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The speaker discusses the power of Islam, including its impossible implementation and the importance of forgiveness and deep belief in oneself. They stress the need for faith and belief in one's spirituality to achieve success and avoid burning. The speaker also touches on the struggles of people in a crisis and the importance of finding forgiveness. The speaker emphasizes the need for deep belief and a belief system to avoid burning. They also mention the use of "bringing" to describe the need for faith and belief in oneself.

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh between 901 100 reliable aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah see even our Amina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi nine. And the rest of respect well and sisters, today we are going to discuss about the power of Allah azza wa jal now, from the beginning of the Quran, you will find many, many references where alacer, as originally says, In the LA Khalid petition for the law has power over everything. And he keeps on repeating this wahoo Allah pollution included, and he has power over all things in the who Allah mission Padilla And verily he has power over all things. This thing about power qudra that Allah has. It's something which is fundamental to

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our beliefs. And we believe that Allah has the power to do anything, the impossible can become possible, because of Allah. The Impossible apps are something that is that that our sciences, that it can't happen, that Allah can make happen. Forget,

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you know, we've got certain things that are that people do out there which are tricks and forget people try to, you know, do something, you know, fantastic out there Superbad that got nothing to do with that is to do with real power, where Allah make something happen which would not have ever happened. Allah says in the Holy Quran, soon not lucky lady. These are the ways of allies, the region, for the holidays will come it has it has happened before and it will happen again. So powerful things that should change positively for our lives and power that Allah has to punish someone both come under the power of Allah. Now, the power of Allah is there in terms of changing

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anything he wants, but he does it out of his wonderful plan that he has. And you might think, well, well, when will the plan of law come? But that's up to Allah when the plan of laws as well comes when he decides to make something happen. That's up to Allah Zodiac. So let's look at a few of them in the Quran. We know that when

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no, Halley salatu salam, he was surrounded by his enemies, mocking at him laughing at him and so on. In the middle of a drought, suddenly a loving such rain that he floods everything. And one is that I was told to say this to his people. And we find that the flood is such a miracle that takes place where there's not supposed to be any rain at all. I'm not certainly not like a whole flood coming within minutes. Now. This was so fast that it came from the ground from within the ground, it came from the skies, it came from all over. And there's no ways no way for the enemies to escape. We know the power of Allah azza wa jal when he came against the people of God, and these were giants who

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died saddam had given them Dawa. For many, many years, they didn't accept, they were people who could pluck trees from the ground and just, you know, just big large trees just plucked from the ground and throw them away. There were people who used to cover the mountains and live inside the mountains them and thermal thermal dissolves specifically that they were those who used to live in the mountains carved the maximum both of them were giants, yet when allows the virgin his power cane against them. Look, Allah does not want to destroy anyone but when he decides that it's the end, or Lannister end, when his power came, nothing could stop in a way Allah says in Surah Al hapa. He

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says, Allah sent a wind a storm. Several ironing with Imani at a year, it continued for seven nights in eight days.

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Allah says you will see them

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federal mafia, Sarah, you will see the if you ever got down to the remains of odd, then you'll see the remains are such that Allah says their limbs were left the whole body was left like if you see an uprooted tree in a storm. Imagine a hurricane storm coming and it completely uproot an entire tree. And he takes it out from it from its source and leaves all the branches scattered. Allah said the entire bodies of these giants were suing us well into the into the air, where a world would when Cain took them up in the air and then their whole whole bodies twisted, where their limbs were separate from them and left on the ground. So Hannah laid out the this is the power of Allah. When

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it comes against anyone, anyone that comes against against the power of Allah, there's no chance and I believe is very firm possible or impossible. Doesn't matter. Allah can make all of it possible. You see the the story of Ibrahim Al Assad Salah they threw him into a fight that was the biggest fight they could ever make every person bought all

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There's different steaks and things and whatnot, and they piled up in the middle. And they threw a bribery salon as a cannon into this pile. They've they had to throw him as a cannon a human catapult and throw him inside this pile. And when he was in there, you know, the lit the, the the whole, you know, branches and whatever they had put together and the Prime Minister was on top and he said husband a loved one yamawaki he said Allah suffices us and he's the best to depend upon. Now these are the these are the special words we need when whenever we're in a crisis has been a loved one yarmulke keep that alive is enough for us. When am Oliver keen and he's the best to dependent upon

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the fire. The power of a light is such that burning fire that would burn anything to shreds. That fire starts to come around in by Melissa Tara and Allah says Guney Berto Salama it becomes cold it becomes something which is cool. That's the power of Allah He stopped the fire from burning. He stops the the the knife from cutting when he realized that I was going to a sharp knife. He used a sharp knife to try and you know slaughter is my daddy, somebody couldn't. That's the parable law that makes the the thing that's supposed to be possible impossible.

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So it's supposed to, it's not supposed to cut that was absolutely possible. Allah makes it impossible. This is Allah, this Allah is doing. We find

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most albatross around his his really his people, he's running away from town. They're about to come and catch up with him. And he's running, running, running with the ball inside who had nothing, you know, there were slaves for for a long time. And suddenly he comes to the river.

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Now how, you know, what is he going to do with this whole room in front of him? He's doomed, right? That's what some of his followers say. But no, Allah makes the impossible possible where they were, you know, the whole of this, this river starts to then rise up. And he wasn't you know, sometimes he said there was only one in a passage when sometimes he said there were 12 separate ones passageways created for all the different 12 nations or the tribal the 12 tribes wilderness, right. So each tribe leader knew to go down one and his, his fellow tribesmen followed him through that channel. Now the water rose to the surface where it's separated. From from, you know, one part of the world

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from to to another part of the water and the earth was very muddy. But yet, within, within no time whatsoever, Allah made that entire muddy ground become dry, it was dry as dry to run straight through it. And and his his followers follow straight through. And when they go to the other end, furano was already halfway down with his men. And then Allah told the waters to come together again, boom, you find that the nephron and his and his men were being ground. Now that is the power of Allah as possible to impossible, impossible to possible this all Allah is doing. And there are many, many stories about this look, I mean, Zachary Alexandra, who didn't have a child for For how long?

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until he got old, he asked Allah He asked Allah but he never gave up. And the impossibles look his his wife is barrack. He is very old. And yet at that age, you know, his wife's gone way beyond the age of giving birth to any children. But yet Allah decides they're going to have a child they have a child in rival Salaam he gets to old age and his his first wife Sarah, or they allow Hannah she she suddenly hears that the angels who came as men, they say that she's going to bear a child and she was past that age. And she didn't slap both of her cheeks out of our shop. What me as an all woman, give birth to a child, and that was the that was the good news of his alkalies alum coming to this

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earth. Again, if you don't have those of you who are who have who are who are waiting for a child to come along but you're not blessed with the child. Then you know, you read you send salute send them is the follow up. Continuously seek forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal everyday yourself your wife and inshallah it will happen inshallah. She will conceive why because it says in Surah No, he says clearly that is the fall or seeking forgiveness. Forgiveness from Allah was one of the reasons why Allah held back the reins upon them and one of the reasons why they didn't have children, the children were you know, that this the children were not living.

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And Allah says he would give them you know, children if they if they sought forgiveness from Alaska.

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So, this is the this is the thing that we have a belief and we have a faith in Allah. Now, the qudra at the power of Allah is very, very mighty the deeper our belief is the thing is the the power of allies that, but how do I how do I as someone access, you know, how do I access Allah's closeness so that I can see this power in my life? I can see those things happening in my life. Well, this is the thing where a person needs to obey allows the unknown, whatever was told us, the more we OBEY Him, the closer we come to him, the more closer you become to him, you'll see that Allah azza wa jal, he makes things happen. You want things to happen, it will happen. This is how people are people have

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in the past have become very close to Allah. And those who have lots of Allah huysmans told us in a hadith of most of Sahih Muslim he told us roba ash had our dinner there are certain people who you might see that these people they are, you know that their hair is not in shape, right? They haven't combed their hair, their clothes are probably, you know, in need of a wash, right. They don't know they look disheveled. But the promise that allows me says it load up sobre la Hina. Barbara, if they were to say, well, life is going to happen, then Allah will make it happen. This is in Sahih Muslim, these are people who got new become very close to Allah. There are people who look, you might even

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experience if you experience a closeness to Alliance you probably see a dream where Allah tells you certain things will actually happen. So he gives warnings that are things like that that happened. And our belief in Allah His vision is that the guidance of Allah is there for us to access it is the closeness to him. Now how do we get close to Allah to get close to Allah to get his love the Quran has is very, very clear. It says good incoterm taheebo and a lot of your audience, if you love Allah, then follow me. Which means this that I person who adopts the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in their lives, the most Sunnah of the Prophet, Lord, he said about the more ways

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that he had with his actions, his the things that he did, the more of that we adopt in our lives, the closer we get to Allah and the closer we get to Allah, that's where we'll start seeing the impossible happening happening as the possible the possible happening happening as possible, look alike and do both Rasulullah sallallahu sin once had Satan Abdullah Rasul de la Hama, with him on a conveyance both of them were going for, right. And the purpose of the law has been said, you know, I'm like I said, should I should I teach you something? I'm going to actually teach you some words. He said, remember them carefully.

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And as part of his words, he told him, he says, Yeah, Alan, he says, know, that if the whole world was to come against you, the whole world decided to harm you. And they all came together to plot against you know, that the entire world cannot do anything to you. unless Allah wants that to happen, unless Allah wants that harm done. But if Allah decides that he's going to protect you, then nobody can do anything to you. That is our faith. And that's what we need to believe. And in the same head, he says that the whole world came together, to benefit you, to give you something good, I think the whole world came together, to try and make make something good happen to you. But Allah

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wanted to harm you, then there's no way that you can find yourself risking yourself. And our belief is this, that Allah has full power. And in that power, we put our faith in that power, we put our faith. And what we do is that we reaffirm this faith in Alaska Look, I want to say one thing to all of you who are listening out there Look, faith is of many different levels, right? Faith has many different levels. Faith can be shallow, and faith can be deep,

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allows you to get to his power doesn't change the power that he has, does not change.

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But the faith that people have, that may be deep or that can become shallow. Depending on how how you know deep we want to make it we can make it and it's all It all depends on us a the know that there are there are I won't I won't give you an example. Once you once you believe and want to say that something is is gonna happen or is not about them and you have so much faith so much, you know, deep belief then that that sort of happens with let me give you this about there are people across the world who have these challenges.

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have hot coal, okay, this is burning coal that spread out onto us a small road that they make or profit that they make. And they talk to these people for the full day. And they make believe that if I was to walk on that pathway of hot coal, with Bev, barefoot, if I was to walk across that, then my, the soles of my feet would not burn.

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They they make them listen to this for the full day that you got to believe in this, you've got to believe in this. What they do is they take that shallow belief that most people if you ask them right now, if I was to walk on hot coals, what would happen to my feet because I'm I'm never going to do that because it's going to bend me straightaway. But if you make your mind prepared, and if you take it very deep, deep, deep where you have, where you build this 100% thing that I'm not going to burn, if you take it deep enough, and then you start to walk on the code, like many have done this feat, they walk on the Hot code for a few seconds in Miami 10 seconds or whatever, they walk

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straight across it, their feet does not that why because of that, that depth of belief. Now look bleak is like this. If you leave it it becomes shallow. If you carry on concentrating on the belief, it becomes deep, the deeper out belief there is in Allah's power, the greater access we will have our lost power coming to be. Do you know that he Brian and I said when he was thrown in that fire? Look, I can't do this. You can't do this. We just can't do this straight up. Right. It's it's strong belief. What happened is when he was thrown into the, into the fire

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GI Bill Allison was was sent. And he realized in a came and said,

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Are you not going to ask Allah to do something for your situation? And he said, is anyone watching me?

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Nothing about that response is any watching me? Meaning that I know Allah is watching me and I know it's I believe it's going to something's going to happen here. I believe I'm not going to get burned. I believe this is not my end. He has so much belief.

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He said hospitals would lie easy enough for us and best to depend upon undersea he just left it as that.

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And Allah then told the fight to become cool and and become safe for you right when I set up. This is the belief when Messiah Islam came to that to that, you know that river.

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His followers said

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we're doomed.

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And musalla Trump said Kela in Maya rock be sad. And he said never. He said never. Okay, I'm not gonna listen to what you're saying in Amaya A, B, C or D surely my Lord is with me who's going to guide me he had so much faith that that's going to happen.

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And it happened where a lot split the whole river open and they the whole load that's on the sea in front of them Allah splint and they straight to the to the other side. So now you find Look, what you find in his MBA Allahu Salatu. Salam is you find that they that they have this very deep belief that they that they've carried all along and when they get to that time of crisis, then they just believe they've already been working on this believe that this is what we need to do. We need to go over the Why is the Quran here? Why are all these stories in the Quran why is that allows has given us all these ayat Why? Because he wants to read He wants us to read it again and again. And he wants

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to us to reassure that this is going to be the case, reassure again and again that this is going to be the case, the more we come across these beliefs again and again the more we say to ourselves this Allah has all power. Law has all power. A lot of the more we go over this or even if you want to take the iron in Allah Allah position for the surely Allah has power over everything. In a lot of Asian country. Surely Allah has power over everything. The more we reaffirm this, the more this becomes the norm as a normal thing to believe it comes straight to our mind. Let me give an example. People see this yellow em out there. What did you think of a big bubbly yellow m? Tell you what it

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is straightaway is in your mind, McDonald's now how is that in your mind? Because you've seen that yellow ends so many times as an advert across different places that he's just stuck in your mind and a big yellow and his numbers. I didn't even have to tell you. Now the same way when they when we talk about code rather large data. We want it to be so many times

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The power of a lot that's sinking in that we need to just believe Allah is going to look after us now with that, there has to be obviously the absence of sense.

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You have to do our best to keep sins away from our lives. And I'm telling you one thing, that you will see the impossible become possible or the possible the impossible, possible will become impossible. If we instill that deep amount of faith in our heart, the only way to do that is to go over it again. And again. The reason why they advertise these things to us, you know, different adverts that you've seen that are stuck in your head. The reason why they're stuck in our heads is because the amount of times that we've seen them, why do you think Allah has repeated? The story of Agatha moved in different places? Why is it that musala is mentioned about 137 places of the Quran?

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Why? Why is it that the miracles of the prophets or something special about them is mentioned here? And then mentioned there again, why is there a lot again and again mentioned in the logical issue, darling, Allah knows everything in the who as is with Allah is Mighty, Allah is all wise. Why is that love repeating his verses again and again and again. Why? Because he wants that belief to become very deep. In I'm Shafi Rahim Allah, He says that a man or a faith is something like water. If it is flowing, then it remains fresh. But if the water becomes stagnant, and it remains in one particular area, for long there, what's going to happen is there's going to be, you know, mold or

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there's going to be the the algae and all that growing inside, it's not going to be fresh anymore. It needs to remain flowing. Our belief needs to be revisited again and again. If you look, in Sahih Bukhari you will see that Abdullah bin Masuda Delano, he said, he said, Eg lis not mean sa, he said, sit down, Let's believe for a moment. Now what did he mean by that? Because these are Sahaba. These are people who spent the their life with the prompts and allow Islam and their faith was very deep. What did he mean by saying to a person sit down, and Let's believe for a moment, what he was trying to say is, let's sit down and let's renew what we already know. Because once we renew our faith

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about what we believe in, it gets deeper and deeper. And that's the thing that we're missing on look a lot of a lot of the, the world that is around us,

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you know, we've moved from, let's say, a large video that you might have watched on Facebook or YouTube before people have moved to those one minute Instagram videos, and then then move to the 10 second Tick Tock videos or the Snapchat videos that were there before. And people are looking at, you know, getting loads of information from short amounts of bursts. Well, faith doesn't actually work like that. How we've been since the time of the beginning to now is that if you know if you concentrate on one thing, a long time, it's a far better than doing something, you know, over and over again, different ways. Like, like Bruce Lee, he said, he said, I don't fear he said, I don't

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fear the man who has who who couldn't, who can throw 10,000 kicks.

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Who could do 10 that was done who's done 10,000 kicks. I don't fear that man. But he said I fear the man who's practiced the same kick 10,000 times. Now there's an art there's an art in in the world where if you do the same thing again and again and again, again, you become very good and very skilled at it. How is it that some of our women are so great at when they when they do those rodeo Okay, when they when they're cooking for your child when they get ready for it's sad that so fast they they cook the routine and there's one straight onto the pan again that another one not the rolling out another one to get ready another one that has this question a little bit putting on the

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side, right? And this one the turning over? How do they do the whole thing so quickly? This is practice. And the same thing is with belief. If the belief system you you go over and over and again, what happens is in your normal life, those beliefs come straight in. So let's say this is what happens to a person who goes over those beliefs of a lost power again and again.

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A normal person will go out there and a normal person see their life and they'll have maybe a little bit fear. Maybe that might happen. Oh my god, Allah. I don't want this to happen. I don't want to happen. There's a little bit of you know, fear. There's a little bit of unsettled you know, unsettled heart out there. A person who goes over these beliefs of lost power again and again and again and again. They got that they don't even worry about this. They got them is out there.

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Allah is going to, you know, Allah is going to look up. Now let's just say for example, they come across something that was troublesome. What goes in their mind is Allah has full power over that thing that is coming towards me.

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Full 100% power. Now, the deeper our belief is, like I said, the deeper our connection is to a large region, and and the possible can become impossible, impossible impossible. And this is where the deep faith comes in. The deeper a person, a person comes out there, I mean, it's been going over, she's been going over this, you know that a lot most powerful, it gets so deep that it just becomes automatic, wherever they are, whichever gathering they might be in, wherever they might be sitting, wherever they might be, you know, with others straightaway, they say, look at some of these, they think well, all his brain cells. Allah has power over that. This person breathing allows power over

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that this person's tongue doesn't matter what they're saying, but allows power over their mouth, this person's arms, their strength, their heart, the Hadith, the Muslim says, All the hearts of the entire creation are between the two fingers of the man. And he can he can change it however he wants. Right? This is no one to say fingers. We mean, it's however, is befitting allows region. But we don't actually say that he's got fingers like human beings, but it means that everything between his power, and he can change it however he wants. Now, when that person with a deep faith is sitting there, they just see the power of a line everything, even the house they're sitting in allows power

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over this house that allows power over that. So they have this deep faith that allows power to do anything he wants. And whatever they look at the power of Allah is that the power lies that Allah Allah have you You're the one who's guiding guides over there, a lot of rock man has mercy over that. And they just see that unless power is in everything and over everything and nothing can Twitch and nothing can move without the power of a lot. So even when if we were to think about those people who are against you know others. Why do you think that certain people have to have got what they've got when they are enemies of God when their enemies or religion and so on? They're all

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within the power of Allah, Allah. Allah Subhan Allah have a villain. I'm yamana Solomon don't think for a moment that Allah is unaware of, or he doesn't have the power over those people who are oppresses. Allah says he never you are here only oh my gosh, COVID absorbe. Allah is delaying them for a time that is coming ahead in the future allies delaying them for that. So there are reasons why allows regenerable might delay his his power coming onto certain people that's up to Allah. It's not up to us that we leave it to Allah. But what we know is that Allah's power is in everything, and therefore it gives you a satisfaction. We give you a satisfactory method, know what I believe in the

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power of Allah. As long as though we're not doing the sins like I'm mentioning again, we need to do our best to stay away from sins, the absence of sense and the thinking of Allah is power deeper and deeper and deeper. What happens is, it creates this feeling inside you that you know, things that that allows you can do those things, insha Allah, Allah will happen and even if they don't happen as you want it, we have a belief that Allah will do things when he wants them to happen, not what we want to happen. So even across the world right now you might be thinking, Well, what was going on in the world? Well, it's up to Allah, how he moves along with his power, how he wants to apply his

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power is up to him stand up to me, I could do my best make madrasahs and try and get close to Allah but it's up to him when he does it. And let's say for example, you got somebody who's ill, and we want them to become better. We have if you have your full belief in Allah than full belief in you do as inshallah, that person should get better on his doctors, you should get better.

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And if Allah doesn't decide based on he doesn't decide but you know what, if you have your deep belief in Allah, and he does absence of sins and make it easy for that person to get to get fueled, then inshallah beenleigh through has helped will make it personalized help. So guys, before I make it go, I like to say to you, those of you who still haven't probably click the link below of this video, you find an event bright, so you'll find the link at the bottom, that will be a link to helping me today for you to raise charities to help across the world. There are people that there are people across the world who we have visited that Subhanallah they are they are such people that

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seven my favorite slavery, click that link inshallah. And from the mela bless you bless all your loved one shala scholary