Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #232 – Maybe You Need To Change

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of avoiding destructive behavior and staying away from small pleasures like drugs and alcohol. They stress that the pleasures of the brain are larger than just the things that happen. The speaker also emphasizes the need for a broad view of life and the importance of staying away from small pleasures.
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if somebody feels like everything is haram, then there's usually one of two causes that's at the root of that. One, they have very bad influences. Because if somebody is surrounded by people who are drinking and doing drugs and chasing women, and you know, all these sorts of things that let's just not even say haram at this point, though they are, they're destructive, they're destructive behaviors. And even, you know, secular social scientists will call them risky behaviors, right? So if somebody wants to sin, right, and those are the things that are really, really important to that person, then yeah, maybe it does feel like everything is held on to them. And that's just the

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condemnation of kind of where they're at. And their lives and their their sorts of influences that the things that they're continually drawn to do are the sorts of things life is more than that, you're gonna get more satisfaction and life out of being an honest, trustworthy person than you are. If you sleep with 1000. Women, just what it is, you don't think that that's true, because you're wrapped up in your desires. But that's the reality. That's the way that Allah made the universe, He made your you that way. And if you want, you can go and you can talk to people who are like * addicts and stuff like this. And they'll tell you, I say at a certain point, it's all the same. At a

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certain point, it stops being fun. At a certain point, it's not even satisfying anymore. And yet, if you're somebody who is treated with respect, and somebody who's honorable and trustworthy, and people come to you, then there's no end to that satisfaction. Right? So that's one thing, one thing, what are you after? Right? Don't condemn yourself, maybe you're showing your cards, right? You think everything's haram, maybe that shows what you're after in life, maybe you need to change your priorities. And the other side is that maybe that person just doesn't have a great imagination. And this is kind of related to what we just said, maybe that person doesn't have a great imagination

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about what this life is all about. Right? This life is not about the pleasures of the flesh, allows power to Ana out of His mercy and goodwill and love for us has made life enjoyable and made most of the things that we can do possibly do on Earth are permissible for us. And enjoyable, right. And he's only put a couple of things behind this kind of line and said, No, stay away from those not arbitrarily because they're actually harmful to you. So a lot of times, it's our own poor imagination about what this life is, right? There's so much more to live for. You could be a hero, right? You could be someone who has written in about in the history books, you could be a legend,

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but you're only worried about something that's really, really small, you know, something that has to do with this desire, that desire or that appetite or that addiction that you have life is so much more than that. So if you have a broad view on life, and you see that yes, you can be a hero, you can be a legend. You can be brave, you can be courageous, you can be somebody who who changes history, somebody who influences other people, then the hull is wide open to you. All right, the vast majority of things that you would want to do are permissible and good. All that stuff is permissible and good. If you're going to narrow your focus to just these few little measly

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pleasures. Yeah, maybe you're gonna feel like everything's hot off.

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