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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The Sheltie is stopping physical connections and opening up spiritual rooms to the afterlife, causing damage to spiritual and physical connections. People should stay hungry and stay healthy to avoid damaging their connections. The Sheltie's mother had a habit of eating excessive amounts of food, including melons and fried foods. The importance of staying healthy is emphasized, along with the need for excessive energy to function properly. The Sheltie's mother had a habit of eating healthy and connecting with the whole, and the speaker gives examples of how people are training for different sports and training different foods. The speaker also discusses the concept of hungry and connecting the lines of the whole, as well as the importance of Islam and using tools like a shaver and a shaver head.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Brothers and sisters. It's been a long time we've seen each other. I can't see you but you can see me. Anyway, we're here on the eve of Ramadan. And may Allah bless this month for every single person

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who is listening to this for your homeroom along with a look Ramadan is such a wonderful month. Why the one and only way to look at it is that

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Allah is going to stop our physical, our whole physical sort of, you know, being in this world Allah is going to give us a chance to reconnect to him in a way that we can't do in 11 months. He's going to help us so a lot of jelly is is he's chaining up the Shire theme tonight and they'll be locked up for a month so the hand of law what a boost we get in this month chaining up all that Now this means that the big devils okay it doesn't mean that there are many small devils that will that will still be operating a lot of people have this question that how do people still sin during Ramadan? If the Sheltie not locked up? Now how they sin is because we've got you know, the Hadith and Muslim says

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Masada to share the which means that these are the big devils so the big devils are going to be chained up. So the small small ones are still around. Okay, but this still gives us a very big boost. right we've got a big boost and Allah is helping us he's going to send you know so much better card and so many blessings in this month. You know, this month is is known as the month of the Quran, right Chateau Madonna living this month is a month of taqwa the month of us come close to Allah with extra Nevada you know we are we are with and what Allah is doing look, Allah is stopping our physical connection he's making a massive

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difference to our physical connection with this world and is opening up the doors for our spiritual connection with the with the * and the unseen world this is this is it if you want to know what Ramadan is about, this is what Ramadan is about. And it's very unfortunate the way I was brought up and I'm sure there's many of you here that have been brought up

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with would you know about Ramadan, Ramadan used to come and I used to be young, I used to say I actually said to my, to my mother once I remember I was a small child. I said as a mom because those days this is this is now going back to maybe 1984 or something. All right. So I'm like 10 years old. And

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I'm thinking of my mother saying Mum, when will those days come when we have loads of food on the on the you know, I'm talking about excessive amount of food said melons and you have all that food you know, at nighttime, you know, when when those days come? And she says Why are you talking about and I said look remember mom the mango the sodas those days the Ramadan was in summer so I said mangoes melons and thermoses and you know all the fried stuff and the pulao and this now she said Oh, you're talking about Ramadan right now Lai Lama young kid and the only thing that goes through my mind is about excessive food a feast right? a feast This is crazy like this is I mean of course that the

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house that I was brought up in you know it's a typical Mongolia so we had we have curries every single day. And then to have all this extra food was like the thing I was looking forward to right Alhamdulillah by the time I was 11 I was keeping all my fast but that wasn't the point the point was that when we Muslims okay when we growing up in a Muslim household What are we thinking of? What how are we growing up with Ramadan coming along? So as a young kid, I remember Okay, we're gonna go for this Tara we are you know the long long records but I never understood why we okay fine yeah, I did it I don't have the line everyone was going towards the inner to treasure cancer aware and ideally

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and I was part of all of that

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but no one explained to me the essence of Ramadan and Ramadan was just about look, we stay hungry all day, right? Because Allah told us to stay hungry all day and then we just got a feast bro like I mean feast we're talking about excessive amounts of food that are that are that's there in

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start time and then we're going to have more food after we add we're going to have some food as well. In this is damaging. This is seriously damaging to Ramadan. Right. This is damaging to our spiritual welfare during Ramadan is damaging to the whole aspect of Ramadan. The whole reason of Ramadan is Look, I want you guys to understand this. It's about

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closing the connections of our

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physical body with this world like minimizing it and opening up a spiritual room and our soul to the unseen world to the afterlife to Allah xojo so in order to do this what we're supposed to do the whole reason why Allah said Stay Hungry look there's no reason why a lot will tell us to stay hungry I mean you know nyla does a lot does a lot enjoy us getting hungry just watching us getting hungry. Oh yeah, I told him to just stop all day or told her to stop all day. And she stopped all day and yeah, that was great for me to see Yeah, they listened to me is that it? No, it's not whoever you know, I remember I went to a Muslim there was some Islamic lessons in our school. And I remember the

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teacher may Allah bless him he know he taught us the reason why we fast is a Muslim is a teacher is teaching us Islam. And he said the reason why we fast is because we are supposed to know how hungry people and starving people and poor people they live that was put into my head now is totally wrong, my friends that is totally wrong because

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fast for that reason, there's no way to function without reason. Otherwise, why would Allah tell starving poor people too fast? Why are they fasting in Ramadan to come on man? I mean, and then you think about the whole of Ramadan and the whole of you know that the the day that goes, What are people doing? They're just thinking one thing on the head, food, food food. That's not supposed to happen. Look, I know we want food. Right? And I know we need to eat

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and that's part of it. Please. What excessive food does is that it makes you so full that during the whole of the day, you're lethargic, you're tired

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you don't feel like you're in bed or when your stomach that full you don't do any better you don't want to be worshipping Allah I mean come on, man. Your mind is about to switch off alright? There's people who sleep throughout the day just do not feel the hunger that's not what's supposed to happen. We're supposed to feel some hunger this is this is this is real Ramadan. You feel some hunger and i'm gonna i'm not talking about starve yourself but you feel some hunger that's fine. What happens is that the physical body weakens and the spiritual body whenever that happens the spiritual body the rawhide opens my friend it opens in is ready it's hungry right when we feed a lot

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to us physical body our spiritual body doesn't get that that same experience but when we we can our physical bodies and the spiritual body opens up you know when you do the canal when you do dry now when you do when you engage with with with Allah azza wa jal in Nevada in worship, you know, you feel this extra sensation and you can only do that when you when you sign you're hungry, I'm being honest with you, the Sahaba de la Anima when you listen to their stories, they're used to you know, they used to be hungry someone needs to be hungry and what is the reason why Allah has has said you know, do this what is the reason so that throughout 30 days when you do it over and over again the

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whole inside is always thinking of a lot

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all this connecting the lines of the whole of the inside is feeling you know what, I want to do this, I want to think of it and then the connection with the world is lessening and lessening and lessening.

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And you know, not the man is not thinking about food so much right? The mind you get hungry Look, let me let me I want you to test this out this Ramadan. Okay, you get hungry, I want you to pick up the phone. And I want you to read the Quran in Arabic is really the Quranic Arabic and read it out loud. Well I have experienced this so many times that your hunger goes that's what you're supposed to do my friend if you're going to feel hungry don't go you know don't start thinking oh what time is it start what time you start one I'm going to eat people I just I don't know what's going through their mind because they've never been given the essence of Ramadan what they what Ramadan is

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supposed to be about Ramadan is about spirituality. And you open the Quran physically you start reading out loud, right? And you will see in them in the midday hunger of Ramadan you will see your hunger will go down and will feel you know the Quran spirituality will come into your room and your soul that becomes strong straightaway your your physical body that feeling that he wants food will will forget it because the spiritual body now is getting powerful. And that's what Ramadan is about. To make it so powerful that after Ramadan is like yo shaytan calm Why? You want to take me on? Come on ready for you. You know what we're talking about? We're talking about let's give you some modern

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day example. Right let's say for example, you're you're training for for some kind of, you know, fight with another wrestler, right? You're training for a fight with another restaurant.

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So you go into a four month training or a six month training, whatever, and then then you're ready for whichever opponent is you are Come Come Boy, you know, I've been training for the last six months. So this this is one month is so powerful that if you do properly it's enough to keep yourself away for sin for another 11 months.

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And this is the this is the essence of Ramadan. Anyway guys, matter of time is dawning upon us for me, especially in London. So I've got a few things to say this was a quick thing just to test the devices that we've got. And I want to announce the inshallah from tomorrow insha Allah every day at 6:30pm UK time okay 6:30pm UK time just like last Ramadan, I'm going to be here live on Facebook and on YouTube the same time Charla so those of you who've got this message, please pass it on to others. inshallah, we're going to talk about the 99 Names of Allah and you know, these names, that there's something that's so powerful because Allah has said in the hollow and while he lagging usma

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resna Fedorov will be here, Allah azza wa jal has got, he's got beautiful name, so call him through that. I imagine. I just want to give you one thing, right? These people, you know, you know, I could give you the best tool, but if you don't know how to use it,

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there's no point of you having the best I could give you like, imagine I gave some guy, the latest, like, you know, iPhone or something and or the latest, you know, Android phone. And I gave it to some person who's got no idea what they see this person from the third world, right? He looks at it, he doesn't have to use this for him. It it's the same as some kind of, I don't know, some other brick or something. Right? I could give you a tool to you know, dozen special tools, right? These guys who who do work, you know, in your house have some special tools, they know how to use these tools. If you don't know how to use the tool, you wouldn't even know what to do with it. It's a very

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expensive tool. We don't have to use it. The same thing I will tell you look with the legendary names or law, they're there everyone knows is 99 names. But you got to know how to engage with these names. I'll give you one thing to do today. Right on the eve of I'm about to sit silently. Now just you just you yourself. Right? And Allah, you sit there. I bet you're going to bring this out from love. Right? put love into this. And just say to Allah,

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Allah, oh, yeah.

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Yeah, Allah.

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Allah. Yeah. Whoa, yeah, Allah, Ya Allah Allah and I'm not saying that you have to say this particular way you can choose whatever you want you can choose which you know whichever way you want to say you can say yeah mo yeah

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you know, you you say out loud, loud enough for you to hear it you don't want to you know others to know You know what, you know, the bad that you're doing? And you just want to call Allah say Louisa my middle names and just call me through that as a way to call him and you're going to discover this find your way of love your unique voice to call Allah xuejun yeah. Oh yeah.

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Yeah, Allah.

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Not just you and Allah, I think there's nothing else except for me and Allah and if you call a lot from these names, you know what Allah has, we'll show you his closeness because the Hadith says you know, the Sahaba says that when my servant remembers me, I remember him I remember right. extension to obviously assisted because there is often talks about you know, refers with the pronoun towards men and so on. That's because there was lots of lots of means he was talking to the Sahaba were men in front of him but in Arabic as well when you use a pronoun for for males, it's equally you know, can be extended to females. In that sense, so anyway, the Hadith has explained to us okay, how when

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when you remember Allah, Allah remembers you.

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And when you remember a lot inside yourself, I learned him as a lot in his example being and when you remember law, you know in a gathering a lot of members, you in Academy greater than that, when you try to reach out to Allah. Imagine you

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What you're doing is you're you're just trying to come to Allah Allah says whoever walks towards me I will run towards him Subhana Allah had his body Anyway guys, I'm going to be here tomorrow it's module Time now for me, I'm going to be here tomorrow inshallah and every day for the 20 days of Ramadan sha Allah up until halftime. We with the 99 Names of Allah azza wa jal every day, I hope to see you and please spread the message. You will spend this half an hour together to talk about the Nigerian names, the meanings, how we can use them, and some stories behind them, and how we can grow closer to a lousy job through these names. Just from low head and washing down

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