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In the hamdulillah Hinata who wanna stay in who want to study he want to stop euro when I was a villa Himanshu Rory and fusino Mensa, Tia Marina Maja de la hora mo de la. oma, Euclid Fela howdy Allahu wa Chateau La Ilaha Illa la junta Sheree Cara sharika Why should one know Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad, Kamal salata, Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim in Naka, hamidou Majeed

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Eva de la. All praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger, my dear brothers and sisters, that is a very common Hadeeth in the books of Hadith, known as had Ethan musi salata who, the person who did not perfect his Salah, or the perf, the person who performed his Salah in the wrong way. And it's very common it is almost an all books of Hadith reported by Bihari Muslim element, Rahim Allah in the Sudan and you

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name it

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and what have came in multi narrations, one of them because the hope was not meant to study this hadith in detail, but it is basically that introduction to my topic of today. Barrera the Allah and said a man enter the masjid and see this is among the etiquette of the Sahaba they never even this hadith is very famous, very common narrated by a large number of people, you will not find them mentioning the person's name, because he did something not appropriate. So the out of citra Muslim covering the person's mistake, nobody mentioned his name. They said a man enter the master and he the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting on one of the side of the message with his

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companions. So this man entered and he prayed. Then he approached the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said a Santa Monica shows you that this man has a little bit of good understanding of religion and etiquette of domestic that when you come in before you set, you pray to Allah cows, so he did what he did.

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Or whatever salada tea maybe he missed, he came late and he was making the Salah up first. Then he anyway he came to the Muslim and he said a Santa Monica. Then the prophets of Salaam said we're at a coma Sam urges for suddenly fell in a column to Sunday. He said go back pray again because you have not prayed yet. Then immediately went back and he prayed and he came back to the province asylum. He prayed exactly the same way he did before. And he came back to the province that assalamu alikum then in Ibiza Salaam said what a coup Salam urges for suddenly for inoculum to suddenly go back and pray because you have not prayed yet. Your prayer is not right. So the person went back and he

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prayed again. Then he came to the prophet SAW Selim said Assalamu alaikum that individual Salam aleikum wa salam ala j for suddenly for inoculum to suddenly go back pray because you didn't pray. Then the writer said I wasn't sure and the third or the second time the man said to the prophets of Salaam second time after he was sent back he said yeah rasulillah

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Allah Allah de bossa

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nova Yahoo fan limini

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I served by the one who sent you with the truth. I don't know any better than this. This is the best I can do. So Teach me

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as many lessons to learn from the headings like just by looking at the attitude of the man. He didn't get frustrated every time he went and he tried his best he want to get into his own first and that's a very good attitude. Then after words have to try it multiple times. Then he said yes or no I didn't say jasola You know what? That's not this you guys making Dean very difficult you she'll make the live life miserable. And you guys are so picky. And this is a good handle. And after I came to pray, no. Oh, what do you hear these days? They don't hear that. Because they know better. He said Jada said a lot I limonene Teach me

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as the good attitude, the positive attitude that in nebby sallallahu Sallam said he documented Asana for us bill. He said when you come to Salah make sure that you perfect and you complete your although why he mentioned that. He didn't see him making the book. But ever the person cut corners in the salon most likely will cut corners and although as well if the person doesn't do the follow up perfect, most

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Luckily also he will do the same in a lot. So the problem said, perfect your vote and that's the smart teacher who knows what the person might need? And he gave it to him or her, even without them asking. Anyway Then he said to my stackability blood if I can face the blood and say Allahu Akbar, so Makarov, Mateus, Sameera camino Koran read whatever you memorize from the Quran, then make record

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in naraka, and tell your record is perfectly done. You're basically in a perfectly state of the record bound, then raise your head until you completely stand up straight.

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In and when you stand up straight, you take your time

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until you completely stand up, and you take your time, then Austin, then you go to sujood and tell you perfectly be you perfect your suit, you basically basically all your body goes down on the ground, then raise your hand until you perfectly set up my inner jellison. So mustard hat top of my inner sajida then do the same thing with the sujood then raise up until he stand up straight again to breed on. So basically to do the second Barker. Then he said, Well, Daddy caffi solotica kuliah that's how you should pray.

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Then, and for he said Salalah to him, if you do that, for 10 minutes, Allah took a woman DeCosta woman tacos caminhada for enjoyment Acosta woman solid, that's how you perfect your Salah. And anything that you don't fulfill from this in the salon, or anything you miss from these things in the salon, you basically Miss from your reward for that salon.

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And since this Hadeeth you know, I completely changed my topic today after reading this.

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I was planning to speak about the common mistakes that people do in the salon.

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But just I was reflecting upon this hadith as I'm coming and even called the guys earlier said the common mistakes people doing the salon. And this helped inspire us to know about the common mistakes and to it to point it out. But when I was coming or

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before coming to the mustard, reflecting upon the Hadith, I noticed that in abhi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam maraca Allah. Raja

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and NaVi Salam didn't mention the mistakes of this man.

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He didn't tell him all you did 1234 510 mistakes. And newbies are seldom taught him what is right what is correct, what should be done. He focused a lot on them and what is need to be done, rather focusing on what should have not been done.

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There is nothing wrong with pointing out common mistakes. There is nothing wrong with mentioning what is wrong to be avoided. That's fine, what does how long to be to abstain from it. That's okay. But it's higher level in education and learning. It's more have more impact on the soul, on the learner on the people who want to practice to the religion. When you focus more on when you want to correct any behavior in general, is to focus on what is correct. Even in business. They said if you have people work for you don't focus a lot on what they done wrong. As much as you focus on basically encouraging them on what they have done. Correct. You can mention the mistakes to be

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avoided to be learned, but your focus should be on the positive or the good thing

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that they have done or the things that need to be done.

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So some of the things that I would like to share in regard to the salon and how we come to the salon we pray together since a salon federal mobile, chemical and Ibiza salon. It's the best of subject and the most important of all matters a salon.

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It is important for us to make sure that we know how to do it correct. But I have a request.

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Make sure that everybody here this one.

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I'm not here or what I'm going to say is not just to entertain

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it's just not to make you Okay, you know what it's one Jamaat chat and my life

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would I want you to hear me out. Anything that you're going to hear today, you find yourself lacking and where you didn't know about it or you're not practicing it. Maybe I have many points, but at least 234 or five points. You find them applicable to you. Make sure that you start practicing them. Make sure that you start caring about them.

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I am going to avoid the area where it is, you know debatable. I'm going to make sure that most of the things that I will mention are common sense and commonly accepted by the Muslim jurists across the board. Number one, it starts with entering the mustard and that's something I discuss with the brothers and sisters. Last one is de that the signal when you enter the method is to enter with the right foot, not with the left foot. Just by

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ask yourself Have you thought about this when you coming into the master today? Have you thought about which feet I'm going to put first on entering the master? You might say what is so big it is similar to do it as Anna some of the lower undiplomatic said Phil Harkin, Carla municipality that the hotel mastered, and tap the ability to can illuminate from the unknown, you enter the master to start with your right foot. But for me, that is even bigger goal than just this, which is, as I said, in one day, it creates a sense of awareness. It makes you focus from the beginning of entering the master, that from the moment you enter the master and start focusing on what is the sun now

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what's in the footsteps of Mohammed solsona and give you a different perspective about what's next. If you are aware of that small things like this, what's comes next would be easier to focus on. Also, from the sun, that when you enter the master that you say the drought, which is in the B cell, salaam, totus Aloha, miftah Haley Ababa Matic Allahumma salli, ala Muhammad

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Ali Baba Matic Allah open for me the door of your mercy. And also this is very important because as you come into the mustard, one of the common thing people have, that they have a struggle and focusing on the salon, on benefiting from the salon, benefiting from the hope but in general, and one of the mercy of Allah that He opened his doors for you one of the doors of mercy that the law might open for you because you're at the mercy of assure that the law open your heart off for sure, to be able to focus to be able to enjoy the salon, to be able to read Quran and to reflect upon the verses that is recited. So this as you enter the message is important and one of the

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law, the mobile ad ministry, Raji, I asked, I seek refuge with Allah the Great, the one who possessed the greatest of throne and the one who possessed the greatest of Kingdom and the oldest of all kingdom, the Almighty Allah from shape energy. So whenever you enter the message, you're protected from the shape Ah, Rosie, my Elmo home industry, you will be protected from the shape and as you enter and that's an important one. So Amanda, Hema her law was in the masjid somebody stopped him and he said, by the way,

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these people have no better things to do in life except asking question like the coming one. He said, by the way, is it due to majority Muslim men are not Muslim?

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Are the Muslim Brothers planning to give them Tao I guess.

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What's the kind of question that

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I asked him? He said yada.

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Health and Informatica data How

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do you know what to say when you enter the mustard and you leave the mustard? He said now, Allah admittedly had FSL so and learn and ask about things of that nature. These simple things that's basically shave your character. It keeps you connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Another point when you come to the mustard came and headed for the alarm. That didn't be Salalah Salim said he that OPI Mata sada Farah to how to sound this

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car when I came to Howard and Tim Tim schoon were at a coma. Sakina family a doctor for solu Fattah come for a team movie

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and Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a team

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player Karlin Nabi sallallahu Sallam and this hadith in Sahih Muslim in a tournament he said if the salaat that is called so you heard that he said don't run

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big you will have a reason to run to catch the first tech Viola to be in the beginning he said if you hear the farmer don't run

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so today you look at your watch. It's okay you know 715 don't cut the light. Don't speed go over speed limit. Just because you want to catch this a lot. is not the right etiquette. Don't be running in the hallway. That's not the right the right etiquette. He sets all sudden and firm shoe walk and with Sakina with tranquillity Palawan a Kuma Sakina Antony

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tenshun and he said, whatever you catch from the Salah pride and whatever you mess you complete

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and also showing you the deen is hamdulillah your intention is to come to the mastery come to the master, there is no need you for running falling down or, you know or making anything that because you don't want to enter the salon and you're out of breath and you know, and sweating and all or maybe put yourself in dangerous by speeding to just to come to the salon.

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So that's one of the etiquettes that the Muslims should care and one of the mistakes that we hear sometimes people run to the salon, especially if the moment the Roku. That's why in NaVi Salalah Salam when Abu Bakar saw the processor made in ruku

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and Abubakar in the back of the master, so Ababa Kra not Abubakar Abubakar has a different companion what he did he made the record like this then he start running towards the line

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you do

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you know loud voice that's what the BB but loud voice then inhibition from heard that.

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He said What happened? Then he said that was me Rasul Allah see how innocent also they are?

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He said that was me. I saw you I don't want to miss the Salah. I don't because if you miss the record, you miss Baraka and I don't want to miss Tanaka then that what I did then in Ibiza Salaam smile and he said Furqan Jazakallah Hara zadock Allah who Hilson while I do with the rewire while I told you in the latter

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he said Salah Salem to him May Allah increase your any your care for Deen for your Islam for the man for the good for the righteous needs, but don't run next time. Or don't do that next time which you don't do the running because you should come slowly to the mustard.

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Also from the sun and when you entered the lesson a lot of people miss that. That when they enter the mustard they don't pray to hear till they don't pray the Torah counts the hidden mystery and in abuse Allah Allahu Allahu Allahu wa sallam as Abu Qatada said, I entered the mustard once and the province of Southern was sitting with the people. Then it came in a set to listen to the process on it. So what is better than listening to the class taught by Mohammed Salah? So he escaped the Torah and he just said to listen to the process Allah then in a bizarre solemn manner can Takada Katarina, Pamela Angeles, what prevented you from praying to Raka before you said, and he said yeah, Rasul

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Allah, I saw I saw you sitting and people around you, so I came to listen. Then he said, he da da da da cumin mustard. Anyone? Have you entered the mustard? Farah edgeless should not set until he pre or she prayed to rock house.

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And in Ibiza, Santa Monica was given an Hadith in Sahih Bukhari Muslim. And once the Navy saw Sodom and Gomorrah, he saw a man going between the lines and when he came close he sat then in Ibiza Sallam told point him out, pointed him out and he said Tom for Sunday for karate stand up and pray to rock house. So even when the Imam giving the hotbar yes even when the Imam giving the photo because in Ibiza Salim said that to the man who said while the process of them giving the hope.

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One of the things that you should also be aware of

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what the Sahaba they allow themselves that we used to consider the person who leaves the masjid after the ban was called Mona Matt alumini found

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if the Adhan is called in the message then you just leave you don't wait until you pray with the people in the Sahaba said we used to consider this a well known hypocrites a well known when I talk to us The only exceptions if there is necessity You are a doctor and call for example your job you're gonna lose your job something like or your family in need. These are exception cases. But just because you know what i want to rush because I want to catch the movie.

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Army because you know what I want to go to the restaurant or because whatever these this is not an excuse for you to leave after the anonymous call. You should if you want to leave leave the mustard before the iodine is called. Also

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one of the thing that didn't need to be Salalah alayhi wa sallam told us con la salata either op Mata Sala inland MK tuba when the Dharma is called the only Salah you can pray is the obligatory prayer. So for example, some people when the karma is made a hoonah Villa Mashallah he walked to the side of the mustard and he prays son, Alfredo or his the Son of God or the people

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To Salah you should not start another prayer to whatever the timer is made and I am praying my son.

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Whatever the karma was made on on prednisone, many of the scholars said you finish it up quickly don't take your time Mashallah reading you know submit his Malbec Allah Allah Allah

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Raka now you just read one verse, and then you say La Kabbalah make it very fast Subhana Allah one time and

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one time, and you finish, then immediately because the most important thing here is to catch the salon, not your volunteer prayer, even Bible for perhaps some of the I said, You Salam automatically became invalid when the iqama is made. Some of the five and i but i don't agree with that. I agree that your Salah is correct, but just try to finish it quickly. But don't initiate and use Allah while the Salah is made. The only exception for this case

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is one scenario.

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You didn't pray and you came while also is praying.

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In this case, you have two options. You join the Imam with the intention of work and you pray behind him. And by the way, the difference of intention between the Imam and the moon is commonly practiced during the prophets of Salaam time, commonly practice it's not something strange, there is no connection you don't have to have the same intention, you can be praying completely different pair than the email that doesn't matter because then they'll be subtle allottee while you're selling when someone missed fudger he said to the some of the Sahaba who will volunteer to pray with that person. So one of them praying fudger and the other praying sin more either of the allow and used to spray

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Isha with the Prophet, then he go leads his people for Isha prayer with as a volunteer salah and the people behind them praying your issue. So there is many, many examples like this. It's not one or two. But my point is you have two option you pray behind the Imam your bullhorn while the man praying also, or you go on to the site you pray about her quickly then you join the Imam philosophy

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as the only scenario that I can see for you to pray other than what's the Imam is praying.

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One of the things also that is important to know that the intention for the Salah it's in the heart is not in the tongue. That's why it is agreed upon by all the *a ha especially the early Muslim jurist, Abu hanifa. Malik was shocked he was not there later generations of students I'm talking about the 14 month themselves and their immediate students and those will be for them. You will not find in their statement anyone ever said that the intention of the salon to be pronounced as a matter of fact in America consider this many of the art consider this and innovation in religion bit after deed. Some people will pray behind me next to them as a fee Mashallah putting a subject for an

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email he's allowed before I say now I will suddenly have Baraka to Mathura toffee mustard, Clear Lake Maggiore. Ya know, I need start say I intend to pray for vaca Horrigan congregation behind him and the mustard on Tuesday. This is no prophecy. This is a Halawa outside of our Hannah's will be the Allen nurse Lisa, how safieddine Islam

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and Islam is much easier than all those things that people invented and added to it. You just set the intention. Why you coming to the mustard to eat shawarma, you're coming to pray long, you're coming to pray. So that's what's the intention is, so you have the intention and the heart so there's no need to tell a lot by a pronounced accent Hey, I'm here to pray, are sort of to pray this or to pray that you just say Allahu Akbar when you pray in Nabi sallallahu Sallam prayed millions of times, not a single time. He mentioned anything you'd call intention to pronounce, not a single time. Not a single time he told any companion anything about that? Not a single time of a bucket or

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a model of man or any or any one of the Sahaba did anything like that. Not a single narrations reported from any one of the successors the second or the third generation in Islam. So something for hundreds of years related to the salon and the fundamental issue in the salon never was mentioned. What is that means if this is not what I consider to be the I don't know what's better I can be.

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I ask Allah subhanaw taala Giacomo Yakutia coffee Dean akula Massimo Mustapha

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Nabi abajo

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important etiquettes endless Allah, Allahu Allah, that you have tranquility and focus on the salah

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and focusing and having kosher and the Salah is the soul of the solid water solid. And it means that you focus on what you say. You understand that you comprehend what you're saying. You understand and you comprehend what you are doing. And you're reflecting upon that. Don't ever be yak, yak, yak, and to suddenly salata colusa Belle solace salatu wa salam ala don't ever pray the Salah because you want to make a check mark. You know what I'm done with it?

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Let's get over with it. New York in Ibiza, Salam Jaco rnav hyah Bella Cana either has a real solid when he needs to rest on the need to focus Iran to the summer.

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Not that you want to run out of the Salah people to do one or run out of the salon one and maybe some runs to the Salatu. Salam ala. That's a that's for sure is your ability to focus on what you're saying or what you're doing in the Salah alpha. Sure, by the way, it doesn't mean to pray in slow motion. With all my respect. Yeah, and some people think I'm sure it means to go in slow motion. Yeah. And he very slow to go to Heroku. I'm very slow to start.

00:26:32--> 00:26:36

That's somebody has a back pain, you know, or like thinking.

00:26:38--> 00:26:43

And I'm not I'm serious. I'm not trying to make fun of anybody. But no matter the alignment, so someone acting like this.

00:26:45--> 00:26:50

It took them like few seconds to put his hand together, and few seconds to raise them up.

00:26:51--> 00:26:53

He basically got him with

00:26:54--> 00:27:02

Elena Dina, he said, keep going. Don't make our religion so dead like that. So artificial.

00:27:03--> 00:27:47

If this would make you focus up to you, some people are have any hype, or more than other I'm understand. But I'm talking about the people who faking it, not the people who are originally doing it. If this is how your audience slow, you take your time, I'm fine. Maybe I have a more hyper than others. I'm fine not making fun of anyone. But what I'm against in the morning you is to think that it means what it means is to go into slow motion. Oh sure. It means to have it very long. That's not true. I'm curious to focus. It's short or long it doesn't matter that's up to you. But your ability to focus that's why I prefer for you to pray a bit to say so panorama in three times with focus then

00:27:47--> 00:27:58

making 19 times but sometimes in order for you to reach to the level of focusing you might go to five you might go to night, you might read 10 verses I understand that.

00:28:00--> 00:28:40

Also one of the things that is not acceptable as part of the focus in the hood is to be distracted you pray and you check your email and you check your phone, you check your I watch. You know you check, you know all these gadgets. That's not correct. Unless you are a doctor on call and I know we have quite a number of physicians in the semester. You're on call it's absolutely allowed for you to look at your pager your your phone while you are praying to check if there is any emergency call. And that's basically part of your job and duty or you are an officer that is basically on call. That's different case. But other than that Muslims should wait and should put on hold because there

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is no such a great emergency. And in this case, it playing around with your clothes and all this stuff is something that you should be aware of, and to avoid to be able to focus on your Salah. There is a lot to be said to hopefully show up maybe in future hookless we can explore more of these points. I asked a las panatela to accept our salah and I asked Allah subhanaw taala to help us to focus in our Salah. And I asked the last panel to Allah to teach us the sin and the sin of the Salah. And to be able to pray like how the preface of Southern prayed his prayer along innosilicon hood our towpower ffl Hina went to Santa Sonata cuantas aka Romans aka Antonio ma ma ma

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ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma de Dena Allahu morpholino as well as you know the reality now that we have hermina Hakuna Elena Allahumma

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Metallica Baraka Chiara de monsieur de la, la Mohan Nagar automatic Allah Mohammed metric was gonna be citric electric and Takahashi mean, a la

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la la la dunia feel he had an O Salafi Helena rafaela antenna Alia was Subhana Allah humara yada yada yada Jelani ecomm mininova

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Not one Muslim you know Muslim at a minimum what Jimmy and yada yada yada

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yada yada yada yada cram

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a boo no minister Samba de la who may other general Economic Council mustafina faculty, McCann, I'm sorry, Mr. Murphy and if you could the Macan on sort of mobile mean if you could be McCann, McKinley evadne casada he and McKinley Nevada casada here in Nevada, Florida in a law home in Minnesota. Okay other gelada economic stamina, stamina. Robotic stamina. Mati de nica was in North Edmonton administration, Latina Vika Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wanted to see in a minute we'll have Dr. Marina Bella rufina Hina Annie mooncup NASA Hina lil Hartland, Hulk, mahalo Sina. Lil happy La ilaha illa Anta su Kanaka in the economy, nobody mean or somebody la masa de Marana Vienna

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Muhammad, select Johan Kumar.