Waleed Basyouni – [Ep 7] Powerful Dua for Protection From Sins When Single Fiqh Of Love

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of abstaining from any precautions or activities that may be considered inappropriate, such as precautions for women to avoid sexual attraction and the use of condoms for men. The speaker also talks about the success of Islam, including the use of condoms for men and the use of sex for women. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not abstaining from any activities that may be considered inappropriate.
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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh welcome turn you module of our course of love. And

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I know that not everybody is married, and not everybody going to marry soon, and not everyone

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necessarily will be married may also not every one of us be able to stay married. But the reality is there is people will be single and for a while they will be single. They might not marry again or not married at all us that's that happened. And a lot of people single until they get married while young people. So this particular module is mainly to those people but also to those who are married. Because it talks about a lot half and a half half is a very interesting concept. I love comes from North Africa, which means protection or purity will affect a Kaffir when you abstain. So it's abstaining from any indecent words or actions. So alpha is abstaining from indecent words, something

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verbal or actions that you do.

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Pardon the law by you. He said I seek the refugee of Allah from doing anything that is in this or doing something that it is haram fascia in decency.

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And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala said well your staff if you live in Allah doing any QA, but let them who find not the means of marriage, abstain from sexual relations, or abstain from indecency abstain from Xena fornication.

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So AFAC is abstaining from this indecency

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is to basically avoid any type of sexual relationship with opposite gender. in Ibiza Salam used to but not only the fornication, but also much bigger than that whatever can lead to fornication

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and also abstaining from anything that's indecent verbally.

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In Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, among his drop and every day and night so Muslim, Allah in Yes aerocon Houda. O Allah I asked you to guide me or guidance, I asked you for guidance. What took to have Taqwa to be God conscious. Well, I have a Latha which is we talked about her then Jana Maconie, among those who always abstain from anything that is indecent.

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Well, Hina make me rich, make me self sufficient. I mean, not the need of anyone. In the piece of solid said woman, yes staff if you're if Allah, whoever seek I have, Allah will provide it for him, who all seek from Allah to help him to stay and abstain from indecency. Allah will help him

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and Phil Bihari Nabi Salam said, Those who get married and neck if you read arpha Those who wants to get married why? Because the want to protect themselves to stay pure, Allah promised to help such person

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so I five is well established concept in our religion. And unfortunately, it is a very foreign concept in our society today.

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Unfortunately, there's millions and billions of dollars are spent

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on indecency.

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On making Xena easy.

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I remember in 2001 of the billboards, they have this very strange

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advertising for

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you know, a company,

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designer clothes company.

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And this designer clothes company, they had a young girl who was wearing very shorts and that time 2000 You know,

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we still have, we're much better than today. You know, and there were like a whole campaign against this company. It's a very famous company, close company. And they were campaign against and their spokesman came out. I remember saying that we want to teach young girls how to dress sexy.

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And that line of calls was for girls who are 10 years old.

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He wants to teach 10 years old girls how to dress sexy

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and 1990

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The US government's help distributing 2 billion condoms and high schools across the country

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I mean, how to abstain How about staying I feel if

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not to do harm

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you know in city like New York, you're in an app where you can find a free

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condoms just in case if you want to make Xena. How easy this became an accessible Zina become.

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So Allah says Allah, may Allah protect us. I know it's hard.

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Look at how it became an Zina and adultery and, you know, an indecency became something became kind of norm in movies and, and TV shows, Netflix and you name it.

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You know what will always be there? The story of Yusuf Ali salaam,

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what our two Latina who have EBT, Neff, see you Alacati abou

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on a title UK called the Law on another law in Robbie Sonoma.

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In your new home warning, and she in whose house he was useless,

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sought to seduce him, she closed the door and said, Come You

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He said, I seek the refugee of Allah. I would love something terrible, something terrifying, something bad.

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She's a beautiful, powerful woman

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offering herself

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in the absence of everyone.

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Now the law

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how not to trade my Lord are not cheap, my master

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who has made good my residents, indeed, wrongdoers will not succeed.

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Those who don't care about decency will not succeed.

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And those who care about an alpha will succeed.

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I try my brother and sister This is a very important element. And by the way, you just it helps to get married, but if somebody doesn't care about her life, he made it to 100 woman he will still be cheating or she married 200 Men, which is both scenarios are not possible. Islamically but just hypothetical. And she is not having if she will cheat. Many people think that the solution for abstaining from adultery and Xena is *. I just want to say my supposition and * is very strong and very clear that this is haram is not allowed for men and woman

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only scenario that can be acceptable if a husband and wife perform that to each other but other than that

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no and is not a solution if anybody tells you that this is a solution to control your desire no it doesn't the process alone when a man said you have a salah I will I'm gonna forget give me an except he did not you know the advice that he gave him he gave him said fast

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he didn't go in relief yourself.

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Allah subhanaw taala said that your private part should be guarded from anything but your wife, your spouse

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and your multi me as Kim in the verse for many of our anyone wants beyond that hula hula, dune or transgressor. That's why chef is it. This verse is clear evidence that it is haram

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