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AI: Summary © The heart is crucial for personal health and fixing actions and one's actions to avoid damaging their body is crucial for personal health. The heart is used in various positions, including the final interpreter, and it's important for mental health. fixing actions and hearts is essential to achieve success in a business deal, and it's important to avoid hesitation and mistakes.
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So practically speaking, practically speaking, what should we do next?

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To be Muslim.

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Because there is a plan of action, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us have a plan of action.

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Because basically is the karma ultimately is the state in a way in the EPA, which is the opposite of Governor jacoba is the state of station of wakefulness.

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It is opposite to ruffler, which is heedlessness

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is when the eyes of your heart are fixated on the pleasure of Allah as your as the final target. And they don't play they are in continuous

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wakefulness. That is, that is huge, right?

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That's too far, actually.

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Where do we start? So the process of service development imported from Panasonic

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when you're stuck in

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the middle of it, in fact, is

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one of the

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said that he man of any surgeon would not be straight. And then his heart becomes straight in the heart of any surgeon will never be straight, until his plan becomes

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solid, the purpose and give us this is the

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the phase, actually

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first phases that you work on on your yoga mat.

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Because the work on your heart, while you're ignoring your experiment, amen.

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This is like going to high school before going through elementary school. This is actually someone claiming that they will actually jump

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not you know, second and third grade here, they're just gonna go right, from pre k into high school. You know, I don't need to stop there. Because that that is the way to strengthen your heart is by strengthening your actions. This is the easiest stuff, you do the easy stuff first.

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You know, and then you move on to the difficult stuff.

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If How would you study calculus before you can know, multiplication, two by two,

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you care,

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then the easy stuff, which is the strictness of your actions, we'll have to confirm the build on this. Because the straightness of implied is really a remote target,

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you will not be accepted without changing I don't think it is a morph target, so I don't have to worry about

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this isn't enough to convince Edie, except he becomes returnable now with a sound card. You're Malayan from Adam, when I've been on the day where neither money nor children will be of any benefit.

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The only one who will benefit on that day is one comes back to a one returns to Allah with a sound. So you're not you're not being accepted without.

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But to get there. You have to fix your actions

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and to fix your actions. Why did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say is that the medicine continues to become strict?

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Why would you say I'm trying to become strict?

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What do you say you because the fungus is connected to the heart.

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He is the framing interpreter for

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the final interpreter of the heart is the tongue, not the bottle. So you can have as big of a beard as you want. And I'm not saying that the beard is, you know the beard is the center of our love.

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According to the four exams, it is mandatory

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except in some various positions in the chef It was after it is emphasized. But I'm not picking on the beer to be lifted the importance of the act of exterior when I'm saying which one is easier to grow your beard, you know down to your very power to

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Satan is stripped stripped out here. It

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is very easy to grow a beard

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and which one is easier

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to actually

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try and fast or to

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It's easy to train faster than to control your from controlling your thumb against the ultimate thing. It is the freedom interpreter. It is the one Oregon that is most directly connected to the heart. That is why

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lost 100 either sent to the prophet SAW someone without offending them.

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And you will be able to recognize them the hypocrites

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in the from laughing and cold will be translated as well

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from their missed speech or

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the tone of their speech or they missed speech

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anyway, but the profit and loss, you'll be able to figure the point about

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not from the bodies.

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No problem.

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Because the final interpreter, one organ is connected to the heart is the tongue. And if you want to really examine someone, you have to watch with the city. You know, gossip, backbiting, slandering. You lie in this honesty, you know, swearing.

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Lots and lots of things are directly connected to the borrower. mocking reticulated sukrin over them, new friend, someone who's been praying for 30 years. And then he makes fun of his fellow Muslims. And then he belittles his fellow Muslims.

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If you're doing this, you're destroying yourself, you're ruining

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the progress. That has been an estimate and the after a whole Muslim. It is enough even for someone to be despise this fellow Muslim, you ruin it. You can find it for 30 years, you've been doing it for 30 years.

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You just want the screaming in your face? Because we all do, right? we all we all make mistakes, and we all fall. So you say to yourself, you do this, you look into the mirror, or you say to your brother, you've been doing

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this for 1520 years, why do you ruin it? Why do you destroy it? Why do you squander your wealth of personal

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because the heart has not become straight yet. So the tongue is connected to the heart,

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your control, your conscious control over the time is much less than your conscious control over your awareness. You could stay seated, you know politely like this for some time. But the time is directly connected to the heart. It is basically the interpreter of the heart.

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So the problem is someone pointed this out and he said, in fact, this very same obese, obese

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obese, Satya Nadella is

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in a Macy's report. In these reports, there is another addition at the end, very important that this is encouraged with all of what we said then, so if you had an avalanche of a according to the addition, the African community so he had a plan because the fees set for the province of Southern Africa for mental kafala Yeah.

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What is the thing that you fear the most for me? All Muslims.

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And then what did the Prophet was one of them say?

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The problem of some of this?

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Yeah, no, he did this. I'm sick of it. He said enough sick will kinda have supremacism, held his own tongue. But I'm sick of it. He said, I've seen

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problem with this. He said,

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this is the fifth thing that I have for you the most.

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So where do we start? We start from fixing your actions.

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Most importantly, our tongues and then we move on to fixing our hearts can certainly be overlap it does not mean like you ignore your heart.

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they overlap.

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But first, you go through pre K and K Elementary. You take care of exterior actions and so on. And then you you advance graduated.

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At one point, all of us will be equal in the exterior

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we'll hit the ceiling

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24 hours a day, right?

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There is exceeding 24 hours.

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And at one point, all of us will hit the ceiling.

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But never, never win the competition of the arts.

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Because how can we be better had, you know this much advantage above

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and beyond all of us in this hobby,

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what shape what part of insomnia

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is something that was in his heart,

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it is not, you know, more and more bad.

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It is not more sciency it is something that wasn't

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so that after you work on this, you know, fixing your exterior, watching your thumb,

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then that's think of jacoba the heart of the weakness of the heart and the fixation of your eyes of your heart on your frame of target the pleasure of Allah.

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When you straighten out your actions and your plan, which is something that we really are struggling with all of us, just the street and our actions on our time, then you have ample room for progress,

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growth, essentially rising,

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spiritual ascension.

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Limitless, unlimited.

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Most even

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and get your heart more and more and more and more and more straighten meaning the eyes of your heart are more and more and more more fixated on your ultimate goal. That is when your man itself becomes straighten. When the heart has become straighten. The man becomes three is the team event marketing

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When I stopped him I

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had an email he said no.

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The amount of our blog will not be straight contemporaries heart his strength and his heart will not be straight and fit his plan gets three.

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So that is the action plan. The purpose was laid down for us.

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Roll up your sleeves now and start the work we should all do.

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is really ought to and you should just do it with you know complete commitment.

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Do it because it is the means to your survivor.

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This is my luxury. It is not don't take it leisure. It is not a matter of leisure. It is really a matter of your survival.

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Because do not look one of the things that are extremely important. Don't look at your your your your small number in this monster in the midst of all of this environment teachers can find really good.

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It is good that you're here.

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But it is not enough until you have

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gone through all those phases. And until you feel you know

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the feeling the feeling of

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beholding examiner as if they are in front of you all the time.

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Then you should never be content with your station. Until you get to that point should never be satisfied with who you are. Don't be satisfied with who you are.

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But don't despair.

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You know, that is why the preference was on set is to keep one autopsy that his wife is happy with a US funeral. That is why sent me to a party out to all of that that we sent him trying to come close and have got paid and all of this so that you do not despair. But it is an ongoing battle.

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It is an ongoing battle. And it is not it is never kindness It is always dynamic. There is it is never stationary. You're always going somewhere. Your heart is always going somewhere upward.

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It is called hard climb dependables the profits are seldom said because it switches over.

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Your heart is always going somewhere

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So as long as you're, you're not you're watching you'll be safe. And as long as you're trying to direct it towards the right way, the right destination you will be safe, but otherwise heedlessness

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is a poison is really a poison and hidden heedlessness comes with self conceit

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and self deceit.

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When you feel that I'm okay. When you're contented with who you are. That is when you will fall into heedlessness, that is when you fall into and that is when you lose your campus and

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we seek refuge in Nevada from California.