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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of cheering on one's body and acknowledges the importance of valuing one's body. They also emphasize the need for individuals to hold themselves accountable and not just give in to opportunities. The speaker emphasizes the importance of valuing one's body and building a positive culture.
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in Alhamdulillah Narmada who want to study the whole water still if you want to rely on him You should already fusina What means Dr. Medina, Miguel de la who will be letter for my golden ale who further hand wash headwear Allah Allah Allahu Allahu la sharika Jelani Shalini well my theory will cook

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wash Have you under Mohammed Abdullah Hora solo sallallahu alayhi wa arte he will suffer he will sell them at the same if you will let in and on top Allah hospitality what atom was tuna Illa one two Muslim on All praise is due to Allah subhanaw taala who knows will be revealed and knows what we can seal and even those with the animals field. We thank him we praise him on on him we have reliance and as to him we only turn to for true guidance. We asked him to set his peace, his blessings, His mercy on the best of human beings and prophets Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, on whom be praised until the very end of our days. We asked him for steadfastness, guidance, mercy

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and to never lead us astray. And for him to say with some judgment day.

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam exemplified a character that was so magnetic and so impactful. That the one thing that Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam imparted to the people that he was around was his blessing character, a character which changed sadness to happiness, a character that made people forget to the Anguish and Sorrow that they faced, and a character that impacted people to such an extent that they would dedicate their lives to the cause he called for that kind of impactful change was due to a number of ways the Prophet salallahu audio sentiment impacted people, but one of them is an ingredient that we in our society need the most today, a society which

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may unfortunately increasingly

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scrutinize religious values and faith values, and may cause people who carry such values to have a sense of inferiority, a sense of embarrassed a sense of maybe not fulfilling what may be the normal cultural standards, and that ingredient that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ingrained in his Sahaba and taught this ummah is self worth, self worth. To realize a person's worth in the sight of their creator and the abuse of Allah Allah he will send them to exemplify this in so many different ways.

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When a person felt like they were not worthy, he gave them that self worth that made them understand their value to the Lord and Creator most high. And the reason the low hanging ascendant exemplified this in so many different ways, one of them among my favorite stories in the sealer to show you the level of genuine care this man had for humanity, the amount of love He

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Want to exemplify to people to show witness actions what it means to be a believer and Allah and to carry a message of love for our Creator, that will make them want to follow His guidance

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is when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even had a woman who hated Islam in Mecca,

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and would throw trash in front of him

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and would ridicule and mock him and hate some of the things that were being said simply because it was different from the makin normality, normal values that they had different from the religion of paganism that they followed. And the peace of Allah Allah has sent him a one day saw that this woman did not show up to throw garbage at him.

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And you know what he did, he went to go visit her.

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Some Allah Allah He was, he went to go visit her. He wants to show her that you have lost sight of Allah, even if you think I'm an enemy. That woman accepted Islam because of that character. And the visa Allah Allah Salem, as was described by his Sahaba they said that when we weren't the prophets, I said them we felt like we were the only ones the Prophet loved. He gave us his attention. He gave us a feeling of of love and care and genuineness. We didn't experience with anyone else. To the extent that one day the prophets I said was in the market of Medina. And this teaches you that the Prophet SAW Selim was not a man just sat in the masjid, held a mic and waited for people to come.

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But this faith is a lived experience. How are you Muslim in the market? How are you Muslim, and university at your job? It's not something we have a dichotomy of sacred and secular, where you're dealing when you come to July, and then when you go back. It's something else and the Beast. So I sent him a showed us that lived experience in his in his life. He went to the market, he found us a hobby he used to love.

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He used to love and he hugged him from behind and he started to scream out loud in the market as if he was a hired hand. Who wants to who wants to hire him who wants to buy him for services? And the problem was, I was playing a joke with the zahavi.

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The man is like Get off of me. I'm not here to be sold and hired. But the prophesy centum is holding on to him playing a joke on him. So he looks back and the prophesy some hides his blessing. Okay, so Allah Holliday said that he looks back the other way and the prophets doesn't hide his face. Until he looks back and he sees the blessed face of the prophets. I send him a smile.

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And he immediately relaxes

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lets his body loose as the prophesy says, hugging him. And he hugs the prophesy son from behind. And he says Anna Sula, I'm too ugly for people even if I were to be sold for a higher hand for people to want to buy me anyway. And the Prophet says immediately became serious. And he said, love Allah He bought into loving and Allah

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know by Allah. I swear by Allah No, that's not true. Rather, you are priceless.

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Your value is beyond measure in the sight of your Lord Allah subhanho wa Taala this was the man who cared about his own mind and brought self worth and value to everyone who didn't even find self worth in themselves some Allah who it was.

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And the missile Allah it was salam. In another narration that's mentioned by our chef Abdul case. He says call an interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the fika la holophane You hit the home Allah, He says to search him in case you have two qualities which Allah loves. When have you gone to the to person recently and say, You know what, I love this character about you. I love that you have this increasing their self worth. Have we done this with our children?

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Are we there as police and regulators of their lives? And maybe sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a positively reinforced in terms of psychology. Every person that he was, he was with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says they are well what? Cultural Mahieu Maya Rasulillah I said to him, I said that the text and what are they all messenger of Allah. And then we saw I sent him a says, and Hill who will hire forbearance and modesty, forbearance and modesty. Another translation for hire has also dignity to being a person of dignity. You when you walk in the street, somebody says as a dignified person, how you dress how you walk, how you hold yourself. One time a man was

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walking like this had down you know, like he was, as we say, okay, somebody in destitution and a lot of the a lot of time so what are you doing? Why are you walking like this? He's like I'm being I'm being humbled

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Allah says no walk with honor. Walk with honor, walk with dignity is not to be to lower yourselves for people has to have honor and dignity as well. And the reason I said when he said this, he says, A Shut up the cases call to Kadeem and carnal Hadith and was this something new that I basically procured I develop this quality or something that has existed in me when I'm you know, Allah created me with certain qualities. So nobody saw I sent him a says

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he said a Visa Services No, they are the one that you had and you were created. So he said hamdulillah hymnody, jab at any other photo painting I have done from Allah. He says, All Praise to Allah Subhana Allah Who created me with qualities which Allah subhanaw taala loves self worth. My brothers and sisters are two types of self worth which you develop, and qualities that you and I must work on, and self worth. There's certain qualities you're born with God Leah, and mock tests are things that you are created with and things that you must develop, every one of us here must ask themselves, what are your characters that you have strengthened? Some of us mashallah were

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courageous, some of us mashallah we will stand against oppression, we will speak for our rights. But sometimes that character is used inappropriately with our families. We use our strength on the people that need our mercy. We need we use our strength on the woman or the or the child or even sometimes the husband. When that strength should be used for others in

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the family requires us to inculcate what are the Allahu said, he said you are a junior Roger, the man he that that impresses me is the one that can play or be a child with their family. But when they need him to be he's a man

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that comes from what I understand understanding self worth understanding self worth. And the recent Allah Allah He was telling me I would also say to Abdullah Muhammad Ali Allah with that I moved and bettering and correcting someone, how do you do that positively. And the reason I suddenly said near Allah Raja Abdullah, no Kenny will suddenly be in a lake. He would do what he would praise them. He would acknowledge number one is you're trying to correct somebody, your child, your spouse, someone whoever, acknowledge the good they have increased their self worth. Nirvana, Raju Abdullah, he says what amazing man Abdullah is if only if only he prayed some of the night prayer.

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Because that shows strength that shows determination. So this is a prophet Plus, I'm inviting somebody by first acknowledging the good that they have. practical example. One of my teachers

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I saw this person is has millions of people buying his books, and he's well known.

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He spoke to our university of Medina, there's like 3000 5000, I don't know how many students and he's giving us advice on how we should deal with people. And he says, Look, the potential for every human being, have good in humanity exists. Do not be a pessimistic, negative human being.

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Though, this is the worst time people are all destroyed, and this is this kind of mentality is against the Sunnah. And the result is Elon Musk says manakala. Aleppo, or one woman Hala Hala canas look at local

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two meanings prophesy seven says Whoever said the people are destroyed. This is the worst of times, all of these kind of comments. He says Whoever says the people have become corrupted, they're destroyed. He is the one that corrupted them by the statement, and he's contributing to the corruption or in another meaning he is the most corrupt of them.

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Because what all he's doing is contributing lip service. Where are you and I from contributing to the rectification of humanity?

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That's what made me so I submitted. So when we corrected people, this teacher said, we were on a plane.

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And this plane was going back to where they were going from, and he said that it came time from relative in the air. You know, so often the low gentleman also we have the ability to pray back where we land and air wherever Alhamdulillah. So he, he said, I sat next to my friend who's also a chef and scholar. He says, Hey, do you want to pray? And he says to him, no, we'll just pray when we get home. Find man's you know, law, how comfortable he says, and then we just relaxed I go back to my reading his book, he's doing what he's doing. He says that I see a woman. Just get up, get up normal. Open the cabin, where you

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Put your luggage to carry on. Take, take it down, take and he said, If you were to just see this lady, you wouldn't think she's Muslim.

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You wouldn't, it wouldn't come across your mind, take the cabin, carry on, take out and take out a hijab, put it on, and he's an attack my my friend, I'm like, do you see this? And she praised me in the point.

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And he's like, what kind of shape are we?

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What kind of Sainte Marie, look at this Muslimah and how much she has worked for so long. Get up was pregnant. So he got up. And he said, after you know, when there was an when asked the time or right time that I went to this lady, and I said to her, may Allah bless you and honor you, may Allah increase you and good, and hey, I saw what you do. And I asked Allah to give you better, and bless you and protect you from all evil and increase you in the grid that you're doing. And the lesson was my brothers and sisters, he said, every human being, you know, in the craziest individual you think, has a potential for good, whether that be 80% 60% 70%, or 10%, or 5%. I roll and what our prophets I

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sent him a taught us is to increase it,

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increase it, that is the self worth the prophesy cinema talk when correcting people near another legend, Abdullah, what a great man Abdullah, is if and here's the advice, if you were to just pray some prayers at night, last night that allow us to inculcate that kind of self worth to others, and in ourselves are fortified also for logic to supplement.

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The last auto Slammiversary law

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and the prophets of Allah it was cinema increasing the self worth comes from what Allah subhanaw taala wanted us to understand. And that is we are in a transaction in our day to day lives. And the reality is, how much do you and I give ourselves self worth, is equal to how much we indulge in selling ourselves, either for this world or the next in Allah hashtags mean meaning and for some, the another home agenda. Allah has indeed bought from those who believed and submitted themselves to Allah, their souls for what for that they will have paradise. And that is why a person a believer who believes in Allah, their self worth is primarily to themselves. And they wouldn't cheapen

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themselves by selling it and committing sins by selling it and not taking the steps to come to Allah subhanaw taala how many of us have things we've been doing for so long? Or things that we haven't been doing that we should? And the excuses keep coming year after year after year? Later later? When is that going to happen? When are we going to give ourselves the words our Lord gives us

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and make that change? Whether it be five daily prayers regularly, whether it be wearing the hijab, whether it be having a beard, whether it be things that Allah loves, these are not what all of Islam revolves around. But these are things that Allah loves everything. When are we going to make a better change in our relationship with our, with our spouses, our children? When are we going to overcome our ego? These are decisions we have to make to give ourselves self worth, go cheeping your soul the scholars of spirituality say by committing sins. That is how souls are cheapened, as they say, if a lot of rocky Mahala and others so that's why the prophets I said I'm a says that the

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strong believer is better than and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer. Although both love equal and faith in both are good. Strive for that which will benefit you and seek the help of ALLAH SubhanA wa jal the strength, if it does not come from two things, listen to if you are not internally happy with yourself, it will show in your character. It will show in how you deal with people it will show and how your discontent with who you are. It will show how you're angry. It will show how you feel a lack of fulfillment in your life, and will also show you interactions with others. This is why having a sense of self worth is primarily done by rectifying the things that you

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have deficiencies and my brothers, my sisters, this concept of self worth is so important. And the reason a lot of us

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wouldn't impact people by making them realize their self worth and their ability to change and fulfill their own potential. And the last thing I will leave you off with is that the greatest impediment in our lives and achieving our goals and objectives whatever they may be, is yourself yourself. You are your greatest impediment. You and I will not fulfill our pretend

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show this is going to be the cause of our lack of achieving our goals. And then some practical ways of doing that. We need to hold ourselves accountable as Armando said has one physical plan to hustling. hold yourself accountable before they will come that you will be held accountable. Look at yourself in what is it that you need to change in your life. And if you have a lack of self worth, it shows in the character that you have discontentment with your life and how you deal with other people. character has to change a regular form of any bad that has to occur. asking Allah subhanaw taala as the prophets I said Unto Allah Houma has sin holotape karma has sent a holiday, or llama

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coma has sent a filthy has been hauled away all just as you've beautified my outward, beautify my character, and actively taking means to do so teach that to your children. And also, as

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Eggerichs writes in his book, The Five Love Languages, which we'll talk about tonight, by the way,

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our halacha people need words of acknowledgement and positive reinforcement, just like you want to be acknowledged for the good that you have. You have to exemplify to others. Don't be a pessimist. Don't be a person that looks at the world with a lens of evil. Look at look at it from the lens of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu idea cinema allah how he exemplified that positive reinforcement and others may Allah subhanaw taala allow and enable us to live with the prophetic character. Allahu Allah is that is that what it was to me? Alumni at this time when I was thinking along with the requirements of I think if you look at along the header images of marriage this the high anatomy

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study, along with as a consultant who has lost a lot of the anatomy, along with wanting to frequently McCann was a woman and a man couldn't find enough a safe minute Google. Well, she bought a malefic Ishmael Allahumma Hamilton Omotola Smith will come my fourth and fifth Yemen office audiophile are perfectly mechanical hammerlock me along with an agenda for those allowability he said what I said was that Allahu Allahu Allah Hamilton or Mater was the main Oshima law and our mother must mean Allah Allah and Allah. Allah Allah Allah and then whether you're up and running along mahasin flattener along US that's a Bina Allah homebody fer naughty now well let you know what

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the reaction I was watching as well while he didn't watch that you know with me I mean I have learned a lot more than anybody Nicola and Jamila was have an agenda for those that are that we will offer to have you been able to meet on camera. So Aloha. Welcome