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Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem I'm about Farooq Abdullah Humana shavonda rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim furbish

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assembly MD, Washington author melissani of kahuku Li, urbanization Arima along with Selena Selim.

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inshallah, we'll begin from Bab 19. The previous Hadees that we learned TARDIS number 77, in which we learned that modern Riviera, he narrated an incident in which when he was only five years old, the prophet SAW the light is no one spat out mouthful of water on his face.

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And he remembered that very well. And the reason why it is mentioning this hadith is to show that children who have not yet reached the age of puberty, also remember things very well. children as young as five years old can remember incidents that happened in their childhood. What is the truth? That young children, their memory is very good. Don't they say that little children, they're like sponges, they absorb everything

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that I clean slates, wherever you write, it will stay in it forever, right? They're like sponges, they absorb everything. So this shows that when a child is very young, that is the best time to make him memorize something. And other things that you want to make your child memorize is first and foremost, the Quran. So little children, they do remember, and this is why memorization of the Quran is most important when children are very young. This is something that should not be delayed. So sometimes it happens that we think or children are very young, how will they understand I remember my sister as well, when she was teaching in the previous advanced course. She was teaching the hips

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just as you're memorizing the Quran. So her daughter was barely a year year old. She was very young, she hadn't even started talking. And she was listened to her mother read the Quran. And I remember one of the first words that she ever spoke was the word ma, ma,

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ma, ma. And I remember we were in class, he was sitting with me. And all of a sudden the class said Enya, which had the word magua. And she said Ma, and since then she would say what what and now Mashallah, she has memorized so much of the Quran, but she's so young. We keep delaying it. But the fact is that when children are young, that's the best age. So many scholars we learn about that when did they memorize the Quran, and they were very young. So don't delay this, you might experience as yourself the right now as you as you're trying to memorize, you find it so difficult. you memorize and then you forget. And the older person gets, the more difficult it becomes to memorize the prime

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age of memorizing is the first few years. Anyway, let's continue. Bab alpha route FIFA winner in alpha rouge going out fi in polar Ville in, in search of knowledge in gaining knowledge over your hood. It means traveling it means suffer, it doesn't mean is going out of your house and going to the masjid or going to an institute and learning over there. But rather it means traveling for the sake of learning knowledge. But we see that for women sometimes even going from one place to another within one city is more like a journey. It happens when you're going on a journey. You pack up your bags and you go and when you're coming to the Institute with a few of your children. It's as though

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you're traveling somewhere literally. Every child has their own bag and you have two three bags to carry. So this is just like traveling. So who's going out traveling why for the sake of barbarian in order to acquire knowledge. And we see that this is something that is greatly virtuous is a highly virtuous deed, and it's something that is highly encouraged in our religion as well. We learn in the Quran in surah Toba Allah subhanaw taala says follow Allah anaphora men commonly forgotten men home, but if only at a COVID Deen that were people must go out to fight in the cause of a low wherever necessary, but there should also be a group of people who go out why, Lia de COVID Dean, so that

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they may develop understanding in their religion. Now, this does not mean that a person does not learn from you know, whatever opportunity he has, and he leaves everything and he goes in order to acquire knowledge. The proper etiquette is that whatever is available locally, you learn that first and then you go international, then you go elsewhere. Okay? Many times it happens that if a person finds an opportunity within their city to learn something, they will leave that and they will dream of going to Egypt or Syria or Pakistan or Saudi. I mean very good if you have that chance, but before taking that big step, start with baby steps start going to somewhere local in order to learn

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first, many times it happens that as soon as a person becomes serious in learning the deen they want to travel to some other country in order to learn. That's very good. It's highly encouraged. However, the etiquette is that you learn from the local scholars first and then you go abroad and this has been the case with all of the scholars of the past. So on which we talked a bit earlier and in the Quran.

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To learn about a set Hoon, those who travel at a boon alabi don't Adhami don't say who will work on those who travel for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and of the reasons is going out in order to learn the deen. And we know that a person who goes out to seek knowledge and allows panel data facilitates the path to paradise for him. So halala hula hoop, as you can imagine, this is of the blessings of going out in search of knowledge. And this shows to us that if a person has to go out to learn, then he must not prefer to stay home to learn if you have to go because that is the correct process of learning that is the correct methodology. As we will learn from the Hadith musar,

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Islam was supposed to go to Hadith, and then learn from him knowledge was not brought to him in his house. So for example, for this course, we have the, you know, the chance to study something online. But that's for who, those people who have a reason by, for example, they live in another city, okay, they cannot leave everything, obviously, to come and learn. And similarly, if a person has young children, I just recently met a sister, who has very little children, and she's taking the course online. And as I was talking to her, she had no idea who I was, I was the best part. So anyway, she was telling me about how she's taking the course online. And she tried to get on site first, because

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she has young children, that Hamza she's enjoying the online course, the online facilities for who, those people who are not able to come with a genuine reason. And if a person stays home, for every small reason, I don't feel like going today, it's more convenient. If I stay at home, you know, for all my laundry while I listen to the class, or I will do other work at the same time. Perhaps I can vacuum or perhaps I can do this or that at the same time. No, it's not the same. The one who goes out to learn and the one who stays home, there's a huge difference. You may have experienced it yourself. When you're listening online at home, there's so many distractions, even on the computer.

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But when you come in class, and you can't leave the class on every little thing. So yes, learning at home is good is for who those people have a reason to stay at home. But if a person has no genuine reason to stay at home, and for every little thing, they stay at home and then request for recordings, or they ask for the password that morning. And this is not right. Because, okay, you will get some knowledge but you will deprive yourself of the blessing of the Baraka. Because we know the difference between learning alone and learning in a miraculous, what's the benefit of learning in a much less of being in a gathering of knowledge Sakina the sense there's much more benefit in

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that. And especially when a person goes out in the way but not in every step is counted. Every single step is counted. So don't deprive yourself of this reward. This is something that is greatly virtuous, Ulrich Futala military

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and he traveled who traveled jagadguru Abdullah Javid even of the La mesilla traveling of sharing of an entire month he traveled a journey of one month do either a delay of noon a stir up the law even on a case why? Why did you travel a month journey to him? Fie had Ethan for a Hades we're heading one. He travelled a month journey all the way to the library. And as in order to hear from him. A single Hades who's ever even Abdullah is an I'm sorry, Companion of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and our beloved niece was Giuliani he was at the helm of the unsought he was also a companion. And we see the jabiru below. I know he traveled for an entire month to hear one Hadith directly from

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Abdullah even as he went to the Lebanese why, in order to hear the Hadith directly from him, and this Hadees that he learned from the Lebanon as it's not mentioned in Sahih Bukhari even Buhari has recorded that Hadith and his book, a double movement. Are you familiar with that book? It even has an English translation, a double movement, and that had he is what she went in order to hear from him. We learned that Jabu Abdullah, he said that I heard that a man from the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has heard of a hadith from the Prophet sallallaahu salam and no one but him has that Hadees meaning he is the only companion who narrates that Hadith. So I travel for an

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entire month to him until I reach a sham. So this companion was were in a sham of the Lebanon Ace was in a sham so he went all the way there travel for an entire month. And then when he got to him jabil de la and he sent a message he came to his door and he sent a message to him through servant or whoever that I have come so that companionable Lebanon ACS is a Jabir ibn Abdullah. So that servant he came and asked and jab, jab bit of an herbalist said yes, it is me to a bit of Naropa law. So then of the Lebanese came out to him and greeted him and hugged him. And then he said jabber said that I have heard that you have a hadith that you have heard from the Prophet sallallahu

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sallam, and only you have it. I want to hear it from you, because I fear that either I will die or you will die. Just imagine he doesn't say so. How are you? You know, let me just take rest for a day or two and then I will go and ask him no

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As soon as he met him, he asked him, tell me that had his I want to hear directly from you, and I fear that I will die or you will die. So tell me before death comes to one of us, and then he narrated the Hadees. He said that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that people or slaves will be raised on the Day of Resurrection, naked, uncircumcised and Birdman, we said meaning the companions said that what is Bowman the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that they will have nothing with them, meaning they'll be empty handed, and then allow we'll call them will with a voice which those who are far will hear just as those who are near will hear, meaning everyone will hear that voice

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equally on the Day of Judgment. And Allah will say I am the king. I am a de Yan one of the names of Allah. No one from the people of Paradise should enter Paradise. Well, he has a right upon him from one of the people of hellfire. No one from the people of Jenna can enter while he has, you know, something that he owes to one of the people of hellfire. Just imagine the other is going to *. But if he has some right that you're supposed to give him You cannot enter until you give that right to him. And at the same time, no one from the people of Hellfire should enter Hellfire Well, he has a right upon him from one of the inhabitants of Paradise until I paid to him from him for even one

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slap for even one slap. We said the companion said however we pay when we will indeed go to Allah Bouman meaning we will be empty handed to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said with good and bad deeds but has an earth was so

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this is how justice will be established on the Day of Judgment. So this is the hadiza Jabir ibn Abdullah, he travelled for an entire month in order to hear that Hadees directly from the mouth of Abdullah, even as I think about it, a person might wonder why all that effort isn't really worth it. For when you hear this, Hades, isn't it worth it? Isn't it worth it? So he traveled in man's journey to hear these words to gain this knowledge. And he passed on this knowledge. And today, we benefit from it. And if he said, Why bother, I already know so much, then he would be required or something and we would be deprived of much good as well. So it is definitely worth it. Any effort, any

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struggle that a person puts in in order to gain knowledge, especially if it means traveling for the sake of knowledge, then every single effort is worth it. Why is it that he traveled for two reasons? For two reasons. First of all, for the purpose of VPN, when you hear something directly from the mouth of the other than what does it give you? certainty? If you hear that, so and so said that they have heard something, you know, you're not that sure you're not that certain. But if you hear it from your own ears, then it gives you your clean. I will earlier he said that could Nana smell on us have you Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Fela Nova had the hardener, la familia Minh home,

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that we used to hear statements that the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had said, but we would never be satisfied until we would travel, do the companions, and we would hear ourselves. So the time period, they traveled to the companions, and they heard from their own ears. And when they heard it is done, that they were satisfied, then they had that confidence and then they passed on that knowledge. Secondly, the second reason why a person would travel, you know, a month journey even longer to hear directly from the mouth of the other was to have a will is not to have a shorter chain to the profits of a lot.

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Because when you have heard from someone who has said that he has heard from someone, okay, it's a longer chain, but if you miss one person and you go to the other directly, then you have a shorter chain. So to get a shorter chain for loop net, this is also why they would go sorry, the Mousavi said that income to that surely I would travel for a younger laelia I will travel for days and nights Futala with a diesel warhead in order to gain even one Hades, I will travel for days and nights in order to gain even one Hades, meaning if I could get a shorter chain for that, I would do so. So if you thought this is something that is very, very important, this is something that is

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greatly virtuous, and highly recommended and highly beneficial as well. And every step that a person takes in the way of Allah, it is something that is rewarded. Anything that you could put in your resume that makes you more, you know, worthy of a particular job isn't worth it. It happens sometimes people men, they have families, they have jobs, but still they will go in the evenings. Why? To get another degree to get another certification. Why because if they can put that in their resume, it will get them a better job, more money, more benefits. So person might wonder you know what, so what just be satisfied with less Bay. What's the big deal? No, no be satisfied with less

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pay. If you can add in one

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thing into your resume, it will make you more, you know, eligible for a title for a job position, people will put in the effort. So similarly when it comes to the Dean of a law, if a person can learn directly from someone, and you have to put an effort and money, believe me, it's worth it. It's worth the effort. So when people travel from one city to another, one country to another, for example, living in a boarding living in a hostel, you know, going to another city to learn. It's worth it. You don't want to is that you just heard what somebody has said through someone and the other is that you have heard them directly there is a huge difference. How does he know it will cost

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him Wilkerson, Khalid Abu hollien Mohammed Abu Harbin Kala Kala Azar Are you

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on obey the law him near Abdullah him near earth but of numerous Road near bessin. I know who Tamara that he had a dispute who or he will have have no case Sidney heslin LFSR EU we have read this hadith earlier so I'm just going to read through the Arabic filosofi Musa from Arab email obey Hebrew kerbin for the best for Karla in Nita Marie to enter We're sorry we had a few sahibi mo Salah de sir Allah Sevilla a lot of TV hexameter Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a yet Kuru Shanna who for Kyla ovarian Nam Samaritan obeah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yet crucial now who are called by Nima Mousavi mela a min Benny is Raji it.

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For Karla patella had an enema minca para musella for how long has urgenda Musa Bella Luna hobbit fussa Allah Subhan Allah Allah Allah ke for general Allahu Allahu

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Allahu either sakata hood for deer for inner Casa del Cabo for Canon Musa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Maya who etheral who will work for Karla Fatah Musa Musa, or ADA is a winner in a society for Indian acetal hood, winner Anthony Illa Shantanu and Cora Allah Musa Delica ma coonan abberley facultad de la kasasa for whether they are hubiera for Ganymede chutney Hema La Casa La Allahu vikita v. So this hadith we have read earlier. And what's the point of mentioning this hadith that masala Salaam, he went out he traveled in order to gain knowledge in order to increase in his knowledge. He had knowledge from before. Definitely he was extremely knowledgeable, however he

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traveled, why so that he could increase in his knowledge. And we see that when we say Listen, I went to her that he didn't learn there emotionally or from him. But what did you learn from him? other very important lessons that he could not have learned if he stayed at home. As an actor. He could not have learned those lessons. If he stayed at home, it was necessary that he traveled to Hollywood and he went with him he stayed in his company witnessed many things. And from that learn many lessons. Knowledge is not memorization. Knowledge is understanding. And a person can only understand something fully when he sees it when he witnesses it when he experiences it.

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Knowledge is not just acquired by reading books, you have to travel, you have to bear the difficulties, it's only acquired through a certain process. Because if you think about it, jabril could have been sent to masala Salaam, and you could have taught him everything, the color dot isn't it, to read or listen and that so many things to all of the messengers of Allah. And even this knowledge, a loss of panel data could have taught musala salon in the same way. However musar the salon was required to go to travel and then acquire knowledge. Because this is the way that you acquire knowledge. This is the process and you have to go through that process. Knowledge is not

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just about learning a text. It's about, you know, we learned about Rabbani who is Rabbani, the one who Disturbia of him that a person is not just gaining rain, but he's also getting the tarbiyah. Right, he's getting the basics before the theory. So the salitre in before the cover it. So you have to have a Tobia, and for that you have to go through difficulties and difficulties you cannot experience if you are at home. You have to travel you have to go out, think about it yourself. If you just have to sit at home, play a cassette or CD and then just take notes. And that's it wouldn't be the same as coming here and learning every single day and going through the challenges. No,

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sometimes you're hungry. Sometimes you're sleepy, sometimes you're tired. Sometimes you face opposition from other people. Sometimes you learn from other people by seeing things. So that experience is necessary and that can only be obtained. If a person travels and you see him in order to fully grasp it in order to fully absorb it. You really have to

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Desire, if

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you really have to desire it, if it comes easy, it will go easily. But if you have to struggle to get it, then you become more greedy for it. And unless and until you have that passion for knowledge, it will not become a part of you, you will not be able to live it. And it can only become a passion if you bear difficulties in the journey. And for that you have to journey. How do you explain to other people who think that it's not necessary for people to learn, especially for women? Definitely, we see that scholars of the past, it was mainly the men who would travel and gain knowledge. From this, we don't, you know, we're not telling you that leave your houses and leave

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your family responsibilities and go elsewhere. I discussed earlier that, first of all, you know, if you have the opportunity to learn at home, avail that opportunity, and then think about going outside, if a person has an opportunity has that ability, then he should go. But if he doesn't get that opportunity, then he should definitely make use of whatever is available at home. So if for example, you're at home, and your husband doesn't allow you or your father doesn't allow you, then don't think you don't have other opportunities, you do have the opportunity to learn at home as well. And believe me, you take that opportunity, you benefit from that, and Allah will provide you

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more, many more. My mother tells me about how and I've told this story many times before as well, that how when she was young, there was nobody in our family who had even gone to high school, forget University forget going to some other university abroad in another country. Nobody had even gone to high school, she was the first one, she went herself. And then later on when the family saw that how determined she was and how good she was, then she got the encouragement to the extent that when she went for a PhD, it was my grandparents who looked after all of us. I mean, look at the support that she got. So many times it happens that we start blaming other people they don't understand they will

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stop us. No, look at yourself, how much can you do, the more you struggle, the more a lot of penalty will facilitate for you. And the thing is that you can argue with other people tell them or look at what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Look at the way of people of the past, but if they don't want to listen to her not gonna listen, only unlock and change their hearts only unlock and change their hearts. And for that, you have to pray to Allah you have to show to Allah that you really wanted bed. And then Allah will open doors for you. And when alone open doors for you. Nobody at all can close them for you. Nobody at all controls him for you. I remember I was discussing with my

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mother once about how somebody, they wanted to do something, but they weren't able to because there was no family support. And she said, I have seen many, many locks throughout my life. But every time I say if Allah wants me to do it, who are these people, they can never stop me. People can never stop you. If you are determined, I'm not saying go and fight them. I'm saying Be patient, ask Allah and Allah will open their hearts. And when Allah will change their hearts, then they will help you, then they will encourage you.

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She lived with her, you know, she learned from her she did all these things. Then when she moved to the US after getting married, or whatever it was, you know, perhaps she didn't have the opportunity to come to Canada and study or, you know, teach at the institute here. So instead, what she did was she was very creative. She started all the online courses, all the live courses here, were then broadcasted online, meaning she didn't waste their time and say, Well, I can't go there. Let me just sit at home, let me not do anything. But she was returned well, and now much I looked so many people are benefiting from these type of courses, that 1000s 1000s people take courses online to the extent

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that Alhamdulillah now they have a whole an entire campus. And you know who's one of our greatest supports her husband, you know, alhuda you see people who are cleaning and maintaining, if you walk into a villa us, you will never find it smelling bad. Or you will never ever find it dirty from anywhere. Why? Because when everybody's gone, he goes and make sure everything is speaking Spanish clean. And it even smells good. You know, if you told your men go and do this for us, it's not going to happen just like that. You have to struggle and Allah will send help. So we see over here from the story of Masada son that he traveled, he went out to learn because that is the correct process

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of learning. You have to struggle and the thing is that, for example, if a person travels and a person goes out, like musallam, he went out. You have to spend money, you have to put in effort. You have to suffer in the way but every effort is worth it. You spend any money, it's worth it. Think about the journey that jabber oven or Villa took for an entire month. You think that was cheap. It must have been expensive. That must have been expensive. So even if it means that you have to spend your savings or sometimes you know sell your gold jewelry or do whatever have a small house or never be able to afford to buy a house. It's worth it.

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every effort is worth it. I remember once I was telling my mother about this particular school, and I was studying her that it's very expensive. And she said, Never ever compromise, when it comes to knowledge, never compromise, even if it means you have to spend your entire paycheck, she was giving me her own example that when she was working, and we were young, and she said, her entire paycheck would go into just our fees. so that she could send us to a good school, not an ordinary school, but a good school. Because she wanted us to learn. And she said she never thought twice about that. Never ever thought twice about that. Because wherever you can get knowledge from wherever you can

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get the best from. Even if you have to spend your jewelry, it doesn't matter how many times you're going to wear your jewelry, how many times eventually you're going to get bored of it. And you know what sometimes you don't wear it's not a big deal. If you have a limited amount and you wear Do you use it good enough. But if you have jewelry that's sitting in a locker and a banquet uses that, just every year you take it out calculators a cat and that's it. And once in a while if there is a wedding and close relatives, then you weird if you can spend that money on gaining knowledge, it's worth it. So never ever compromise when it comes to

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you have to spend money sometimes you have to suffer sometimes it's worth it. And we'll sorry, Sam, we learned in the Quran. He said that La Casa Latina when zeferino Heather, NASA, he got tired in that journey.

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Sometimes he experienced this fatigue, but fatigue is part of the process of learning. Without it, you cannot learn. And this is why somebody said a terrible yet horrible, while Baraka to Timothy, that song, the stereo this this fatigue, this exhaustion, it will go away, you know, you'll go home and you will rest and you'll be fine eventually. But the Baraka Timothy, it will remain. So as you're sitting in class, sometimes you're getting tired, or you're doing your homework and you're feeling exhausted and you want to sleep, you just want to give up, don't give up because remember, so, you know this fatigue, this exhaustion, it will be over. But the benefit that you have gained

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from this, that will remain with you that will last a terrible, terrible, while Baraka to tabookey it will remain

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you know, eventually a person will die. Right? But the best is that you can find your grave a resting place. Because what good is comfort in this life if you cannot make your grave a resting place. So struggle, struggle, struggle. If you have to be hungry, sometimes tired, sometimes it doesn't matter. Just think about it, eventually, you will find rest in Sharla. But this Baraka, it will last it will remain it will be beneficial. So in this Hadees we learn a number of things. First of all we learn about the virtue of is the add in knowledge meaning seeking increase in knowledge, trying to increase in knowledge musallam knew a lot but still he had to travel Why? To learn the

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basics know To learn more, is the ad mean and secondly, we learn that even if a person has to suffer masaka and Nussle it's worth it, meaning he has to go through difficulty and toil and exhaustion in increasing knowledge even it's worth it. And thirdly we see the musasa when he went he was very humble in the way that he acquired knowledge from others. So we should also follow in the footsteps of musar escena Allah subhanaw taala says Allah ecola Dena de la Fabio de humo, Daddy, that following their guidance was Alison's example, is clear to us that he traveled to acquire knowledge and we should also do the same. You'd like to say something

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as difficult for you as a father because it gives you more encouragement, you meet people who support you when you're tired, and when you're new when you can do it. That's the benefit of traveling when you go outside you meet these people very true that if you're at home, you get tired, you just press pause. And that's it. You sleep, we just close the books and you lie down and you can sleep but if you're sitting in the class, other people are saying that if you begin to fall asleep, you know you're encouraged to continue to remain steadfast as Sarika I was thinking that Islam was such a strong person. He was a very, very strong person. And I'm wondering how much time he would

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have gone through that he was tired. So enormous amount of difficulty and tiredness in just gaining knowledge and he

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said that I will keep on walking until I get where I have to get. So we also learned from this that we have to have that determination. And this is an example for us to follow.

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I was listening to a stylus lecture and she was saying that because the reward of traveling for knowledge is very high. lasondra will put you to two trials. That's why you face so many difficulties, like your own like family members will not accept in the beginning. But if

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You're steadfast, and you show your sincerity to

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make it very easy for you. And then there's so much you get in dystonia

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i think is that even when you are getting tired, the joy that you have by learning you cannot gain that by resting? Isn't it like the way your mind is stimulated and you know how you can make so many connections and you understand these concepts you know that the thrill that you have and the joy that you experience can you have experienced that by just sitting and resting and taking life easy? You can't if life is not challenging, it would be very boring

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say that actually, once it's really difficult and you have been like striving it actually prevents you to let go of it because you've already invested so much in it it keeps you going you're like you know I've suffered so much I've done this fire I'm not gonna stop now like so it actually becomes one of your motivating factor that you know you've been doing it and you've survived so far you can keep going and you know the there's that I added with difficulty comes ease so the knowledge of what's following you know, inshallah, even people in this life when they want to lose weight, like the exercising and everything, they have that picture of them pretty in pain or whatever, like they

00:31:09 --> 00:31:46

have that final order outcome. So that's something that we have to keep reminding ourselves inshallah our outcome is inshallah attaining Jenna. So, if you keep remembering that, I was saying, like, when you come here, you become more confident as compared to sitting at home and learning alone. And plus, like I was saying 1 trillion nerve cells work. When we do physical activity are you like think and see and all the 1 million a trillion nerve cell work? Imagine. So we are using all these cells, 1 trillion cells, just to learn Quran, Hadith and all this thing for life from nine to three, so they are not wasted.

00:31:48 --> 00:32:22

Let's continue. Bad fugly man alima, we're allama fadli the excellence of the virtue of men are Lima, the one who learned being the one who acquires knowledge or lemma. And he also taught me the one who teaches. So the virtue of great virtue, the great accidents of who the one who learns and teaches, meaning he doesn't just learn and stop there. First of all, you know, he's not one of those who's just doing nothing, no, he's learning and then he doesn't stop but rather he goes on teaching so Philemon alima, where Allah

00:32:23 --> 00:33:22

Muhammad, Allah Allah, Allah hi had the center hammered of new samata unbraided nerve dilla on available data on a be Moosa on an obeah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam appall masala the example of man that which birth any low birth any he sent me Allahu Allah be with it. So the example of that, which Allah has sent me with, and what is it that Allah sent the Prophet sallallahu Sallam with I mean and who the Buddha will and who their guidance and knowledge Kamali is like the example of a lazy rain, which rain alkazi abundant a saga that reached urban land abundant rain that falls on land for Cana minha So, there was of it of what of that land Nikita meaning a portion that was very

00:33:22 --> 00:34:07

pure very clean, very good Nithya Nikita Nikita sobre la via domina Denis So, that which is clean. So, there was a portion of that land which was very pure and that Pure Land copy let it accepted and man the water meaning absorb the water that fell on it and as a result from that, so it grew. I will color the grass will erosion and you know herbage alkazi abundance so it grew abundant grass and herbage and plants, what can it and there was minha from it meaning from the land on which that rain fell ajar the blue, barren, barren portions and socket

00:34:08 --> 00:34:56

and socket What does it mean to retain? So, um, Saturday man it retained water forever. So he benefited Allahu Allah beha with it and NASA the people so that land What did it do? It just retained the water. So Allah benefited the people with that water for shareable so they drank that water was a cow. And they also irrigated meaning they gave that water to drink to their animals was that our oil and they also planted with that water meaning they irrigated their fields with it as well. So people benefited animals benefited and also the lands benefited from that water. Well solid and it reached minha from it mean from that land, but if a group meaning a portion of raw, another

00:34:57 --> 00:34:59

innama indeed. Here it is.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:48

tiaan, plain latam sicoma and latam SQL it does not retain mud and water. Why? Because it's flat. When it's flat, what's going to happen to the water as it will fall it will flow away, it will slide off. Well, I don't be too and nor does it grow color, grass, meaning nothing goes on it Why? Because whatever water came on it, it just passed on, it did not absorb anything, nor did it retain anything for me. So that is my fellow example of who man who fafi her he understood, he developed understanding, feeding Allah He in the religion of Allah, whenever who and he benefited it man that birth and you law, who my birth any what Allah sent me, Allah who be with it for our Lima. So he

00:35:48 --> 00:36:31

learned what our lemma and he taught. So, this is the example of who the one who developed understanding in the religion, he benefited from that knowledge and he also benefited others how by learning it and also by teaching it will not follow the example of man the one who led me afar, he did not raise be that Lika with that for that son his head meeting, the other is the one who did not even lift his head to it. So in other words, while I'm jacoba and he did not accept who the law he the guidance of Allah, Allah D that which are sealed to be that I was sent with. So this is the example of who the one who benefited from the knowledge and the one who did not benefit from that

00:36:31 --> 00:36:49

knowledge and aware of the length of the law he said on his help is how he said what can I mean her and there was a thought if I don't a group meaning another portion I yell at him a yell at meaning it rejected it refuse to accept Alma the water.

00:36:50 --> 00:37:35

A yellow This is from coffee Allah but in this farm it gives a meaning have to cancel something so it rejected the water meaning it is not accepted. qarun What does qarun mean? lowland plains was sub SOF and even barren, almost a week, plain flat middle of the year. So it did not accept it. It did not benefit from the water, and current year aluma yalu it rises over it Alma the water so it is dry, so the water is just sitting on it. It's dry, plain flat, so it's not absorbing any water. So he gave the description of the is how he explained the second group over here. So anyway, in this Hardee's, we learned that the holder and their alien that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent

00:37:35 --> 00:37:55

with what does the Buddha refer to guidance, it shad? And what does that refer to knowledge meaning of the shared era. So the guidance and the knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala has sent the Prophet sallallahu Sallam with people are of different types in their attitude towards that, who the

00:37:56 --> 00:38:49

people are of different types with regards to their attitude. coda is like, you know, a person changing an illness learning, okay? So the first type is of the one who understands the deen he benefits himself and he also benefits other people. What type of land is that land that is nakiya. That is pure, that is very good. And so it accepts the water, it absorbs all the water. And it doesn't just sit with that water, but rather, rather what happens. It grows a lot as well. And as a result, people benefit the land benefits. This is the example of the fuqaha in the religion, who gained the knowledge understanding of the religion and they also benefit mankind with it. They also

00:38:49 --> 00:39:33

benefit mankind with it, they help themselves and they also help others. The second category, the second kind of attitude that is found in people is the one who is just have feels allameh jarabe, sort of already said him he's just one who retains the knowledge the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has brought, so he retains it, meaning he doesn't internalize it as much. He doesn't benefit himself as much. But at least he benefits other people. It doesn't mean that this is the person who is practicing what he does not preach at all. No, there are different levels of practicing. There are some people who learn and they implement a lot. And they also tell other people, but there's some

00:39:33 --> 00:39:46

other people whose level of implementation is lesser. They can benefit others a lot. But their level of implementation is not that high. So this is the second category of people. And the third category of people is

00:39:47 --> 00:39:59

those who neither benefit themselves in order to benefit others. By the way, the second category, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam explained that with her with such land that retains the water, it doesn't absorb it, but at least it retains

00:40:00 --> 00:40:43

Water. So that water, the creation is benefiting from it. Scholars have said that the first type of people who are they are these. The second type of people are who the robots are these those who narrated the Hadith. And the third type is of those who turn away, who turn away who don't accept, who don't retain, who don't pass on, they don't benefit, and they don't benefit others. And there are those people who turn away and look at the description manlam your farm with articles, and he doesn't even lift his head, meaning he just turns away from it doesn't pay any attention to it. So we see three types of people here, those who benefit themselves and others. Secondly, those who only

00:40:43 --> 00:41:24

benefit others. And thirdly, those who neither benefit themselves in order to benefit other people of the three, what is the most virtuous, what is the best, the most excellent, the first one, because when a person benefits himself, then he will benefit other people much more compared to a person who doesn't benefit as much, and he's just passing on the knowledge. Because once you have experienced something, something has benefited you, then can you not benefit other people more? You've lived it, you've experienced it, then you can really help other people. But if you haven't experienced something yourself, then what can you tell other people about? Then what do you say to

00:41:24 --> 00:42:00

them, what you inform them of will be boring, will have no life and it will have no voice in it, no meaning in it, it will not be effective, then people will benefit a little bit that benefit will be limited by for example, if you have to tell somebody about what sugar is, and you tell them you know, sugar is gratitude. So you should be grateful to Allah for everything. And you should be grateful to Allah for the food that he gives you. And you know the life that he's given you in the body that you have typical examples. When a person is truly grateful from his heart, he has experienced it in his life, then what will he do? His examples will be, for example, real life, that

00:42:00 --> 00:42:33

people can actually relate with them, they can actually benefit from them. Right. So when a person internalizes something himself, then he is much more effective. It's like the land that absorbs in water and what happens? There's plants that grow out of it. Is there a difference between water and plants? Is there a difference? Yes, water is only water. But plants is food and water and nutrition, the benefit is far greater. So you can only benefit others when you have benefited yourself.

00:42:34 --> 00:42:59

And learn that will definitely have an impact on how much we learn and then give it exactly the more a person, you know, strives to learn, the more he experiences, and the more he's able to implement because he will experience it we'll see how to implement and only then can you benefit others. So when you've gone through that hardship yourself, only then can you pass the knowledge on to other people. But if it has come very easy, then it will go very easy.

00:43:03 --> 00:43:44

But this one is not very clear. Can you elaborate on it a bit more? The middle one is let's read it. What can it mean her objetivo am SOHCAHTOA it just retains the water forever. Allahu Bian. So Allah benefits other people through it for Sheree boo was a co was notice how the person is not benefiting other people are allies benefiting other people through that. Remember, we learned that many times it happens that the person who's hearing is or retains much better than the one who is narrating to him. Right? So the first person who's narrating who's passing out that knowledge is is containing and passing it on.

00:43:45 --> 00:44:20

Okay, and other people are benefiting much more than him. So we should strive to be of the first category not that. Yeah, I don't do I'm going on this myself as much. So you know, at least I should tell other people about it. No, it doesn't mean that a person is being hypocritical. The thing is that there are levels of implementation. Some people they are very high, when it comes to armor, their level is much greater. And other people they're struggling. Like for example, if you look at us, we're all struggling. When it comes to karate, when it comes to you know, praying the saliva tissue or when it comes to forgiving other people or when it comes to coralina sirisena we're all

00:44:20 --> 00:44:59

struggling and you become stronger as you grow in the knowledge. But at this basic level at this primary level as you learn something doesn't mean that you don't pass on just because you haven't fully implemented something No, you should pass on, you're struggling, but you should also tell other people about it. Okay, and inshallah if you keep striving Allah will take you to that final level that their highest level as well. And it just recently I read somewhere that you know, practice what you preach. practice what you preach. Don't stop preaching. Start practicing. We think the easy way stop preaching

00:45:00 --> 00:45:39

But what is the right way? preach and practice, tell other people and also do it yourself? Only then there is success, because inshallah we will learn later about how if a person learns, but he keeps a knowledge to himself, he is wasting himself. If he's not benefiting other people, he's just wasting himself, we are supposed to learn and benefit others. So just because you feel that you're not at that level of perfection, you don't tell others no you do, you pass on that knowledge. When you tell others, it's a reminder for yourself. I remember reading somewhere, that one of the scholars had said that, whenever I want to improve something in myself, I start preaching, I start telling other

00:45:39 --> 00:45:51

people about it. Because you know, what happens when you have to tell other people about something, then you do research and you study and you think, and you reflect, and then you look into yourself, and then you're able to implement

00:45:52 --> 00:46:21

this recently, you know, with two kids now and at home that a lot of work, there's I'm juggling with my time, time management, something that I'm really struggling with these days. And until recently, I had to give a workshop on time management. And I was like, you know, so it really helped me. When you help other people, you help yourself as well. The first thing is when you're receiving you have to have humility in order to retain that water. And then inshallah, may Allah bring more hair.

00:46:24 --> 00:46:59

I remember when I first started my project, I went to Nisha, and I remember asking him how much Sharif was specific question, and I was so lost, and I was like, What should I do? Should I wait and you know, see a life coach and become a life coach, and you know, heal everything in my life first, and then start helping other people, or should I, you know, just start doing the project and see how it goes. And he was just like, just be quiet for one second, and listen to me, if you keep trying to fix everything in your life, first, you're going to be 40 5060. And you're still Never going to stop learning. But what I think you should do is start your project, start seeing you know, the benefits

00:46:59 --> 00:47:30

of helping other people. And you'll learn on the way perhaps in this journey that you know, you're going to take trying to help other people, you'll find, you know, the biggest support system that you need, and you'll learn more from people that you teach them. So he told me, like, you know, don't stop or wait to start, you know, your project or whatever, just start ASAP. Because if you wait till you're perfect, you're never gonna, exactly, you can never be perfect. And this is so true that there's so many people who have knowledge, and still they call themselves students of knowledge, right? Because you're always a student. And if you think, oh, when I have learned

00:47:30 --> 00:47:38

everything, and I've become a chef, then I will start teaching, while the day you start calling yourself chef, yourself the greatest teacher, then there's a problem.

00:47:39 --> 00:48:13

So a person was never viewed himself as the one who has all knowledge. And the one who's most knowledgeable, rather person who's always viewed himself as someone who's still learning and growing. And only then he can benefit others. I'm just gonna share a story. Like, I actually take a course in Madrid with a teacher on Sundays. And what happened is, we were very beginner, it's like, you know, we're still struggling with our mistakes. And we thought it was a mountain of mistakes. And, you know, so, you know, she had to be very patient. And, you know, we had different teachers, and they would teach us and about a year and she said, Now you must teach. And we said, what, you

00:48:13 --> 00:48:44

know, how can we teach, we have so many mistakes, and she said, well teach somebody below your level. So for example, you know, at this point, how much you know, and how you can correct so you can teach others. And in that process, I realized that teaching others improved myself more, because you know, you're you keep practicing, because you're teaching people so you're practicing yourself, and your letters become stronger, and then over time, you just improve more. And there were so many other students that have gone, like the students that I taught, they have gone to study more, and probably sending even more than I. So it's more like, you know, like, it benefited, maybe more

00:48:44 --> 00:49:28

people than, you know, initially, I would have thought it's very true. And you see the description of the first type of people, the land is nothing pure. To make land clean and pure. It has to go through some process as well. You have to dig and you have to pull out and you have to clean and only then when you pour something it will go in. So in order to purify yourself in order to purify your heart, your intention as well. You have to keep learning. If you keep yourself away from learning, then you won't be able to purify clean yourself. Like for example, if there is a piece of land and there are a lot of weeds in it, and you want to have that land, you know, very nice and

00:49:28 --> 00:49:59

lush and green and nice clean grass. What do you have to do if you just pour good soil on it, okay, and put new seedlings on it, what's going to happen, those weeds are still going to take over, you have to dig and pull out all the weeds and sometimes you have to remove that soil and then you have to put fresh soil. So this is only done through experience. This is only done through struggle and hardship and endless effort and continuous

00:50:00 --> 00:50:18

Learning. And if a person thinks No, you know, this is too difficult for me, I cannot do it. How can I tell other people if I don't even do perfectly myself? No, it's a learning process. You're constantly growing. And as you stay with this process, as you stick to it, you will purify yourself and you will also benefit other people.

00:50:19 --> 00:50:50

I was just thinking when you're talking about pulling out all the weeds and everything else, that garden work, like if anybody has any backyard or front yard or a garden that they take care of every single day, you have to walk by Is there a new weed in there is, you know, something infested? Is this is that you're constantly having to take care of it every day, and every summer and it just doesn't go away? Yeah, like it's not something like you're done. And then you can leave and it's perfect. Yeah, and constantly needs care constantly. In our house. Since the past three, four years, we're struggling with the backyard, because no matter how much soil we put every summer, somehow or

00:50:50 --> 00:51:31

the other, there's still so many bumps, and there's still so many weeds, and they're still like a particular place where there's so many ends just don't go away. So this summer, finally, we decided uproot everything. And yesterday, and today, they're working on, you know, literally ripping apart the entire backyard. And as I was watching it yesterday, and this morning, also, I was amazed how the grass and the mud, everything has been literally pulled out. It's a very hard, rigorous process. And this is the only way of purifying cleansing, you have to bear the hardship. And you have to bear those cuts and those wounds and those injuries along the way. And then whatever you have to suffer,

00:51:31 --> 00:52:19

but you're suffering is a part of the process. Just wanted to share something small on the same line that I have a passion for plants. So I have some plants like everybody would know the jasmine and all of that. So no matter what I did, the whole year, the plants were just flourish, and then after a while they will die and then they will perish and then they will die I did everything. It didn't strike me that maybe the soul that they are in is infected here like a heart gets infected with the various diseases. So this year, I have decided that I bear seeing them die and then take them out and report them with fresh, pure clean nakiya so that they at least they start to flower so it makes

00:52:19 --> 00:52:55

me understand so much about myself and what human nature that we keep on trying to do the bonded solutions, they don't work. We have to really make an incision and let all the dirty blood or the past whatever it is out to be able to heal again. So inshallah I'm hoping that all of us will learn from it you know and all what has been discussed in the class and start fresh inshallah. So, okay, we will conclude over here inshallah. Allah will be only going to share the Word La Ilaha. Illa. anta Nesta Federica wanna to be like Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Lesson 27 – Chapter 18-19 Hadith 78-79

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