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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The Surah Fatiha book is used as a source of truth, with seven verses and the importance of praise in the creation of the world. The importance of praise is discussed, including the need for guidance and support to achieve one's beliefs and the importance of understanding people and actions to be humble. The importance of praising Islam is emphasized, and the need to study past people and see what they have done wrong is emphasized. The importance of learning from the past and finding one's way to worship is also emphasized.
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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi my first DSLR like Monica, Lahore Baraka, two brothers and sisters. Today we are going to discuss about Surah Fatiha one of the best

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parts of our Salah is Surah Fatiha at the beginning of the Salah. And it's been named as

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multitap it's been named as the mother of the of the entire book of the Quran. So the whole of the Quran, Oman Quran, the mother of the Quran in Surah Fatiha or named Omar keytab, the mother of the whole of the book is actually sort of odd to have

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now sort of had to Hawaii has been named as a mother. Because the they say that all the other suitors that we have in the Quran, we will recite part of that surah in the Salah, and we will attach it to

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a Surah Fatiha just as a mother will attach her child to herself. All the different suitors get attached to sort of fat high insulin that's why it's called the Makita. The other reason why it's called the mother of all the sources of the whole of the Quran is because Surah Fatiha has got so much meaning inside it in this small little surah Allah has revealed of seven verses and he was one of the earliest sewers to be revealed, they say is probably about the fourth or the fifth surah that came down after the short revelations that came down Surah Fatiha and that was one of the earliest ones that came that in fact, as a sooner rather been the first The second was an entire sewer to be

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revealed. It might have been the first the second sort of revealed. Now Surah Fatiha is a very short surah with seven verses which we recite every single day in our Salah, but a lot of us don't know the depths of the meaning of the Salah. And it's an email boost to know about what sort of, you know what we what we saying in sort of a tie. It's so rich in its meaning. So we begin in the in the beginning of the first verse, what are we doing with Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen imagine of all the different words of the entire Quran. Allah starts with the word Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah is actually praise, I think about Alhamdulillah His praise and what Allah is saying to

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the human being is of all the things you can do to make me happy. The happiest I'm going to be is when you show you thanks to me. That's what the poor is actually teaching us. The plan. Yes, it's all Allahu Allah 's words. But when Allah azza wa jal gives us these words, he's not giving it to us, because he's saying all that to us from himself so that we can just repeat as he would want us to repeat his own words from No, what is here is that yes, he gave us the words he wants us to repeat the words, but he wants us to say these with his teaching us to say these words so that we can get close to him.

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So Alhamdulillah galantamine the beginning verse is to show absolute thanks to Allah and you realize that the Quran has said over and over again, Allah matters. Boone, Mohali Illuminati by the Shaco there are only a few of my servants who are who are actually praise a lot few of my servants were actually you know, in this thing of praising Allah as of them because most servants you know what they receive so much, but they don't, they don't praise, barely anything barely any praise given. Now, when we move on to drop Buddha Allah mean what we're doing here is that we're there's a recognition of where that praise is going, it's not going just to a God is going to provide to

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sustain a provider, it's going to someone, some being who is actually providing constantly to the entire creation. So everything I mean is actually massive Allah which means accept is everything besides Allah. Now this means that Allah is providing everything besides Him. And Allah is the only one that needs no provision. So think about this, that everything besides Allah so now we're talking about when we say Allah, another way of looking at ultimate is the worlds so the worlds of angels are being provided by a lot the worlds of let's say, the the animals that we provide a lot the worlds of genes, the worlds of humans that are within each world, there are several other worlds. So

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within, let's say, for example, within the world of humans, you have the you have the Africans, you have the Europeans, you have like the world of you know, you've got a whole world of people in each country, in each culture and each language within that. You've got

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In a world of things, so for example, within myself to the whole world of cells, there's a whole world of atoms and so on all these worlds alacer delahey, he provides all the time. Now, the, what we're doing here is we're saying Alhamdulillah he was saying that all praise and everything belongs to Allah, the One who is constantly providing every single thing that is there besides Him, even the stones and the rocks and so on, for them to be what they are. Allah azza wa jal has to provide Allah to provide otherwise he can create an avalanche and he can also smash to pieces. And Allah said that in the Holy Quran, there are we're in the middle middle minha lemma. Yeah, Bill told me, there are

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certain stones and so on that will actually just fall a rocks that will fall out of the fear of a lawsuit. And anyway, going back to sort of after the first verse, what we recognize is that praise what why Praise, praise is that because a lot of us, there are a lot of human beings that are a lot of genes and Alas, told human beings and genes to worship Allah azza wa jal, there's a lot of them that are living their lives, receiving so many gifts from a lot, but yet they have no praise in their lives. And such people. They are, they are those who are who are constantly being given by Allah and not praising him. Allah, Allah is what this is where the second verse comes in. R Rahman.

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R Rahim. So those of the creation that are receiving so much from Allah, the humans in the jinns, but they're not praising Allah azza wa jal, he says, are rough man, because of me being the most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Now Abra man is such an exaggeration of mercy, that there is that there is no one left out. Okay, so what that means is that there are humans under our genes that decide to deny Allah to forget Allah to lead the lives against what Allah has told him to lead the lives and Allah being a rock man still provides, still gives them a good sleep still gives them the daily wage still gives them the Daily Bread still keeps their health going on, still keeps that back straight,

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and so on so forth. All the gifts that is given to all these people who are denying who Alaska is and who are probably even swearing at Alaska, he says, because of our ramen, I'm going to give it

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that's just common mercy.

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And then, in the next part, which is now if you really want to want to find that I'm close to you, then you and you want to get my mercy of a Rahim because Allah is our man, which is that he gives message, he leaves everyone everything and so on. But then, but then when it comes to a rahang, he gives specific mercy to certain servants who have got close to him. And these are the believers. So the believers get a specific message, especially specifically it says in a Hadith, that Allah will show his quality about Rahim specifically on the Day of Judgment. Now that connect this abrupt man, which is a general mercy, I'm giving him this earth on this earth. And the rain, which is a specific

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one I'm going to give on the Day of Judgment. That's when the believer will then say, Maliki omit the believable say, you know, there's, there's, there's going to be consequences. Therefore, if there is a day of judgment, if after receiving all of these gifts, and after Allah as well giving all of this, and he's going to then have an account on the Day of Judgment. This is where molecule begin comes in, which is Allah, I recognize now that you are the master. Okay, you are the master, you're the owner of all of this, because all of these are watching it. And all of this just goes away. So if I look at the trees, after a while, they've gone away, the leaves have gone away. And if

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you come back again, conduct, you know, the leaves come back in with a view. If a land has been dead, and it's gone, it's gone, completely disappeared. There's no life on that Earth. But if you had life again on the earth is because of the rain that you sent on the earth. And if the human has also gone

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then the human like old energy and mattress on a martini I'm seeing here it just transformed to something else. The same way the human cannot just end at there's nothing to come of it. There's going to be another afterlife. And in that afterlife, you're going to now question and say Who are those who, who praised me for what I gave them not Don't forget the praises of many kinds braces just not the tongue we can sell hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah all day but

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A lot, but there's a phrase in every single part of our body. So the praise of the eyes is to look at things which are last told us that that is, the praise of the ears is to listen to things Allah solos is, the praise of the entire body is to actually worship Allah as well as praises the body, the praise on the tongue is to the vicar of Allah and to you know, do till outcry, and so on, so forth, present the handed scripts, and so on and so forth. So praise goes into everything, and we're saying, Maliki, you're the owner, all of this. And on the Day of Judgment, that owner, which is you Yomi Dean, you're going to have a day where you're going to pay back

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and you're going to have the Day of Recompense. Human Dean is the day what I like gives back. So according to our actions are today that's how Allah is going to give back to us under judgment. If our actions are good today, then we're going to get good on the day because when it gets bad, then we're going to get you know, punishment on the Day of Judgment, may Allah protect us. Now, can you see how much the Quran has now covered, it's covered from praise from you know, who you are, where you are, who's providing us providing everyone else, to the general mercy to the specific mercy then to Day of Judgment. And that's why, after saying these three verses, we come to the next

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I, which is er can avoid, since I'm here now, and I'm being provided, and you're having mercy on me, and you're going to resurrect me on the Day of Judgment, and you're going to then

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give me back what I've done. Now I need to do one thing, which is I need to bridge this bridge, the dunya and the other actor, which is yakka novel, for that reason, I'm going to only serve you I'm only going to worship you I'm only gig I'm going to give you everything I have a yak, yak, I'm just you know what else this teaches us if last and this teaches us sincerity. Look, how much meaning is coming in is one little surah and I'm only going to give you half hour of Surah Fatiha today. I mean if if someone was to go into sort of fathers of Allah, you know if you look at it, because here for example, just because he unites a common book available with the seed, with small writing pack jam

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packed, there's about 100 pages of the seed of that anyway, he cannot be the only you we are going to give all our worship to so here it means that we don't we don't include anyone, or any anyone at all in our worship is just for you, Oh Allah. And once we give you our worship, once we give not that you deserve it, in a sense that you have to have it and you're asking so that we must give it to you and that you're waiting for it and that you need no, you deserve it because of who you are. Whether we worship you or we don't worship you. You deserve all the praise anyway. Right? So it's not like you deserve it because you really want it and you need it No, you don't need anything but

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we need it. So we're going to worship you which you deserve. But we're going to worship you but at the same time we go to ask that and we recognize that you're only you're the only source of help we can truly get what you can assign that's the next part. So we've given you whatever we can you do deserve it not that you need it, but at the same time we know that we need a lot and here we are but we can only get it from you so we begging you to give what we should get what yeah Chris I'm only from you we seek help. So we've established from the beginning of it was established praise who Allah is the provider general mercy that specific mercy we want that so we're going to have a

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reconvince on their judgment and we know that allows them to ask us questions. So therefore we offering our a bad

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and what we're also asking for help, so Allah says okay, you want help, this is what you say.

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You say is dinner sir items that can give us all of us the straight path. Now, what is a legate? What is it that Allah gave us for help for help, Allah said,

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asked me, Allah has asked me this say like the set I want you to guide all of us on the straight path. Now when he said all of us, you know what that means, straightaway. That means that this religion and the best of this religion will be practiced in a group not on not in as an individual. Yes, we can have a class on an individual basis. But for the dean to function we have group that's why we have massage. That's why we have Gemma, that's why you have congregation. That's why we come together. So give all of us so we need to stick together in the religion give all of us guidance on the straight path. Now what is straight path? the straight path they say is the whole plan from the

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beginning of Surah Baqarah all the way to Surah NASS, that's why in the beginning sort of Bukhara we say Islamic

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Radek alakija will arrive if you say Islam even then we say that valic Alcatel is the book, the whole book, from here all the way to sort of to NASS all the way to the end of the plan, whatever you ask for us the straight path, this is the straight path now. So everything mentioned in here in terms of what you need to do in terms of beliefs in terms of taking examples of the people of the past in terms of shaping our lives, and so on. All the guidance we need is here in the in the book, now, there's a problem, which is, you can have a concept and you can have a theory, you can have a manual, but no manual is good, unless somebody is there to teach you how to know how to do what it

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is that you're learning. There's, there's people who become doctors and people don't become doctors by just reading books on how to, you know, do surgery. They have a surgeon that shows them how to do surgery plus how people learn. And these are not, you can't just go there and just read a book and then go and you know, operate in someone's body the same way you can't just read the Quran and practice the Quran without having an example. And that example is what Sarah Medina and I'm Talia here, we want the pathway of those whom you have favored. So these are the ambia Allah human salatu salam, okay, the first and foremost, these are like the prophets. So we have to look at the prophets

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lives, we have to look at rulers who live in particular, this is where the sooner comes in. without studying, the sooner you can't just go through the Quran and say, okay, you know, I'm just going to practice the Quran. And we need to look at the lives of the CDP the lives of the Shahada, the Salah hain and so on. And we need to look at how they were as exemplary people, and then follow them. So we need the book, which is the manual, but we also need the people for it, the people who show us show us the way and these are the profits that the syndicate shatta Sala handles on which has been mentioned the Quran, and then right at the end, it's not good just to look at them and say we're

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just gonna follow that pathway. No, you have to also know what not to do. So if I didn't know Lugia Halley him one of our lead, so I have to know what upsets Allah McDougal and what what makes Allah angry, what are the actions that make Allah and they have to know all of that, for example, lying, cheating, you know, swearing of people, putting people in a in a bad position, being cruel to people, so on so forth, okay. These are things that will make Allah angry, so I need to stay away from that by knowing what it is I need to stay away from it.

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And somebody might not make a massive deal angry by doing something which is prohibited but somebody might go excess in their worship of Allah or their religion was that and then still upset a lot. So for example, if you love the Prophet sallallahu so much, that you start to make the promise of Allah in any way similar to what how you should be treating How should you shouldn't be, you know, worshipping the laws of jello how you believe should be regarding a lawsuit and if you do that with the profit profit and it's not something that's going to that's going to incur you know, a and a misguided pathway for a person that's going to make a person go straight. So, what we what we do

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here is look from the beginning, we recognize that look, I have thanks to what I've received, and out to my provider, and that provide is not just providing me it's providing the entire world. Okay, and 100 layerable alamy then we say oh our hand Okay, you have mercy on everyone whether they believe in you or not, but but I need to go further than that. And to get your mercy on Rahim. Specifically, your your specific mercy, because there's a Day of Recompense coming, which I've realized and I've recognized, and that they, they have complaints recommended recommends, you're going without start asking many questions. And those questions you got to ask, one of the questions

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is what did I do when you told me to do something so here I am, he I cannot but I'm what I'm offering all my services so that I can, I can succeed on the Day of Judgment, where he can stain and so that I can be someone who can receive your help. And the Help is I need to study your book of the Quran, and to study the life of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and I need to then bring that into my life. I need to stay amongst those people who are righteous and who are who are on the straight path but a connection with the Prophet Allah insha Allah and I need to stay away from these people who incurred a loss of rough or the incurred or they become a stray in some way so you can see how

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much meaning this has got so in the first three is is to do with they say the first three is that to do with our beliefs, our whole belief system and building that up in the in the in the middle aisle, which is what the economic what yeah can assign it's for us to know that we've got to offer our worship. Okay, and in the final two is is to do with

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molding ourselves onto a system. So that, um, you need all three, you need beliefs, you need worship, and You need that set of people, the environment and the right set of people. And this is this is what makes us good Muslims, if you're Muslim just has beliefs, and he doesn't have the actions to go with all the actions are not the beliefs, it's not going to meet up. But if a Muslim has both of these actions, and they have beliefs, but they don't have the right set of people around them, that the wrong set who are doing the Buddha who are committing the innovations, doing the innovations in the deen, then still it's going to go the wrong way. So therefore we need to all

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three to be right now some handler this sooner we say in our Salah every single day. Let's look at it another way.

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What are we saying? We're saying in our Salah was saying al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen all praise for Allah, the Lord of all all creation and everything besides him. Do you know that the Hadith Muslim tells us that allows them then he replies to us at that moment. So this is what allows and he says hamadani Abdi my sermon has praised me now what the orlimar say is happening here is there's a una Jacques, what's the Mona Mona jet? And Doha are two different things. Okay? Doha is when we ask Allah azza wa jal I'm missing all like human. These are luxury this Mala Mala, you're so great. That's fine. Mona Jad is specifically when we are having a secret conversation with allies. And they

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are replies of Allah which we don't hear. So for example, in a hurry to take MIDI with a good chain, it says when my seven says La ilaha illa Anta there is no other deity besides you when my seven says that. I say la ilaha illa Anna, there is no other data except for me. So what's happening is that we saying a statement. And then at last, usually he's replying with another statement. And that other statement we don't hear. But what we should do is we should feel good. That allows john is replying to us though we don't hear it. So you can sit there because it

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in pause knowing that allows one is going to reply back to us now. When we send to the Surah Fatiha. They are the man said the scholar say it's good for us to pause at those verses. So Alhamdulillah Allah Allah mean suppose so that we know it's good to do that. You don't have to do it. But it's they say it's a good thing knowing that it's an idea. It's a response has come to from Allah. At the same time when I've just praised him a Rahmani Raheem, I've said that what does Allah say? Allah says Allah, Allah Abdi, my seven has extended prayers for me with love and with devotion and reverence my my seven and extended his praise for me. Then we say Maliki on with Dean, we say Master

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of the Day of reconvince and allows us well, he replies he says that, for whatever Elijah, my servant has delegated and has admitted that all matters belong to me that I'm in charge while I'm the master and

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so on. For what a year I'm doing my my seven has deleted all matters to me. And then when we say yeah, can I will do what I can Stein, we, you're the only one that we worship when you're the You're the only one we seek help from Allah as john says, Heather benei ouabain Abdi, this is between me and my seven where I'm the master, and here's where Allah says, and my seven will have whatever he's asking for now, or whatever she's asking for now, this is going on while we are actually saying Fatiha. Surah Fatiha, and then we say even so items that can guide us in the straight path and so on so forth. And this is what we're asking from Allah so Allah azza wa jal has, has heard now each part

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of what we've said he's said this the who's Allah talking to? When Allah says hamadani Abdi for what they let you know when he's saying all these things my seven has praised me by seven as extend his praise of me my seven as a bit I'm in charge my seven has has said you know this between me and myself and what he said you know, he's gonna worship me or she's gonna worship Me and and same time he wants or she recognizes that I'm the only source of giving out who's Allah to Allah talk to the angels, because I had he says, when a seven remembers me in a in a gathering for example, I remember the seven in a grabbing gathering greater than that which is the gathering of the of the angels,

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okay? So Allah azza wa jal has is boasting to the angels about how the seven has said all of this and is extending prayers and so on. And unless you know, between me myself and and what whatever my son is going to ask, I'm going to give that so some heroin is so much going on instead of five. There's another way of looking sort of

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You say look at this when we say Alhamdulillah, blah, I mean, so we praising Allah. So we're praising. And then Allah is the one that we're praising. The one who's always being praised is the high one. When we sing raga, Halloween, we recognize that Allah is providing so we're being provided. And the one who's being provided is it is the low hand, the one that is providing is the upper hand, which means that we are we need to be humble, we've got the lower hand here, we've been provided, when we say, Man, are you recognizing that there's mercy that's that that is coming upon us. So the one that has has mercy given to them, they're the low ones. When we say Medical Medium,

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we we understand that he's a master, and he's the one who's in charge. And we're the Mum, Luke with a servant as a master, as a servant, as a master as a slave. Because when we say seven, we don't actually mean that we serve a law that he needs, you know, we say that we are a slave, and that we are in need of whatever was given to us. So it makes us humble again, look how sometimes you make some humble, right? When we say economically, we are going to only worship you. So we're the worship Allah is the worship. So whoever is the worship is the humble one who's in need. When we say that kind of Stein, we are only asking help from you, we need help from you. So we need analyzing No

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need, when we say is gonna give us guidance, wherever guidance is coming from whoever gives guidance is the high one, whoever receives it is the low one. So in every single aspect, which we we make ourselves humble. We're saying this, look, we're saying that I'm in need of your provision. I need to thank you. I need your mercy. I need your I'm your slave. I need to worship you. I need your help. I need your guidance. Can you see what's happening throughout Santa Fatiha, which is I need I need I need I need. And this is why they say sort of Fattah is so great. I mean, I've only just covered for you just 2526 minutes of talking about sort of fatalities, you can go on, and you can go

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on and you can break down sort of fatter even more. And you can see the mysteries of the plan, you can see how much meaning Alaska has put in this one small sewer, the one small surah. And this small surah. It covers it covers, look, if you think about it, it covers the people in the past who have done wrong, we need to study them. That's the Quran, the Quran talks behind talks about talks about

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the people that graduated and was sent to a number of the talks about fear around all these people who went astray we need to study them and see what they've done wrong and not to repeat it. And same time we need to study the windows study we need to study you know sorry, Holly sallahu de la sala Dr. Melissa musala tell the people who are on the right path and we need to be like them we need to have that is the karma the or the perseverance we need to have the server the patients that had we need to study them and be like them calling others tools good and forbidding from evil. Can you see how much meaning coming into sort of it right now from the latter verses of the surah all of this

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and that's why the the Allah say that the whole Quran and the whole Quran, if you wanted a summary of it in Surah Fatiha is a summary of the interpreter.

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And that's why it's mind blowing. When you study the depth of Surah Fatiha of those just seven verses mallozzi autofit an ability to study this more again, I'm just going to make an appeal to you before I make the blog guys, you've helped you know with the whole bundle a 3313 charity, the whole charity plan that we make it from helping you today you've done wonderfully well. We need another 50 people inshallah to sign up. I know it's an ask but you know what, you're only raising 313 pounds from this 1010 of your friends or family members, right? You ask him each remember just in 30 pounds or 20 of them just get 15 pounds. That's all you're doing. And you don't have to do anything 20

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people try and get 313 pounds each let's make it short blij Allah alongside Allah see the number mowlana Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, Allah we ask you to give us give to make us of those servants who praise You, as you ought to be praised to recognize your provision that you've given to us to know that how much

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So you've had on us to be prepared for the Day of Judgment, to be there with our armor and our actions to be able to worship you as we all worship you with sincerity for us to give us in returns rather than studying and you help our love we ask for your help in this world and in networld amin yarrabah alaminos Allah Allah Allah, Muhammad Radha adding Sunday at 9am Rahimi tomorrow we're going to be speaking about the devil's the devil's tricks that I mentioned in the Quran, how the devil has traits, what are his tricks, how to avoid them? We're going to mention that inshallah tomorrow so please go and click that link right now. And please 20 seconds of your time, and the team will be

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there for you to join this company. It will be yourself today inshallah. jacala had mela bless all of you. I mean, you're gonna have in my dry is that for all of you? I mean, some allow I'm gonna basically Allah Allahu sahbihi abarca was on the cinematic 100 level, but I got to

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