Hasan Ali – 99 Names of Allah – Lesson 20

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The title Islam is a title that shows that someone has great qualities, but they are not the one who has no hom browse. The respect of the Quran for being a Christian is a symbol of pride and respect, and it is a symbol of power and authority. The use of Mgeid in various ways, including sex, religion, and sex, is important, and the Day of Law is the beginning of life. The importance of witnessing and proving the guiltyate's actions is emphasized, and the importance of remaining true to one's beliefs is emphasized. The segment also discusses the confusion surrounding the names of Islam, including Shahid, Shaheed, and the real power to harm.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad wa COVID-19

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Continuing from the names of Allah azza wa jal from his beautiful names.

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Well Allahu alayhi de la ilaha illa Hu Rahman Rahim and mallacoota produces Salam

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Aziz with a bourbon capital Harlequin very well known so we refer to

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al Fatah Halima COVID basophil harfield Rasul Allah Moises Medina semi all possible hachimura hubiera hollyburn avevano Photoshop Guru lollywood COVID and Ollie you will have you will not eat or ha Cebu jelly. Al Karim rakibul Mooji will wash or hakimullah dude and magical berry through shahidullah hakuba key Okay, so we should come Sharla today, we start with the with the last name Majeed and then we'll do alibis and then a Shaheed and I'll help and if you get the time will come to Albuquerque.

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Now the first of these names is Al Majid

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and Allah azza wa jal,

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him being Majeed.

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This means that Allah azzawajal He He is someone who is greatly noble, but it has plenty of meanings in this name Majid mage mage in Arabic is a word that shows that someone has got some nobleness someone is noble, someone is high as someone has got a lot of great qualities. Someone who is generous that have generosity is within the name of mage.

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In the Holy Quran, Allah azza wa jal has called his plan for an Al Qaeda al Majid Al Quran imagery This is in Surah Kahf, our number one call for an image. This means that the poor and his noble the Quran is noble. So nobility of the meaning of nobility is there, but also Allah azzawajal has said that there are an which is noble, he has said and sort of Buddha's number 21 and number 22. But who have no magic follow him fools that either parameter Allah has said which is normal that is the real Quran which is normal is the one that is in low homophobes. What we have on this on this

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is a copy of the Quran. We have a copy of the Quran, we don't have the real power and real power and is the one that Allah azza wa jal has no homophobia rule for is the one that we when we even when we recite what we're doing is we're copying the the a sweat are we copying the sounds that Allah azzawajal has got his plan in so when you say Valley, Calcutta these are the the actual sounds that are a that are the reflection of the actual Quran. So yes, this is the Quran any any copy of the Quran that we have, meaning that any Quran we have on this earth it is normal, and we respect it will make Moodle before we touch it and we try and show the no nobleness that we show the Quran is

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that we show it that we show it with Amel and with practice. We show it with Amel and with practice. There's two ways of respecting the Quran. One is physical respect and one is spiritual respect. That physical respect is that we make will do before we touch the Quran and we are in a state of cleanliness before we touch the Quran. The spiritual way of showing the respect of the Quran is much higher.

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Which is that we do tilava Coronavirus tilava tilava is to follow the Quran with action. One is Cara I want to tell our Kira just to read the Quran and tilava is to read the Quran and then to follow it to practice to practice the Quran that is tilava that is whenever whenever law if you look at the Quran, Allah has used the word Kira he said in the first Is it a crack whatever it

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was Mirabella Allah, he has asked us to read the Quran. But But Allah azza wa jal thereafter, in many places, the Quran says boo, boo to Luma or here, recite the Quran. Not just read the Quran but recite it and not only

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recite the word recitation in English, is doesn't really give the meaning of tilava tilava. When Allah says otterloo it means you really should read it and follow it with action. That is the real tilava. So the real respect of the Quran is a is a spiritual one more than the physical one, which is that I've read the Quran and I need to practice the Quran. That is, that is my respect to the Quran. And that's how I will show that the Quran is noble because my my own actions will show that that respect to that great Noble Quran.

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Now Allah azza wa jal him being Majeed, he has many qualities than Don't forget what Rasulullah sallallahu even said that in in a hadith of Muslim in he has said la Susana and Alec and Tacoma as nightowl NFC. I can't really I can't really praise you as you ought to be praised, because only you can praise yourself as you ought to be praised. Law says Anna and Alec, I can't do that. So when we when we look at the word Majeed Majeed has quite a few meanings and one of them is mu. Allah owns everything is Malik St. Majeed. Not only is Allah the owner, but he's a superfan, he is the king. And not only that, but he is also the one who who gives greatly And not only that, but he is one who

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has got nobleness in his actions, all these meanings combined will give the meaning of magic so it means Allah is the one in authority, the one who owns everything, the one who gifts and gives and gives out of his nobility, and the one who has the greatest qualities, all of these are the words, they combined together give the give the meaning of Majeed. Now, one of the ways we know this is that we're in that Sahaja Muslim.

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When Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam was explaining what what Allah says when a servant of Allah starts to say, his part in Salah. So in Surah Fatiha when you say Alhamdulillah Allah mean Allah is replying and we say, Allah is replying. When we get to Maliki only Deen. That is when Allah azza wa jal messenger said that Allah says Majid, any Abdi that my servant has declared that I am Majeed, my servant has declared imazapyr How is that? We have said, Maliki yo MIDI You are the master you are the owner of the day when you will ring competence people we have said that Allah zildjian in return says Madani Abdi by him saying that I'm Malik. I'm the one who is the owner. I'm one the one who is

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the King. Some have said Manichaean within some have said Maliki Ahmed de bolsa carozza. That means that Allah azza wa jal, we have declared that he is in authority, we have declared declared that he is in authority, he is the king, he is the owner. And not only that, but we have shown Allah that it is only through his nobleness and generosity, that we've got any way out of this. Not in any other way. It is only Allah because I have done my actions, other matches today. But I don't know which of those actions Allah will will give me for I don't know which ones he's going to accept. That's why we put it into Alice's hands, we say Mary Kay and within you're the owner of that day, when you will

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give, I can't say to you on the Day of Judgment, I deserve this. I can't say that. You're the one who will say whether I have deserved something I have deserved. And that's, that's the that's the meaning we give of Majeed which is alive, not only noble, not only does he have the authority, but he will decide he has the decision of what he's going to give back to me what he won't give back to me for the actions that are done. And this combined together gives us the meaning of Majeed. Now, we say this Majeed also

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we use it quite a lot in our Salah, especially when we are saying the sending the Salawat inside our prayers. So, when we say Allahu Allah Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah tala Ibrahim Ibrahim Mohammed Majeed in naka hamidou Majeed Hamid image after sending salutation, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, we ask Allah to send it the same way he has sent it on Ibrahim Ali salam to send you in the family of professionalism just as you send it on a regular Shannon's family. But then we say in NACA Jaime de Majeed that means two things one is you are law you are Hamid you are you are most praised. So, even if I don't praise you, even if I don't praise you, the whole of your creation,

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apart from the incentives in the whole of your creation, apart from mankind and gender, always praising you

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Hamid and Majeed, you are already noble, you're already in a position of power. You're already in a position of, of noble nobleness you're already in a position that you have got these qualities within yourself great qualities within yourself. Even if your creation doesn't show it doesn't declare that you got these qualities, that is the that is the meaning of hamidou Majeed is praised and he's also got the great qualities even though if I don't declare it.

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after the name, Al Majid,

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we have the name Alba eyes, alibis. Now, Alvise is has got a couple of meanings. One, the meaning of alibis is that he is sending He is the one who sends right the one who sends the other meaning of a bias or biases to raise. Okay, so one is to send and one is to raise.

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For example, we've got, Allah says in Surah, Allah Ramadan and number 64 surah number three and number 64. Allah has said, who will lachemann Allah Hi, Mina, Botha de masuleh, Allah has had

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great, he has favored the believe is when he has sent, he has sent Matha he means he has sent His messenger amongst themselves from amongst themselves. here Allah has used the word Botha which makes a lot of eyes The one who sends so he's has said the messenger therefore Allah is the bias. And you will find various ads are similar to that where Allah has said who a lady you know who will lead the bath or Sula, who will who was in

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the bath you will find that Allah is the one who has sent you will find the meaning of send sending I mentioned but at the same time we've got another meaning social hedge and number seven Allah azza wa jal he has said in our in Assad to LA Rafi have an Allah ha yeah bartleman philippou Allah azza wa jal He is the one who says to us that the hour is coming there is no doubt in that. We're Anil anila ha yeah bathroom and physical board and he is going to raise your boss here means to raise, raise whoever is in the graves. So these two meanings,

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have these two meanings are things that Allah

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gives his, you know, shows his power of balancing and he has told us for example, in Surah

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Surah An extra and number 79 he has said wamena layli for tahajjud mahina and filata luck Assa India Botha kerabu Karma Karma Mahmoud when on the Day of Judgment, when the whole of mankind will be looking for someone to intercede on their behalf. Allah said, O Messenger you You be the one in this world, that you pray for me the nightly prayers, your Lord will definitely raise you up as rasika he will raise you up as well raise you up to the station of Mahabharata mahamudra which means that Rasulullah sallallahu Odisha will have a special platform on the day of jasmine, where Allah will raise him and there Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam will make don't make dua to Allah beseech Allah

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for the accounts to actually open. And from there, Allah azza wa jal will have mercy on his his creation, through his Habiba through his beloved salallahu alayhi salam, because of the intercession that he will make on behalf of mankind. And that will give us the opportunity to be able to give our account on the Day of Judgment. Allah has said for the whole of mankind is going to be this bringing up from the from the grave, and he has said yeah, you Hannah's in in Surah Al Hajj and number five Yeah, you know, so people income to fear I mean, Albus, if you have got some doubt of this resurrection or this raising of the day of judgment that is bad, because Allah is going to resurrect

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as of the Day of Judgment, for in the Hakuna coup we have created you from various things. Look, we have created you from one thing to another Subhana Allah allows him Why did Allah say this? Why didn't law say and this is the dilemma is there evidence that there's going to be life after death?

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Now how is it an evidence that is going to be life after death? Allah azza wa jal, he says what he says Hakuna cumin turabian Summa Mendoza, Allah says that I created you from the earth from the element of the earth. And then after that I created you from *.

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And then after that Allah says, Allah then unmade you like a leech, something like a leech. That's it.

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sticks to the womb, or the uterus of the of the mother. Then Allah says me Moodle, I created you into something that looks like a chewed element, which is the fetus that's growing inside the mother's womb. Then Allah says mohalla, kawahara mohalla, I have given this certain shapes, and then I have I have continued to take it from one phase to another phase. And then Allah says,

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No critical. I'm making children. And then after that I make you in tableau, I should give you your your age, and your best part of your life, and I give you strength, the tableau should come. I mean, come on you to offer, some of you will, will die while you're at the best of your age, Amina Khan, menurut de la are very normal. And some of you I will take you back to the lowest part of life, which is that you become old and you start to forget things like a baby become old and you become weak and feeble like a baby. You can't, you can't do things on your own. You become old and you can't even control your urine and you can't even control your you know, your stool and so on like a

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baby. You can't do that. So that's other than normal, some of you I will take you through through through that. And then Allah azza wa jal, he said, he gives us an example he says, just like water that comes down to an earth that is dead and dry. From there, I bring life out again once green again and life out on it on a deserted land on a land that is completely cracked and dry. Now what's the deal here is to delizia to evidences of life after death, and two evidences of our lobbying the boss have been the one who resurrected number one is that Allah says that if you look at the Torah, if you look at the earth, if you look at molded clay, could you ever think from molded clay that

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they ever could come life?

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Can anyone think of that? Yes or no. That's from Molitor, Allah brings life lessons I bring life from that, but before I bring life as fast as I create, you know, the molecule, every single human being Allah segments on Solomon Hammerstone, he is created just from some kind of molded sort of clay or some element of the earth. And today, you know, scientists are denying some of these the saying, how is it true that this is the fact we don't care, we don't care. Tomorrow, they will discover this. That is the beauty of the Quran. And as a believer we have to stick to and say this is true. Whatever the Quran is saying is true. And tomorrow they will discover is that's their loss,

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they haven't discovered it. It's not our loss. Whatever the Quran is, has said is not our loss is our gain. So if you looked at that, and under the earth, you say there's no way life can come from it. If you looked at *, if somebody just looked a * without looking through Microsoft score will look without looking at you know the, the actual sperm cells and so on inside that without looking at that if a person looks at this even will say this is water, that is has got a stench, something that we should wash away something we should throw away. That is what goes through through one's mind. But Allah has created life inside that and who can say that from those cells inside

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there, that Allah will make all these low, got bones, hard bones inside here.

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Whether whether any, was any hardness inside that fluid. There's no hardness at all, for a lot to make something hard as bones and flesh and meat and cells and blood. And you know, white cells, red cells to make brain the whole of the brain has come up from that not far from that * unwanted water. Ally mix feet that will walk Atlantic's hands that will hold a limited tongue that will speak eliminates a brain that will think alike Is it a heart to heart and mind as what Allah has created from a * Allah said you would have wanted to wash it and throw it

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if you think about it, from the * to that human being from the from the Torah, the earth, to that to that *, each of these things is a miracle. So Allah says, If I can do all of that, and you're dead from a dead man, that man says that I can't create him alive again. Doesn't make sense. From a dead man to life again, he says that he's not gonna be Allah says it's, it's even easier for me to do than the first time around.

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Why? Because just as you see a dead land, and you think well, the dead land will have no more life again. Allah azza wa jal who soon as he puts rain on that, on that land, greenness is flourishing all over the land.

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Allah doesn't need to excuse excuse of having a seed or anything inside there. Allah doesn't need that excuse Allah created we've seen now you can see some things that are in the, you know, in the swirl in the thing is, you know, you think How on earth did this happen? Let me give you an example. How did this happen?

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In Bangladesh, where we are right and you

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Some of you back home might have seen this. Suddenly the monsoon season comes and yesterday you paddy field that had now nothing on it only had a few grains of sort of rice and stalks on it. Yeah, you wake up in the morning and the rain has bought, the rain has basically fallen onto this piece of land.

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That day people go and they fish in those lands.

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small small little fish are found in the land. That is the How does that happen? Allah doesn't need an excuse to give life

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from nothing. You know you leave your food and it goes off and you've sealed it in a tight container. There is no way life went in there but from the bacteria within the within the food, Allah creates flies latricia so it's in front of our face how life after death will come. We don't need to

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delve delve into that. But here we are discussing Allah azza wa jal, his name bass which is that he will resurrect he will bring up

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and he has the he has the utmost power to do that. So I'll bow with a Shaheed next next name is a Shahid He is the one who has witness over everything. Allah has said to us that he is enough. He is enough Waka beenleigh he shahida Allah is enough as a witness, he does not need his angels. He does not need his books. He does not need the scales on the Day of Judgment. He does not need us to witness against one another. He does not need the records that have been kept. He does not need love from my fault. He does not need the secret, the sacred tablet. He does not need any of that he himself is enough as a witness. Shaheed Allahu Allahu La Ilaha Illa. Allah witnesses and says that I

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witnessed that I am the only God there is no other God besides me. I witness I'm enough.

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And yes, after me the Malaika the angels make that witness will earn me a car in abilities than those who have been given knowledge, firm knowledge and so on. They witness but allies enough to say that he is one he does not need the creation, to say that he's one. Now. He is though he's he doesn't need anyone. He will create witnesses. He creates witnesses. For us to know that night. It's almost like if you were to go to the judge, imagine imagine in this in this in this world, you went to a court and your crime was seen by the judge himself. So the judge saw you while you went into the bank, he was there. In the nighttime. He watched you as you went inside and you stole the

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diamond or whatever. And you went back out he wants to he followed you all the way till he came back out. He watched you take it into your van. He wants to take it over your shoulder to has any followed in his car. And he saw everything and he saw your corruption and what you did your plans, everything all your plans. What you did. He had followed you for a long time. Yeah. But imagine you went to the court. And that judge says, You know, I don't need any jewelry. I don't need anyone I've seen in myself and you're you're the one who's going to prison. I sentence you without any without any case.

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I see myself I'm the judge.

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And the judge. I've seen it myself. So I don't need to do it. I don't need this, this defendant whatever. I don't need any of that. You You're a criminal, you're a thief, he goes straight to prison. How will the person who delivers was no I didn't even have a chance. And it is a chance to stand up and to go through this to be proven guilty, even though the judges see me. So that's why even though the judge would have seen it, he still needs a jury. He still needs to have the the, you know, the plaintiff, the defendant standing up the lawyers and solicitors and the whole case to prove that this person has done what is done. In our case, Allah azza wa jal has seen every single

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He doesn't need anything. But still for the human being. A lush will show him a record. Allah will show him a record with what he has done, what he has got in his actual book of actions, what his actions are weighing and everything will be as clear as, as anything of the day. There will be no way of denying anything. And even though there will be no way of denying it, people's will still somebody will still deny it. Some people will say, I never saw these angels.

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Some will say this, who are these angels? And Xena? What's his book? This book? Got this book.

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I don't know this book. I've never seen it. You don't have frame me. So Allah azza wa jal here, Allah says for kayfabe Rajaratnam in kulu Mateen be Shaheed

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narikala Hola, shahida Surah Nisa and number 41. So hon Allah when this I was read Rasulullah sallallahu ala Salah was crying.

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You will say that Abdullah vino sudo. Delano. He said

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I think it was him he said that I want to hear you recite?

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And he said Mr. Allah the Quran has been revealed on you and you want me to recite? He said Yes, I'd like to hear it for somebody else. So, he recited he recited from beginning of Surah Nisa all which we got to this ayah and number 41 when he was reciting this Rasulullah SAW said that is enough and those tears flowing down from the eyes, what is what is this ayah is I is how will it be? When we will come about from every single community we will bring the witness against them.

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And then we will bring you as a witness over everyone else. So, what is this title? This is talking about on the Day of Judgment, the people of new ally Salaam will give no problem on the Day of Judgment. They gave him enough trouble on this earth they're gonna try and give him trouble on the Day of Judgment. new ally Solomon stand up and history will stand up Allah will say to his people, the ones who didn't believe in Him, Allah will say, this is man here. He will send to you. Those are him. Donal the noise

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allows that I sent you him to yourself. Now now. Now those are together now.

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When you witness God, they will say to God when you witness

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to know who's witnessing it God sent to us.

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So then Allah azza wa jal will then say, okay, as a witness,

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Allah will then call upon us

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and say, Omar, Mohammed

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was new ally Salaam sent to his people. Now what will you say?

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Did we hear the name new? Yes, we will witness we're gonna say yes.

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So now, how is it that we weren't even there? Obviously, it is because of the Quran that we're saying this. So how is it that we are true and we How is that we honest? So Allah azza wa jal will then back us of how when the people will say, well, who are these people? Or what's the what's the, you know? Honestly, how how do they say that? No, Allah, Allah was sent to us, who's gonna back them up.

00:27:32 --> 00:28:11

So that's when Rasulullah sallallahu will be brought. And he will say, I am a witness unto my own mother, they are saying the truth, that new Allah Salama sent to his people, and it all ends with the Shahada with the witnessing of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. So this is the ayah over which Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. He cried. And Allah says in the Holy Quran in surah, Nisa, number 166, this is lacking in La Jolla had to be madonsela Allah, Allah is enough to witness that he has said this book upon you, Angela, who has sent it with his knowledge, while malatya sugar and all the with all the angels witness to this worker fabula he shahidullah is enough as a witness, he doesn't

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even need these angels witnessing that this book was revealed onto you see, what happens is, you know, sometimes we're in this world, there's people who deny the Quran, when they deny, if you if you remain amongst the people who will deny something and they denied, denied, denied, denied. And every day you with them, they deny and deny soon, it affects your heart.

00:28:31 --> 00:28:38

It affects your mind, you say maybe maybe, you know, they did these tests in the in the 60s.

00:28:39 --> 00:28:49

In the how the human being is, the human being gets affected by his environment gets affected by his by his or his surroundings. In the 1960s. They made this made this

00:28:51 --> 00:28:52

scientific experiment.

00:28:53 --> 00:29:01

What was the scientific experiment? I you know, we have to study this when I was doing my degree in psychology, what did they do is they got about 12 people in a room.

00:29:02 --> 00:29:10

Trophy winner Imagine you're one of them who goes into this room. So what they did is that they they have a conversation, right?

00:29:11 --> 00:29:14

And 11 of them

00:29:15 --> 00:29:18

are setups. You're the 12th one you don't know that.

00:29:19 --> 00:29:32

You think everyone's has been bought together in this room and you're all sort of not together. You know, you're all the same. But what you don't realize is all 11 of them have been programmed to say certain things.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:59

You don't know this, right? So you coincide and that you know you have a like you have a little story, whatever they share, they say look, David, you know, went to his David did this and David did that. And David David, they talk about David and what he did and so little sort of incident. So after a little while after about another 20 minutes or what about 15 minutes, they say you know, okay, so who was the guy was the guy that did that thing. That was the incident

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And of course, you're going to say what you're going to say it's David. So he says, David, what? Only 11 words, David.

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Hey, David, that that's what we will discuss, David. Michael,

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we talked about Michael, who mentioned, David, you mentioned david. So the guy says, No, you mentioned david and

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mentioned david and, and because all 11 of them are denying David, he mentioned the gathering. And they all say Michael, Michael is Michael and they carry on and they're convinced is Michael, you in that position, feel embarrassed? And you think, maybe I've had it wrong. Yes. Maybe I've had wrong so you say you guys are right is Michael.

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No matter how many times I've done this test, they found that eventually the guy gives in he doesn't say that no, it's David nano, only 11 are wrong is David is David is David No, he doesn't do that. He actually ends up saying no, it's Michael or whatever, you know, the case was, and then they finish the session. And they tell him that look, he was a test that we did upon you. So what they're trying to prove from this test is, you know, in normal life with peers, peers, there's a lot of pressure, the peer pressure and the world and the people out there what they will say and if you remain amongst the crowd that are all denying it, you're the only one who's agreeing to it

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eventually affects you.

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Eventually starts having self denial.

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So the same thing here is you know, that's why you know, one of the things is Allah Dr. Medina, la Hakuna Masada Tino you believe, be aware of Allah, and you should stay and remain with the truthful ones. Because if you remain with liars, you will become a law it will affect you, eventually it will affect you. The ones who stay with the people who swear, eventually they start swearing, eventually they'll start swearing or if they don't swear, they'll say something lightweight, or they'll start to say something which is untrue, or they'll sustain something which is not totally true, whatever it is, they will they will do that. So in this ayah, Allah azza wa jal, he says, Well, he says that

00:32:13 --> 00:32:59

Allah is enough as a witness. And what does this all mean? This means that mean you, we have to remember, we don't care how many people deny the truth of Islam. You've got to make your event so strong, that no matter how many people denied, we're going to stay with it. That's where Allah azza wa jal, he praised the wife of Iran so much. Why? Because her whole her husband, a whole husband's crew, staff, everyone soldiers, the whole of the home, the whole of the nation was denying God, except for the nation of musasa. And she was the only one inside there that she still believed in Lhasa. And because of that, Allah Allah mentioned her in the Quran in surah, Atari.

00:33:00 --> 00:33:04

Now there are many verses here. Allah says

00:33:05 --> 00:33:30

if look if it comes to something where someone's denying the Quran, you know, we're gonna say Allah said Kolkata biLlahi shahida meno binaca say Allah is enough as a witness between me and you can call us allies enough as a witness. I don't need to prove you if you can't prove the validity of the Quran. If you haven't got that argument, you just say kafa biLlahi shahina Allah Zina, I don't need anything more. If If you find Allah said in the Holy Quran, he said,

00:33:31 --> 00:33:47

For shadow or Anima commercia. He didn't say you witnesses you witnesses and say that I am from one of the witnesses. Allah has said well Allahu shahidan Allah mataman Allah is enough as a witness over the beads that you do so to LA man and number 98. Allah has said

00:33:50 --> 00:33:58

in the horror of Allah Allah coalition Shaheed Allah over everything is witnessed this is in Surah masala and number six.

00:33:59 --> 00:34:07

Now there are various is around this. I'm not I'm not gonna quote all of them to you. I've given you the gist of of this.

00:34:11 --> 00:34:49

Now, as a witness ourselves, Allah said work in Surah Baqarah, number 23. He said, Well, I attack to Shahada don't hide a witness. When you become a witness on the ground on the earth, you're the only witness and you call for it. Don't deny what you saw is a big crime. Those who deny what they've seen, they will be deprived of great things on the Day of Judgment. If you're the only witness and you've been called to witness and you come and you hide that witness on purpose, on purpose, not because you fear for your life or whatever, but you hide it on purpose, for whatever reason is one of the games you're going to get a lot. So john has said, I know who asked him. This is going to

00:34:49 --> 00:34:59

really make your heart very sinful. It's going to make your heart very sinful. And I said fetch them first and we'll determine sandwich denicola zuerst

00:35:00 --> 00:35:32

From false falsehood Allah Allah has said, you know from full statements, and Allah has told us not to become part of a false statement. Will Levine Elias Ceduna zoo, they don't witness to something which is false. This is not what a Muslim and a believer does. So this is all around the name of Shahid, the name of Shaheed which is Allah azza wa jal being a witness. The final name that we're going to do today is the name of

00:35:33 --> 00:35:35

Huck, Huck.

00:35:37 --> 00:35:50

Allah have two means the one who is the truthful one, the one who is true, the one who is a real, the he has reality, the one who has no falsehood to him, that's the name of Allah.

00:35:51 --> 00:36:36

Now, Allah said in insert to know and number 25, where Ala Moana and Allahu Allah have to move in, they know that Allah azza wa jal, he is the true one, Allah is true, everything else is false. All other gods date is all that is false. All of the names, all the entities, all the powers, every power is false in front of Allah, there is no real power, except for Allah power, every benefit on the earth, every beneficial thing on the earth, everything of harming the earth is false. Only Allah has the true power to benefit only allows the true power to to harm and that is why wouldn't go to law school allows me said what he said to say that I've delivered on bass, and this is really man,

00:36:36 --> 00:37:03

he said, My Signature Bass was on the back of a convinced Rasulullah sallallahu said, you have a young child, remember this, that if the entire Earth came together to benefit you, if the entire Earth came together, all the doctors, all the scientists and all the wealthy businessmen, everyone came together, all the kings came together, all the governments came together to benefit you.

00:37:05 --> 00:37:07

But Allah has decided not to benefit you,

00:37:08 --> 00:37:29

then all of them put together can benefit you. Not a single benefit will come to you. And but if all of them came together, imagine all the kings on the earth want to harm you or the government's want to harm you all the black cops and the you know, the CIA and whoever they all want to get hold of you, and I want to harm you. But Allah doesn't want to harm you, you will not be harmed by the least.

00:37:31 --> 00:37:34

That is a man in a loving and happy because he has got true power.

00:37:35 --> 00:38:15

The only caveat in the law. This is because Allah is the one who is with the truth, truthful one, the one with reality. This is total HUD and number 62. What to do in a la himolla have all had been returned to the real master. Who's the real master who is the master Huck. It is a larger than what can be here como Kovalchuk, Allah says in Surah, Allah Nam number 66 your nation have denied all of this. While it is the truth, Fatah Allahu Malik will have the king who is the truthful king, he is way above what people are saying this sort of Haha, and number 114.

00:38:17 --> 00:38:32

And once we know the truth, what we've got to remember is this once you know the truth, and everything else is false, we've got to remember that we've got to stay away from that false. And we're going to go for the truth and man, even Malik rahula, who was once asked the question

00:38:34 --> 00:38:49

he was once asked a question about something and he couldn't he couldn't find the truthful of truthfulness of it inside the Quran. But he gave one statement that gave the answer.

00:38:51 --> 00:39:10

He said, have a hug from other bottle hockey labella This is the truth the Quran is the truth. And whatever comes after the Quran, whatever is besides the Quran, you got to remember that is battle that is not true. So you follow the truth. Allah has said while while we all have to

00:39:12 --> 00:39:56

watch out if, if the truth was to follow desires, if I have a person and I say no, I'm going to dictate what the truth is. And I'm going to make people follow me and my desires and my desires of the true thing what I want, Allah says the whole earth and everything else will corrupt inside. So truth is something that is true. You can't bend the truth. You can't. You can't twist the truth. You can feel the Christian the truth. You can feel a bend the truth of hid the truth. I've I've muddled the truth of you know what the truth or have drowned the truth whatever you want to say. Allah has said in the end the truth will be the truth. When on the Day of Judgment, the day of judgment comes

00:39:56 --> 00:39:59

there is no falsehood on that day, everything that was true on the earth.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:04

When it comes to Sunday, you get into an argument and people do so much to hide the truth.

00:40:05 --> 00:40:36

People do so much to hide the truth. And Allah azza wa jal he has made it very clear yoma even you a fee him Allahu Dena hollyhock surah number 25. When Allah will clearly show what the real religion the truth, the truth in the religion was, Allah will show that Allah azza wa jal How was the hackle about him the truth has come and all falsehood has completely been destroyed to its to its

00:40:37 --> 00:41:01

to its core Azhar called battle because bout it see the false hood, it can gain a speed you can gain an advancement in this world but it cannot beat the truth. The truth eventually will prevail, whether it's in this world or is in the next world, the truth will prevail. While de la haka the promise of Allah is Jerusalem Messiah and number one to to

00:41:02 --> 00:41:16

Allah Allah azza wa jal has told us in the Holy Quran well annamayya Doreen I mean dooney who about every single thing that others aspire to that is also the surah, Hajj and number 62. Allah has set in the Holy Quran

00:41:18 --> 00:41:48

through the through the words of musala salaam, he said what Hakuna Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Hillel have everything that has been said by the messengers is nothing but the truth about Allah azza wa jal, there is nothing that is false in what the statement of the Quran has said nothing false in what they what everything as I said, Now, one last thing is that none of us mentioned this is a lie in Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said in Sahih Bukhari contra Hadith he said that the evil eye is a reality.

00:41:49 --> 00:41:55

Evil is true, it's a reality it happens. What does that mean? That means that

00:41:56 --> 00:42:37

sometimes you can get the evil eye someone someone sometimes someone can look at you and they can they can they can say you know look at you and feeling Wow, whatever else goes through the mind. And the evil car can affect it. One way that the evil eye doesn't affect it. Do we understand from the Quran? So two copies that you share? You say Masha Allahu La quwata illa Allah, Masha Allahu La quwata illa Allah knows when those two people that have the gardens and one of them enter the other garden and he said Masha Allah Allah who has a lot of seeds they will say to you that the reason why he said Masha Allah is so that you know he expresses that all of these beautiful garden is the power

00:42:37 --> 00:43:05

of God is what what Allah will now the evil I will not affect something when you say Masha Allah, you say Masha Allah who La quwata illa de nada la who no one has power except for Allah. The time that evil I can affect it is when you might not say this or when somebody has is amazed by something. It doesn't have to be out of hatred. It doesn't have to be out of jealousy. It might be just because someone is astonished by something that's when the evil eye might actually affect something, how you get rid of evil eye

00:43:07 --> 00:43:11

is you can read them out of the thing and so on below, or

00:43:12 --> 00:43:59

you can you can recite some of the things that Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam has has recited but specifically, you know, there is a DA that are either Kalamata la heeta mata kuliah min min Shanthi mahalo comin coolie I Neelam from the from every evil I, I seek Allah's refuge from this thing, or I am asking a lot of protection in this thing from every evil eye. But most someone might have said to recite the last two aisles of surah column. Last two is pseudocolor 41 times over and to blow on to oneself or to blow on water and drink it or to blow into somebody

00:44:00 --> 00:44:19

that will get rid of the evil eye. And this is something that has been tested over and over again. You know, it is the is one of the secret of the secrets of the Quran. So if somebody wants to do that, last verse, last two verses of Surah Al Kalam were in your casual Latina capitalize the coup.

00:44:20 --> 00:44:35

de gras were kulula in Omaha Isla de kulula Halloween that's it. You read this 14 times over and then you blow inshallah Allah azza wa jal will remove the evil eye and that is inshallah we'll continue from the name of Allah killed next week, inshallah.

Al Majeed, Al Ba’ith, Ash Shaheed & Al Haqq

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