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I think now everybody in hamdulillah realize, Okay, enough talking about this on the member Enough talking about the softer side of Joomla. Let's go back to old business. And that's what usually happens.

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People, they always put so much investment in the moment. And once it's over palace, what's next, we go back to business 200, a lot of people think that change is going to happen because I did something, they don't realize that to have that positive change, you're going to have to put so much effort. And there are rules for that change to become over lasting and happening. So patola that the whole idea of the election, the midterm elections and the change, many people were expecting to happen, there will be a blue wave here and and, and a complete change in the overhaul on this area and that area and our community and society. But then, To their surprise, not much really happened.

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So what did we do? That's it allows I mean, this next time, and this guy's always says, when I knew what, it's not gonna change anything, so therefore, why bother? Now that is a big, big problem on top of this, somehow, what enforces this idea that change didn't happen, and it's not going to happen anytime soon, the moment after the election was over, and people can't process the results of Hannah law, we have the mass killing and shooting in California.

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And people just like, Here we go again,

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like nothing happened. It was on the news on the front page of every news outlet for less than 24 hours. Today, you watch the news, it's not even on the second page.

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Nothing happened. And then now people are busy with the fire that has happened in North California, my loss of how to make it easy for the people that are below element, and keep them safe and save their families and their properties, your element. But still people now seeing these things happening. And for them the same pattern like it was before the election. So therefore, we go back again to normal business. That is one of the biggest mistakes people do is that we don't know, we don't necessarily expect things to happen overnight. But it's going to be a process that we're going to all have to work on a shallow data and in this clip, I want to share with you as a Muslim

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community, a momentum that was built way before this whole idea of election came about how can we invest on this in Charlottetown? How can you build on that vanilla zosen? How can I understand change? How can I bring change, positive change to my surrounding my area and my community in shallow Donna, here are a few points we need to understand about change. Number one, when it comes to change, we have to understand that it starts from within, it starts from within. We all know that and we all know that I have lots of answers in the Quran in Allah Allah euroma common Hatoyama beyond person that Allah subhanho wa Taala will not change the condition of a people until they

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change their wishes themselves. Which means if I need something good to happen, I truly, truly need to desire that sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, a lot of people they desire something to happen. But honestly, what happens is that just like they want other people to take care of it. And they don't participate in that. And other people, they just want to even though they know that this is the right thing to do, but their heart is somewhere else. So unless we're authentic, honest, we are genuine, about what change we're looking for, for our communities, how to do what we really desire for our communities to look like and be in Shaolin the future vanilla zone, unless it's not

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unless it's coming from the heart, the change is not going to happen the society, like they keep saying, if you would like to have something, some positive change in the community, be that change yourself represent that chain, which means it needs to start from within. So no matter what we've seen, that is an indication that there's still some resistance in our overall community, whether it's in Dallas or Texas or even in America, there is resistance to that change that people are actually looking for. Maybe it's not there yet in their hearts. So what can we do about it? What am I going to do with the results right now? Here's the second point about change. Allah subhanho wa

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Taala says wasa and Takahashi N word Allah houfy hyaluron. Katia, perhaps you might dislike something. And Allah subhana wa Taala put so much hate for you in there. You know, maybe we desired you know, to elect this person or that person or that part to this party, regardless of the names and the colors. Our desire is to have these people to represent us. For example, Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us different results. What do we do improvise,

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we're going to improvise, which means I'm going to work with everybody that I can see in my community. If this become the elected official, I'm going to go work with them.

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This is my duty. I might dislike this person to be my leader because they don't represent my values. But you know what? I am going to go and put hand in hand with them and bring

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The best of my community, perhaps by seeing you, the Muslim, working with them, and having unity your heart into your own community, it will change their views

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that become the best investment that you've done in your community. So we improvise, we might dislike something, but there's so much hype will come out of it. So if you've disliked the results in your own County, or your own city or your place or school district, whatever, if you dislike the results, you never know. Maybe that's what is meant to be for you. So you can bring a bigger Charlotte change and a positive change in the community. Remember, you might dislike something but Allah will put so much hate in there for you in shallow Tabata, Kota Allah. Number three. When it comes to change, you cannot force it on other people. You can't it has to be gradual. You can't

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force it. You can't just you know, bring it from away in a way that is just going to like shove it down, throw the people this might happen. But that doesn't actually last long. Why because if people resist that is not going to happen. And this we can see from the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah throughout the hunter, down, but one particular incidence upon Allah after the conquest of Mecca. Now here's the thing, the prophets, Allah sallam, he received the revelation in Mecca. For three years, it was secret Dharma, and then four years they were tortured. And then after that, they were put in concentration camps for three more years. And then they were released

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after that. And in three years, the prophets Allah said migrate to Mecca to Medina. So 13 years there in Medina, and Mecca. And then after that, eight years later, the profitsystem goes back again to Mecca, conquering the entire city of Mecca and take control of Arabian peninsula.

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Now he's in charge.

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But then one day he was standing as he was watching the people given off or on the cover, he said,

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he said, You know what, Lola and komaki. Heidi to me, Julian, if it wasn't that your people are still too soon for them, they were just recently came out of jelly out of cover out of you know that their way of life.

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I would have ordered the Kaaba to be knocked down and rebuilt, according to the actual foundation of Ibrahim alayhis salam. And he mentioned that design to be longer and a little bit higher, and has two doors, one from which people get in and the other people get out from it.

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So the Prophet Salah Salem, he saw that this is this is basically where the camera how the camera should look like. Which means that's how it should be. So if the prophet SAW so I wanted to force that change on these people, it would have an adverse effect on them. So he rather sallallahu wasallam he rather to keep the people on their faith than making the construction of the Kaaba, the structure of the Kaaba on the original Foundation, Ibrahim alayhis salam. Now see this. This is a sacred sacred site for the Omar Jima, the Kaaba,

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and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he refused to change the structure of the car, but because for him the sanctity of faith and a man of the people is much more important than the sanctity of the cabinet itself. So panela a few years later, or you could say a few decades later, during the time of Abdullah having a severe and beloved as a bear who was in control of the Arabian Peninsula during the turmoil that happened between them and Ben omega omega that time, so he was in control of Mecca, and I'll had judge the tyrant he came catapulting the carbon carbon into Mecca, so the car was destroyed. So our beloved exhibit took advantage of this moment. And it says, since it's already

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been destroyed by the catapults of the of the Hajaj, limited by the Kaaba, he rebuilt the carbon and he did it according to the foundation, the prophets, Allah some suggested.

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So he did it.

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But when he was overthrown, and he was actually killed alone, and afterwards and the woman Yes, they came over, they saw the structure, the structure of the Kaaba, they just kind of like said no, put it back again. What was

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and they did it back again to what it was, until one day one of these leaders of the Romanians he asked one of the oldest hobbies he goes, do you see what I'm doing? bla bla bla bla Zubair did like he is such and such. You know he's, that's a blasphemy he has done. Look what he did to Aqaba. And he claims that the Prophet Salah Salem, he would wish to do the cover like this. So that all the Sahaba he said to me says Indeed, he said the truth, it was true, that are sort of law, his Salah Sam, he would hope that we will cover and that that foundation. Sometime later another Khalifa. He said, let me do the Kaaba put the Kaaba back to what it was. To make it longer like the professor

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wanted it to be. It says, Yeah, I'm your minion advisor and our alumni around the mysticism Please don't make the house of Allah to become like a play for the kings. Like everyone can come this is I want to put it back there. No, I don't like what he did. And just leave it as is and since then, has been the same design that we see today. But the point here is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam even though he got an opportunity to make something right in that position,

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But there was a higher purpose that is more important for him to keep the sanctity of faith for a sort of law, his silhouette, Allahu wa salam Ali. So my dear brothers and sisters in our situation right now we have to understand change cannot be forced.

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So now that we know where the boundaries are, and what people's views are, this is now the moment for you to start working on bringing in that slow and gradual positive change. And in their book, brother, the two brothers actually Dan and chip Heath on their book called switch, which is all about change. They mentioned three points, very important points about change, which one of them is number four over here is what it looks like being a people's problem, it's often a situational problem. What does that mean? Some people they keep, you know, labeling others based on the color of their skin, or the address where they reside, whether they're in a suburb or an in the countryside,

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if they sit in a big city or a small town. So these kind of, you know, imagine boundaries has become all of a sudden, our definition of who people are and what most likely they will vote for blah, blah, blah, all these kind of things.

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So the other he said, Listen, these people do not necessarily resist change because of who they are. It's probably because of where they are in terms of, you know, the circumstances. Some people, some people have never ever in their life seen a Muslim Gemma. And they only see the Muslims online. We know what the image of Muslims online, it's not the best image, right? So how do you expect for them to make that positive change in their mind, about you about the value the Muslim community contribution the Muslim communities, and some halala change some of their circumstances, look for bright spots for them, and he will see the difference. The other day, I was sitting with some

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brothers who are working for humanitarian organizations locally in the country, and a lot of galantamine, like Islamic Relief and an equal relief, and so forth. The impact these brothers and sisters, they have been on the country, and on these individuals, it's much greater than any pamphlet and any conference and anything that you've ever done for the Dow Subhan. Allah, these brothers, they said that when there was a disaster, they will be the first respondent. And they go there, and they help the people without even telling them, hey, we're the Muslims want to help you. Because we're Muslim, we don't say that. We just go and help people recognize their natural Muslims.

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And for them, just like, Wow, you guys are unbelievable.

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And that, by itself is unbelievable. So part of the brother was telling me that they had an encounter with actually with the church that they were helping with

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the residents and the parishioners of the church and so on. And the pastor was so impressed. He couldn't believe that you guys, you were Muslims, right? Yeah, he was so so happy. And so surprises every time you guys you want to come in this area, please, you let me know, I'll bring the congregation to help out.

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That brings positive change. Last year, when we're helping with

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the aftermath of the hurricane in Houston. Some of the volunteers were with Mr. Paul in the car, as we were coming back, have a long day work in some people's houses there. We were still wearing the T shirts of that says volunteer and says basically, Muslim organizations ignore leave and so on. And as we will kind of like shopping in one of those stores or gas stations. Some people I didn't pay attention that I was still wearing the T shirt. They were actually as we were walking around, they say thank you very much for volunteering, thank you much for your help. We appreciate your help. I'm just like what they're saying that for, we realized we still want to say that the T shirt that says,

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you know Islamic circle of North America or Islamic Relief and volunteer in the back. So that in itself just walking in, we did not even say a word. We were just walking, buying our own coffee and stuff and leaving and people so that to be a positive thing. Imagine if you start now living with the people that will you should. Then we mentioned that many times in the hotbar that the prophets Allah Sam was indeed a great humanitarian before he became a messenger. The five qualities he rejected the alarm and he remembered about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, when he received receive the first revelation, they were all humanitarian work. How often do you volunteer Juma? whether an

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engineer or a doctor or whatever pushing profession that you have, how often do you go and volunteer to help people around the country? Help people in your own town, in your own schools, your kids school? How often do you want to do that? That creates positive change, but we need to understand we need sometimes just to change the circumstances of some people, and they will bring that change to their life in shallow Tana.

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Number five, in regards to change. Sometimes we think that change is because people are just lazy. They don't want to do anything. their lifestyle is just you know, kind of like perpetuating their crisis all the time. It's not true.

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It's not true, really Subhanallah no matter how desperate people they are, if you just give them the right message, you'll be able to solve their problems. So it's not about being lazy, it's about being exhausted. These people are tired, exhausted, always been put down, almost have been ignored and neglected and never, you know, bring their cases, attention to the world. And so and so and as a result, they feel trapped. But all we need to do is just we need to inspire them and motivate them. You see, when the Sahaba they landed on home, they won the battle of button. And then they lost on the battlefield in 100. But then when that when the Battle of a trench arrived, and they realize

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that 10,000 people coming to seize Medina, they were terrified, and a lot of scrub them on the floor and that their hearts were just literally up to their throats. so afraid they couldn't even go to use the bathroom to relieve themselves of hannula. Still, in a situation like this, they were so exhausted and so terrified. But Subhan Allah, when the time came to dig the trench, they were all there.

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They were inspired by the prophet sallallahu Sallam being there himself hungry, they were all hungry. They were starving. Every day messenger sallallahu wasallam, he had to tie a stone, a stone, a piece of rock on his stomach, and he tie he kind of like fastened is so tight on his stomach sallallahu wasallam because he was hungry, he wasn't showing up for the villa. He just was hungry like everybody else. But that inspired people.

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It's inspired people everybody was was digging and doing it Subhanallah so that when it was over, and when they were done, they were very excited. Like, wow, we really we did it. And they won against the largest army, the Arabian Peninsula was ever able to put together over 10,000 people. In that time, we were just like saying hundreds of 1000s these days. But you can imagine, it's not because they were lazy, they were exhausted. But the prophet, Salah Salem inspired them, motivated them. And they did they see they saw the future. And they saw the end result and they moved forward. Sometimes this is what we need to do. We just need to go and give people hope. While I communicate

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with the people speak to them, inspire them, let them see something that they can look up to in your own story in own life. Let them know, even if you're coming as an immigrant, let them see that what you've done is something positive, something you can inspire people to panela and live and live through. just teach them something be someone that people can look up to whether they're young, or adults. I know a lot of people like Al Hamdulillah would love to help at least inspire the next generation, maybe the older generation, you could say there's nothing to change these people. How about the new one, the young ones, go volunteer in one of these high schools in your own local

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community. speak about you know about your profession about your job, give them hope. give them direction, let them see that you can do something shallow down. And no matter how you're humble your circumstances were when you came to this country, when it comes to change. The sixth point is shallow doubt, I want you to understand that what looks as a resistance from people they say in their books, which is that it honestly it's nothing more than just lack or absence of clarity. Like when there is no direction. People get confused, and they don't do anything. So what do we do? We need to show people the way and we give instruction, clear instruction. Some people don't even know

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how to deal with you as a Muslim.

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I know it sounds trivial, right? Because you're human while they thought otherwise probably.

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It's sometime to that level, that basic human conversation when you talk to them. You just like, Oh, interesting. Some Hello, my kids used to play soccer when they were younger. We had a lot of course, we're the only Muslim family in Qatar and the entire team, not even the entire league at the time. And some of these parents we came close to them because you have to volunteer you have to rotate, you know, certain services and so forth. And I was just going with the with everybody else and having conversation tokonoma in conversation and Subhanallah we never spoke about Islam as a particular subject unless they ask the question. They know we're Muslims, because you see my wife

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with a job. They see me praying when Sam for Salah, they know that, but we never brought this up to them and Subhanallah one day, one of these people of these families as he came to me, he goes, you know, yes, sir. I said, Yes, sir. He goes, thank you very much. I appreciate what you did, said, What are you talking about? Because, you know, before I have never met Muslim in my life before, I've never really had any good, you know, perception of Muslims and so on. But really just working with you for the past few weeks and few months. It just changed my way and my view of the people.

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And I'm somehow not exactly Thank you very much. Appreciate that. I mean, that's the testimony that I'm so proud of. But once again, I wasn't doing it because I was trying to make the Muslims look better or good.

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ally, I was doing it because this is the right thing to do. This is who I am.

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This is what a Muslim look like, basically try my best to be the best I can. Some people just need clarity they need direction they need instruct, they need to see things the right way. And only you could do that if you talk to them and let them show them the way in shallow water go to Allah. You see Rasulullah hasta la Solomon the final hope but the final sermon, he stood on the members de la Salam on the mountain in our farm, and he just gave the Sahaba and the oma the full description of the message. Like everything made it clear, completely from the beginning to the end. What does Islam mean? What does it mean to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala the rights of people against each

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other man versus woman, husband, wife and people of different races and so on. He put the main foundation salata Lau said I'ma just like the final now draft of the future blueprint for the Muslim eye when he finished he said, sallAllahu sallam, Allah, Allah, Allah did not deliver the message. And they all said yes, indeed your Salah, so he raised his hand and he goes Allah, Masha. Allah be my witness.

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Like I made it clear to them. And then he said, Allah salam, falabella Shahada, those who witness this delivered to those who were not here. And he mentioned several Assalam perhaps he was delivered to somebody who will understand better than you just do the message, deliver the message. So very clear instruction from the prophets of Allah Salam that brought this change to the oma onto the world. And finally, when it comes to the subject of change, I know some of Australia it's easier said than done, and I'm with you. But no one is asking you to do more than what you can when it comes to change. Even a loss pan or to Allah, He said for takala Hamas tatata

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you feel as though john as much as you can you be conscious of Allah as much as you can, which means you do as much as you can, but you will not be able to understand your abilities and will allow you your skills until you try first.

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Just because it looks so hard up there doesn't mean you shouldn't try to climb the mountain.

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You should try one time after the other one until you reach you might have never reach it Subhanallah but at least you try and I'm sure all of you right now has been speaking about this all of you had in their mind right now the video that is actually becoming viral the past few days about the little cup you know with the mother bird trying to climb this the the snowy mountains one time after the other one down until they were able to go up to Panama. It was interesting watching it's how the baby keeps falling and keep trying and falling and trying a new mother just standing up there waiting for her baby to come up. Can you imagine if you keep trying and trying and trying and

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trying? At some point you will get there I'm sure a lot of

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changes a process doesn't happen overnight. And whatever results that we got, we still have a lot of blood. I mean, we improvise, we're gonna work hard with the law to make it even better and better in the future inshallah and as we see the results coming out, we're going to put our hands with all these officials to make things happen and shall make them positive in the light of water Kota akula kolyada was tough for a lot of the money will come

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam Baraka Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira Ma Ma Ma. Ma the brothers and sisters are the last message the last point I want to share with you here. As we do that, we realize that if there's any quality and it's any trade that we need to work on to improve in shallow data and increase when the last gel, its patients are sober.

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A sunburn on the last panel data filled the Quran with messages to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and to the oma in regard to the subject of a subject. So total acid is one example Soraka was Vanessa Kamala Dina Obama de la she, the proper was instructed to show patience with those who have or worshipping Allah subhana wa m day or night, which means you need to show patience and need to bring people around you. So we can all of you encourage and assist and help each other and Sharla terracotta we are one community, we are going to go and Charlotte and move forward with milazzo gel and persevere. Because without it, we will not reach anywhere and in our destination. So what is our

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duty? There are two examples. Some people their way of thinking is just like a corporate Carpenter or an engineer. You do the the print and you do the plan and everything. And it is you who's going to make sure that results come according to the plan. And therefore they're very technical,

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very, very technical Cipolla. And if the results don't come out the way they planted, it's a disaster for them. But some other people and that's us from believers who handle the profit or loss panda wonders from us is

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To be like gardeners, Your duty is just to plow the ground, put the seeds pour some water and you know the feeding and everything. And that's it you did your part.

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If it's gonna grow or not, not my duty that's Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah as Allah says arrive to matters matter how soon

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do you see what you what you play on the ground and what you put in the ground? Is it you who make it grow? Or is it Allah subhanho wa Taala is it's Allah subhanho wa Taala so we just put the seeds and Allah will grow it in sha Allah in a way that will pleasing to us in the dunya and so make sure to make commitment to start a shout out to Allah with something positive. Think about it. I'm not going to give you any leads over here but you know yourself, you know where you can volunteer, you know what officials you can reach out to for example, you know, what school you can go to, you know, whatever that you can do, inshallah, this is the time to start moving forward but Allah heatable

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ricotta Allah, Allahu la luna man farnum one find a lantana in a container element Hakeem Allah Martin fusina taqwa was a Kiana Herman Zika Antonio como la, la la la la casa lunala Navy. Yo yo Latina mana Salatu was Salam Otis Lima, llama salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali was a big main word aloha man hola Farah. Should you not be working Mama was Manali when sir Sahaba Jasmine woman Tanga celluma Dean welcome Salah.