--> 00:43:38

that you say amen. Call

00:43:39--> 00:43:43

which is a an Arabic dialect, but it is not.

00:43:44--> 00:43:47

There is no plan for Adam has

00:43:49--> 00:43:52

that sound it does not happen in the Quran.

00:43:54--> 00:44:04

That sound is an original Arab, Arabic sound in the heart of the Yemeni dialect.

00:44:06--> 00:44:13

But it is not for everyone, not for anyone. So but that sound in Yemen

00:44:15--> 00:44:23

is his substitute for cough. So Carla, he said becomes

00:44:25--> 00:44:27

which is inside the mustard cell for Egypt as well.

00:44:29--> 00:44:29


00:44:31--> 00:44:34

in in Egypt, that

00:44:36--> 00:44:36


00:44:38--> 00:44:40

a widespread problem.

00:44:43--> 00:44:59

So when Egypt z became a GI can condemn happens in all the places you know, there is there there is all places have their own clubs, of course.

00:45:00--> 00:45:02

constitution, but g became

00:45:03--> 00:45:04


00:45:05--> 00:45:06

is not a sound

00:45:07--> 00:45:08


00:45:10--> 00:45:30

But if someone you know makes them in them, then it gives hope to that afforded to them is kind of the late later canopies and lobbies can they fail to correct the reservation after they try and it is hoped that they can still be in them.

00:45:33--> 00:45:33


00:45:37--> 00:45:40

are having difficulty to solve the scene and

00:45:41--> 00:45:42

all of that

00:45:45--> 00:45:51

all under the same thing. So changing any letter substituting guidance from others, it's called

00:45:53--> 00:46:02

exchange substitution for them is conduct the same thing. Now in the hand combat is

00:46:03--> 00:46:10

all of them does not, that is a disqualifier, any of that is a disqualifier, except for one at the bottom.

00:46:12--> 00:46:14

Because that is an ancient,

00:46:16--> 00:46:26

ancient widespread problem. You know, since the beginning of time, you know, some people were making the ball into a lot of

00:46:30--> 00:46:37

them. He said, when I do some development, without that he didn't want I am one of 30

00:46:39--> 00:46:43

it is permissible for one of us will do to pry behind one

00:46:44--> 00:47:00

and one who is praying and obligatory prayer to pray behind someone who is praying in a supermarket or a pray. First one, first one is it is permissible for one who else will do to pray behind one who asked them,

00:47:01--> 00:47:08

although it is preferred, for the one who has a blue is the prey.

00:47:11--> 00:47:50

But in his premise, the second one is particularly contentious. The one who is more five dogs whose brain fart and the one who's playing, who can pray, who can lead who some of the scholars, the earlier scholars, you know, xone, some, none can be, you know, they have there is a particular hobbies that they're trying to follow, which is not even straight, Muslim from red eyes and others in the majority of the memory of the man was made to be found,

00:47:51--> 00:47:52

was appointed to be

00:47:54--> 00:47:54


00:47:55--> 00:47:57

to not be a variance.

00:48:00--> 00:48:01

This meant

00:48:02--> 00:48:08

to to many scholars, that you should not disagree with his name.

00:48:09--> 00:48:13

For the spring farm, you should be praying farther behind them.

00:48:16--> 00:48:18

of you know, not many scholars.

00:48:24--> 00:48:35

Let's first figure out what the score is seven men come back to the groups. So no one in that, you know, within them evaluate the form of

00:48:36--> 00:48:43

the authorized physician in the form of the one who was brave enough, can pray behind someone who was praying

00:48:44--> 00:48:47

can pray behind someone who was praying for

00:48:49--> 00:48:58

not vice versa. The one who was praying cannot pray behind someone who's praying now, except for

00:49:00--> 00:49:08

here at the moment that I'm going to say that you can pray from the behind that after but that is not the embodiment of that is a choice here. But that

00:49:10--> 00:49:19

is like the majority. So how are these manatees and handbells hafeez.

00:49:21--> 00:49:22


00:49:24--> 00:49:25

from Belize

00:49:27--> 00:49:28


00:49:29--> 00:49:30


00:49:33--> 00:49:34


00:49:37--> 00:49:37


00:49:40--> 00:49:57

No farther behind the front of his bed his competitors. Only the shelf they allow fall behind Neff can be allowed fun behind another part of the same number of knockouts. So as to be

00:49:58--> 00:49:59

loaded behind those

00:50:00--> 00:50:06

Not if the different number of bottles are the same number of items on your shelf.

00:50:09--> 00:50:09


00:50:11--> 00:50:14

Now let's go back and say why did they disagree

00:50:16--> 00:50:29

on some of the scholars that earlier scholars said no one after behind farm, no farmer behind enough, nothing. But that is just keep keep in mind that in the form of that

00:50:31--> 00:50:33

they allow behind farm

00:50:34--> 00:50:37

and they disagree on farm behind.

00:50:39--> 00:50:49

And from behind a different form. The majority will not allow farther behind enough for farther behind a different form

00:50:51--> 00:50:53

shafa is M.

00:50:54--> 00:51:01

Java is and have values here and there, but it's not a choice as well and none

00:51:02--> 00:51:04

of those the allowed

00:51:05--> 00:51:07

fall behind that.

00:51:09--> 00:51:15

What is the argument, the argument, you know, what's the heartbeat of the shuffle is this variant?

00:51:18--> 00:51:20

Their argument is that more as

00:51:21--> 00:51:24

used to practice and report back Buhari

00:51:25--> 00:51:27

used to pray behind the prophet SAW

00:51:29--> 00:51:32

and then go to his community and leave them in

00:51:34--> 00:51:36

there saying his

00:51:37--> 00:51:45

name was his fault. And after he presents for he went and led his community in a national prayer, that's it.

00:51:47--> 00:51:51

And this was brought to the attention of the prophet SAW Selim and the Prophet did not

00:51:53--> 00:51:54


00:51:56--> 00:52:06

rejected or comment on this arrangement. All the prophets have commented on is he suffered

00:52:07--> 00:52:09

from fronted basically

00:52:11--> 00:52:13

CrossFit people

00:52:14--> 00:52:21

by lengthening the prayer and he instructed him, you know, to sharpen the prayer when he needs the congregation. That's it.

00:52:23--> 00:52:24

That's their position.

00:52:26--> 00:52:29

Now, why are they saying no?

00:52:30--> 00:52:35

Why is the majority saying no too far behind now? They're saying in

00:52:38--> 00:52:39

the majority

00:52:40--> 00:52:41

fell out of

00:52:42--> 00:52:48

the members appointed. And this was reported also by Bukhari and Muslim from our priority 11.

00:52:49--> 00:52:58

In the interim was appointed so that you follow him? So don't disagree with them, don't be a variance of them. Don't be a variance with him.

00:52:59--> 00:53:02

How do we answer that?

00:53:03--> 00:53:31

proof how to the shaft is given answer for this. The shaft a say complete the homies in the majority of the memory otonabee the members appointed to default ferrata 30 following Don't be a variance with him phase that second bill if he says garbage can be his account and if he bails you also down what is our planet central logging and hamidah Saku from Marbella can have

00:53:37--> 00:53:41

concern for you whatever setup is true. And then if he makes to do the mixer to

00:53:42--> 00:53:50

loosen facade to loosen up now, he prays to think that you all praise Him. That's it. That is what it means. In

00:53:52--> 00:54:30

the shop. As I say, these are all actions, there is no mention of intention here. If the actions of the bear are not different than that slide of the Japanese, I'm saying you don't pray in front of the behind the front of the house different number of outcomes, because the actions are different. The champion saying that the actions are not different. If the actions are no different than that the intention does not matter. You just follow them and you pray with them. your intention does not have to match their intention. And staffers are also pretty welcoming the position of the majority and saying you can also allow him to pray behind this agree with his intention. If it is nothing

00:54:30--> 00:54:38

behind fun. So why are you joining us in this study is nobody says Don't be a variance is not saying from after.

00:54:39--> 00:54:40


00:54:41--> 00:54:48

happy to have more answers. That was your morning say? Well, whatever you cite the

00:54:49--> 00:55:00

agenda other is never relevant to here. Because it's an RFI and it's an individual incident and this walkout, it could have different meanings. It is very possible that the person

00:55:00--> 00:55:00

For someone

00:55:03--> 00:55:03


00:55:05--> 00:55:05

you know,

00:55:09--> 00:55:11

this lengthening of the prayer,

00:55:12--> 00:55:14

they say that it is possible that

00:55:15--> 00:55:29

they say that it is possible also that while I was actually praying Matthew was the Prophet. And then he was praying as part of the with the congregation. So he's praying after behind the Prophet, the SE will say it was too smart to do that.

00:55:33--> 00:55:34

You know,

00:55:36--> 00:55:44

that's the meaning of Elisa, that would not you know, the founder is much more important to to waste about the behind the profit

00:55:47--> 00:55:49

margin. So,

00:55:50--> 00:55:55

within here is that this agreement is it keeps on going back and forth, and

00:55:57--> 00:55:58

you never exhaust

00:55:59--> 00:56:09

the answer. However, as a community, how do we, how do we do this, just you know, leave people alone leave

00:56:10--> 00:56:12

this life.

00:56:13--> 00:56:17

These are issues of don't make any issues

00:56:19--> 00:56:33

whatsoever. But as a community, we should also be sensitive and consider them, if you will pray in a hostel, for instance. And we usually we usually say happiness or

00:56:34--> 00:56:36

happiness, happiness.

00:56:38--> 00:57:18

In this case, if you will be given them your job, and it is your second job, don't meet them, just give them in the prayer alone, that someone has to leave the prayer, since it is not for you, and it is from the front of them. And just, it's easy. If you allow someone else to leave, yes, if you have the view that it's we know the chef is that you could do so and nobody knows really If you prayed before not only between you and Allah, so if you let the people based on the Shafi opinion, would that be like? Yes, that would be fine for you

00:57:19--> 00:57:20

to tell people that I'm bringing

00:57:23--> 00:57:24

them afterwards and

00:57:33--> 00:57:51

unfortunately, we're not gonna be able to where am I gonna be able to the you're about to start. So the lighting after the prayer, which is the position of the labor movement, counseling, the rulings for relief covers, deferrals and so on. So next time, next week.

00:57:56--> 00:57:58

Five minutes for people to leave