What Will Happen to those who do Zina

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You don't want to go to the akhira with the debt of a sin of Xena because what happens is this, you get to the akhira you've got two things that will happen and please notice that the Acura is going to have one of two things for you. It's either going to have straight up punishment or is going to have straight up rewards and a blissful life. One of the two you don't get nothing in between right? In as long hadith of Buhari the Prophet sallallahu wasallam saw a dream with Jabril Ali Salaam and he saw a whole huge pot and that pot had fire inside it. There were naked men and women inside it they were being burned so fiercely that they will be tossed up and coming back straight into the pot

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toss up and into the pot is screaming, the screaming and the props Allah's and later on inquired what did I see here Jabril Gabriel esalaam said these are the men and the women of your ummah, have committed Zina that have committed the Haram act. Okay, now, what's the opposite? And I'm telling you, there's gonna be people here sitting here right now who've got haram relationships going on. There's a simple thing that is either black or white in the akhirah. Either you're heading for punishment, or you're heading for this other side, which is what, which is the Prophet sallallahu asthmas told us that on the Day of Judgment, a person who said in the world who was in the world,

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and he had a woman who said to him, Come on, let's do it, a woman of beauty, a woman of godliness, she said, Come on, let's do it. And he said in a huff, Allah, I fear Allah or she did that with a man. She said, I fear Allah and they never went to that act. Because of that Allah will call them on the day doesn't he will put them under his throne on the Day of Judgment, the only shade that exists on that day, and they will be honored in the presence of the Prophet alayhi wa salatu salam so you choose which pathway you want to go to. If you have had a haram relationship. If you've done something haram you better to Toba just seek forgiveness because it's very serious once you die, so

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don't risk it. Just just for a biscuit you know, I'm trying to say like, just for the biscuit don't risk it.