The Antidote to the Evil Eye

Hasan Ali


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The speaker discusses the use of "slack" to describe people as "slacky," as "slacky means" and "slacky means" in a context where "slack" is used to describe people as "slacky." The speaker also suggests using "slack" to describe people as "slacky," as "slacky means" and that "slack" is not a means to describe people as "slacky."

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number one is Masha Allah. Sade say Masha Allah said

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see Masha Allah and you can add on if you want to say Masha Allahu La quwata illa Billah the one in the Quran is Masha Allahu La quwata illa Billah and you can short phrase that to say Masha Allah another way of saying this because we normally say this to try and you know when you when you are impressed with something you're supposed to say Masha Allah or you say barakallahu fique saite barakallahu fique na Masha Allah means whatever Allah has willed, and barakallahu fique means May Allah bless you in this. May Allah bless you in this. Now the reason why we use these phrases is because my brothers my sisters,

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in Buhari, there's a hadith that tells us a lie on

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the evil eye is true in although you might call it another in order Immacolata the evil eye is a true reality it happens. What is the evil I see some people think that somebody who gives evil eyes is evil. That's not true. That's not true. And evil I can be given by anybody, it can be given by somebody who loves you.

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He can be given by somebody who loves you. It can be given by somebody who's close to you. It can even be given to you by your parents. It can be given to you by your grandparents, it can be given to you by brothers and sisters. It can be given to you by your friends, it doesn't have to be someone who is your enemy, or someone who you deem to be evil in your life. No. So what's happening here, what happens is when a person on this earth looks at something, and they're impressed by it, they look at anything. Wow, whoo, what happens at that time is that they're seeing this thing as really be great, awesome. This thing is awesome.

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And what they should really be doing is nothing is great, or nothing is greater than Allah. So what happens at that time is this is how my staff Manasa Rahim. May Allah give him Jenna To me, this is how he explained it. What happens is, Allah wants to prove to the person who saw this thing is great, that he is great.

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And that's why Allah will just to make the person realize who is great along will, will put sometimes a defect in that thing, just to make the person see that this is not as great as it was. Okay, so that's why when a person sees something great, or something impressive, something that is taken his his overwhelming, you know,

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sight and he looks at it and things Wow. At that time, if you say barakallahu feek May Allah bless you in this. You're acknowledging, I know it's super. I know, it's wonderful. I know it's amazing. And I know it's from Allah and I'm asking Allah to bless you in that thing. You understand all the other phrase, Masha Allah, so you see something wonderful, you see something amazing, and you say, just as a law willed it to be that's how it is you're again acknowledging you're acknowledging our lives the one that gave it and Allah is the one that kept it like this and that his will so therefore this stops this this is the antidote to your iPhone or to evil eye or to UNICEF.

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Okay, so that's how you that's how you will you know, you look at something you impressed you use these phrases. Now some people some people you know, if you don't want to use the word Masha Allah Some people think well no, that shouldn't be used fine. If you think that's the case, then use barakallahu li again the same thing is in Hadith, but if you want to use Masha Allah, that's completely fine for those people who want to use Mashallah, Mashallah, who La quwata illa De La La quwata illa. Allah means there's no one that can give any protection. Except for law. No one can give any power except for a law. So by saying that you're saying that only a law can protect this

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thing that I've just seen. I'm amazed by doing the sound that guys and they said why it's a way of giving a wonderful blah Hey,