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Bilal Philips
AI: Summary © The history of possession and possession of human beings has been discussed, including the use of jinn and the influence of Satan. There is also a brief mention of a woman who called out the god's presence in her body. The concept of possession is discussed, including the use of "has" and "has" to describe the concept, as well as the reasons behind possession, including biological and cultural mis Standays. The concept of possession is also discussed, including a "brink" or a "brink effect" that occurs when a person experiences an evil feeling and is the result of a bad experience.
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there their statues, or their paintings, their religious paintings of Jesus, on some occasions, tears may start to come from the eyes. This has been recorded, been photographed and everything.

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people. In Ireland, for example, there is in a village in Ireland, there was a statue of Mary, the mother. So suppose that the statue of what the mother of Jesus looked like Mary who is a part of Catholic worship. And one of the villages the statue of Mary started to rock back and forth.

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And people were looking at this trying to figure out what caused it, they couldn't see anything. And the word spread further and further in the newspapers statue in the village rocket, people are coming to see this thing. Some geologists came there and checked to see if there was any seismic activity which they couldn't detect. And it couldn't find any answers. The thing was still rockin people started to come there and drove to town, little village, they made a runway for 747.

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jets to come in for them to do international landings, people coming from all over Europe to pilgrimages into town to see the statue of Mary rocking.

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And, you know, it was a big thing in the Christian world.

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Until one of the priests there, he went into the place and smashed the statue,

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broke it up. He thought it was evil.

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They arrested him of death and let them go because there was no crime in the crime books for breaking statues.

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But the point is that, for them still, this was a phenomena, it indicated something of a miracle indicated Jesus must have been the Mother of God as they claim, you know. So

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this reinforced the video, again, if we understand the world of the gin, no problem for anyone to enter into that statue and to cause it to rock.

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So when we talk about possession as I said, it is important to understand the world of the jinn and how it can influence our world.

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Now, when it comes to

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possession of human beings,

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this is something which

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human societies have spoken about. From the most ancient of time.

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Many people came to feel that this was some kind of superstition, actually the whole idea of possession in general superstition, and you do even find some Muslims who claim that the jinn cannot possess anything.

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there are a number of evidences from both the Koran and from the Sunnah, confirming the possession of human beings.

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From the Quran we find in Surah Baqarah

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verse 275,

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and the one on

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interest taking interest, we're a law says, and that DNA akuna, Reba, Leia Pomona in Kamiya, qumola de

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Minimus. Those who devour interest, rise up like one stumbling from Satan's touch

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to be one of the leading scholars of Tafseer. He commented on this verse saying, this verse contains proof of the incorrectness of those who deny possession by way of the jinn, claiming that it is a result of natural causes, as well as those who claim that Satan does not enter humans, nor does he touch them.

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Even casier.

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In his view, he said of the same verse.

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That is, they rise up from their graves on the Day of Judgment, unbalanced, like an insane person in a fit of madness is fumbling around under Satan's touch, meaning that you will rise up unbalanced.

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from the sooner

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we have the statement

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of Sophia,

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the wife of the prophet SAW Selim and which

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She quoted the processor lemma saying, indeed, Satan flows in the bloodstream of atoms descendants.

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Satan flows in the bloodstream of atoms descendants.

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Now, again, some people might try to explain that away and say that it is the influence of Satan

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is so much upon us that it is as if it flows in the bloodstream. However,

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there is a narration

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which is collected in Muslim aftermath, and it's authentic.

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In it, yeah, Allah even more Ross said, I saw a lot of messenger do three things, which no one before or after him saw. I went with him on a trip. On the way we passed by a woman sitting at the roadside with a young boy, she called out, O Messenger of Allah.

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This boy is afflicted with a trial. from him, we have also been afflicted with a trial. I do not know how many times per day he is seized with fits.

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The prophet SAW Selim said, Give him to me.

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So she lifted him up to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he plays the boy between himself and the middle of the saddle.

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He opened the boy's mouth,

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blue in it three times saying, In the name of Allah, I am a slave of Allah, get out enemy of Allah.

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Then he gave the boy back to her and said, meet us on our return at the same place and inform us how he has fared. When they went, then they went on their return.

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Yeah, I said, we found her in the same place with three sheets.

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When he said to her, how is your son fair, she replied, by the one who sent you with the truth. We have not detected anything unusual in his behavior up to this time.

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Who was the prophet SAW Selim speaking to

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when he said, get out?

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enemy of Allah.

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If he wasn't speaking to Satan, to a satanic force which had entered this child, then it means that the prophet SAW Selim was involved in some kind of deception, and folly, is doing something which was meaningless, he was talking to something that wasn't there. So the very fact that he addressed

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some being inside of that boy, and told him to get out in the name of Allah, this is clear evidence that that boy had been possessed.

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and the reasons for possession

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or for those who

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exhibit similar

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a similar

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actions or saying the etc, similar to those who are possessed I mean, we have two categories. There, those people have certain general

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epileptic type fits and things like this that they go through physically.

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Not all of this is from the gym. It doesn't mean every single person who exhibits some kind of a fit automatically will say this person's

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there are some cases, which are a result of some biological imbalance in the person. And in some cases, where it in fact is possession. We know this, from the case of a particular woman

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came to Prophet Mohammed salah

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and this is recorded in Sahih al Bukhari

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woman came to the prophet SAW Salem.

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And she complained to him saying, indeed, I have falling fits.

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And I get uncovered. So pray to a law for me.

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Grace, I seldom said,

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if you wish,

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be patient and you will have paradise or if you wish, I can pray to Allah.

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To cure you, she said, how the patient than the added and then she added, but I become uncovered, so pray to Allah for me that I do not become uncovered. So I prayed for her.

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Why in the case of the boy,

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he called the possessing being to leave.

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whereas in the case of the woman, he did not,

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he told her instead be patient, and your reward will be paradise, why, because, what the scholars have interpreted this, saying that the reason for this difference, scholars like it AM, explained that the reason for this difference is because of the fact that what she was afflicted with was something biological. And we know that, in so many other narrations where the prophet SAW Selim spoke about illnesses that we suffer

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any wound that we are afflicted with, if we are patient with it, it purifies one of sin. And also, there's a narration from the last element, which is the process that I'm said that when a law wishes good for a servant of his, he will try him before he dies, he will go through a series of painful circumstances which will purify him of his sins until he leaves the world pure from sin.

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Sir, servant of God who faith is firm, and is patient with the trials that he's faced with.

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in cases where it is biological, then the person has only to be patient, meaning that if cases come before us and we are to try to treat them, we have to keep that in mind. Some cases, people may seem to get cured fairly, relatively easy, you know, when we follow the prophetic methodology of exorcism, and actually even when people follow other methodologies.

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And some cases when everything is tried, it doesn't seem to do any good.

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Those may be cases of biological imbalance within that individual. And in such cases, the person just has to be patient with it.

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Now, the causes for possession

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were identified by Eben Tamia, he made three possible reasons that human beings may become possessed. He suggested one, human beings may be possessed because of sensual desires on the part of the jinn

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where they fall in love with some human being, and that relationship becomes a sensual relationship.

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The second may be a result of horseplay, or just on the part of the gym, just a desire to create

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where they enjoy people involved in evil, you know, enjoy creating distress and etc, for others. mischief we'll call it in general.

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And the third, maybe, because some harm has been done to some elements among the jinn. And they respond

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by possessing that individual.

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Now, possession may be partial

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partial possession, as well as it may be complete possession,

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partial possession,

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maybe in the case of people who have become what they call spiritual mediums, individuals who claim to be able to channel the spirits of the dead, communicate with your dead relatives, maybe they on their own tongue, they go into kind of a trance, and they will talk to you, you know, it seems like the spirit of your dead uncle or your grandfather, whatever is speaking through them to you. This is where an individual allows himself or herself to be partially possessed for that period of the communication.

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This is a fairly common phenomenon, you know, around the world. And this may also

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be the case of those people who practice what is known as glossolalia. Amongst the born again, Christians who claim to be overcome by the Holy Ghost and they fall on the ground and they start talking in tongues and all these kinds of things that were some of that has some meaning to it. And it's not just

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babbling and something from it's coming from within themselves, it may very well be partial possession on the part of the jinn.

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Partial possession may come in the form of dreams, where we no problems are seldom said that dreams are of three types,

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true dreams which are from a law, true and good dreams are from a law. A second type, which is the ramblings of the mind where human being just whatever you've experienced in the day in the week over the last year, it just pops up in your dream in in a rambling sort of incoherent pattern.

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And the third which he called, say, Titanic dreams, where the evil jinn may enter into your dreams, and put

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either satanic thoughts, either thoughts which make you very fearful, or you see things are very scary, and you wake up in a sweat and you're shaking this kind of really fearful kind of dreams, or it could be dreams of corruption, you know, where you find yourself in the dream committing fornication or adultery or you know, doing some kind of corrupt actus acts, this can be from the jinn also. Or it could be in the form of suggestions to you, that you are special. You know, you are close to God, God has accepted you, you know that you are a prophet of God or something like this, you know, where you get wake up with this feeling that you are now a special individual, you are now

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holy, maybe it tells you that you don't need to pray anymore because you've reached a special station and you have people who fall into this trap.

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It may be in the form of thoughts, which are put into your mind

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where ideas sometimes you may be functioning in a quite normal way and then some kind of thoughts come to your head you wonder where did these ideas come from? I mean, I wasn't really thinking this kind of things, you know,

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evil, bad, corrupt kind of thoughts just seem to come from nowhere. It may be from this agency also. And included in this is the phenomena that happens to young children who seem to exhibit what people mistakenly think are evidences for reincarnation

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or the jinn. Because remember,

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among the jinn is a particular category called the hurryin.

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from among the evil jinn,

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a individual jinn is assigned to every human being from the time he is born until he dies.

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Every human being, as with him, a hottie

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whispers to him evil, as he has with him an angel, a specific Angel assigned to him whispering to him good. This is

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