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Are there things that keep you up at night? Do you have anxieties that bother you? Or do you have financial stress? Is your Islam not where you want it to be? Is there anything in dunya that's bothering you in any way? If pneus is a means of alleviating your stresses in dunya, before the hereafter, look at the story of it, maybe no Abby Jahan, right crema, he spent a lifetime fighting against Allah and His Messenger Salah and he was in till the last hour when Mecca had fallen to the Muslims crema was still fighting against the Prophet SAW Allah is and he was a warrior, but a stubborn man indeed.

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And when he heard that Mecca had fallen to the Muslims, he couldn't bear living in Arabia anymore. He decided to go towards Yemen and live there is that Abu Jamal had been killed anyway. His wife Omar Hakim had become Muslim. However.

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He made his way to the coast, his wife, she catches up, she said, I can remember.

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I've just come from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he promised me that if you come to Him, you will accept your repentance. He will not harm you. Because the Prophet sighs and and pardoned all of the Americans, all of the pagans, he pardoned them except a few war criminals. He said, No, they are not to be pardoned. I claim I was one of them. So Omar Hakim is saying he's just guaranteed your safety. And I have it here in writing, he didn't even look at.

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It didn't even look. And he got onto the boat, and he made his way to Yemen, so upset that the Muslims have become victorious. And there as they were avoiding mid sea, the boat began to move and the waves were like canopies, and death was not imminent. Academia began to matter, shipping key prayers, prayers, calling upon the idols. So the captain said to him, Oculus Be sincere. Meaning single out your worship for Allah be sincere. Now ug Kanuma in many clubs. During this moment, nothing will save you but sincerity.

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crema Subhanallah that moment he said it was like as if the blinkers of arrogance had just been lifted from me. And I realized that I was just resisting the truth. He said Mark or I feel oh, in nominal, Huck, I'm just running away from the truth.

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He said, Oh Allah, if you save me, I will go to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I will pledge allegiance to Allah saved him. Allah saved him. And he went back. And he crossed into Mecca pledge allegiance with the prophets of Allah. And he said, part of my repentance is that every battle you fight, I will be with you. I can remember he did this fighting courageously alongside of the Muslims till he got to the Battle of

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Yarmouk, and he was found breathing his last during the battle. And there was three of them who were breathing their last. And how does he know he sham and Abdullah have no cash. And I can remember when I began, and they brought water for academics to drink something before he dies. He said, I think my brother needs it more than me give it to him. So they went to the other. He said, No, I think my my brother needs it. But they gave it to him. He said, No, I think I couldn't manage it more. They brought it back directly. Mackey just died. They went to the secondary and he just died and they went to the third and his soul had left him as well. What saved him brothers? What saved

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him? What brought back the wife of Nkrumah?

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Because she said to him if you don't become Muslim, I'm finished with you. What brought back his wife. What saved him from the sea? What brought him Islam? What gave him martyrdom?

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Sincerity. It's a Savior from your worldly stresses Allah supports the sincere ones in dunya before the hereafter