Surah 22 Al-Haj,The Pilgrimage Verse 11

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The speaker discusses how Allah's behavior is centered around worshipping Him and being satisfied with His actions. They also mention that when he takes something away from them, they are not happy to see them turn away and start to complain and moan. The speaker suggests that Allah's vision for who he is and what he des settlements is centered around worshipping Him.

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surah, 22 ir 11

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I mean in esteeming, our Moodle hub

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and there are people who worship Allah azza wa jal on an edge, meaning that if it goes one way, they will worship Him. If it goes another way, they will worship Him. There in asaba, who hyaluronate, warmer and nebby. So when good comes upon them, they are very satisfied with it. That's where in the mood of saying, Well, you know what? Everything's going good. So we might as well keep good ties with Allah. We're in alpha, but who finetuning tuning polar bear Allah wa G. But when an affliction comes upon them, then they turn up on their faces, meaning they turn back there, they're not interested anymore. Why did God do this? Why didn't God do that? Why couldn't have done something

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different? Allah says, Hosea, one dooney. One.

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They have lost the world, and they have lost the next world meaning they have lost the benefit of what they could have got in this world with their relationship with Allah, and they have lost their relationship with Allah azza wa jal in terms of the next world, their Lika who will who Sauron movie, that is a clear loss. So when we come to Allah azza wa jal, the thing is, look a lot tests sometimes you will give us good and sometimes he will take it away from us, just to see which one of us is actually staying there. What Allah doesn't want to see is that when he gives it to us, we were happy to, you know, praise the laws of God, we're happy to worship Him, or we're happy to at least

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acknowledge that. But when Allah take something away, then he doesn't want to see us turn away and start to complain and moan. Because that way that person is only there to get what they want, and they're not there to to

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worship Allah has a vision for who he is, and what he deserves. Because Allah deserves our worship, regardless of what he gives to us.