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Salam aleikum.

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Wa Salatu. Salam ala. I mean,

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I must say that it's good to be back here in Ann Arbor. And I don't remember when I was here last time, but I was in this very first thing. And maybe it was 2003 2004. I don't recall. But it It feels like just yesterday, everything is very familiar. You know,

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everything is very similar. So it's very good to be back. And I remember when I was here, that point, and Arbor was the second best place to live in the United States. And sometimes it were, it was in the top five. Is it still there now? No.

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Do you think so? Okay.

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It was very nice. My dear brother, Islam. And some of you remember him, he was he brought me down. And we spent only two days but it was a very jam packed two days when I put it that way, and actually came to do the Shabbat workshop on a Saturday. And I believe I left on Sunday. So yeah, I, I love this place. And I always must have, at least I mean, I've been to so many states that if you ask me if I've been to Kentucky, I don't know if I've been maybe I haven't been, I cannot recall, honestly, because I've been to so many places. But this is one of the places that I remember everything, the color of the machine and everything. So at least I feel a connection to the place,

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but it's up for having me once again, and stuff perfect, or did you share

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the lecture I was asked to deliberate is, is basically in an order to the given before. So some of you may have heard this online before or not. But

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often, it's in terms of 1000 years ago in Mauritania, and it deals with a specific time period, and how it's not spread through certain parts of Africa are really one third of Africa we're going to look at.

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And our story begins in the year 440.

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After the age of 440, afternoon, so it's almost basically 1000 years ago, and in the southern part of the Mediterranean. And at that time, in the southern part of my Tanya, or basically, it was a large Berber tribe by the name of sinharaja. And the tribe of sinharaja has two large branches, one of which was Judah, and the other was lumped in to the tribe of Judah, it was run by a man or the leader of that tribal genetic man, his name is Ibrahim, and to that he is to run that tribe. And he was he was not a scholar or a knowledgeable person at all. But he was someone who is really, if you want to describe him within the tribe, he was someone who was upon the control. So his people, the

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tribe of Judah, they said they were Muslims. But this is where the Scripture, their description, and their situation. Basically, alcohol was rampant. To the point where people were addicted to alcohol, that means it was that breakfast, people were addicted to alcohol. That was wrong. So and so that a man would do that with his neighbor's wife, and his neighbor would not complain or become angry, because he in turn is doing it with his other neighbor's wife, and men more than four women and they really thought they were Muslim by name. So they would make more than four women standing with Robin the strong with crush the weak, and they felt that they were upon.

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So yeah, he had an Abrahamic God, the leader of this tribe you want he knew this was wrong. And he wanted to change. He wanted some change to happen to these people. But he wasn't able to because he did not have the knowledge to do so. So this is the first indication of the strong connection between knowledge. And so because he lacked the knowledge he was not able to go and to change his people. So he came up with an idea. He said on his way to hedge his way back from hedge is going to bring with him a scholar or chef or knowledgeable person that will give the people who have the data and perhaps change them in that way. So on his way back from hedge, he stops at the city of Rwanda,

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which is in modern Tunisia. And he goes to a medical scholar there, his name is Ron and Farsi. So he goes to this ship and he describes the situation, how these people are in their situation. And so, the scholar the chef,

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he thinks and he decides to send with him, a man, a well known medical scholar at the time, a lot of students and he had his own gatherings and his own behavior.

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To send this man with the leader of the tribe,

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he decided to send him a man by the name of chef up to the bar in UFC, up to LA, FC. And it's a great name a lot of people should know. But you, for the most part you only found in the western parts of Africa, they're more or less familiar with this history.

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But he's worthy of being known. And like we said, he was a scholar and a chef, and he had his people in his classes and his doodles, but he decided to leave all of that and travel to this, and he virtually unknown place to call people, they're totally legit. So now he starts to travel. And basically, our opponents, as he tells him go, you know, ship, with the ship, meaning the leader of the tribe of Judah and called the people to Islam or to teach the people that religion. So now travel, the leader of the tribe, you have brought him into the body, and the shift that's going on with him now of the love of NFC. And they start to cut through the Sahara Desert. And they cut

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through the southern part of Algeria, and cut through the northern part of Marin County until they got to the southern part where the tribe of Judah was there. And so when they get their share of living, as seen, he finds them to be living in a horrible situation. They think their opponents not, but they're so far away from Islam. And one of the interesting things is that you see this situation 1000 years ago, and it was worse than, than many places today that we don't have, well, maybe to varying degrees, but we don't have, we don't have this bad anywhere, with Islam. And so you see that historically, there have been ups and downs. So Muslim Muslims have been in very poor position, and

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they will come up again, and then go down, and so on, and so forth. So you see, this was a very bad situation. And then it was improved, basically, after the efforts. So he found this situation to be really, really poor. And he starts to call the people to do stuff. And immediately the people reject what he's doing. He's forbidding what evil is enjoying what's good. And immediately people start to reject what he's doing. And especially the people that will refer to us as having facade. These are people that have an interest, either politically or financially, they could benefit from the corruption of society. These people especially didn't want him to give them that power until he

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joined when he's God forbid, was evil, because they benefit from the corruption of society. So, and the tribe, the leader of the tribe, yet never again, the leader, now he's not able to help him much, you're able to defend him much. Because if people were undisciplined people of his tribe had no discipline. So we tell them how to go and listen, they had no discipline. So the chef continued with his 11. Yes, he continues with his data. So they thought and they said, You better stop what you're doing. And if you don't stop, we're going to beat you physically. And of course,

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the chef doesn't stop. And he continues giving, and they beat him. And then they threatened, they physically beat him up. And he threatened him one more time. They said, If you continue, we will kill you, or we will kick you out of this of our town. And so this just continues to kick him out of the leaf loud in here anymore. So what does he do? What are the options? Well, obviously, he can easily tell himself, I've got my students and I unknown and I can have them, I don't need to deal with this. I can go back to my city, and give them a reason my classes in that style as well. But the chef luckily has in front of a lot he had, right when he cared that he had the responsibility,

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he felt responsible, how can I leave these people and new generations will be born thinking this is a snap into this corruption, not knowing a lot of them not knowing the proper Islam, the sooner the prophet SAW said. So he couldn't. And he did the opposite. So instead of going back to his hometown, he goes to this is not from the southern part of Tanya, it goes to the northern part of synagogue, and he basically,

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northern part of Senegal, today a country that is 90% Muslim. Yeah. So at that point, he goes there, he goes into like a forest, and he settles by the banks of one of the rivers in Senegal. And he sent

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he sent a note or letter to the people of Judah that kicked him out. He sent a note to them, saying, I am here in such and such a place by this river. Whoever wants to learn about this mountain, let him come to me.

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So what happened there was some young men, specifically, there were five young men who actually were interested in the doll of this year. But in the village, they couldn't sit with him and learn from him and be too known to public and they will themselves be

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persecuted and so on. So when they heard of the new location of the ship, and they could relatively be unharmed, when they would go and study with the ship, these fine young men, their hearts were moved, and they came. And they joined this ship, this tent in a river in northern Seneca. So they stayed with the chef. And the chef then began to teach them their updater. And he began to teach them the properties that he taught them Salah, he taught them their religion. And not only that, he started teach them other things. He taught them how to fight them with his sword, he taught them how to fish, how to hunt, how to cook. So he's teaching them now to become self sufficient. And so what

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happened after these 5 million men tasted the sweetness of a man. Typically what happens when you taste the sweetness of the man, you want other people that tasted?

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Very true. You want other people to experience when you're experiencing? So the chef, then he tells the five young men go back into your tribe to learn tuna are starting to do that, and bring each of you bring one person, one person that you feel would most accept this message, intelligent, bright, family member friend, someone would accept this message, bring that one plus c, this is the difference between the way he did it. And the way we would have done it today. Today, we love numbers, right? We love numbers. We love love. Everybody go and bring 20 and 25. And we'll bring 30 back. But we're excited, right? We love numbers. I love these huge numbers. But that didn't work

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with numbers, they focus on quality. So five, he put them up to this level, he said everyone go back and bring one person. So the five went back and each of them came back with one person. So now the five became 10. Then he taught those 10. So this template he set up now became two times, then three, then four, then five. So the five became 10, the 10 became 20, the 20 became 40, the 40 became 80, the 80 became 160. And then you would break them into groups. And the more experienced we've been trying to find, much like how the profits of setting them broke them Athenians after the second month of October into groups under leaders, okay, so it's very organized and very controlled.

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So now, just by the year, this all started, remember and the year 440, after the by the year 444. After the hero just in four years, he had with him 1000 men 1000 men who understood their data, who understood their religion, who are also capable lawyers, everything in four years and 1000. So if you can make a comparison, and you will meet people who've been in doubt, for 10 years, 20 years, 15 years, and they don't have such a number to show for it. Even if it's down to non Muslims to Muslims, this is incredible. In four years, he's got 1000, fully capable dogs as well, they understand their religion, they're able to teach it to others and to keep them the Warriors as well.

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So when they became 1000, he says to them, 1000 will not be defeated because of numbers. And he's trying to say that because there's so many now if we defeated this not because we refuse but because of some other reason. So then he takes the 1000 cable and God now and they all go back to the tribal to the tribe that for years ago kicked him out. One man by himself kicked up now he comes back four years later, and they're 1000. So this is the year 444, after the hedgerow, they go back to the tribe, and they're 1000. And now they're more effective when they eat, join what is good, and they forbid what is evil, the tribe isn't able now to send them up. And plus, they're also from within

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the tribe, so you don't like much more get your own children and family members. So they're not able to kick them out now. And they start to call people talk to people, their religion, and to rectify the conditions of the people. So by the year 445, their numbers grew, they became about 1200 Okay, 1200 Remember what we said in the beginning, it was a major trouble sinharaja and it had two large tribes, Judah, and Lampton. So the tribe of Judah is where all the work is happening. Now, the type of lung tumor, the other large grants and there were these were Berber tribes.

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The other tribe, they were under the leadership of a man whose name was

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unknown to me. Yeah. And them to me. So,

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for 45 he starts to see the positive changes happening in Judah, the other branch, a lot of good things are happening. So he decided that I want the same good things to happen in my travel Travel Vlog tonight as well. So when he goes to his people, and he says to them, speak me, I'm not going to speak to women to children to anybody, unless you all become Muslim overnight. Someone did this also from the companions. Sound familiar? Right?

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Who did this

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Remember, that did not goes in he said, speaking to men and women is hard for me. Unless you all became Muslim almost overnight, his entire tribe became Muslim. So if he does the same thing, it goes back to his people. And he says, You all become Muslim overnight, I don't care. So they became Muslim overnight. And now overnight, so we there were 1200, almost immediately now that becomes 7000. And when we say 7000, we're only counting the men. This is not counting the women and children and everybody else. This is just the men. So the number has now become multiplied by so much in such a short period of time. And shortly after he does that, yes, if

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he passes away, or is he brought 1000s Islam, and he died shortly after that. So

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when he dies, a relative of his his name is Chef, a worker, in Oman and up Tony, this is another great name, and he basically changed Africa.

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Africa, we know today, a lot of it is due to this work of the man, a worker of Norma

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so basically,

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what happens now then, is that they now continue to spread the spread the religion of Allah subhanaw taala. And now they're in control of Northern Senegal and southern Mauritania. And now at this point, they become around 12,000 men, this is just the men, they're almost 12,000. So this is by the year 451, after the hitch, for doing after the intro, they're giving out shut up the opening scene is giving dialing out to neighboring tribes, they're starting to expand now. And he in one of the tribes, basically they're calling to Allah, they resist him and they fight against him and he has martyred him Allah in one of these backups in the year 451, after the age of so this is basically 11

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years after he started 11 years after he was kicked out of the village by himself. He is now monitoring giving data to one of those tribes. And at this point, there are 12,000 just the men not counting the women and children who are upon proper Islam, proper belief, proper

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understanding of their religion, so now becomes the leader of a bookkeeping Omar TuneIn, he becomes the leader of what is now known as the tomb. This is an endless knowing he certainly has known that the nation of the Mullah report, and they actually save the Muslims in Spain a number of times and became a large nation. And in English, it's known as the Moroccans if for those who are interested in reading more about it, the Moroccans or the Moroccan in Arabic. So

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this is now 461, where where our original data usage

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of 11 USC passes away, and 451. So now what kind of normal 20 is in charge. Two years later, in the year 453. After the hegira, he hears of a dispute in southern Seneca number they're in control of Northern Seneca, he hears of a dispute in an area that's not quite under their control, Southern Seneca a dispute between two Muslim tribes. And he knows it's not good for that when they start fighting, and there's war and things of that sort. So then he says, Okay, I'm going to go and take some soldiers with me. And at this point there 14,000 men, that total soldiers that they have, he says I'm going to take some soldiers with me, I'm going to go down to Southern Senegal and fix this

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problem between these two tribes. So I'm going to have issues. So he takes 7000 men with him, warriors into hot and he goes to Southern Senegal to fix the situation. Now in the meantime, who does he put in his place? He puts in his place also a great man, a great guy. His name was use of Eben tashfeen or it can also be pronounced Shafi. So use or use an event. And basically, he puts him in his in his place. And basically what it tells him is like, I just you know, we want you to be the interim president for a little bit for you're in charge for a little while, just let me go down and fix this problem. And I'll be back in Charlotte. This is 453. It takes 7000 men, and he goes so he

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leaves his cousin who's a British female in history in charge. So when he gets that he fixes the problem. And then he finds other tribes who don't believe in Allah don't know Islam properly. And he starts to call these tribes. Every time he goes deeper, he finds another tribe, and they have no clue. They worship sheep and trees and all kinds of things. You can just go back now. So he starts to call them when his warrior is now with his soldiers and his dog. He starts to call these

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People to Islam. Some of them accepted his message. Some of them fought him. And he moves from one track to another until he finally returns back to his original position. So now remember, he left in the year 453. One does he come back Finally, he comes back in 468, after

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he spent 15 years calling. Imagine someone tells you, Hey, take my seat, I'll be back and he goes for 15 years. 15 years, he found work to be done, can just come back. So he started calling from one truck to another for 15 years calling people to Allah subhanaw taala.

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So then the interim president or leader now uses a machine when he sat for a while in the position of leadership and then a worker doesn't return. So he asked about more or less he and he finds out that gone surfaces now during the time that he was gone. He said the further side forgive so username and constrain he could have just stayed as the King the president the ruler, what have you?

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He said no. Well, if he's going down south to get the hell out of north to get up with this is these are people just sit still got to do some work. Yeah. So he says if he can stop, I'll go north. So remember, you had 7000, he took seven he says I'll take the other seven upwards and do some work. So he takes the other half of the 14,007 goes northwards into Africa, and he starts to call people to Allah. When he goes upwards, he finds other Berber tribes. And again, they've got some strange things going on. He finds a tribe of humara. This was a Berber tribe, and they were under the leadership of a man his name was hain if no one knows this man hate monger law. He said he is a

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prophet, but he's a prophet of Islam. Religion, don't misunderstand the man. He's a prophet of Islam, he said, and what he changed the religion of Islam, he changed the Sharia. So basically,

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he was he basically made the Salawat there were two prayers only for day, one in the early part of Europa and one of the time of Mubarak. So one of the dark, one of them, I don't need to follow up. And he had these own on in the Berber language in Bavaria. And there was no model in his Sharia. And there is no Muslim leader from any major impurity, and there's no Hajj and he made the Haram for them. Oh, things are hot. Okay, and the female think was hot up. Don't be confused about the male or the female. Because Hello, and fish was hot unless slaughter.

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See, it's funny to watch. people follow this man with his silly rulings thinking this is a shady

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fish if someone tells you slaughter fish, but you know, don't say anymore another false prophet slaughter fishery.

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We have enough problem with the numbering fish into the body.

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So this was the talk of Omar and then this man,

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hyena menambah, he finds another tribe pepper truck as well by name of Buddha Whopper. And this tribe is under the leadership of a man whose name is Father inventories, Sham home. So you can see from the name of his grandfather that he was of Jewish descent, this man saw the inventories he also said he's a prophet and the prophet of Islam as a new religion. Now this guy has done the first guy had little solar, this guy has a lot of solo, the solo awkward time, five in the early part of the day and five at the at the later part of the day. And

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he kept the same, but you also are making what do you have to wash your belly button? Okay. And you had to wash your hands every time for solo. Then he made it felt that you married a non Muslim.

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And you can marry more than four. And you have to grow, break to break or you're bleeding money. Okay, it's hard to break to break. And again, this was part of this guy's show. Yeah. And so use that. You also find other things he found other tribes tribes have been worshipping sheep. And so basically so to call them to Islam, and some accepted in some tribes actually fought against him, the tribe of burrata and tribes with these false prophets. They fought against him, and that's understandable. But very interestingly, and very strangely, the tribe of Seneca fought against him as I was spending all this time fighting him is that this was a Sunni tribes. They were upon this

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and they did not treat the Sharia the Salah was proper. There's a proper way

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The would kill and steal. And they would kill and steal other neighboring tribes and steal from them. Okay. And so basically what they made it permissible to kill and steal, there's nothing wrong with it. And that's how their economy flourished basically killing and stealing from public groups. Right? So, so then what happened is the basically the problem with them is they make Islam, a private affair between you and your Lord. And this should be a good indication in the wake up call for people today, you can call for these things today. There are Muslims amongst us who say, Islam is a private thing between you and your Lord. Everyone has this prayer rug in his home. And that's

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it. Don't bring this down to the public sphere, don't, don't bring it into the political sphere, either. Just keep it in your home. If they just read the history, then see what happens when you try to make Islam an issue in your home only this kind of corruption happens. So even though this group was not deviant in investing, believe it or not, they actually because they made this lump sum, a private affair that sense, and they added momentum, how long things had, they went astray, that they would fight another group upon the same data. So

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so then this is now what's happening with us, in the north, calling these different groups, different tribes, finding false prophets, people who worship sheep, fighting against some calling sumptous. Now, then, when he left, when he returned to the 468, after the hero, he finds this man use of machine that he puts when he left, he put us away from the spinning charging ordinance and ago. And so in Mauritania, that's it? Yeah, and 453. So he comes back and forth 68. And he finds now this man that he couldn't charge him to small areas, is insurance now of all of Seneca, all of Mauritania, and all of Morocco, and all of Tunisia, and Algeria, all of these places now, under

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their control. And he found the 7000 men remember, there were 14, so we have seven, and use the screen to build a seven step. But before that, he would go twice a year. And they would basically like let's say, open up a new place, twice a year, he would go and open up a new place. So even though he had so many ways, and so many, you could send them all over the place to spread, he actually didn't do it in such a way because since the beginning, they're all idea has been quality. So the fight humanity was like before you move on to another place, so everything was good, solid quality. And so

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the basically now they're the Milan thinner in control of areas from Tunisia, or going to the bone, which is really one third of Africa. And just today, the Muslims living in those areas where these three great men started doing their work. The Muslims of these areas today that are alive today are about 180 million people, under the age of 80 million people, those are the ones that lives today, this was 1000 years ago. So in the 1000s of years, how many millions have lived and died, and inshallah anytime those people do anything, after worship or any good deed, those three original men get reward for that, because they were the first people to do that work for that when you see the

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fruits of the benefits and the virtues of giving up, and you do work, you change people, and every time they do something, you get rewarded for it.

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And so, and with that, we basically come to the end of the story. And we could have like, when you look at the history of that one, you could have looked at that, you know, we can start as early as it said on the first of the prophets and messengers, or you can even look at the Prophet The Tao of Prophet alayhi salam, okay, definitely look at the best Dahlia, the Tao of the Prophet Mohammed sauce, and there'll be so many lessons there. But somehow, sometimes you if you might look at the prophets, Allah and some will say, Well, this was a prophet of Allah, he was aided by Allah, then you think examples of the companions will be doing the best people chosen by a love to be his

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companion. And so that's why specifically we went back 1000 years ago into Islamic history, to, to pick a group of people that didn't necessarily have anything and 5000 angels behind them or anything like that. And they put effort in, they made some work and look at the results of their excellent work. So it's from the wisdom of Allah azza wa jal that he chose certain people to spread this line at a time when it was difficult to spread the stuff and they were beating,

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you know, potential danger. And then he chose not to spread that stuff at a time when it's really easy. And now we're talking about us. And today there's it's so easy to call them truthful and sometimes speak to people from mere minutes, and they come to a lot of storage.

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And we're not under any kind of threat and we want to be known gets beaten. A lot of people asked me Do you know of any Do you have horror stories where

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I'll tell you one of the many that I know I don't know a single story of no one that was beaten or bottles were thrown at them or anything like that we did with really civilized people Moore's law and everything.

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But basically, there is no threat and no danger. No, and no one's going to, like, light up a barbecue and put you on top of this power. Right? So there isn't really much threat or danger. And I'll conclude with the story of loneliness wrote a book alone. And the companion said he had never read the Quran being recited in front of the sacred, Mr. Old and you know, his description was small enough, enough. And he said, I'll go and

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they said, No, we want someone who has a tribe that can protect him. So he goes, and he stands in the courtyard of the cabin, and he starts to recite Surah Rahman Allah. So the flesh couldn't believe that this this young man has the audacity to reflect upon publicly here and in cordial and accountable in front of us. So they started to beat him. And they beat him so badly. The narrative says we could not see his notes from the rest of his face. And he got sued the slogan, couldn't tell which is which. So then when he comes back and companion said to him, this is exactly why we didn't want you to go. We wanted someone with a tribe that can defend him. And what is he saying to them?

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This is the caliber of people that we're talking about. What is he saying to them? If you wish, I will do the same thing again. Tomorrow.

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This is what we're talking about. Yeah. And for us, no threats, nothing.

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But, you know, without the law, the companions asked him, they said, Why did you keep saying,

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whatever torture you feel under the law, I said, I was saying other things besides.

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But I notice when I said I have not observed them the most. So I said it the most.

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Is that strange? Usually people are torturing you, you try to say things that are neutral, maybe things that will make them happy.

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But he was saying what would make them angry the most. This is the kind of conviction that we're talking about here. Strong spirited people for the law, and chose us to cooperate with Islam is so easy. So many people right at the edge, right? They just need some encouragement to be convinced. So that show up

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will will take some kind of motivation from from his story and roll up our sleeves and call people to allow us to get and call Muslims back from Allah subhanaw taala. That's not any less important and our time is up I'd like to thank all of you for being attentive audience of a fullback

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for cinema even more