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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulties of achieving goals, including a lack of success in studies and a lack of faith in Islam. They also touch on studies on "willing to admit" and the " Iluminations chronic reflections" topic. The importance of hardships and negativity in turning back is emphasized, along with the need to humble oneself and remember one's deeds for fear of consequences. The segment ends with a recap of the importance of pride and its linked to society.
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may sound like a catalogue of study that have you been able to veto homicides, infidelity? Well study law homosexual erotica Have you been able to separate Afeni welcome with your handler to our sessions on illuminations chronic reflections from the Halloween. And we're on day 10.

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It is now, officially 1/3 of Ramadan is over, based on this night.

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We have a day left tomorrow, of course, but it's probably 1/3 is gone already. So it's, it's, it's going by very quick. And it's really, I think a point in time to just reflect over what we've done in the first 1/3. And there's always time to of course improve. And if you felt like your first third wasn't good, no worries and hamdullah, there's still two thirds left, you can pick yourself up inshallah and make up for anything. So let's say you haven't even hold on yet, or you're falling really far behind. Even you just think about how shaytaan makes us feel like there's, you know, a lack of hope. Or sometimes we are we ourselves think that there's a lack of okay, I didn't do it. So

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I'm not going to do at all. But if you really dedicate yourself for one day, you can make up for even the first 10 days. So it's really about dedication, really, it's really about the mindset. When people are really motivated, they push themselves, right, so 100, our chart, 1/3 of them have been in our citation. Today, the number of sites sorted and

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like we said, we spoke about sorting them out either yesterday, which talked about completion of faith and fulfilling our covenants. And Switzerland now speaks about

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it's very interesting. So actually one of my favorite tools and the reason why it is very beautiful is that certain anonymous, the first Meccan Surah that's mentioned in the order of the Quran, after a Fatiha so it's hard to know the first one and then the Bacala. And then Ali Amman and then the second and not either and then on an app, and then as the first long Surah from among the seven long, first seven long suitors that is the neck key. And it was revealed all at once sort of an analysis revealed the entire thing at once as we know that most of the Quran that are long chapters, they were revealed in different parts. We talked about that in this class that I teach called

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Quranic sila, which talks about the chronological order of the revelation of the Quran, according to the life of the prophet Mohammed SiteSell. But any case, this was revealed in the middle late portion of the Meccan period. And it's a very powerful sort of, because it pretty much ends all of the excuses of the halation in terms of why they don't worship Allah, subhanaw taala and all of the excuses that they made for their lack of faith. So it's really responding to all of that. So it's an establishment of Islamic beliefs. It's among the objectives of sort of an anonymous established Islamic belief, and its foundations with rational proofs, and a response to anyone that may have an

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excuse for not believing in Allah content or this fake. So it's a very powerful source of that. There are two I had that stuck out to me, in particular, one of them is eyes 42 and 43 and 44. So three and last part that I said, well after the asana, either umami mean communica have now who knew that it was Bob, ah, you will not allow him into law room. And then we said messengers before you, oh, Prophet to other people, who we put through suffering and adversity, for their denial, so perhaps that they would be humbled. So in reality, the whole point of the difficulties that people face is for them to

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kind of think what is the purpose behind it and that they may be humbled themselves to Allah subhanaw taala. So in reality, it's a way to be humbled to Allah azza wa jal, right? Some kids watching me here in our lives, wouldn't put them on life cycle.

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So anyway, so that they could be humbled in front of Allah subhanaw, Taala and ideas, which reflect on how much the adversities and difficulties we go through? Is it for reflection, is it a point of inflection and return to Allah azza wa jal, so we humble ourselves for large religion. That's the whole point of having difficulties and hardships, right? So that we go through a

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kind of a lesson of what that hardship is for what that difficulty is for, right. So that difficulty should be a point where we reflect and turn back to the last part, and oftentimes I want you to think about something. I know one guy, he went through an incredibly difficult time in his life, and there was a really bad car accident that happened in his life. And he actually said that was probably the best blessing that happened to me. And

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he said, he said the reason for that is because that that difficulty that heart that car accident that I had actually brought me closer to Allah subhanaw taala. So imagine

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Even though I am he says that what are the good of blessings that turn you away from Allah when you become arrogant? And what are the benefits of hardships that turn you to Allah subhanaw taala that can become blessings. And he said not only hardship since since his sins can be blessings if they turn you back to Allah.

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So imagine the difficulty and hardship and adversity that we go through is that turning us back to the last point that says what Lomita dollaro so that they will become humbled and they turn back to the last minute and the last man that says, The I afterward I have 43 from Susanna fanola integer home Batswana Todorova working posit guru boom was a another humble shape one man can we are Maroon? Why did they not humble themselves when we made them suffer? The whole point was then to turn back to Allah they did and why. The reason why is their hearts became hardened, and Satan made their misdeeds appealing to them. Satan made their deeds appealing to them. And that's why one of the

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points of inflection that people do actually don't turn back to almost Patton is one of our teachers here. And most of the never we the Imam of Tafseer. Here in Medina, is interesting to watch the TV. We're studying with him here in this masjid, he told us that the Quran accepts one of two things, either mokaba or mokaba. Either struggling to apply it, or arrogance to deny it.

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Which one? Are we? are we struggling to apply it? Are we arrogant and denying it. And most of them make us of those who struggle to apply it. So in reality, this, this moment of understanding why we don't learn from the lessons is, is one of two reasons either number one, plus up to blue, their hearts became hardened. And when their hearts became hardened, we have to learn how to soften our hearts, the prophets of the Lord. He said, um, he says, Do you want your hearts to be softened? Go to the orphan and wipe your hand over their head, and will soften your heart and Allah will take care of your worries. Subhanallah why because you went out of your way to take care of the people

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that are most ignored in society, those who don't have parents supposed to have anything. And he says give charity, these two things will soften your hearts. So it's an action based. And also among the ways of soften your hearts is turning to a lot of prayer and to improve your relationship with Allah azza wa jal to have meaningful prayer. Okay. And then the second portion is that you don't allow Shere Khan to make your actions look beautify to you. And how is that that you're impressed by yourself? Well, look at me, I'm wearing this, I'm doing that. I'm,

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in essence, looking all the good that I'm doing, I'm giving charity and basically become arrogant, based on the good that you've done. And that's really dangerous. So one of the ways that you don't allow shaytaan to make your deeds appealing to you is that you constantly question your sincerity. And you do more good privately, on the problems with with social media that everybody's posting the good that they're doing. Oh, look, I'll give this charity. Oh, look, I've just donated to this cause Oh, look, I'm taking care of this orphan. Oh, look, I've just prayed to God to have God in this place. And done this and done that. Hide your sins. Just like excuse me, hide your sins. Yeah, hide

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your deeds, and do only for Allah deeds are only for Allah subhanaw taala when your deeds are only for Allah, that's why they said make certain deeds only for Allah that only Allah sees. And that's why we say to you know, the thought I had for those who are kuruva, those who recited the Quran, they said they suffer from Riyadh the most. They suffer from the test of showing off. So one of the ways to humble yourself is to remember who use who's your audience. Allah subhanaw taala is that is your Quran or citation in private better, or your Quran citation the public better, when you know that Allah is your audience. So similarly, when you know that Allah is the audience of our deeds,

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then we only beautify our deeds for Allah subhanaw taala and also also the scholars of righteous scholars, what they used to do is they would have certainty that they would do private, the only for Allah charity that we only give private. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it in public, but it means that you should have something in private for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So doing things and having certain things that you do privately only with the last part that no one else knows about is incredibly important, especially those who are teachers, those who are

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Quran reciters those who are you know, in the public eye, to do something only between you and Allah is incredibly, incredibly important. Otherwise, Allah Subhana Allah says, what that Shavon does what was the end of the homeless Shavon OMA Academy manual, the shaytaan beautifies what they used to do and they actually become deluded by their own by their own deeds, and the last part that answers at the end is number 44. So with that in Atlanta for the mana su QB for Jahanara him a Weber couldn't be che had either a fairly Hobbema auto I have no time for either Mobley soon, when they became oblivious to warnings, we showered them with everything they desired. But they just became prideful

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of what they were given. We seize them by surprise and they instantly fell into despair. So this is one of the most scariest things is that if you're being given everything in your life, that's actually not that Allah was pleased with you might be that Allah has actually

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allowed your pride to be a cause of your misery.

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And he's given you everything of this world and nothing from the hereafter. That's why the last panelist says among the characteristics of believers, they don't simply ask everything for this world when you pray you say, Oh Allah give me this relationship, give me this job Give me this.

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What have they all been asked? And if it dunya will matter who

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they only ask for what things in this world give me the best things in this world prosperity gospel, right? May Allah give us everything good in this world. And Allah Subhanallah said they have nothing in the hereafter what they asked for about their spiritual state about what's going to happen in the hereafter in the stations and Paradise. So the rather than the believer, say of a banana for dunya Hasina of Africa has no working either but not all our greatest the best of this world, the best of the next and protect us from the punishment of hellfire because that's our main concern. We do everything for Allah we set for a long and then Allah is the one that we do our deeds for. And one

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of the most important things I want to end with inshallah Tada This illuminations Quranic reflections. Achala is the fact that among the things that was mentioned, in the sutra, even though it's among the earliest makin sutras, is actually eating halal meat, eating halal, and spending from halal and earning from halal. And the reason for that is that how important it is that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu cinema says that your DUA being answered is tied to you eating and earning and nourishing yourself with halal and clothing yourself with Halal with what's permissible. So this is some this is a point of inflection in our life that we really take that seriously this was among the

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rulings in Islam it was revealed in the Meccan period for people to really care about where they earn how they nourish and their bodies and what they call themselves with and, and how they eat and what they spend with. And in reality that teaches us that we shouldn't take things like that lightly. And that burger you're eating might be good now but it's not gonna be good for your for your DUA being answered, in essence, social cleanse our palates, cleanse our stomach, and not only that, not only caring about oh, is it hot out, and we're good with it, that's only one portion, but also to care about the ethical nature of the food that we're eating. Is it is our intake leading to

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the oppression of others? For example, is there being waste? Is it

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you know, healthy, is it five as they say, and that's important as well. So this is among the earliest

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rulings in Mecca about

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making sure to eat from that which is pure, and to pure purify what you put in your body and how you earn and how you nourish and how you clothe. And among all of those things are the ways your dog is accepted. And eating from haram and being earning from haram and nourishing from Allah is among the way that your DUA is prevented. Those 100 pluses allow us to have our actions for Allah.

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Allah as part of the makers of those that are sincere. Allah bless you all except from us and overlook the shortcomings we have in the first third of Ramadan and allow us to motivate for the next two thirds inshallah and if you didn't have a great first third, don't worry, you can make it up always. You have time. As long as there's time there's, there's hope. Because Allah is the one we work for. Our deeds are only for Allah. So Brother has even Sharla and Mr. nemaline inshallah will continue tomorrow with illuminations pranic reflections from farming. Enjoy your day inshallah. If you're still fasting and make dua for all of us. Will someone have you been would have been

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permitted. What I was supposed to leave you on Salah with US mission liberally Charles