Mohamad Baajour – These 3 Words Will Change the Way You Make Duaa

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the recitation of a verse by Allah to solve a debt and mentions a woman who has a history of cancer. They also talk about a man named Jesus who is a worker and has a difficult time with his partner. The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be a mix of personal and professional personal topics.
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When my beloved chef recited the eighth from Surah Maryam

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Subhan Allah

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anytime we make it to

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Allah subhanaw taala give us this great weapon called the

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but some of us do not know how to use this weapon because the weapon depends

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on the hand holding the weapon and the sharpness of the weapon. Right? So

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this great NEMA that Allah gave us if we use it properly, you can achieve or you can get whatever you want.

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So anytime that we are making dua and we have so much difficulty in our life

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I want you to remember those few words that the sheikh recited that Allah subhanaw taala said

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Hua Allah Yeah. Hain

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it's easy for me

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Curie you from cancer, it's easy for me.

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Cover your debt. It's easy for me.

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Guide your child. It's easy for me.

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Just remember those three words. Who are Alia Hain because when we are making too many times, we think that we are asking each other. How is this going to happen?

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Right, we forget that we think that we're asking. I'm asking Islam Islam is asking me how he's gonna cover my $100,000 debt. How he's gonna. How's this gonna happen? It's a stage four cancer. It's impossible. Hua Allah year 18. Tell yourself the one who gives a career a baby at that age can solve my problem. The one who gave Maria Marie has Sudan, the baby without a father can solve my problem.

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It's all about the arcane. It's all about

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how much trust and certainty I have in Allah's power.

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And then after that, who are they? Yeah, hey, and when I have that in the back of my mind, and I add to it that he called himself el Mujib.

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He called himself the one who answers just ask, but ask with confidence. Ask with the back of your mind. Hua Isla Hagen it's easy for me May Allah answer all our be Allah subhana wa Tada cute on our sick May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy and everybody that we lost

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in LA Mussolini now almost Lima T one meaning Mina team one quantity now look on it the more slaw slowly being I was born in Poland he was saw the Rena was Slavia right the one before she you know wonderful she

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wouldn't call she me no one would call she I think one down one BP now one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentleman one Hatfield was the one that good enough.

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Was the good going on. I don't

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want to jump on now. Leave

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