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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Smilo hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah. No Marlon aluminum and fauna. When finally Magnum Tana was ignite Inman Yahama Rahimi, he asked Allah subhanaw taala teach us would benefit us benefit us from what he told us and increase us knowledge. Ask Allah subhanaw taala food baraka and this gathering and make us from the people at the end of the gathering. They will be taught como MA for Omnicom, I mean our brand

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so we're still discussing the book of sickness May Allah subhanaw taala gives you fat to all the Muslims all over and Charma Amin

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and we reached last week, the discussion of

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medications from the Sunnah, medications from the Sunnah. And we discussed the first medication from the Sunnah was

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honey, we spoke about honey, my honey

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so we spoke about honey and we spoke about the importance of honey. And we spoke that Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran said fee she found leanness in it that is cure that she felt for mankind. And subhanAllah

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I will say the country or the Alon narrated that a man came through so allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he taught me how to sort of Allah, my brother's having

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a stomachache, severe stomach ache. So, I seldom said this he Arsalan SP, Aslan, give him some honey. So the man went and followed the prescription for Salah Salem, and his brother got more sick. So he went back to Salah Solomon said Yeah, Rasul Allah, when I gave them the honey, he had a severe like, diarrhea, very bad. He said this to him acelin Go back and give him more honey. You can say you know, you can say no, right? As soon as I sell them directly giving the order. So the man went and gave him honey and the guy that tours three times in a row and the guy kept on getting worse. Okay, and

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when the man came last time, and he said yeah, Rasul Allah, I gave it to him, but his diarrhea became it became worse as soon as I said and said sada Kola were caliber, but no Akik is key as well. And he said, Allah subhanaw taala only only tells the truth, and your your brother's stomach is lying. Go back and give him honey Favara so the fourth time he was he was killed, he was killed. So Subhanallah the honey like you mentioned last week, it has a cure to so many so many diseases. But like we emphasized, it has to be associated with your cane.

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Remember what we said Don't try it trying it's not gonna work. Hola, Cynthia Schiefer Yanni pheic. Right. It has cured and if it has cured, when you take it, let me give it a shot. Maybe this was some antibiotic will work.

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Of course that does not mean do not take by the by what the doctor tells you. But take the honey with, with the certainty that in sha Allah it will be hard to have and be in Allah. If Allah intended that you will be cured you will be you'll be cute. So the first one was honey, second one is anybody wants to guess?

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We're coming to that.

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That is coming up to

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something very popular that we all try.

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Chicken who said Chicken?

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that's coming.

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You're going very fine. It's very simple. Zum zum water.

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Second lucky zum zum zum Zamora is a blessing dwell in Makkah, as we all know, And subhanAllah it has been gushing since you breed Ali Salam 1000s of years ago, you know, we know the story with Gibreel and Hazara and this made since then Zamzam water has miraculously flown for several 1000 years. It continues to supply millions of Muslims from all over the world. Everybody who goes to Umrah or go to Hajj, they always enjoy the zamzam and they bring back zamzam to their to their countries. Our surveyor reported that Irish are the Allahu anha used to bring back some some water with her from Makkah. And of course we know that she was living in Medina. So when she you used to

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go and visit Mecca, she used to bring back sums of water

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And she used to say,

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Canada rasool Allah He SallAllahu sallam. Yeah, I mean now who Matt ASMs and Phil Adel we will call up okay they are Cebu and Murdock we esteem so this bringing them some water back with you from ombre or from Hajj or from any visitor to that area by itself is a Santa Rosa salon used to do that and as we will see in few seconds that he used to ask people if they're going there please bring me bring a Samsung with you. So seldom used to bring Aisha saying used to bring back some some water in water skins and jars he would pour it over the sick and have them drink it, have them drink it Jabra of the Allah and reported that prior to the conquering of Mecca, la sala Salam wrote to Sohail

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Anambra in Mecca requesting from him at Lana Mina Islamism at Lana min Marie zamzam send us some of them some water as as a gift and Subhanallah This is one of the some that that we see all the brothers going they always bring back some Zamzar more so so Sohail central Salah salam to large water skins and the Hadith that is very famous about Zamora is now it was anism, Lima, Shiva.

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Law. Now sometimes Hadith very simple. Now, ZamZam we all know that that was Lima Shu river law. What does that mean? That means Zamzam water benefits for whatever you drink it for.

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Whatever the reason that you drink it for, it will benefit Subhanallah I remember

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you know in harsh

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we have three three tawaf, right, the falafel, kaboom, the lovely father, and the last laugh, which is the law of al Qaeda. Right? Which one is the toughest?

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The middle one, yes, Father, this is the toughest. Why?

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Because most people are doing it at the same time. Anyone we are celebrating eight here and enjoying it. The judge or having any that is the toughest day for the average Subhanallah but you know, when you're there, you enjoy it, no matter how tired you are. So

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as you're making the law for the father, brother

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told me he got into the like, the maybe third or fourth round.

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And he felt like he has to use the restroom.

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And you know,

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and when you get to the fourth end, you can't wait to finish using the restroom. That means you have to go back and to find you know, that's you're talking about an hour and a half to go make wudu and start all over. Okay?

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Because some of them are they had we've said that you have to start all over. So anyway, he said Subhanallah he has to go to the restroom, right? He said I drank water. Zamzam water with the intention ya Allah don't make me go to the restroom, and it worked. Usually when you drink water you're gonna go more

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but Subhanallah he said Allah I did it with the intention that this is the machinery of Allah wherever you want your Allah can go back now. So you don't give up all over when you're making a lot. So he took and said Subhan Allah Subhanallah so it is all about the intention and the sincerity that we have in the heart. May Allah bless us with sincerity and all that we say and do Inshallah, if not best reported, that are so lost, I said and said, Listen to this beautiful Hadith, maybe not too many people have heard it. Can you remember? In other words, you know, ZamZam fie fireman mean a term where she felt Minnesotan,

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the best water upon the earth, the best water upon the earth, his face is Zamzam water, it is a nourishing food, any, any you could really feel like you know, satisfied when you drink it. It's a nourishing food, fill your time.

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Time and marathon. It's a nourishing food, and it's also a cure of any any illness.

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Now, the Shakira reported that there were some people, one is 1971 and one in 1980. They went and they did some tests to the Zamzam water, and he wrote down the discovery of both, but I will I will read JAMA, one of them, which his name is titled saying, a Chemical Engineer Engineer appointed by Saudi government in 1971. To investigate the composition and condition of Zamzam water and he found the following. The difference between Zamzam water and other water is in the quantity of calcium and magnesium salt. The content of these of these is slightly higher in Zamzam water. This may be why this water refreshes tired pilgrims. More significantly, the Zamzam water contains fluoride that had

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an effective

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effect against germs. In fact, the more you explore the more wonders surface and

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You'll find yourself believing implicitly in the miracles of this water, what Allah has bestowed as a gift on the faithful, this water has always maintained the same salt composition and taste ever since it came into existence, it has never been chemically treated or chlorinated as it as is the case with water pump in the in the city's biological growth and an algae usually takes place in most wells causing taste and odor problems and making the water and drinkable but in the case of xanthum, this does not does not apply Subhanallah after a while, you see some you know stuff growing in that green stuff, but in terms of moral this does not apply. You want to say something

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so a brother is asking you said it is pouring, pouring it on somebody would also have a cure. Now the Hadith said

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Zanza MACURA, Lima Shiva Shiva is drank but Allah Allah Tada Adam that it could have also some benefit because it says another Hadith What can your soup boo and moreover he used to pour it on the on the murder. So in sha Allah Tala with the proper intention, it will work with the light Allah third, nobody mentioned that many people mentioned other stuff. Third medicine which is from who who's usually a farmer in his country or they come from the fellahin

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anybody phala

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little J

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third item

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no coming up also cow milk Subhanallah cow milk,

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no matter how organic, the milk that we buy, now, it will not even come close to the real cow milk that you get from the from the cow. Why? Why?

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Exactly because the way they they feed them right now. So as I said, I'm missing what he says. And that's the reason why, why the cow milk is a cure. Cordelia salat wa salam to Adele be unban Al Baqarah for in Urdu and yadgir idol and the edger and Allah who feed her she fat mean coolly that for in that Kulu mean coolly Shusher on the line, okay, treat yourself with the milk of cows. I hope that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will make it a cure for you from every disease because the cows eat from all sorts of trees, all sorts of plants, all sorts sorts of plants. Now is this the case? Now all hormones and this and that to grow faster and to bring to be able to pump more, more milk

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Subhanallah unless Allah Allah if somebody feels Allah azza wa jal and tells you that this is real, you know, it's really grass fed and Allah Allah you know, between them and Allah, but that's the milk that is would be a cure. Masala insulin said in Allah azza wa jal lemons Hilda lanzar Allahu Schiefer. El haram for la Cumbia al Bernal Bacara for in Toronto mean coalition. Allah subhanaw taala did not create any sickness except he had created for it a cure. Okay, except old age so drink the milk of the cow because they eat from all sorts of plants. But listen to this Subhan Allah

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one more Hadith

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Allah you can build Bukhara for in El Banna, she felt was some NASA the word? Well, to whom? Haha. Ah, that

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how true is that?

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raise cows, because their milk is a cure from diseases and their butter is a medicine, some NUHA or even though he translated into the key, you know, salmon, okay. And it's meat is a disease

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that men buckle. You know, it's a disease. Now what does it what does that mean? Would we possibly wrestlers, etc. Because we all know that one of the one of the animals that we sacrifice in is a cow for seven people. Right? So how come the social Salem would tell us that you know you're allowed to sacrifice and he tells us on another Hadith that their meat is that

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excellent. Excessive eating of beef of cow meat is a disease it will cause disease and we have seen that in

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recent medical studies. They tell you stay away from excessive red meat from the from the cows SubhanAllah. So as long as I said him himself, he does Hadith that says they

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He Himself sacrificed a cow

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they view the Hadith, Salam as a word as a warning against eating beef excessively and he said the Sheikh said worms and germs are easier to get into the meat of cows than that of the goat and and sheep, which was one is usually more money. The goat right? The goat that's why I guess.

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Okay fourth one we said now Honey, what was the second one?

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zamzam cow milk and now everybody said that from forest green,

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olive oil, olive oil. All these are medication from the Sunnah for so long sigh Salam, the olive tree is a blessed tree and so it is. So it's oil.

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Allah subhanaw taala said methadone or he can

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see Miss.

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Miss VA fees or jajah as no judge who can hurt okay? Don't worry. You will cadonia

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raka ze tuna ze tune. Shadow key to the yucca do je to her you the while Tim says Munna

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Allah subhanaw taala told us that Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth the example of his light is like a niche within which is a lamp and the lamp is within a glass and the glass is similar to utterly star lit from a blessed tree and this tree is an olive tree near neither of the east nor the West, it's oil with almost the glow even if untouched by by fire Subhanallah so the olive oil and olive

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tree is mentioned in the Quran. But teeny was a tune. The olive oil is recommended for use as a medication both internally and externally as an ointment on

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Abu Hurayrah and others reported that ASALA SiteSell and said Kulu zeta would handle de for any now who means shedule rotten mobile raka sauce Hassan said Eat olive oil and rabbit rabbit over your bodies because it come from a blood tree Subhanallah if you if you type the use of olive oil as medicine, you will see so many uses and cures with olive oil with the help of Allah azza wa jal I was looking the other day even if you have dandruff, you get something a little bit of oil, read of oil and you rub it on your head. Allahu Akbar And subhanAllah

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there's a brother usually it's this time of year he brings out of oil from from Philistine And subhanAllah before he brings it it's all sold. Any that olive oil Allahu Akbar i gave I think that it's a good one by them. It was amazing.

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That the smell of it and the color of it is is beyond you've never seen something like this here in the market. Right Subhanallah they're so fresh and so and you could drink it by itself. This is how delicious it is. In sha Allah Tala if anybody is interested that maybe I can get you I don't know the number of the guy but I can get it to you in Sharma.

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Number five is Hana. Hana is a cure. Anybody knows what Hana to be honest with you today I found out myself about what the handlers queued for anybody knows. You know the handler, right?

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Anybody knows what could be a cure for?

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Masha Allah, masha Allah rather, Xavi.

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Selma, a female servant for samosa Salam reported that whenever someone complained to us was SLM of a headache. He would tell him is the head fat as him go to his JAMA, go to a JAMA and whenever someone complained of pain in his feet, he would tell him go and dye them with henna. Go and dye them with henna.

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Go and dye them with him. And then

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he has certain spots for the hijama the people who do the hijama when you tell them for example, I have a back pain. I have a headache. I have this they know which area to do the hijama for certain pain.

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Yeah, the cupping. Hmm. Number six is the one that brother said I have a soda black, black seed. The black seed is commonly called black

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cow Caraway.

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You'll know it as black seed. It is highly recommend

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Did the Sunnah as a cure for all illnesses, Ebola that the Allah one he said

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and that is in Bukhari and Muslim fill hub that is Sada Shiva Minh colada Illa Assam the black seed is a cure for all diseases except death, except death. Now this is something to be honest with you I tried to find out what it is I get some idea but it's called a center was snoot. A center was sent note was son note. According to some scholars of Arabic some note is cumin,

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or a seed similar to it. Center on the other hand is a plant that grows in Arabia and resembles henna with bluish flowers and flat oblong seeds. Rasul Allah say Sultan said it can be sunnah was snowed in Fen Nephi Hema she fat mean Kalida Illa Sam, just like the black seed in the center and the snowed there are treatment for every disease except except death. We'll take one more in sha Allah and that is Medina, specifically, Medina

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dates, Medina dates Elijah, Medina dates and Medina grown dates Subhan Allah when he got to Medina and I'm sure most of you went and you see the market of dates Allahu Akbar how many kinds of dates so many any year at least 2535 Different kinds of days long small red, red, yellow, all kinds of dates Subhanallah so

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that's what was planted some of these days these days trees with his own blessing hands and Medina de specially benefit in 14 Poison and magic masala say salam said min Akela Sabra to Murat min Medina lab at her he used to let me adore ro Husum had UMC

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mentor Saba disobey some route. Isiah, let me throw delicately some weather what I said Whoever eats in the morning seven days of Azure

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no poison, no magic will harm him on that day. Now, some of the shoes they said

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even though the Hadith they said it will be better to use Azure. But some people they said if you use any kind of data in sha Allah Tala hopefully it will work mainly because now of the of the distance to get to the these days and availability isn't in Charlotte and it's better to have exactly what the Hadees said. But in Charlotte and if you can have seven days it will be in sha Allah, it will be sufficient be in the light and there are a few other Sharma medicines we will discuss. If Allah kept us alive the next week insha Allah Allah, may Allah cure us from any disease in sha Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala put Baraka in our home, in our deen and our children and our

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spouses. May Allah subhanaw taala increase our love to one another exactly love hear about Allah Subhana Allah, Masha, Allah He still wanted to go lick