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Now today we're gonna try to help you for those who are sincere or open hearted, who really want to know the truth. But now there's a lot of confusion. So you might be catching us late at night, early in the morning. And the afternoon, you're away from all the different tantalus nations of this life. And you might have just came home from the nightclub you can play is getting played out, you're getting tired of it. But now there's confusion. Where do you start? How do you find the truth? What's the roadmap? Where do you begin? So we're going to take baby steps, we're going to take simple stuff, no matter what you did in the past, don't worry about it. There's still hope you're

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not dead yet. When we come back, we're going to be giving you a formula on how to find the truth. Live on the truth and dance with me Come back here on the deen show.

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This is the

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this is the

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Salam Alaikum peace be unto you. slam it. Thank you seem a bit quiet today. Today, you know, we're gonna get excited as we go along. And but this is a very serious issue. You know, we really we share because we care. We care about the people, we want the best for them? We certainly do. You know, there's a lot of doubt that's created about us Muslims. But you know, the prophet said none of you truly believe in to your love for others. What you love yourself. And the thing that every Muslim, true Muslim, every true believer loves the most without any doubt, Islam. Yes.

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You know, a true believer would rather be thrown into the fire, than to go back to that condition

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where they were without the guidance of Allah in their life. So that is how dear and how important. I mean, really, in reality, Islam, it is life Eddie, it's, it's, it's life on a totally different scale. And when you are not connected with your Lord, when you're not connected with your Creator, when you're not remembering him, knowing him, it you might as well be dead.

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And I'm sure many people they might have been involved in drugs or still are wearing might have been getting used by men and abused and go into the nightclubs and you know, living from Friday to Friday Work, Work party party, make a little money, and then let loose. But now that it's just getting played out, is getting played out. But there's still some doubt and confusion. They don't know, they don't have a roadmap. But now somehow they got tuned into the deen show. Maybe a Muslim gotten to sit down, and you're thinking serious. So where did they begin?

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This is the first step. But where did they go from here? We want to give them some encouragement and some kind of formula that after this show, they'll be excited to live a new life. I think you know, I think the question, Where do they begin depends on who they is. It depends on who's out there. And people are so different. They're different in different ways that different emotionally that different intellectually, they're different spiritually. So, you know, a question like, that is a bit like, well, how long is a piece of string? Or which piece of string? Is it talking about? I mean, it's it's easy if you, you know, like we've talked about before. Yeah, we talked about a

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specific example. Here's a character. He's like, ABC. Yeah, you know, what do we say to him? What have we got to say to him, but I think you know, you're talking about people coming. The question, I really want to ask everyone out there, please ask the people who have come back from nightclubs, the people who are playing it out, as you called it. I've never heard that expression before, coming from quaint old England. But um, you know, but the question I want people to really ask themselves,

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is, when you come back from a night on the town, you've been drinking, you've been boozing, you've been dancing, you've been hanging out with girls, guys, whatever. At the end of law, at the end of all of that when you wake up the next morning or whatever, whatever it is, I want you to ask yourself, I want those people to ask themselves two simple questions. Number one,

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did you improve yourself as a human being?

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When you go out on the night, get you go out on the

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town and you get drunk. Would you say honestly, I'm a better human being because of that.

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Number two, did you contribute anything to the betterment of humanity? Because the reality is, Eddie, if you haven't improved yourself as a human being,

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and if you haven't contributed to the well being of humanity,

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the amazing thing is, is that the most advanced studies in psychology about human happiness show

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that these are the two key factors in making people profoundly happy. I don't mean happy on a temporary scale where Yeah, man, I feel happy. I'm you know, I'm a bit stoned. I'm a bit wasted. I'm, uh, you know, I just had some my sex or whatever, right? Yeah. I mean, how long does that happiness last? It doesn't, you know, because the problem is this hedonism, this giving yourself into these so called pleasures and luxuries of life, they have no permanence at all, you know, the moment the actual experience has ended? The moment the alcohol has worn off the moment, excuse me for being Frank, that moment the orgasm has gone, what's left, right, what have you got left, you've

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got nothing. And at the end of it, you don't feel I'm a better person, you don't feel humanity has improved because of what I've done. So how is that going to improve your feeling of self worth? How is that gonna make you feel better? As a human being? It doesn't. And people reach a stage when they begin to realize that maybe not consciously, maybe not intellectually, but they begin to realize that Wait a minute, I am achieving nothing, I am going nowhere. Where is all of this getting me. And this is actually a problem the whole society faces. Okay. The whole society is facing this really this big problem. Now the person who's listening, and usually all he watches is MTV, the reality

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shows and he sees, let's say, Puff Daddy. And he sees him with all the glitz and glamour, and all the women. And he's always smiling, having a good time. And now he feels like you know what, I got a good voice. I can sing. I can make it I can be up there, and I'll be happy. So that's the only ambition he's got. But you know what he sees us? He says, You know what? That's seems boring. What you're talking about this more exciting. It's, where's that? Well, you know what try it, you know, go, if that's how that person feels. Go for it. You'll see, you'll see how empty it is. You'll see how shallow it is. You see, there are some people who admit it to themselves. And there's some

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people who just keep fooling themselves. They just say, well, maybe I don't have enough women, maybe I don't have enough money. Maybe I don't have enough drugs, right? And they just go deeper and deeper and into it more and more. But in reality, you don't find these people have any profound, profound sense of happiness. And the example Eddie, the examples are too many of you know, whoever it may be, you know, Elvis Kurt Cobain? How many of these people right? How many of these people were taking? The question I asked is if you're happy, why do you take drugs? Why do you? Why if you're happy, why are you taking drugs? Yeah, you take drugs, because you're not happy? If you're

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happy? Why do you need to surround yourself with all of these women? Because you're not happy? Right? If you have to fill your mind with all this music, which really takes over your brain waves, that's what it does is it takes over your brainwaves it, it makes you think and behave and act in a different way. So if you're so happy, why are you doing those things? Because actually, in reality, these things are assigned that you are fundamentally unhappy. Do people confused now? Because they think by doing this, at that moment, when you're dropping a pill of ecstasy, or doing some coke, you get this high? You feel like yeah, I'm on top of the world now. Yeah, but then good. But is that is

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that is that peace? Was that pleasure? How do you how do you differentiate the two? Well, you know, bone and happiness. I think I'm just talking, I am talking really from a psychological point of view. But But you see what you find when you begin to study Islam, when you begin to look into Islam, you will see you it'll become clear to you if you study psychology, and then you study the Quran and you study the example of the Prophet Mohammed, what you will see and what you will begin to realize is that the one who revealed this knowledge,

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the one who revealed this code, and the one who taught this man Mohammed

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is the one who knows exactly the needs and the requirements of the human being. He he because He is the creator of the human mind. He is the creator of the human brain. He knows our psychology better than we know ourselves. And, you know, this is one of the rules.

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remarkable things, one of the remarkable things about the color and when you study it in Islam when you live it

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and this is what really we have to connect to. We have to connect to this understanding that the Quran is from God that Muhammad is His Messenger and the answers to the problems in our life there, snorting cocaine, taking drugs, drinking alcohol, womanizing, you know these things are not solutions. They are not solutions. Let's take a break and we'll come back more into the show.

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Why don't take the books, put the books in front of you and read them. read the Quran. Don't be afraid.

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The question is about whether Muslims are not good citizens. The Constitution defines what a good citizen is in the preamble it says we the people of the United States and form a more perfect union, establish justice ensure domestic tranquility to me most and I can say that as a good Muslim. And most Muslims can say that Muslims have to embrace that most Muslims are good Americans.

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Back on the deen show with Shaykh Abdul Rahim green who is a former Christian Buddhist went to this Islam that Islam traveled all over looking for the truth accepted Islam, his stories of the deen you can view that he has his own personal section, he has his biography. But today, we're talking we're trying to give some kind of blueprint for a person. We're trying to create some urgency for the person to take this seriously. And right now he might be even having a can of beer, bottle champagne, some you got all sorts of things going on out there. But he's enjoying she's enjoying what we have to say she's getting fed up of feeling like she's just getting used and abused

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by other men. One man after another she thinks she's found Mr. Romeo. Next things she's getting kicked out of another car. And there's no I mean, what do you expect? And you know, you look at these. You look at you just turn on MTV, you look at these rappers you look at these musicians, you look at these people, with a string of women dancing around them, like, I don't know what I mean, this is misogynistic. This is woman hating, right? This is treating women just like sex objects. And the sad thing is these women just behaving like they're just nothing more than just like, you know, little bits of decoration for these men. I mean, it's really sad to see that it's sad to see men

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behaving like that. And it's sad to see women being treated like that. And I know the vast majority of women, not all of them, but most of the women out there. They want they want a man who is going to support them, who is going to be with them, who's going to stay with them, who's going to love them, and who she can love back. That's what that's what they're looking for. They're not looking for, you know, to be excuse my phrase to be some bitch to some gangster. Right? You know, with another 100 other bitches who wants that man? I mean, you know, I really honestly, is there a single woman out there who really wants that? No. Right? Or maybe she feels she has to behave like that to

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fit into whatever is going on around, you know, but I don't think anyone really wants to be like that. But you know, this is the problem, we're being fed this rubbish. We're being fed this filth, you know? And, you know, quite rightly, no, no media station, quite rightly, no media station would be allowed to, you know, to, to encourage people to commit acts of terrorism, for example.

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How, how do we allow people to come on and sing about shooting other human beings, stabbing them killing them? You know, really what it comes down to really abuse of humanity? I mean, how do we allow that type of stuff? You know, and I think, you know, the problem is, you know, we've we, you know, there's something they call in psychology, existential angst. You know, which basically means is a fancy word for saying, We're lost. We don't know, what's the purpose of life. We don't know why we here what's it all for, right? We've just given given ourselves up to this. hedonism, sex, drugs, rock and roll, right bread and circuses. It happened with the Romans, you look at the history of the

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Roman Empire, these people just surrendered themselves to like display off the display of bloody Gore, animals killing each other gladiators dishonor, they were spending all their money, the whole of the resources of the Empire were becoming consumed in just entertainment. And so what happened inevitably, a society like that is going to implode, it's going to disintegrate. And that's what's happening to our societies. So So where did the people go we're not trying to sell them nothing some magic formula some magic powder, some magic wand.

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Water, you know, 99 or donate 100. And you get this and you get the Holy Spirit. And you're all, you know, there's nothing like that. You know what it is? It's hard work. Right? And, and this is the reality. But the thing is that hard work done in the right way is actually what makes us most happy. Hard work is what makes us happy. This instant gratification does not lead to happiness, Yes, right. Because when you work hard

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to do something that is worth while, and you know, it's worthwhile, then you feel profoundly happy and satisfied. When you work hard to achieve something that is going to benefit other human beings. It gives you a profound and real sense of happiness. And these really, this is the key to happiness, the the key, the key to true happiness

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is number one, one of the keys to true happiness is gratitude. Gratitude is the key to happiness, being grateful for the blessings and the bounties. And whatever it is that you have in your life, however bad you think your life is, believe me, you can find someone else who is worse off than you. So actually, everybody should take some time to sit down right now. And think about all the things that they have evil, why not even make a list, all the things I have to be grateful for. And no person should forget

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that they should be grateful to the one who created them. Because true gratitude. And the gratitude that is going to make you feel better is one that is displayed. You know, if you should be grateful to your parents, for whatever they've done for you, you should be grateful to your husband, to your wife, to your kids, to your mom, your dad, whoever it is, whatever who has done something for you. Gratitude means recognizing the beautiful things and the blessings you've got in your life, and thanking people,

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you know, thanking them for what they have given you. How then can you really be profoundly happy if the one who is most worthy of our thanks, the one who has given us everything, our Creator, we don't thank God. So gratitude, for what we have got, feeling, recognizing the bounties that Allah has given us is the number one key to profound and true happiness. Okay, the next key is doing things to help other people. If you ask most people, and this is all proven by psychological studies, this is not just, you know, you can check this stuff out. And this stuff is confirmed by studies, psychological studies that have been done.

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Most people if you ask them, what's going to make you happy in life? You know, they'll say, money, car, nice house. But the reality is that these things actually have been proven not to make people happy at all. Because what happens is the moment you have your nice car, you enjoy it for two weeks, and then just play it out. Now you're just like another worrying, right? So then you need something else, right? So what they found is that, in fact, in reality, things do not make people happy. What makes people happy is number one experiences. When people experience something profound, right? They go somewhere, they see something that affects them profoundly. They participate in an activity, they

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learn a new skill set, maybe they join your club, right and learn learn jujitsu. I mean, you know, that is the sort of thing that actually helps to make people profoundly happy when they learn. They learn a new language, they study something they haven't studied before, right. And the other thing is helping others. Actually, it's been proven psychologically, that the happiest people, and the time that people are happiest is when they are actually involved in helping other human beings. So that's another key to happiness is to help others what of course, we call in Islam giving charity. In fact, the prophet Mohammed may God's peace and blessings be upon him said that on every single

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joint of your body, there is a act of charity that is due on every joint of your body, whatever it is 360 joints in your body, there is an act of charity that is jointed every day, every day and that doesn't just mean giving money, you know, charity can be you know, encouraging the good forbidding the evil helping a person lower back or helping you know, whatever you smiling is, can be charity, you know. So what can be charity is huge, but this whole

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mode of behavior, where you out truelist altruism ethically, you know, help

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Others. And of course in Islam, we do things for the pleasure of Allah. And it, it's not because you want something back, that would ruin the effect of it. You don't do it because you want something back because then this would be selfish. Yes. Right? Then you know that only is you wanting something. And that's not what gives you the feeling of happiness, right? It's you helping others altruistically, and this is why in Islam, we have always the intention that whatever you do, you do it purely and sincerely and completely seeking the pleasure of Allah. Okay, let's, I'm gonna cut off right there, we got to take a break. And we'll be back with more on the deen show.

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Emphasizing and ascertaining the oneness of God, recognizing that there is a creator, and that creator has given us the blueprint that you have spoken about.

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Don't take anything for granted. Don't just follow anything blindly. Anything you believe research it, really understand what it is you're believing and questioning things and question them and search truthfully, and honestly.

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Back here on the dean show, and we are trying to hit it home, bring it home and give that individual we talked about doing good things,

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trying to stay away from Is it good to say Okay, you know what? That person says, you know, okay, okay, you got me, I'll do some good. And I'll go from drinking a six pack to you know, one beer, you know, a day, but I'll just get drunk on the weekends. You know, where's the start? Where's the limit? Where did they go from here? Do they? Do they drop down? Do they? Is there hope from if they did all this evil to return back to God? Do they repent? You know, where did they go? We only have a few more minutes. Because after you know, they shut us off. We might not have them again. Right? Well, I wanted to finish my point. So the final point, yes. The final third point is that if you

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want to be happy, behave like a happy person, smile, smile, smile, move yourself like a happy smile. And you will feel better behave like a happy person behaves, and you will begin to feel better because the way you behave on the outside affects the way that you you are. And this you know, all I can say is when you study Islam, you see these profound truths, you see these things. This is what the religion of Islam teaches. It teaches us that your faith. Faith in Islam is not just a set of things that I believe it's your actions. This is what we believe in Islam, that faith is the belief of the heart, the profession of the tongue, and the action of the limbs. Faith increases when you

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obey God. And faith decreases when you disobey God. Okay, so this is the reality of faith. So I just encourage everybody to bring happiness into their life. But the best way to bring true profound happiness, true, profound peace, true profound tranquility, is by following the guidance that God has given all the ingredients are there. I mean, I just touched upon three points. There are many, many other things on the path to peace and happiness, but the solution is a slat does God you're talking about, can you please describe him? He's the one God, the Creator of the universe, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, who sustains it and controls it. And we are all under his

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power and his control, because also there before we leave, some people got a idol in their room, they got a picture of someone in their room. They say, um, God, your God, we're all God. So which God are we taught, it's not like any created thing, God is the Creator of all things, and no one has created God. God is the Creator and he is uncreated. He has no beginning and no end. Whereas the universe has a beginning and has an end. We have a beginning we have an end. We're mortal. We're limited. We're finite. Allah is eternal, and uncreated, infinite, the self sufficient, he needs no one. He needs nothing, but we desperately need him. closing comments and suggestions. One more time,

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before we leave. For that true seeker, I would say pick up the core and read it. Read the life of the Prophet Muhammad, may God's peace and blessings be upon him, see for yourself, what Islam has to say, because it really is the path to happiness and truth in life, where can people get ahold of you? If they want to hear more of descanse lectures, they can go on, you can find out about the organization I work for. We just type in my name into YouTube, you can find lots of my lectures there. Great. Thank you. My God Almighty Allah rewards. May Allah bless you. I mean, yeah, thank you. And thank you. Thank you again for tuning into the deen show. And if you like what we had

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to say here, if you'd like listen to Shaykh Abdul Rahim green, he has his own section there at the deen show calm. You can hear some more of his talks and more of his shows that we've done.

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with him, and we hope that you've sincerely gotten to benefit. And we hope that we get to see you again next time here on the deen show next week, same time, same channel. Until then peace be unto you.