Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2021 – Verses of Hope and Healing #23 – A curse won’t affect you

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the power of Islam to prevent evil plans and warns of the dangers of lying to someone who plans an evil plan. They stress the importance of praying for others to heal and avoid future disaster, as it is the only way to avoid future evil plans. The speaker also emphasizes the need to stop spreading rumors and not allow anyone to take advantage of others. The importance of praying for others to heal and find forgiveness is also emphasized. The holy spirit is encouraged to strengthen belief and confidence.
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One owner Xin Amina Lupo Nima who worship

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A salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, who Allah, Allah, he was happy he edge mine, my brothers and sisters, sometimes Allah protects us from an enemy without us knowing when that enemy had actually planned our downfall, and probably began to execute that plan. And Allah stops them in their tracks. And we didn't know we were resting, we were sleeping. This happens when you develop a good relationship with Allah. And when you pray, what is known as your other car, you're the remembrance of Allah or Alma with that those verses and prayers supplications of protection in Allah from harm and from Chopin on a daily

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basis. Every morning, every evening, you must make sure you read ayatul kursi. You read, for example, the last three sutras of the Quran, you make sure that you read some of the supplications taught by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and Allah at times will give you such protection that you will be amazed. Now the verse I want to talk about is actually the gift of Allah that's mentioned in verse number 11 of surah. Toma ADA, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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Yeah, are you

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here either in

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fact, if the

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law were Allah, he finally at our Kelly, I mean,

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amazing. I start off at the end, Allah says what the Allah which means and be conscious of Allah develop the correct relationship with Allah. And if you are true believers, you should lay your trust in Allah. So what's the beginning of the verse? Allah says, Oh, you who believe, remember the favor of Allah upon you, when there were people who were, who had intended to harm you, and they actually planned it and had started the execution of the plan. They, you know, they, they wanted to stretch their arm of harm against you. And Allah says, we blocked that. We stopped it we, we caused it to cease. Exactly there. So Allah says, cafe idea, man, can we stop their hands from reaching you

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with any harm losses, think of that favor, Allah Subhana Allah, imagine how what type of comfort that gives me what type of hope that gives me that Allah has my back. Allah will look after you, behind your back, Allah will protect you, Allah will make sure that those who are planning your downfall will never succeed. They won't succeed in fact,

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when someone makes a plan against you, or when someone curses you, the justice of Allah is such that he doesn't allow an unjustified curse to go through.

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I'm going to say that again just now. But let me continue with the second point and that is, Allah will cause that plan the evil plan to reach those who made the plan who deserved it. So when you plot the downfall of someone, you're actually plotting your own downfall. Allah says, while you're here or Mako say you are in a hurry he you know, the evil plot will not surround or will not grip and catch you know, your Heiko, it will not grip the neck of anyone besides he who would who deserved it, who did it in the first place. You know, the one who is the owner of it, the one who started so don't plan the downfall of others, because you're actually planning your own downfall.

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And part of hope that I have is when someone plans my downfall and they're plotting and so on. Allah says Don't worry, it's actually going to rebound to them. It's great to get back at them in a worse way. That's Allah's gift to all of us. Now let me get to the issue of curse.

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When you have been cursed by someone, the curse will never ever come to fruition it will never, ever see success. If you don't deserve that curse. Sometimes mothers curse their children or stole federal law. That is terrible. You should never curse your child.

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No matter what, because the curse will come back and rebound, it will get to you. That's what would happen, that curse is deserved by you. So it's going to come back to you. Similarly, you have fathers sometimes, or brothers or sisters, or anyone, even sometimes your teachers and people just curse each other. May the curse be on you, curse be on you, and so on. Don't get used to saying that I've heard this in Odoo a lot. They say, learned how to how to pay or something like that, right? which actually means made a curse be upon you curse of what? Who are you cursing, you deserve the curse more than I do. And Allah knows that and he is just, there's so much of hope in my heart that

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Allah will never allow an undeserved curse to come and attack me. It's going to come back to you. So be careful. May Allah protect us? I've heard this so much. And every time I hear it, I smile in one way. I think to myself, wow, this person doesn't realize the curse is not going to affect them. But secondly, I'm saddened because the one who dished out or issued the curse is really going to be the one who's ultimately cursed and look at their lives. Those who are used to cursing a lot. Their lives are a mess, they will always be a mess without exception. If you're used to cursing people, and you're not justified in that, definitely, you will find your life would be probably the biggest

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misery. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. So in order to extend the hand of hope, and in order to heal, let's seek the forgiveness of Allah. Let's stop. Let's start praying a good prayer for people because I will tell you what happens when you pray for people, the angels say Oh Allah, give this person similar to what they've asked for the other. Make sure it's a good thing. Or Allah bless them, Allah grant goodness, oh Allah give them sustenance. The angels are saying give this person sustenance as well, what a great blessing. I'd love that supplication of the angels for me. So in that particular case, I am going to pray as much as I can positively for others, when you see people

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going astray, pray for their guidance, Allah will grant you guidance. But when you see people going astray and your business is to curse them, number one, and to start spreading rumor about them or gossip, or just whatever it may be backbiting about them because it's true. So to be honest, in that case, what would happen? One day, people will have the opportunity to do the same about you Subhan Allah May Allah protect us, that like I said, in order to heal, we must repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says, Remember the favors of Allah upon you remember the favors of Allah upon you. You know, there are so many things Allah blessed us with take a look at the port on Allah has given us

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such a great blessing and the minimum of the Quran.

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The score on if we look at it, the verses are so powerful that we should be brought to tears by the verses of the Quran. But Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks to us about the man the strength of belief, those who believe the Quran will move them in normal mamoon a levina. If they're looking at Allah, what do you let go one the believers are the ones when Allah is mentioned, their hearts tremble. And when the verses of Allah are recited, you know, it strengthens their belief, their conviction, their Eman, it strengthens them completely. Look at the

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nagashi the niggas of Abyssinia when the verses were read, of Surah Maryam he was crying he had tears rolled down his cheeks and Allah says what either semi oma

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Zilla Isla solito Johan toffee boom in a dumb aimim Allah for meenal have Jaco Luna Ravana

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facto bernama Show Hidden, when when they heard the verses of the Quran being recited that which was revealed to the Prophet peace be upon him be recited, their eyes filled with tears Subhan Allah because they recognize the truth and they said, Oh our Lord, we have believed so write our names from among those who have borne witness. Now, that itself is healing to listen to the Quran is amazing. It will heal you just listen to a beautiful recite who recites beautifully, the recitation that is melodious that so does your system. There are so many different types of readers, you listen to a beautiful reciter and Subhanallah it will bring you to tears it will give you so much of

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comfort. It will heal the broken soul. Just the recitation of the Quran has in it so much of healing. Listen to it and listen to it often. We should be replacing all other audios

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Within our cars and everywhere else with the Koran and something beneficial, something beneficial inshallah in that way we would never regret how we spent our time. May Allah grant us the true sweetness of the sport on May he heal our souls and our hearts through this Blizzard word of his paper on. I mean, a poodle Callie hava was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. One owners Xin Amina Lupo Nima who worship

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