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Hi, I

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said I want to lie over the cattle guys look, I've been told this and again and again, like, people get to a midlife crisis in terms of the marriage. And sometimes the husband doesn't love the wife anymore. Or the wife says, You know, I don't love my husband anymore or it can happen, you know, either way. Now, what usually happens in a marriage is that when you first get married, it's called the honeymoon period. Okay, so honeymoon is that, you know, everything so sweet. He's got he's just got honey in his mouth. And her face is the moon you know, you know, I'm saying like, Her face is the moon. And he's got honey in his mouth. And that say the whole world's fine. Now when they have

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kids, you have one kid you running around after that one kid. After that you have two kids and you know, it's like in and out the nappy, then is like, take this onto the toilet feed this one, that one's sleeping bounds woken up. And then the third one comes, oh, my God is nappy. So this from school, this one madrasa, this one this how to do that, and homeschool mothers and nappy change food sleep, you know, and an illness and it gets so hectic. And the husband's obviously, he's in this as well. And he's going to work and it gets so much that they just don't have time for each other. They will see their children, they love their children, which is all fine. But they don't have eyes for

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each other, they're not spending time together. So what they basically need is the need to revive the marital life, how do they do this. And this is where this is normally where the midlife crisis comes in. Because they're in the 30s, they've got a few kids, they're not spending time together with one another and the kids always in the way they're not together, even when they're together, the kids are there, and they can't spend that you know that one to one. Now, what I'm going to say to you, this is two guys, is that you need to spice things up guys, honestly, to spice things up. So for this, what you need to do is you need to go out, you know, you can leave your kids with the

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family members and you and your wife, your wife, yourself, just go out, just enjoy dinner. Nothing wrong with that go and have a dinner is halaal guys, you know, go for a walk in the park, go go somewhere for a little break, even take it one day break, you know, sit with each other talk with each other, you know, revive and kindle the love that you had beforehand, and do things for each other. Like for example, giving gifts to each other, buying those flowers, flowers for your wife, you know, for the wife to cook something nice for the husband to bring a smile on the face to go out and do these little things, you know, cook something nice, or do something nice, you know, buy

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something nice, or you know, even look for a wife to do her makeup and everything for husbands.

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You know, you know, woman, you You look very beautiful, maybe 12 1416 years ago? Yeah. But don't tell me you look the same today. You know, maybe one of you needs to lose weight seriously. You might need to lose some weight. Yeah. And, you know, go to the gym, seriously, go to the gym and lose something, make yourself look young. Again, there's nothing wrong with the wife putting some nice cream on or whatever else it is to make yourself young and beautiful or something else for a husband is nothing wrong. Put some perfume on. I mean, probably your breath thing stinks so bad, right that she probably wants to drop dead when you come to bed. And that's why she probably doesn't

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want to come near you. Right? So sees the guy, you know, do something for your breath. And for the woman as well do something for your breath. What do you do? Well use the miswak. Seriously, you know, one of the things that people forget about the miswak is if you use it on your tongue, right apart from tips you got to do for your teeth. If you use on the tongue.

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And you take the saliva off your tongue, it helps with bad breath because they said bad breath is from the saliva that stays for a long time on the tongue and on your gums as well. And as soon as the professor Lawson used to remove that, okay, you're going, you're going to

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put some perfume on my friend, right? And it needs the man to actually, you know, to give his wife a nice massage or whatever. It's all halaal guys, you know, you need to revive the whole thing, send cards to one another right something of love and give it to the other person nice. And this will revive you. Look, don't come to me as any man say. He don't love me. She don't love me. I'll be bored of this, my why and you're looking somewhere else. You're looking somewhere else to find find excitement. You want to find some new person that gives you a new life. I mean, listen, my friend, do what you can to revive your marriage first and do all these things. And then you'll see you'll

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see a difference. You bring a smile. And the other thing is please, just for this moment, take a break from all the different different arguments you might have had. Take a break and say to yourself that look. We're not going to argue for another one week for two weeks. There's no argument two weeks, we're just going to smile to each other. You know, one of the things that the prophets of Allah has been used to do and this was a sooner from the moment that he got married to her and she

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to his house, till the moment that the province of the law has been passed away. And this should not was there for about nine years. This was with the eyeshadow, the Allahu Allah. She says the province of the law has would come in, he would say he would first make, you know, he would say Salaam, obviously he would make it sound like he's coming in first. If he wouldn't just suddenly come in, he would either knock or he would make a gesture he's coming in or say hello. As soon as he came in, you know, his beautiful smile in his face. He would pick her on the cheek, and then he would say to her, how are you? How are you Ayesha? How's your day? How's everything with a beautiful radian face?

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And that stayed until he passed away sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it only disappeared for a few days, about 20 something days when when she was accused of something I mean, a lot of quitted her a lot acquitted her she never did anything wrong, but the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was concerned about and that's the only time when he's radiant face and his smile disappeared for a little while but he used to come to it shall be allowed on her and she says she suddenly noticed that why is the profit and loss of not like his usual when it comes to me and later on after Allah created her through the Quran for a blasphemy that people bought against her perhaps the lesson was his usual

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self so behind the line allows him Now the thing is guys if you want to spice your married life up again do these things I mean in the sooner it says the prophets Allah Harrison used to go for walks with his wives Robbie allow on who knows man may Allah be pleased with all his wives. I mean, it says in the Sunnah he's going to the park or going to a garden for a walk. And then he's coming back sometimes he went with two wives and one honey says and sometimes with one wife is to go for a walk and is to come back. I mean, guys, you can do this. It's all halaal and do the spicy roll up again. You just spend time together again. Sakuma Hyde was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Hey.

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