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Divide Your Day Into Four Parts

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Haifaa Younis

Channel: Haifaa Younis

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Miss Smith, you off

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the Muslim should divide his day into four portions they say and one portion is for his livelihood and one portion is for his family and one portion is for our last panel Watada and one portion is for himself or herself. So, there have to be has to be and these portions is not

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3/3 and then when I have time and I am tired and barely I can do my cider, this needs to be divided. And then my work has to be inside it for a law taking care of my children and my family and my

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extended family is in it is also for Allah so these all time to be act of worship, and the time free for myself to exactly reacts to energize myself. This also has to be not necessarily only in a act of worship, but for sure should not be an act of haraam. This will be the installer.