The Media are Brainwashing YOU

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The problem with US law is that we don't read much. You just seem to just look at the news. And if you just look at the news, you know, it doesn't matter what's coming out of that TV, and what's coming out through many of these internet channels. They're all orchestrated, most of them are, oh, Chris, orchestrated by the same people. So they're making you think what they want you to think.

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So if I tell you right now, there's a book called, don't think about the pink elephant.

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Don't think about the pink elephant. But in your mind, tell me one time what's in your mind?

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What's in your mind gone? Pink Elephant? Exactly.

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Do you understand?

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The whole books? Don't think about the pink elephant? Are you thinking about a pink elephant? That's the first thing that comes in your mind. Why? Because there are many ways of getting you to know and believe and think what, what they want you to but what you don't want, you don't want to but again, it's all reverse. It's all reverse. And they've done it without you thinking. So what I want to say to you is that if you read books, it's far better to understand what's going on than to look at what what what the screens are showing us. 80% of the media is almost orchestrated, or run by one particular family. And I'm talking about well, media, here are a couple of few few individuals.

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That's all it is, right? And if you if you seriously don't know that, then you got to see the wake up and find out who's controlling the media and they will show in the media, what is important to whoever they feel is important. It might be more important for you to know that in South Wimbledon today. In one of the streets in one particular house. There was an old lady whose name is Granny Smith, and her cat got stuck on her tree in the back of her garden and the firemen had come down and they took her cat down and they make Granny Smith smile. That's more important for you to know than 35 people getting killed and shot in some part of the world and the dying Do you understand if you

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have a woke up to see what they're feeding you and what they're telling you to know. That seriously we blind the blind to what is going on?