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The speaker repeatedly emphasizes that everyone is the same person and that everyone is the same person. They also mention that the speaker is not available and ask the caller to leave a message. The speaker repeats their message multiple times and emphasizes that everyone is the same person.

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in Alhamdulillah, nahama Do we want to stare at the wall and I still feel when are all the villa Himanshu Rudy fusina. What means the TR Nadina may have the love of family letter woman you're the little girl further ahead, yella wash Hello Hola. Hola. Hola Hola Shetty Cara, Jelani Chevy he will Mythili will coffee one allele wash had one the Mohammed and Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was so happy he was so limited Sleeman Kathira yeah you're Latina um and on top Allah haka, Ducati Walter moto Nila one two Muslim on All praise is due to Allah subhanaw taala. Who knows we reveal and knows what we can seal and even knows what the animals feel. We thank him we praise Him

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and on him we have Reliance it is and we only turn to for true guidance. We asked him to send his peace, his blessings, His mercy on the best of human beings and prophets from a SallAllahu Lahti. He was salam, on whom we praise until the very end of our days. And we asked him for steadfastness, guidance, mercy and to never lead us astray. And for him to save us on Judgement Day. Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to deliver the message of Islam to preserve humanity. This preservation and safeguarding is found in every injunction and everything that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was commanded with, that we do as an obligation or we

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stay away from as a means of forbids all of them to fulfill objectives. preservations the objectives of the Sharia that we spoke about in this masjid, jihad, the actives of preservation of the deen life, human life, rationality, wealth, and honor and property of a believer and also non believer, the preservation of humanity at large. This preservation was also spoken about by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and a hadith very famously reported by Imam and now he Rahimullah in the hadith is in his 40 Hadith Imam and nowhere where he says that if not best of the Allahu Tada and who reported saying, Come to khalifa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the omen

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for kala Yahoo. In New Orleans aka Kalamata follow the law Yeah, *.

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Even Ambassador the law and who said that one day I was behind the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. It was selama writing on a mount. And he said that the Prophet signs that Emma said, Oh young man, I will teach you some words of advice. Be one who preserves be mindful, be one who safeguards the duties of Allah, Allah will preserve you, Allah will safeguard you. Allah will preserve all of those objectives of the Sharia that we set for the for the good of humanity and the good good of the individual. And he goes on to say, either CELTA first alila away the strength deficit in Villa, that if you ask anyone, then ask Allah alone and if you seek anyone's help, then seek the help of Allah

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subhanaw taala alone, and know that if the nations and people were to gather together to benefit you with anything, they would not benefit you with anything except what ALLAH had already written for you. And if they were to gather the all the whole of humanity in another narration, if the all of humanity and all of the jinn meaning any creation came to try to harm you, they will not be able to harm you except with what already Allah subhanaw taala had already prescribed against you. The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried. This amazing Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Salah hottie Islam in the work of Imam and no you which is an unbearable and a hadith and FEMA daddy Islam world

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collide in Africa, the foundations of all of Islam is based on these Hadith, these 40 Hadith

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it was a Rahim Allah dedicates an entire book to it called neuroactive as we shall Hadith nobis, this hadith and he spends dozens of pages on just the first sentence. This preservation the McCollum the Musa Sonya Hulan in Noorani mocha kalimat for the life of I will teach you some words preserve Allah and Allah will preserve you what does it mean to preserve what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has given us? What is that referred to and what does it mean that Allah will preserve and safeguard us? The first portion of safeguarding and preservation comes directly with what ever ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala commanded. Whether it's a direct command has an obligation or a recommendation or made permissible

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and everything that he forbade us from in this way of life called Islam, Dino Islam, and the prophets of Allah Islam is said in a hadith that's nearby. Be thorough.

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and push it out also did I say Stella McCartney and Allahu taala. Follow her follow either further to the Yoruba will have the hoodoo than Fela charter do Ha ha ha.

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Ha ha. Was Sacaton a Shia Rahmatullah Qumran this young fella 10 Hassan ha. I didn't know who Donald told me already. And we found out the question he said that the prophets I sent him I said, What does it mean to preserve and safeguard the duties of Allah safeguard the limits of Allah? The prophets, I said them I said, Allah has indeed given you religious obligations for it. So don't neglect them. Number one, and he has set limits, so don't overstep them. Number two, and he has forbidden some things so don't violate them. Number three, and he has remained silent about some things out of compassion and mercy for you. So, not out of forgetfulness, so don't seek to go after

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them what Allah was silent about. This defines for you everything that refers to Allah, preserving the limits of Allah subhanaw taala and his duties. If Alonso says all of these include the term preserving the limits of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, half the Illuminati who do the law and suit at the Toba and those who preserved the limits of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah Subhana Allah says it's sort of tough had to do with an equally aware of in Hatfield, man has your Raanana belabor the fallopian tube, you want an example of this, Allah subhanaw taala says, this will be promised the promise of paradise the promise of a good life, the promise of solving your problems, the

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solving of of your dramas and your calls to prayer and answers to them. All of this will be promised for every one who is the one who preserves

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who preserves preserves the limits of Allah preserves the sanctity and the Sharia of Allah subhanaw taala and the one who is constantly turning to Allah, Whoever fears Allah, in private, in private, with a can with a heart that constantly yearns with Allah subhanaw taala. This teaches us that the best form of preservation is the preservation of the public and the private. If Elijah says another form of preservation, is the preservation of prayers safeguarding our prayers, Allah says haffi Lu salatu salam ala safeguard preserved your prayers, especially the middle Paris and I shall the Landsat that's a lot of awesome and a lot the last time that also says when Davina Hamada sadati him

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you have your own those who safeguard their prayers and the prophets of Allah who it was send them a send about the prayers man, half Allah Allah, Canada who are in the law he is doing a new the healer whom Jana, that whoever safeguards and preserves

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these prayers, Allah promises and makes a covenant with them that he will enter them into paradise. Narrated by Madigan is mothball and the prophets I set him aside about Tahara that is Mustapha Salah law you have to mean that no one preserves and safeguards staying in wudu constantly, except a believer and that is why if a person even uses the use of the toilet or the restroom, it's recommended for them to actually make although to be constantly in a state of Bihar on purity, and this is an activity bad every moment that you're in withdrawal, you're rewarded by Allah. That's why Subhan Allah

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somebody was you know, this normally happens. Are you ready to pray? Yeah, have a look. Do you have all this? Uh, yeah, I'll have all all no matter what the situation is the person remains in a state of limbo because they're ready for Salah in any case, and they will be protected by Allah subhanaw taala and safeguarded. Another form of safeguarding even Raja mentions is the safeguarding of Amen. Allah Subhana Allah says Daddy can fall to a man he come in either have to either have to follow a mannequin that is the follow the explanation for breaking oaths when you have sworn so keep your old don't swear. That's a good Walla Walla they have to Allah attain Allah jealous to Allah CELT

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rich Kelly, Matt Waldman, phobic. Don't say wala I did this and wallah, I did that and wallah, I went and I ate food and I went on I 35 And we'll take the word of Allah and wallah out of your mouth. This is normalized in our cultures, and it is not something that is appropriate. Why using the word of Allah azza wa jal is in vain this way, even if it's normalized in your culture and your family, this should be removed, this is not appropriate so undermine Allah azza wa jal Well, Allah subhanaw taala has named deserves to be mentioned in the most righteous of ways in matters which deserve oath and swearing. If fun is Mala had to

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should be some preserve the name of Allah even in your tongue, even in your tongue. And that's why even the scholars when they would have rings that had the name of Allah subhanaw taala on them, or you know women that were necklaces, what they would do is they would turn the ring and they would hide the name of Allah or take it off and hide the name of Allah when women are wearing necklaces with the name of Allah, Islam Allah, they should put it in their, in their garments so it doesn't show when they're using the when they're using the toilet and etc. This is from the preservation of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhanaw taala rewards those who have Danika Allah says this is for

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those who preserves sha Allah, the sanctity of Allah subhanaw taala

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preserving Allah sanctity in the hearts as well as in in practice it but one of them says another way is safeguarding the head and the and the stomach. He says being shy before Allah is truly deserving to be safeguarded in your mind, and in what contains and the stomach and in what contains whatever you input into your mind. This is a way of safeguarding and preserving the station of Allah in your mind. Don't accept anything that just come to your head and don't just like you shouldn't accept anything that comes into your stomach. Having a hot

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food intake has a direct relationship and correlation ship with your DUA being accepted. And then besides settlement forward and with all of this, that the one who they're earning is not halal, and their eating is not halal and the way they spend their wealth is not halal for Nia, Easter jagruti Derek, how will Allah subhanaw taala respond to them? Those of us who struggle with this doesn't mean that okay, I'm not going to make God anymore. Hala is not gonna respond to me. What it means is that we try our best we do as much as we can say up until a Buddha alanine, your are the Lord of the heavens and the earth are in Niala. Caspi Malad Khaled helped me in earning a halal wealth and

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spending in halal and eating halal. And he said to earlier on the Allahu Taala Anhu a dua he said if you're having difficulty in your wealth and giving your paying back your loans, say the drop, Allahu McSweeny be had and he can Hello MC. What else and he may be fumbling around and Siva in an abdomen, how the giraffe Oh, Allah, aid me in doing every holiday you may permissible

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from seeking the Haram from seeking what's forbidden, aid me and seeking everything permissible from seeking anything that you've made forbidden and enrich me

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with your virtue, something you only get from seeking it from anyone else. May Allah grant us that yeah, Robert Allen. This my brothers and sisters, I will emphasize is a direct impact on your children is a direct impact on your sanity, your quality of life, your happiness, your

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contentment in every single possible way. The more you create your life in what's permissible with Allah subhanaw taala is Sharia the more you will find the blessing in it. He also says safeguarding the tongue and the private parts. Allah subhanaw taala says What have you the wonderful Jehovah will have you lot men and women who guard their private parts Allah Subhan has prepared prepared for them a beautiful reward and Allah subhanaw taala also mentions with regards to this aspect of guarding our private parts call it more menial don't I mean other Saudi why photo Farrugia home daddy because Kerala home in Allah have Jambi Maya syndrome or prophet tell the believing men to lower their gaze

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and guard their chastity that is pure for them. Allah is all aware in what they do. hijab was not revealed in Islam until 18 years out of 23 years of Naboo thought of Allah hijab Senator Han hums Hadrian

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Allah subhanaw taala revealed hijab after 18 years fifth year hijra, the first thing that was revealed is lower your gaze.

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That was the first thing revealed to believing men and women to lower your gaze and what is the result of doing so? Allah subhanaw taala says five if after this and sort of to know Allah Who knew was somehow it would have went off method who knew where he can be shared and we have Misbah Allah has the Light of the heavens and the earth. His light is like a niche in which there is a lamp all AbdulKareem will cost saving a method annuity he will be added in more minute let me touch on which standard in Hawaii, meaning the example of light in the heart of a believer who upholds whatever Allah has commanded and stays away from what Allah Subhan does forbidden will be illuminated and

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enlightened by clarity in their life. Allah you refill called Halawa, 10. Eman whether that to him and Robusta who call him and Robin

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Little men and muharram Hola Hola. Hola Hola Eman and yet it had our 250 lb in a week narration which is authentic which is authentic and meaning whoever lowers their gaze from what Allah subhanaw taala has forbidden. Allah will replace it for them with light of a faith in their heart they will taste and feel

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its sweetness. And

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even Kathy Rahim Allah says our whole out of the hula who run pasilla TV. Allah will bless you with light, you will be able to see clearly in the difficult matters in your life. Now give me an example. Imam Shafi came to visit Imam Malik in Medina. And he said, I want to reset Hadith to you. So instead go resign. You don't even open the book like we do. Open them automatic and start reading. Imam Michelle we had memorized them what pa over 1000 Hadith. He started reciting it from his mind and Imam Malik magic was amazed by by mammoth chef and your human logic man. So he said Tim has to book stop. Yeah, Mohammed in the Africa neuron. Fella told him nor Allah bill, Marcia below

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them and Marcia. He says oh Muhammad, even Elisa Shafi I see in Allah Allah has placed in you light. Don't extinguish the light of Allah with the darkness of sins. Preserve the light of Allah one of the ways of preserving the light of Allah in your life, lower your gaze from the Muharram of Allah. Things Allah make forbade forbidden from you. When we asked ourselves why isn't there clarity in my life? Why don't I have a clear direction when I make decisions? Because we need to lower our gaze from the things that are haram directly from these narrations

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directly from these narrations that Allah will bless us with an illuminated understanding if we lower our gaze from Al May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to be be the ones who preserve the limits and duties of Allah subhanaw taala called How to stop suffering

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similar to him that allows local cinema also allow us to who's reading the second portion of the Hadith? Yeah, if Allah Fogg, preserve and safeguard the duties of Allah, Allah will preserve and safeguard you. What does that mean? Allah says, Oh, who will be it? ofI viaticum honor my contract my covenant. I will honor yours first Cutrone. Of course, remember me? I will remember you in Tunsil Allah hi and circle if you help and give victory to Allah, He will give victory to you. This safeguarding Mr. Raja says is in two ways. Number one, he will benefit the person in their worldly life like protecting their body, their children and their wealth. And the second way is Allah

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subhanaw taala preserves the mind and the person from every form of harm they will ever face in their lives. A lost part that says well my yet tequila Jana who must Raja was Oklahomans Hi Phil, I have to say, whoever is conscious of Allah in that preservation, Allah will give them away out and provide from them in ways they never would have imagined. Allah subhanaw taala says, In this way I should explain he will suffice them from the distress and worries of this world. And you have the statement of the prophets of Allah who it was sedima who would make dua constantly for this kind of preservation, saying, Allahu Allahu Allah in Kabul turneffe See for him her way now said to her

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father, be Machado be hit rebel, the consolidating the Durand in the Saudi hain, oh Allah if you're to take my soul, give mercy to it. And if you are to grant it, reprieve, safeguard and preserve it, in which way you safeguard and preserve your righteous servants, one of the greatest scholars of our past. Yeah, happiness married him in Salem. He said, I used to have an older sister, who became confused. She lost her Saturday and became unruly. She would stay in a room and the furthest part of the house and stayed there for 10 years. Then at midnight, one night she woke up while we were sleeping, and somebody knocked at the door. I said, Who is there she replied, Kaija, I said my

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sister. She replied yes your sister so I will open the door and she entered the house for the first time in 10 years.

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And someone said and she said someone came to me my dream and said Allah has preserved your father is married because of your, your grandfather said Alma. He has preserved you by virtue of your father and if you wish make dua to Allah and what has afflicted you will leave you or you can be patient and Paradise will be yours. Abubaker and Amara have interceded for you with Allah, through the love of your father and and grandfather had of both of them. So I said in the brother, if it must be one of the two I choose to have patients so that gender can be mine. However,

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if Allah is generous, he wishes to grant me both than he can

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And so it was said to me, Allah has granted you both, and is pleased with your father and grandfather because of their love of Abubaker. Norma, stand and go down. And when she came down this dream she saw she hadn't spoken for 10 years. Allah subhanaw taala cured her after that as well. Because of what 10 years of of a acute terminal illness. But because of what the righteousness of this family, Allah gave them cure, Allah preserved them, and that is why Allah Subhana Allah says social care what kind of whoo hoo masala, the two orphans that their treasure was safe kept safe, safeguarded for the why? Because their father was righteous. The Scholars say, you know which Father

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This was, this was the seventh generation father ago. Maybe you and I are being blessed in our lives because of the data of our mothers and fathers those who have passed the dua of our grandmothers and grandparents are the drought one righteous person in the entire family. Maybe that's you may Allah make us of them a little bit I mean, as long as it Islam and Muslim alumnus of the one masala finish equally MCAD allotments require Masada fina fee for last name but Fuseli Orfila will fill hint of Yolanda Stan well she Kashmir and we'll see so many or equally mechanical Abdelhamid Aloma sort of one must have a finish with Yemen or equally Macedonia from Rahim Allah Mirzapur generally for those

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that are that the lady who said that Allah Masha Montana or multiple Muslim in a lot of material who generated for those allowability Samuel so that the other Allah mustard Allah to react to him out of the doubt anymore. What is a coma Sabra was still one yeah the God with the Quran. Allahu Matilda genesis for those who Allah Marone Bibliotheca Tina Vina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a theology and hold wa SallAllahu wasallam America have you been one of you? 200 I even said ring. Welcome