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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the creation of the Islam foundation and the use of water. The importance of establishing a chain of custody for people to avoid deaths and the need for a reminder to avoid calling out to besides Allah. The importance of remembering the almighty and the holiest culture for achieving satisfaction and liability, as well as the importance of planting trees for sustainability and reducing alcohol consumption. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to consider the importance of unity in achieving their goals and share their own experiences with racism and negative experiences.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah you

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was salat wa salam ala Mulana via via

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a mobile phone We'll be live in a shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in our whatever bait you will be it nurse let me be back Qatar mobile Rocco what would it be either mean for Tala Tala one massage G daddy

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fella uma Allah He had a setup Allah when Azim

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My dear respected elders and brothers mothers and sisters we first begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala

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who is the creator of the universe, whom we are obliged to follow and submit to and who has given us tremendous favors.

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He has created us he has sustained us. He gives us water to drink. He gives us food to eat without our doing and that data in the Quran say just to give you an example about water after after a trauma under Etosha lagoon. Don't you see the water that we drink? And to Manzil to move in a Muslim? Did you bring it down from the heavens?

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Did you bring it down from the heaven? What did Allah bring it down? And then he tells us in another place called or aid to mean as Burma will come one day you get up in all the sources of water is dry. There is no water in the dams is no water in the rivers there is no water in the ocean. Who is going to create for you water can anyone trade for your water? Rainwater only beekeepers you the water that is there. And that also they're not doing a good job but anyway.

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We put Can you imagine one day you get up all water is dry. To people who bottle the water don't create your water you don't manufacture that water. Allah gave it to us. Allah Allah MIDI, our Creator MIDI, we send certifications upon our beloved Maria Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that has so many people three I'm seeing after a long time and I just want to acknowledge and forgive me I don't, you know, acknowledge everyone that I'm supposed to acknowledge. Really, I would like to acknowledge Hafiz Yatta I said to him before Salat, I'm seeing you after so long we used to meet occasionally in meetings. So many after so long we have met but others will keep I don't remember

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how many times he told me about the budget you want to put it in Delhi. Today an umbrella becomes in reality, Amir is a lunga Allah subhanho wa Taala keep your leadership over the community for the baraka in blessings. Comrade Boosey and other brother comrades

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who is here to rally. We thank you for joining us on our happy occasion. There are so many other people who are here.

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Share humara she totally Maulana Tao would chef Omar who is now the elderly person from from the community and someone who we have dealt with in our other Masjid in Orlando is Alhamdulillah Ismail who was here he just left now. He joins us every year for for for aitikaf in Newtown masjid and I just told him now before I just met him I said you know you you are not here this this year we must show you are not in your town. I think as long as I can remember for over 20 years every year he's in the teacup in Utah masjid. And this year he told me he wasn't feeling well so we can either and join us. So many of you who are here all protocols observed if I forgotten anyone, please forgive me

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and the people who have you know donated the deaths or family doctor robotic people have spoken so highly about it's such a joyous occasion I just want to make mention of three points

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with regard to the establishment of a masjid

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and please keep me you know, we people we can start speaking the almighty start speaking let us continue. So you have to give us a you know a reminder to keep it short. So I'll make mention of three points and yes our brother is my Mashallah. So what we are speaking about these three, three as important lessons of why we establish a masjid, Allah Tala says who Annelle masajid Allah.

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The Masjid belongs to Allah. This is not other than the house of Allah.

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And it is the spiritual centers of the believers.

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For not that Oh, any investment if you don't call out to anyone besides Allah. You don't call out to anyone besides Allah.

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You only call out to Almighty Allah

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subhanaw taala in our, in our, in our history, there's a very great Sufi by the name of Fisher haffi. Now I heard chef GRPs interview on Salem media. And I was so impressed that he spoke about the fact that there was a bottle store it was it here it was in the area or something. And from there much it came Subhanallah many years back I went to Albania. So there was a brother by the name of Jamal Jamal Dukkha. So he told me his father was a Muslim. But when Albania became communist, they destroyed the Quran. They destroyed the masjid they destroyed everything.

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And because he was known to be someone who was close to Islam, they made him the supervisor of the bottle. So, just to belittle him, because they knew that he was a Muslim. So he said when I wasn't a bottle, so I used to make dua, I say Allah one day make this portrait. So, a masjid and will Allah al Azim I was at the foundation of that particular place that was first supporter, so and I laid the foundation of a masjid in Albanian interior and fighting this whole situation here they are very similar. A place where I was a part of so today is becoming a place where it is going to be the place where we are going to remember Allah. Anyway, in our in our history, there was this person by

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the name of Bishop.

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Bishop haffi, was a drunkard. So one day while in the state of drunkenness, he was walking.

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And he saw

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a paper in which was written Allah's name.

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So although he was drunk, he he read, he read, respected and last name. So he took that paper, he went to the house and he placed it with respect in the place of reset.

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So the Saint of the time saw a dream and said, Go and tell Bishop,

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the way he respected my name, I will give him respect.

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Bishop became one of the greatest Sufi saints in our history.

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And one day he was in the harem. He was in the Kaaba in the Baitullah when the Khalifa sham bin Abdul Malik met him and said, Bishop

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I am the Khalifa I'm the key Ask me whatever you want.

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So from this wonderful masajid Allah I want to reply to as he said, he said Khalifa Are you asking me to ask you something in the house of Allah?

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This is Allah's house. You want me to ask you something? How dare you ask me to ask you in the house of Allah when I'm supposed to ask Allah. Wonder massage into the masjid belongs to Almighty Allah. Don't call out to anyone besides Allah in the house of Allah. Now, let me just complete complete that incident. So that Khalifa met him outside the masjid one day, and said, Bishop, you asked me now, you asked me now is not the masjid is not in the house of Allah. Sufficient said What must I ask you must I ask you something to do with religion? Almost they ask you something to do with your worldly leads. So the Khalifa said, You are an ally you are religious God I can I can give you any

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religious guided asked me about your worldly needs.

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So you know what, you know what replenisher gave? He said Khalifa the world I don't even ask from Allah. We I'm going to ask from you.

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I don't even ask Allah for the word Allah will give me if he wants to, I don't even ask for enough. So this is a man who was a drunkard whom Allah Tala gave that state of spirituality.

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Brothers una we need when he needs a letter I knew Quran says who Amala Kamala TJ, Allah will accompany Yama, the wealth is a means of our worldly existence, we need it. But what we don't realize, to the whole world is not realizing this. That just says we need food and drink.

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We need relationship with our Creator.

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We need a relationship with the One who created us. Because if we don't have a relationship with our Creator, I can take an oath we will never ever be happy.

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Why do you see people have got such great amount of wealth and you see them they are dying of depression. They are depressed because so much well, they're depressed. I read somewhere that Sweden is a place where it's according to the index, one of the best of living places in the world to live. But the greatest amount of ratio of people to psychiatrists.

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The greatest ratio of people to psychiatrists is in places like Sheeran in America. The while you ask the reason why? Because Allah didn't kept satisfaction in wealth.

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And I hope I can tell some of our our leaders, our political leaders here in this country 1994 We had a vision that we are going to be equal, we are going to look up, we are going to look after the world, the same mentality wealth is going to make me happy. Wealth is going to give me success. And they have eaten they've taken food out of

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the mouths of the poor people of this country.

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We hope that Allah Tala can still give them the opportunity to mend the waste the letter until you don't remember, I don't know you don't have your relationship with Allah, you are not going to become happy.

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Allah Allah says Allah Lena Ave what that mighty Nakuru thriller. It's a believer he finds satisfaction in remembering his creator. Allah, Allah you know what the meaning of Allah means. Be specially be made aware. Be aware, be aware. Only in the remembrance of Allah will your hearts find contentment, your heart is not going to find contentment in a beautiful car or your heart is not I'm not saying it's not permissible. You can buy a good car because the means of good conveyance, nothing wrong. Your heart is not going to find contentment in a beautiful home. Although it's permissible to buy a comfortable home and live in a comfortable home is not haram is not prohibited.

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But only thing that is going to give you satisfaction and tranquility of the heart is the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the masjid is a place for the

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wonderful masajid and Allah Allah, Allah He only in the in the masjid only call upon Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala so the masjid calls us towards angelic qualities he called us he was tranquillity call us towards peace. It calls us when you when you read Quran and you read your Salat, how do you feel all of a sudden you feel nice, you feel a certain degree of satisfaction that comes upon your heart. And therefore this message is the spiritual centers of the Ummah to gain tranquility and to remember our Creator without which will never be happy.

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That's it the first thing I want to make mention of the masjid is a place of remembering the almighty without which we are not going to get satisfaction, no contentment, no tranquility, no success. The second thing is the masjid is a place of Muslim unity. Shefter has so beautifully spoke about the fact that today we are just everywhere we are fighting. I'm the target of all this Righto with regard to it, you know, everywhere. Everyone fighting, just maybe labeling and for small small thing everyone has become an expert.

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We are we going to where we were we're going to add where Allah says don't fight an argue and now we'll make the week. Look at how we are because of our fighting. The Masjid is a place of unity. And don't let this Muslim become a place of disunity. There are two things that create unity in the Muslim ummah, the Masjid in Surat for Jamar, can you imagine the beautiful thing we tell everyone you must eat salad in congregation work our Moroccan

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chef Yeah, who was making mentioned that Berta Tula also made mention of him also I know him for so long. I remember him from the time when he was in Roman Caesar in Cannes butchery in how we used to travel to make salad with German you know salad with German Allama am set for in a salad filled Masjid mean up Berisha Iridian.

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Salad in the masjid is one of the greatest sign of Imam and the symbol of a Muslim. Now just imagine how you say I say he creates unity, how does he create unity? Now we all of us, we just say for example, there are 1015 people who come every day they read a photo of salad, early hours of the morning they are in the masjid, they are eating salad.

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Now if you see a person who is reading Surat with you every morning in Surat what Jamaat and is there for Fajr immediately what comes into what comes to the mind? Al Hamdulillah he had a good night, he had a safe night. So therefore he is, you know, he is allowed and he has now been healthy enough. There was no problems in his house. In his family. He's he's now he has come to the masjid. Now just say every day a person is coming to the masjid for Fajr salad, or McRib salad or Isha salad. And all of a sudden for three nights he's not there.

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Three days he's not there. Now all of a sudden the people who are supposed to read everyday said now what has happened? What has happened to this? What has happened to him? I

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mean, Is he sick, maybe he must be visited? Did something happened to him that maybe we need to go and find out. That will happen and loving unity you will not get if you're not in the magic. If you don't make salad with tomatoes. Now you're making salad with tomatoes. Imagine the Unity the Love the brotherhood. And forget forget a believer it comes in a hadith that when a person is

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in the masjid every day, if he doesn't come for few days, the angels make dua to Almighty Allah. Oh no this person used to be every day today is not here. What is wrong with him if he's sick yeah Allah grant impure. If something has happened to his family he Allah make it easy. The angels make dua for you. If you are regularly in a budget and all of a sudden you don't.

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Ideally structure brothers this unity is so important. Allah's hand of assistance is upon the United road for indle Bharata mal Jamar Allah's blessings upon the United rod is Allah's blessings in Unity comes and so much of blessing somebody we are united. The Masjid is the focal point for community identity. The Masjid is a focal point for Muslim unity. So that does make the magic the focal point of you know, merb Muslim unity. And then the one point, something that I'm very, very passionate about. And Jeff here also made mention about it.

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I want you to consider this.

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In a world of aid you who the early nurses will learn that the burqa the first magic that was established on the earth Earth was in Makkah, Allah Tala calls it Bucha because Bucha was a traditional

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the old name of maca.

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And Allah Tala says in our debate, you will they are in essence already Booba Katha Mubaraka what would

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it is a means of blessing any Hidayat and guidance for whom

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for humanity

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that must establish in Makkah, is blessing and guidance for the entire humanity not only Muslims.

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I asked the people that question because I'm so passionate about this and I feel we have lost an opportunity. We have a religion which is universal. We have a religion which is not only Indian, it is a religion for the Allah Allah in the Quran says about our prophets of Salaam, Rama to Leilani he is a mercy to humanity. This Quran is huddled in us. It is a guidance for humanity not only for Muslims.

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I was I was getting a ban. The Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam was six years of age. When he was traveling from Medina to Makkah, his father had passed away in the travel in the journey, his mother passed away. And when his mother passed away, he cried to Almighty Allah and anyone now you took my father You took my mother at such a such a young age, Allah had wisdom in it because Allah wanted to look after himself directly over it. And he's and he cried over the cover after his mother was buried. He cried. And yet no one you know the woman who took him from the grave while he was laying down on the cliff and he was crying, was a woman by the name of Amon. Do you know who is maman? Who

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may Amon was an African woman? Whom

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she he she took Nerissa serum after the incident after his mother passed away to Kim to Monica, can you imagine what what of love she must have taken? And the Prophet SAW Selim used to see my mother,

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my mother, a woman from Africa, our prophecy Allah when he was salam called her my mother.

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She was this is not it's not we know what doesn't belong and we know this book that believe inshallah we'll share it, the eminent Sahaba who are from from the African continent, there are so many Islam came to Africa even before it came to Medina. We say Medina is a city of the Prophet. Before he came to Medina, his son was in Africa. And Allah Allah says in the city, I want to ask you the question, that the masjid is supposed to be a blessing not only for Muslims for humanity, and that Allah says, now we'll update you with the nationality Rebekah Mubaraka wouldn't be

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where he is our must've been a blessing for a region or for the area we are in.

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But Allah Allah says, Never mind the end here you are in it's supposed to be a blessing for the entire humanity. It's supposed to be a guidance. And I feel so strongly with regard to that. I feel that we have us we have the solution to many of the problems that are dissecting the South African situation. When it comes about racism. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said love Fidel, European Allah I mean, there is no superiority of the Arab over the non Arab or the white over the black or the black over the white. Everyone is equal in front of the Almighty Allah. And the only one who says ahead is the one who searches ahead on the basis of his Taqwa.

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aspire to his righteousness.

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The Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam told us today people talk about environment, I will just I made a presentation on the standards view on environment to a group in Singapore during the last two weeks, the Prophet saw some said, you plant a tree, which today people tell you, it's so important for you to plant a tree, because you know, it's environmentally friendly. As long as people benefit from the tree, as long as an animal benefit from the tree, you will get the reward of sadaqa. Now we saw some said, you are planting a tree and you use the top part of the Day of Judgment. The world is about to end, the promises are gonna say continue planting the tree, don't stop. Why? Because we are

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people who are productive. We are people who want to do something good all the time to help. The Prophet saw some say I saw a person, I saw a person enjoying himself in paradise.

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And oh, my Sahaba Do you know why he was in paradise? There was an offensive item on the road and he removed it.

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There was an offensive item on the road, he removed it.

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He didn't wait for you know, the city council to come into heat has removed it. Because of that he's in Jannah. He's in he's in Paradise is civic responsibility to see the two areas

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that you remove something that is offensive from the road. Islam has got the solution. I don't know how to make mention with regards to him. I hope this particular message becomes a means of a diet and blessing. The entire neighborhood must look upon this budget as a place of blessing.

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And we got the service. I don't know how to, you know, I don't like to throw names. Now. You know, people know me as someone recently for me, from one of the political, no echelons of society related to the President. And this woman for me very close to the President said, I want to know what must I do? I said what happened? She said my daughter became a Muslim.

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Related to the President, my daughter became a Muslim. So I said how do you find her? And you know what she told me? She told me I just see such a change in her behavior for the better.

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She's become such a unique human being.

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We got this she said all over there is no Alcohol Alcohol is finished this word our community

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and yet the little resources we got we are going in we are spending in alcohol. When the Prophet Allah in the Holy Quran what did he say in the Mohammed Al Maseeh rate so many family shelter? To drink? Alcohol is the work of Satan the handiwork of the Satan? What does he do with alcohol in the marina shaytan were up are they in a coma, he creates enmity and hostility and fighting. Half the time the people who are killing one another is because they are drunk. Half the time the people who are killing one another on the road is because they are turning in Allah Tala tells us in our Quran, that this alcohol is gonna cause enmity and hostility. We've got a we can tell the people this is

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haram because of the harm upon humanity in society. We have this my nephew is sitting in one public school. So the school has made an arrangement for for the for them to eat salad properly to read the Juma prayers. So he said three people from the black community. He said they told him one day before he went to Ma, he said, take us take me with you when performed the Duma.

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We want to see how you make Duma. So he said three of his friends came and see him perform to mine afterwards. He said, we like to perform prayer the way you are praying, because Muslims

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because Muslims, I got such a passion for it. And the question is, I don't know why it is deliberately distorted. I'm not saying that Islam Islam is not that we believe Islam to be the vision of truth. But because of this passion, I just feel so much that we've got an opportunity to share with Islam and that particular patient is deliberately distorted

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so now what I'm saying that is left me with three things and you know, I'm so happy that this budget is so beautiful.

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You know, the people who will make the masjid beautiful, why Daddy was the first person and you know, sometimes the motive can be still, you know, not well established and not beautiful, but Allah will put Hidayat mercy remember we was established in the second year of first or second year after history. For eight years there was no light

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there was no light in Nigeria no movie.

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There was no Eskimo there was still there was no light.

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But there was no night the first person who brought right into my chair and never was a savvy by the name of Tamina daddy. So he brought a light and he left a lamp in material never we never saw sort of came in a budget. And he saw the light. And so Angela, do you know what that is? Awesome. Said Whoo.

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Who illuminated our magic?

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And he said May Allah illuminate the one who illuminated our budgets

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and not put a light in the life of the person who illuminated our Masjid. We say the same thing to everyone who was responsible for putting up this merci for you know putting up the lights and making it beautiful. Allah Allah saying this is so beautiful. And Allah illuminate your your life the way you illuminated this area in this region. But bear in mind the three things I've made mentioned with which I'm going to conclude, the Masjid is a place of the spiritual centers of this movement, where we gain tranquility without which we can get into and quality. Remember Allah in the remembrance of Allah will your heart find contentment, make this a place of unity and make this a place of diet and

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blessing not only for you for the whole area, the whole neighborhood, Inshallah, one day the entire humanity. May Allah give us a topic, whatever that one