Wisam Sharieff – Part 17 The Prophetic Dynasty

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to the printing of laws and the importance of human beings following natural laws. They also touch on the rise of women in political and political world, the rise of men in political, and the use of drugs and language in relation to sex. The speakers emphasize the need for human beings to follow natural laws and show reality. They also mention the importance of human beings to follow natural laws and show reality.
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reasonably I would like to begin today with one of the other area that Maulana Abdul Nasir started his accepted supplications with I don't know how many people had the opportunity to attend the course this weekend. And that's nobody. So because we weren't able to go out there, I share with you a small narration a companion of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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I heard the Prophet peace be upon him say, whoever reads this door in the morning and reads it with an intention that I intend to love what I'm seeing is real. And he dies during that day. Allah subhanho wa Taala will write him amongst the people of Jana. And I will tell you this right now, I haven't heard this type of Hadith in a long time. For 10, eight, nine years, we've become too intellectual. And we stopped reading a hadith That said, if you do this, you'll go to heaven. So the Hadith continues. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and whoever reads this door in the evening and has intention for it, Allah subhanaw taala will write and he dies before the

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morning Allah subhanho wa Taala will write him from amongst the people agenda. A lot of Madonna made him be Lady hisab Allah Allah Allahu Allah Jalla wa ala pony woman. So before we begin today, I almost want to reflect on the last 16 weeks have I once made a do our we spoke to a lot in the first person it's always a lot of money me as a local Jana Allah we ask you a lot for Jenna. This is one singular da which I'd like you to repeat with me It's related in the sound books where you refer to Allah as you and I've never read a draw like that in a very long time where you say and Please repeat after me and just to open up the conversation a bit. My mom has traveled 3000 miles to be

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here today. So make me look good Allahumma

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and be

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Oh Allah, you are you are my Lord. La Ilaha Illa

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young men How does it usually an la ilaha

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illAllah right you say there's no God but Allah. But here you say there is no a law there's no law there's no creator except you I that blows my mind that blows my mind. Allah Kotani

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You created me was an avatar.

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And I am your slave.

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What Ana Allah.

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pronounce both worlds worldwide, deca.

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I am your slave and I promise to keep the covenant with you as best as I can. And what is our covenant to Allah that we will worship him our covenant isn't we'll pray five times a day we're going to miss one or two prayers over a five month period. We are covenant isn't we're going to be perfect. Our covenant is allow your sleeve

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please repeat the word mess territoire

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good there's a tie at the end

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do Vika

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mean shut the AMA

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for now

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boo laka

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be near our medic medica

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boo be them be

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be them be

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and this has to be my ultimate favorite part of the draw Please repeat after me gargle you're applying third part of the throat fell Fili

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our law wash me like something that's being washed in a stream there's nothing left on it. For inner Who?

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Lie Oh yo fue

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el Luba

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Illa. And

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and if Allah forgive me for indeed if you do not forgive me, my for my mistakes. There's no one else who can forgive me a lot except and what's the word? You it's perfect dog, the perfect dog. Please make this law when you wake up after

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Do you can do it and and then stick on it be like hello Daniella You made me I want to stick on this and then more importantly if you can make this a part of your with Ursula Can you make this part of your with her? Remember we said about four weeks ago and I made it clear I had not prayed with her in a long time. I so many excuses I was traveling this this this and then once I started making five daily prayers that was because I said so. Why do we pray with her?

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Because we can we pray with her because we don't live in Palestine and no one's shooting at us we pray with her because there's no drought and our children are being burned alive. We pray with her because

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Allah because we can and Allah loves us more than that's the phrase for today. Allah loves us more whatever we do, but Allah subhanaw taala loves us more. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Learn he Mina Shame on you. wangi Bismillah rah

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rah. Should the who

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on Casa de Cana jersey, Sydney

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wha wha lenti Hua v Beatty?

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Nancy he

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or Paula? Hi.

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v. Sun.

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In hula

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walney Moon Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Allah alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool e Nabeel Karim, Allah Allah He was so happy NACA up NACA he has via law has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who Allah He talkin to a hora bhullar Sheila alim, what does has to be a la mean sisters?

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Who is sufficient? Allah and what is he sufficient for

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everything. And I think that is an ultimate culmination of today. A lot is enough for us La Ilaha Illa who Allah He talkin to a hora bhullar St. Alvin, we place our trust Allah, Allah subhanaw taala. Again, seeing many weeks of gap today, all of that will be explained. But we begin today by taking a quick not a summary but I want you to realize how this is different than other lectures you've heard there are great lectures on the stories of the profits, but our objective is to build a dynasty. Our objectives is to show you and let's start with one new fact today. The day of a law is how long for us in this world how long is the day of Allah 50,000 years we want to take that

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narration down it's a sound narration 50,000 years have a lot of one day that's one day to Allah is 50,000 years to us. So when you see other Malays Salaam created like 150 200,000 however, hundreds and 1000s of years ago the first human being came to Allah I want you to look at this like a timeline. Allah created man other than tried to pick the fruit after a little while his son came sheets and what was being put in order? What can someone remind me what was being put in order doing she thought a sentence time we need to move through this quickly?

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It wasn't just music friends, it was human nature. Look, sometimes we like to say music halaal and how dumb No, just take music from a far distance. What is it? It's a set of sounds and when music plays

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what happens what happens to the human being naturally? You start to cut you move right you naturally so whether you're going to go into this harem How long does this leave it for a second? Allah said there were things inside of you that were natural. The human females wanted to show their beauty men wanted to be rational and then other people just wanted to chill and listen to music all day. She thought so now we started to realize that we were human during the time of new holiday Salah What did we come to find out during the time of new we realized that people wanted to worship something

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I know that you're disturbed by the concept of Schick. But why would a human being commercial? Why wouldn't just don't worship anything? innately What did we put on the board afternoon today? senem whether it's money, women, drugs, your ego, beauty, human beings will venerate something. If it's not God, you will follow something is that fair? can we can we make that as a precedent? Human beings have nature and then to take it a step further, human beings will follow something we worshipped. The Quran worshipped what what is the Quran is worship, idols, we worship idols, they're just foldable, you put them in your pocket, and they have dead white men on top of them. They're the

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same exact thing, right? We would laugh at the crazies if they made an idol of George Washington and said, a long mouth. But what do we do? Yeah.

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Please give me some more dead white men, please. It would be wonderful my life would be illuminated if I had these idols in my pocket. So we started to realize during the time of the war, if we in 2013 did not worship a law, we were going to end up worshiping something else whether it was a sports star, whether it was a movie star, whether it was a 401k whether it was someone who didn't follow a lot, we were gonna venerate, not prostrate our head, young people, when you think about this today, I don't want you to think that we worship TV shows. We don't worship Ben Affleck, but your dress the way he does, you'll act the way he does, you'll pay money to see what he has to say.

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So innately by noon, we realized human beings wanted to venerate something after noon who came anyone we had Idris with very small process that Allah was going to take our soul so Allah discuss death remember you're looking at this on a timeline the way Allah would see it in a in a blink of an eye after death what came after Idris you can jump out on this remember?

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Yes, now man has realized hit they're the first human being was he wanted other money, some wanted fruit. The second groups of human being realized that human nature then knew how they Salam taught us that we were going to worship something. Then Abraham came to open the door of organized religion. And we said from Ibrahim Ali Salaam, and who came from Ibrahim, his top and

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his marine is half and then who do you discuss last week

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Yaqoob and today we will discuss Yusuf Ali Salam. So in these portions, we realized something huge, religion didn't exist, man existed first, then a law sent prophets to organize life. So when we say do's and don'ts when you say this is halala, and this is how long but you haven't accepted that you're a human being, then I'm sorry, it's not going to make any sense to you at all. Until you you realize that you're going to go home and that you see something say wow, that's beautiful. And you accept that you're a human, then you will raise the level and become arbit. Then min, then Mohsen, you will be first say I'm an human being, then become a servant of Allah, you'll move up get

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promoted to manager, which is more admin. And after that, you'll become the supervisor, which is more or less in. So we pick up the tone right from where we left off. A lot left us with Ibrahim Ali Salam who left all three religions that dominate the world today, Islam, Christianity and Judaism in the opposite order. Keep those doors open from Ibrahim. That's why Allah said in Surah Al e Imran Makana Ibrahim uya

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Yeah, who do Allah knows Rania. He wasn't Jew. He wasn't a Christian, and you can't take him to be any one religion that you all dictate. He was Dean hanifa. he worshipped one creator. It wasn't about right or wrong. It was about submitting to Allah sisters. What was the name of Ibrahim Ali salam, as quoted by Allah only two people will call this name? Helene and what was what did we define about Colleen? In America the word friend means nothing. You become someone's friend because they have a we and you can go to their house and play wheeze that's that's my friend. What did we say about real friendship? Friendship that we'd have in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and Syria? In India,

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Pakistan, what did we say? When your friend asked you something? What don't you do?

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You don't ask for an explanation. Questions. I poke my friends, but I'll never say But why? Because your friend told friend told me show up okay. We're going okay. That is what we want with our data and we remember what do you love? He gave us this open concept of becoming friends with Allah make dua by calling Allah in the thrown in the well. What was he missing? What was missing? shirt what was on the shirt though? What was what did his brothers put on the shirt? Blood but whose blood was it? That of a cow of a sheep. It could have been that of some livestock and Dad, look

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And this is where I inshallah will ask in general. Yeah.

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Didn't you smell it was cow blood? Why didn't you ask why didn't you push? What did a lot tell you not to touch this? And I don't know, we won't know. So jacoba salam accepts and now we wake up the morning. So I rarely do this but I'll ask Have you all seen Gladiator seen that you saw there's a movie in Gladiator. So the guy wakes up, right? And so you Safari Sarah, we imagine wakes up on the back of a cart in a cage. And he wakes up to being the whole cart is shaking. The cart is shaking, and he's woken up, he feels finds out he's in a cage. What has happened. A caravan came to pick some water up to pick water out of the well. And up with the bucket came what a young little boy. And

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even then he was beautiful. So they didn't leave him. They took him immediately. Allah subhanho wa Taala picks up the story as he was brought into town. And what I think is amazing is from the time his brothers left him in the well till when he was bought a lot doesn't give us a timeframe. What does that mean to us very quick. Immediately, the Ozzie's of the town came in and he was shopping with his wife. So they went down to the spectrum mall here on January. And they were like, you know what, we need a sleeve. They went window shopping and the wife was very wealthy, I need you to pick that up from right now. very wealthy, very well settled. And as we read all of the versions of this

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story, in a household, there's a husband, there's a wife, and sometimes the husband has authority. And sometimes the wife plays the backseat role. But she knows where the husband's going right? She tells him You can turn right here. And he goes Yes, ma'am. This was the situation that we read in the in the white. We all know right? sisters are like, Oh no, we let her husband do whatever we want. But when we need it, we talk to him. We tell him what to do. This is the case there. So she stopped in front of a cage and she looked at him. And she said, Oh, how adorable. She hinted to her husband that she was interested. And he says, Why don't we take this child? Why don't we keep this

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child and we will keep him he will either become a good servant to us. And when we grow older, we will be able to we will be able to either take him as a son or be pleased. Now we divert from the main story here. Why don't they have their own kids? week narration sharing it with you, you know it's weak. Some people say that he was unable to bear children. The disease of the town was either overly involved in politics as many politicians are, and he was not able to bear children. So there is a underlining theme here that the wife was not being intimate with her husband. We need that for this story. So they move forward and they get home and this is something key for all of my

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youngsters and all the young brothers Yusuf Ali Salaam now comes into a palace he slept in a well for God knows how long he was tied up in a cage for who knows how long but Allah subhanho wa Taala took him and put them in the best of homes. They're the eyes is the politician the husband we're gonna make him the co star he goes off to work every morning and now sisters let's be real. You wake up you take a shower you burn incense and remember who was she she wasn't bathing in the public bath. She was bathing in rose petals every morning. She was drying her hair with incense perfuming her she woke up one day and she realized use it isn't so little anymore. Use it's kind of growing up

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Mashallah use it looks beautiful. And she started to notice that he's no longer just cute. Now he's handsome. Now, here's the key phrase where I want a lot of the parents to understand a lot of went out of his way. And I say this to you. Allah subhanho wa Taala who talks about a lot who noodle semi was the one who talks about what what are the conditions for deer who talks about jahannam and Jenna in the Quran, told us about a scandal. And if I may, a sexual scandal, Allah use the verbiage to catch our attention to say you're not going to laugh at this. You're going to experiences the way Yusuf Ali set up did so they came home while our that who Letty who are FIBA et Ha. And we know that

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it wasn't his house, it was her house. She knew her dominion. She knew where her servants were going to be at what time and who was off when, and she came to him. And she tried to seduce him to say come close, and see what what Lacan till

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know anyone who's uncomfortable at this point, I want you to realize a lot is making you in this situation. She put her back up against the wall and she went click this Bollywood style. This was a movie she was seducing him. She put her back up against the wall. She said the left because hey, you said what's going on. She spoke to him in such a way that was inviting. She closed and when he locked. My young brothers who get a Facebook poke from that one.

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SR Who taught you while we're waiting to talk to you who go to an MSA conference who meet someone you know that day you spend 30 minutes getting all lined up. And now your shirt is six times tighter than it's supposed to be. And you come in the mustards that way Sr. That way, right that time. When you get that moment, are you prepared? When that sister is calling you? You're not trying to catch her attention? And you say bah bah

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bah Jana mean hum. Along makapuu binominal nikka wa Marlin amenorrhoea. Well, Senator nominal, Kathy, what are you mean and piano for in naka de la in a woman took this to do. She called him, she got ready, she put perfume on. She wore that little bit nice a gown that she had. And she said, use of Valentino. Come sit with me. Let me talk to you. Let me tell you about how it was when we first picked you up. And he said, Allah ma de la, my young brothers do we have? Do I have the capability to utter those words, sisters, because our fathers never told us we were beautiful. The first time a guy says something. Oh, your hijab looks nice. Are you able to say just like Allah, Allah, Allah?

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Are you able to say I appreciate your comment. And I know that Allah made it beautiful. What did he do? And I wish that you could answer this. And I've said this every time there was a picture. She said, Come in my picture, who did he bring in the picture? Allah, what have we been saying for 16 weeks, you are already in our last picture, bring a line to yours. That's all you need to do. Even one of the doors locked in it clicks behind her. so delicate shoulder. And she stops and says, Come sit next to me. He brought a line to the picture on the law. And he said in rugby, and I must why this is an important point for anyone who is actually in this situation. When you are in a situation

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of of seduction, whether it's a dinner party, whether it's at work, and you can't really tell. That's why we say what Jen? nibin alpha, gamma law. I mean, how am I back on? Why do you say, oh, Allah saved me from fascia. That's a parent and that's hidden. Because you might be at it. You might be at the masjid. And some small gesture Oh, you're

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right, something like that. And it's like, Oh, this is so Oh, the way she wears her hijab. It's so beautiful. He said, and this is something for all of you. When the moment that she comes to use of explain this, and I tried to bring this up as a point. lust is a state of mind. We're sure it's sort of a shot someone can take care of the other.

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lust is a state of mind a lot doesn't forbid you from lust. What does he say? That he said while at Latifah leucaena He says, Allah dakara Xena, that means if Xena was the camera, bam, at home was listening on YouTube. If you all were Xena, Allah says don't fall in this space in between. Don't even go close to it. So by watching a movie, if that's going to incite the hormones in your brain to feel sexual, then don't watch it. Maybe you're not immune to it. But all US young guys, a prophet had to say Mother law. That's all I want you to take away from this point. There are three stories today. But a prophet had to say the law we and this is one important point. When someone is in the

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state of lust, say they fell over here. Now they're in a state of lust. If you remind them about a lot of lies far away, you are right here and you look I'm

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sorry, that's just how it flows. So do you remind that person about a lot? What does he remind? What does he remind her about in who are b X and Y? What is he talking about? He's talking about Allah? Yeah, did she goes look, you might get your business out of me. But guess who's gonna be home in two hours? He brought time immediately. He brought a lot into the picture. But he didn't say this is her arm. She knew but the hormones had been released the endorphins in her body, were ready to move her. That was that's what happened when she locked the door. So he said, Your husband's coming. So if you're in this type of situation, it's tough. I have gotten out of very tight situations by saying

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how's your mom? She's doing well handle. I'm so glad. Tell your mom I said Salaam Trust me. The butterflies in the eyes are like she's doing okay. Um, the law. Brothers. If you're left in the same situation, how's your husband doing? He's doing well. hamdulillah I haven't seen him in a while. It automatically brings Ruth back into a person. Maybe not their husband, but if not the kids, if not the wife, but always go back to your mom. How's your mom? She's doing well. hamdulillah tell her she's beautiful colors. You're done. In hula be a cinema fly. I give you some extra

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pepper and salt and Filmfare today so that you can really I told you we were going to watch this.

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It's like a soap opera. We weren't gonna say, Oh, this is the Tafseer point we're gonna go as deep as that of 01. So he says, and then he says in

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the new moon, indeed, he he said, I am not going to do wrong. Did he once say you're a dirty woman? Did he once point out to her you did wrong. Not once not even one time yet has he said Haha, I'm on balaclava, Xena, you are going to Johanna hasn't said a word to her. He respected her dignity because she was not getting to lust. She was in the state of lust, what?

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Maybe he or hammarby

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be here.

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And by bringing this, this sentence in this is I only speak to my young brothers who are here and everyone at home does like a lot tighter. And certainly love would have been enough but by adding the lamb, you add definitely certainly he starts she had much by dropping the TA I left the female. She desired him wahama mahama Bihar and it said, and he would have desired her my young brothers. If Allah said a prophet, a young Prophet, a teenage Prophet was attracted to a woman. You're going to look me dead in the eye and say no, we're just friends. With no we're just friends. Bro, please just just like you're gonna come up with an excuse for homosexuality how they're human beings just look

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loot la Salaam in the eyes and say, yeah, here's my here's my here's my story, bro. Here's my story there people. Same way I want you to look Yusuf Ali Salaam in the eyes. And all you need to do is he's just my friend. No, we just talk on Facebook. column is the law. That's all I'm asking from you. I have the same weaknesses as everyone that's why I'm going this far. He's just my friend. what are called hammock be Warhammer beha. And Allah subhanaw taala uses the word he kind of distances usefulness and I'm a little bit from this and he said he would have desired Lola

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if not Allah subhanho wa Taala if Allah had not guided him and protected him, please listen to the words of Allah. The Prophet Yusuf had the potential as a human being to do what she asked. Remember, he was young, she could have said 10 excuses. This is at some point molestation, she could have convinced him but he said no. This is why I encourage my young people if you say well I don't really get affected by music, I hear her arm shake this touch this shift what your mama gave you over and over again in my ear, but it doesn't affect me, right? Because I'm good. I'm straight. I watch TV where males and females are falling in love and sometimes females and females are falling out it

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doesn't affect me. So all I got to say to you is it affected a profit Could I live with you if it doesn't affect you? Because I will leave the example of profits then and I will follow you because you are not affected by What effect did the profits and here less pinata so that's why I say to you if you choose to involve yourself in TV shows and dramas and music, this is all I'm gonna say make dua at the beginning of your song, make dua at the end of your song, then do everything you want in the middle three minutes, but I asked you if you don't include a line in the picture there. You're getting one step closer to Xena and once the brain adults can you help me here a little bit once the

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brain has committed? I'm going to do this a lot Rasool maka. Medina nothing stopping you. Once the brain has secreted This is where I'm going. Am I wrong? adults are looking at me like this guy's a dirty man. Now y'all were teenagers at one point. And you all experienced this like Allah will forgive me. I mean, Hi. How are you? Yeah, that's what has happened. Now we ask Allah subhanaw taala for protection up to this point.

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ghazali can cause and he can he knows. He can he knows lifan buzu.

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clean vanilla, unless has this just like this. We might avert. Allah wants to avert the evil and immorality. Indeed he Allah subhanaw taala is saying indeed he was of our slaves who was sincere right now can we pause? alone we make intention to stay away from Xena, Allah we make intention to stay away from that which would lead us to Xena and Oh Allah, all young men brothers and sisters who are parents won't understand what we're talking about right now. And those of us who are listening to us at home today, we did it four weeks ago. We

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said we'd make an intention for 40 days not to watch those dirty things on the internet. And today, we make intention to Allah, Allah, those 40 days have passed. I don't know if anyone remembers we did it on a Wednesday, we said we make intention to stop watching the dirty things for 40 days, you're 40 days are up. Can you make intention today? Now we take this from a different angle. There's a receptor in your brain called the dopamine receptor. It makes you feel pleasure happiness. In order to reprogram this dopamine receptor, it takes 18 months or so until 18 months. So if you are watching those dirty things, and you become addicted, you can't stop for a week or two weeks and

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say, See, I'm good. I asked many brothers and sisters, are you addicted to *? No, we're not. We could stop anytime and they'll stop for two weeks, then they'll then never see I stopped 18 months to reprogram your dopamine receptors. until those 18 months your brain will consider * the same as a chocolate chip cookie. Your brain will say wow, yummy. And we'll derive pleasure from it more than physical interaction. Can we try today? I'm not y'all need to say yes, it's for them. It's for you at home. We need to make the if you can make this intention in this room. They will make the intention because they're not real, but you will make their intention real

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Allahumma Elif beynac una was that of a Nina Nina tsukuda ceram wanna Jean Amina guru Mattila know what an even alpha Aisha Malhotra minha mama Bhutan, Virginia Bellflower? Hmm? Well, I mean, bottom line is Marin outside in Abu Dhabi. Now I was watching I was reacting to Ballina in a cantata Baba Rahim, Allah Jalla. Amin, whom Allah make us from amongst the meclizine. Yusuf was human he desired. Now I'm going to say a word it might disturb you. He thought she was pretty. Y'all would have thought she was pretty do but he put a love first in the picture was

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Now he said, Who did he bring into the conversation? He said, Well, your husband has kept me comfortable for a long time. So guess who shows up by the end of this conversation?

00:32:24 --> 00:32:25

door opens.

00:32:26 --> 00:32:38

I move home from work. And he goes, he looks at a passionate face of his wife, all rosy cheeked, she looks like she's all adorned and dressed up she's you can smell her from the door.

00:32:39 --> 00:33:08

And he says use of flabbergasted standing in obedience to His master and what's going on what happened? And this is what I want only the adults in this room to understand. Once the door of * is zinna fascia, internet chatting opens, every other sin will be on the tip of your tongue like this. She just tried to seduce and molest a young man immediately she was born at

00:33:12 --> 00:33:18

KU Illa Jana was born.

00:33:20 --> 00:33:59

And I said this once before and I retracted it. All the blush came out of her face. She goes husband, what would you do with someone who would intend harm to me? She became a cute little doll and she's like, Oh my god, what would you do? Immediately when you begin to sin, I promise what else in a 10 Minute. Khatib the tongue will lie in order to rationalize we take a moment to ask Allah protection from lying, but let's stop for a second. Human beings speak when we speak we create realities your shirt is blue. You're wearing a colored shirt it's blue you're wearing jeans. Now if someone came in actually proved that I was wrong from this distance and it's corduroy. You know what

00:33:59 --> 00:34:46

I would do? I would still rational I would say but from here It looked like and I would rationalize and make my reality real. I wanted use of now all of a sudden, I will flip and I will lie that Yusef wanted me. Sin opens the door kabbah ear sin will open the door to this cabal if sin will open this line will become something that is stealing cheating hurting someone at the end of every drama when someone gets too difficult. What do they do? Yes, they kill him. And that's the first answer. As soon as use of became difficult to deal with what his brothers say. Yo, bro, let's kill him. That was the first one. Sophia come down. The first thing that he said was to to kill him. The first I'm

00:34:46 --> 00:34:48

sorry, my bad Sophia.

00:34:49 --> 00:34:51

She got a little too close for my comfort.

00:34:52 --> 00:35:00

The first thing that his brothers did, they came up with death. And she turned over now I want you to realize the door's unlocked has been

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

their use in the corner wife is dead dead in front of her husband. What would you do if someone intended me harm? Oh, great, strong man, his hormonal Rita kicks in his jealousy kicks in. But he looks over and he goes, Yusuf. And all of the narrations from all other stories, all other cultures, said he could not have been used. And this is where he realized, no, it's not. And he says to us, he says, use it. Forget about what happened today. He looks at his wife and says, ask Allah subhanho wa Taala, his forgiveness. This was something the husband was willing to sweep under the rug.

00:35:38 --> 00:35:47

And he said, I'm not going to punish anyone here, Bala here or that * or shahida. He

00:35:49 --> 00:35:51

mean Angelica.

00:35:52 --> 00:35:53

And here.

00:35:55 --> 00:36:42

She says, he said, he use of said, she thought to seduce me, and to have her about her own self. And he testified back the same way saying no, no, no. What are you talking about? He wanted me he came in while I was getting dressed. I didn't do any of this. And upon this, this is the truth. And we pray that Allah subhanaw taala always keeps us here. The toughest thing and I look this up from a legal point of view, when it gets into a court and a judge has to hear he said she said, both arguments are thrown out. Because it's always he said, she said and it gets thrown out. So we asked a lot to keep us in a situation where a lot is the one who sends proof with us. So as Yusuf Ali

00:36:42 --> 00:37:22

said, I'm the young man ran away from her. Remember, he ran away from his own desire his own knifes, she grabbed the back of his shirt and what happened? It got torn. The torn shirt was seen from the back. I don't know if you've ever seen a movie before. But the hero never goes, Hey, look at my back hair. Fantastic. well groomed. It doesn't happen like that. He usually comes in he rips the front of his shirt as he rips the front of his shirt. It's a manly gesture, a servant, a young servant. Some narration tell us they were two. But let's say they were to one man standing there. So they're all standing there in front of it is this is slavery time. And they're standing in front of their

00:37:22 --> 00:37:47

master. And the Master says What happened? They can't talk against it, because she's gonna smack them after he leaves. They can't see things clearly. So they speak in a very intelligent way. They said Oh, Aziz is the shirt is torn from the front use of his line. If the shirt is torn from the back, and they left it like that. And if the shirt is torn from the back, and they stayed quiet, I like this style of speech.

00:37:48 --> 00:37:56

And after this, he realized that it was torn from the front that it was torn from the back. And he told them, let it go for the

00:37:57 --> 00:38:07

woman in the Caribbean. And if it is torn from the front, if it's torn from the back, then she is lying as well. I need to stop for one moment because Subhanallah

00:38:09 --> 00:38:20

I want you to take one chance here. He went to work. She was dressed she was ready. All the servants were out of their quarters. There was a good two hour window.

00:38:21 --> 00:38:45

Everything was right. And if I may adults, I need to do this once. Mom and Dad aren't home. No one's around. your laptop is by itself. Your sister's downstairs watching TV, your brother's outside playing ball. There's no one to stop you. You're in your room. you close the door and it clicks. You press www and it clicks.

00:38:46 --> 00:39:02

At that point, Jana is far out of your head and Jenna is deep in your head. And at this single point, this is where use of force and I want every young person to cross this bridge. My time is almost over as in to be that young.

00:39:03 --> 00:39:31

He was there at www * is hotter than anybody.com he was there. And as he sat there, he chose not to press enter. Can anyone tell me why? Why did you suffer the salon? Not because he was a prophet? Friends, please. Why did you suffer the salon when everything was fine. He didn't have to go to a club in the darkness of a night and order drinks that he doesn't so that he could do heroin was in his lap. Why?

00:39:34 --> 00:39:59

Because of God because he felt Allah subhanaw taala his presence Can I raise it in? Because Allah loves him more? Because Allah loved him more than that time. Why do I open this up so much? Because I need to explain as a chef explain to us we were sitting outside the harem. You could see the Kaaba and Ushaped very old chef came and he goes What is your obsession in America with Xena

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

And we're like, wow, old man's gonna talk to us about Xena. And he was like, No, I want to talk about this old carbuyer shape he had taught amounts to this. And he said something he said, You all look very beautiful in America. I want you to understand this about Xena. It's very tough topic, but we need to understand. He said, you all take care of yourself, you look good. You get ready, you match your hijab pin to your socks to the clip on your purse, and you all wear beautiful things in your sock matches your tie and you're beautiful. He goes, but how long is the pleasure of Xena? And so someone said Oh, it's like an hour or two he goes one hour to what kind of Xena is that? He

00:40:37 --> 00:40:51

actually explained he goes no, it's about 30 seconds. This is a he's explaining to us. The feeling that erupts and then the secretion in your brain is 30 seconds. And he said something amazing in another movie echoed that today.

00:40:53 --> 00:41:03

The pleasure of fascia lasts for a minute. But when you're laying on your deathbed with your bones rattling, the regret lasts forever.

00:41:04 --> 00:41:45

I want us to now before after Yusuf Ali Salaam, Judaism is going to be introduced Christianity is right around the corner and Muhammad Rasulullah is coming. Why does Allah go out of the way again, we talked about sexuality and luteal Islam but what are we doing here all over again, a lesson let's put this in check one more time. Sexuality had its limits and it's repulsive action. People have loot, but even the stuff that we desire that we like that's beautiful that's easily accessible by the mandala. So this is that one phrase that I want you to leave with, if it's right around the corner and it's easy to get take as the shape told us 30 seconds of pleasure. And adults can truly

00:41:45 --> 00:42:18

say yes 30 seconds of pleasure. And after that it's gone. Do it Are we willing to say to Allah Allah, I was willing to trade Jana forever for 32nd bursts of happiness, which at the end of may be grumpy and want to go to sleep, which at the end, only thought more Xena, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us protected here he used for this Adam left this gathering. I will close on one simple story though. This is where sin festers. And I'm not pointing at the sisters I'm just relating the story as it is.

00:42:20 --> 00:42:28

Used by Islam the door goes as he says on the way out use of just forget about what happened today. Wife, you should be a little bit more ask a less forgiveness.

00:42:29 --> 00:43:14

We moved down to a ball and this one is two more iron handler we have very little time on this. After you committed a sin, everyone in this room after you've committed the sin and you kind of got caught with your pants down no pun intended in this situation. You got caught with your pants down what do you do automatically. You try to rationalize and justify yourself. So the next morning, front page TMZ front page, Us Weekly front page People Magazine use of his cute sodas his service his master's wife thing and there was a big scandal front page. And all of the affluent well to do Orange County women were talking about uses the woman who tried to seduce Yusuf. And remember I give

00:43:14 --> 00:43:48

that very wealthy family. She went to the salon constantly. She had a Chanel bag. So after this moment or this hour of trying to seduce us if she's got to go to meet with her girlfriends to have tea. So she says you know what? I'm going to push the envelope a little bit further. And this is something for us to realize. And again, I want us to take three lessons out of this. She invited does a dinner party almost like a tea party right? She says oh we're gonna have tea come and see me. I haven't seen you Gaussian so long. I've heard you talking about me come down for tea. At this tea party. What does she serve sisters?

00:43:49 --> 00:43:54

fruits, some say mangoes. Some say fruits colors. We leave it at something that needed to be cut.

00:43:55 --> 00:44:23

They all come in and I want you to think about this for a moment. They all sit around a large table according to a narration. It was a table that sat 30 it was a grand table. She sat down and she was all burned up probably had heavy makeup and also had a lot of jewelry to make her propped up and oh it's good to see you cutting the fruits that are all going on. And then she says to them, hey, she turns to her friends cut these mangoes something that took up their whole hand.

00:44:25 --> 00:44:26

Then she said you serve.

00:44:28 --> 00:45:00

He walked into the room and they did as we do to pictures that are photoshopped to things that are not real. They began to cut fruit and as they cut fruit, they would feel the knife pierce through the the skin Thank you. And as a piece to this game, what happened? It would cut their hands but they didn't feel it. Because of the attraction and beauty of use of our Instagram. Let us take one lesson. Parents I wish you could explain this to your daughters and sons on the way home. What did

00:45:00 --> 00:45:03

Didn't those women do? What didn't they do that they were supposed to

00:45:04 --> 00:45:42

ask for a lot. There we go. Look away. Give me another word they were supposed to lower their gaze. We stopped saying this in conferences. You all don't hear it on YouTube at all. It's a 1990s phrase. Because if you if I say lower your gaze on molana she has become extreme. He doesn't want the girls to look at the guys. How will they get married? Yeah, salam, there are plenty of ways to get married and our kids are not looking to get married. They aren't. They're looking for a feeling in their heart. They're looking for Twilight. They're looking for a satisfaction of a boyfriend or a girlfriend but this we say colosse if they had moved their eyes, they would not have been hurt. I

00:45:42 --> 00:46:21

take it a step further though. If they had lowered their eyes sometimes we allow our daughters to fall in love with these like these characters knows we love but Orlando boom keeps coming up or decision Malik from more wrong direction I may go for a lot my minister often was talking make do offer him a lot my minister often Mr. Sisters come having your Twitter picture is Zayn Malik Salaam and you tweeting me? don't tweet me with his picture. I make dog when I see him. But then when they don't receive love for them, moms, what happens to them? You tell them about the job or about going to the machine and they're sitting in the corner crying Why? Because they didn't lower their gaze so

00:46:21 --> 00:47:00

their heart is hurt. Are you going to tell them that prom You shouldn't have look? No, we let him look. So if we at least explain to them inshallah he has a good spouse insha Allah, he gets to guidance and make dua for him put that feeling in their heart, then they could think he's cute or adorable. I don't care, whatever. At the end of the day, brothers, when we look at one thing, and we entertain it in our heart, and we follow that actress in every TV show that she does, when we don't get the heartbreaks, and then when you ask, Oh brother make the 100. Well, I spent that time crying yet I don't get up to pretend I'm crying by myself. This is the point that I'm trying to bring up.

00:47:00 --> 00:47:46

If we can tell our kids that we as we used to in the 80s and 90s. We used to say lower your gaze. When's the last time you heard that? We leave that I encourage you to do that the number two thing a lot. pentwater Allah told us in the Quran, when Xena becomes rampant diseases that did not exist to the people before you will come to you AIDS. herpes is a little bit older. That went gonorrhea. These are diseases that did not exist, AIDS didn't exist. And now what are we doing? The first human being who had the first human being through clinical trials has been treated for AIDS. I'm actually very scared about that. What does what does that mean? We're gonna continue doing illicit dirty acts

00:47:46 --> 00:48:28

and this new diseases are gonna pop up. And we're and Pfizer is gonna make a truckload of money out of the next disease. This is where we say a loss of the less than two out of this. Allah says either you will be hurt physically, emotionally, or you will destroy the society with Xena. We closed on one simple concept. She didn't let go. At the second occasion, she called use of and she used a different tactic. Anyone know what tactic This is? So now her friends cut her hands and as their friends are dripping blood, she's like, Whoa, did you use those hands to read Us Weekly this morning? I'm sure you did. She kind of slapped them in the face. Now Yusuf Ali Salam is was paraded

00:48:28 --> 00:49:10

in front of them he left. Now what happened? Because and I hope you can make this connection she made the original sin instead of making is still far instead of saying look, ally really messed up? What? saved me? What did she do? She let her ego Get out of the way. And then she told her friends Look at me. I live with this guy. She found her ego when they left the room. What did she want to do? Can someone help me out in this when you have a purse? You love it? But then when 20 people say oh my god, what happens to that purse? It goes here. Right? It becomes the greatest thing you've ever owned. Because 50 people said oh my fabulous. That's what happened to us safaris set up they

00:49:10 --> 00:49:48

said it's amazing. The women in her table set in her circle said all the girls said oh my god we want one of those and she goes well you can have one and her feelings inside it again. Upon this use of it. Saddam was alone with her in a second situation. Brothers we take from this Try not to be in a situation someone makes an advanced to you once don't give them a second chance. Well like nothing. I've been in situation someone asked for a hug. Tell them Allah, Allah and His Rasulo hug you on the day of judgment and do not put yourself in that situation. I'm not joking. If someone asks you perhaps Allah in His resort will hug you ask I shouted Allahu taala and ha for a hug and

00:49:48 --> 00:49:59

Jenna, those things are real. I really will lie there are real but we don't make them real. We will make we will sit and say I shut it down. And how did you make bread? I read this rewind

00:50:00 --> 00:50:43

In Bokhari do not step away from UCLA Sam for a second open Buhari. The people of Ghana will walk through Jana like it is a garden. They will meet Mousavi Salam they will request yeah Musa could we sit and talk for 10,000 years? masala Salah they will say Can we sit and talk for 10,000 years, massage lovers they come and tell me I inchoate la la mujer en la la, la de sauver la de I my question for use about Islam is going to be so what did you think when Allah said use the stick? Because you got fit on behind you. Your people were like Pharaoh, Moses, you messed up everything for us. And Allah says touch the stick. I would have been like Allah the stick was great in the

00:50:43 --> 00:51:08

palace. But right here, I don't think the stick is going to do so much right now Allah How was that experience? We will sit with the Odia with the MBR and ask eyeshadow the Allahu taala on ha ha How was it to grind the honey and black seed? When the prophet SAW some had a toothache? How was that? Tell me about how did when he passed and he wants you miswak before he died?

00:51:09 --> 00:51:27

How did his saliva taste in your mouth when you put the miswak in your mouth? And then you gave it to a suit of law? And he miss walked with it and then you put it back in your mouth? How did it taste? That's how real I want it to be for you. It will never be that real unless we put real life terms into it.

00:51:28 --> 00:51:34

He called him and he said come if you don't come this time you're going to jail.

00:51:35 --> 00:51:52

He reads a DA which I will not be able to share with you. He says to Allah Allah. Jail is what my wish for. I wish for jail for if I don't go to jail. I might fall into this.

00:51:53 --> 00:52:06

Every brother and sister who has ever had problem with looking at something that's how long that is you looking at the harem and saying oh a lot I pray someone finds out about this. Oh, well I pray the * I'm watching gets announced on the member this Friday.

00:52:07 --> 00:52:31

I couldn't make this one. I couldn't use it for the Sunday. He said i'd love make jail for me. Make me comfortable. That is us saying our law. Whatever I watched this week, I want it to be played up on the screen and I screen and I okay, at the next class. Can we are we ready to do it? No, but there's a lot of us more.

00:52:33 --> 00:53:19

This is where we want our demand to be before any religion is introduced before Islam before Christianity before Judaism. I hope you're with me on this. No Sharia exists right now. Only morality, only dignity, honor respect the disease of the town elders, youngsters, girls, boys the community exists, no religion exists. And we have got lost in this swimming pool of halal and haram. I wish that we could read this law. I wish that we could say this law and say Allah, I wish jail upon myself. I wish to be amongst the people of jail more than this fascia and we know that he goes into jail there. I asked a lot panatela for his forgiveness and for his mercy all that is cleaning

00:53:19 --> 00:53:38

periods from Allah subhanaw taala mistakes misrepresentations in maturities have always been mine. May Allah subhanaw taala give all of you an opportunity to get closer to Jana, and to exemplify the characters of all of the prophets Subhanallah because there is a Dr. MySQL Mr. Ramadan mursaleen with humbler herbal anime

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