A Voice in the Desert #10 – When We Live Abraham’s Legacy

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You mentioned how big the heart of Imani Salaam was and that was also the case of the Prophet slice alum. Rama attended atomia mercy to the world's if you imagine the prophets life Simon

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as he's about to die right i mean his teeth are knocked out slice alum his, his helmet is knocked in the profit slice of them is is really wounded at this point. And there's a possibility of him dying. And the concern of the prophets lie Selim is what a llama fiddley called me for anomaly alimony. Allah forgive my people. They don't know any better. They don't know any better. He's still worried about the same people that are drilling his helmet into his head sallallahu wasallam that are trying to kill him. He's worried about their success and their salvation.

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With Ibrahim alayhis salam one of the droughts that he makes his little banner Latta Jana fitna, Tenley Medina cafo. O Allah Do not let us be a trial for the disbelievers. So, in the last episode, you know, we established the relationship that the believers have with him. But there's something really profound about this language and Linda, Dina cafaro, don't make us a trial for the disbelievers. What does that mean? Firstly, what it means is the primary meaning is that if they are victorious over us, then they might take that as a sign that they are upon the truth and that we are upon falsity. And so it's not the ego that Oh, they might think that they won and we lost and we'd

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feel like we lost No, they might take that as a sign of them being upon something true. And so what's the concern of the Prophet slice on earth when he's with a double bucket and almost all the Allahu tada and Homer and they've pulled back and double soufiane is calling out to them and saying that, you know, may hobo hobo be elevated? And he's he's praising the idols, what's the profit slice on selling a bucket and almo? Well, the A lot of times, particularly are almost a shout back. It's not, you know, praise or it's not some sort of battle cry. It is Allah mowlana when molalla comm it's praising Allah subhanho wa Taala, right, that to Allah belongs all glory and all mites, that

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Allah is our protector, and you have no protector. Because the prophets lie Selim does not want them to take their temporary victory, as a sign that they are upon truth and that the prophets lie Selim and his companions are not upon upon truth. And so the concerns of how to lie even embedded Don't let them be victorious over us, so that they may think that they are victorious, because they're on some sort of truth when they are really upon false that the second meaning of this that the scholars derive is Don't make us a fitna and that let not our behavior caused people to be driven away from faith. And by the way, this is true for disbelievers. And for believers, how many times are people

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repelled from faith because they saw those who were supposed to embody it act in a way that repelled them and disgusted them. And that's, you know, somehow that's something we should really think about as Muslims. Our Dharma is first and foremost going to be exemplified in our actions. The Dow that we do with Heston, Holyoke, with good character, and we should consider that when we wear our Islam anywhere, that we are representatives of Islam, even if we see ourselves as that are not right, people are going to see us as Muslims, we have an opportunity to let people see the beauty of Islam. And we should even think that way, with those that come into contact with faith through us, even

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within the faith, right? How many Muslims are turned away from massages, not because a lot of turned them away from his house, but because they were turned off by an action that they saw within the house of Allah. Now there is no excuse for them. Allah will hold everyone accountable individually. So you can't make the excuse that I don't go to the desert because the people stink in the most I don't do charity work because everyone that works in charity work is filthy. Those Muslims, those believers, I don't do this. I don't do that. No, every one of us is going to be asked as an individual, you don't get to say I didn't do this because of someone else. This is a relationship

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between you and Allah. But when you are a carrier of faith when you are a representative of faith, intentionally or unintentionally, you have to really deeply Think about your actions. The prophets lie some thought about it with the disbelievers he didn't want to give ammo to the islamophobes even when he had the right for example, to kill our beloved no babe and salute the chief hypocrite this man committed high treason he did all of these horrible things. And they they said to the Prophet slicin Why don't you kill kill him and the Prophet slicin said, Lyor Cohen. I don't want them to say that Mohammed uncanny actually has habit that Mohammed says I'm used to kill his companions. I don't

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want them to be able to say that. So even though it would have been justified, I don't want to give them that excuse. Right. So the prophets lie. Some was concerned about the perception of others, not in a way that the prophets lie. Some would withhold an obligation or stay away from

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Something noble but no the Prophet slicin was considering them and within the community as well, you know, you think about the mosque than the unmasked. Now there are two situations one Hadith was more either the Allahu anhu another one of them was rude. I'll do the one with more either the Allahu anhu where a person complains that one reads too long in his salon in the masjid somewhere I used to pray ratio with the Prophet size and then he'd go to his people and lead them okay. And there was a complaint that more out of all the A lot of times and who would read too long so the unmarked here or the person that doesn't want to come to the message anymore, doesn't want to come to salon. It's

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not because more either the alarm and who did something wrong? It's not because, you know, there was someone that was rude in the message. It's because the Salah was too long is that I was too long. Now more either the law and who interpreted this and said the man's a hypocrite. Why would you complain about my reading court and you should love the court and right. What are the prophets lie? Some say tomorrow? He said fatahna and ntm Ah, are you a fitna O'Meara Are you a fitna to that man. Oh, Maura right Subhana. Allah like you are a fitna by reading too much Hold on, he's not ready for that. And so he might not come to the message anymore. A person might abstain from the Salah,

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because the recitation is too long. So that shows us that we should have a high sensitivity, not in a way that makes us dishonest or insincere to our faith, but in a way that we are always paying attention to how we're reflecting the faith to everyone around us, including our own