Yaser Birjas – Approaching People When You Are Leaving For A Trip April 23rd 2012

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The importance of acceptance in international travel plans is emphasized, with the use of "will" and "will love data" to indicate acceptance. The need for people to make acceptance is emphasized, and the importance of remembering the title of Jesus and the use of animals as symbols is discussed. The discussion touches on topics such as the use of virtual models, prophets, and events, as well as the use of alcohol in relation to praying and the consequences of overdoing it.
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So a lot of you know

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anyone has a plan this year to travel and shower in the summer there's

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more than one third too close to have you guys are traveling this summer.

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So if you're traveling in the summer, what are you planning basically to do when you before you leave to go to people or knock on the door service I'm leaving, apologizes or anything happened you know a lot of I want to be able to come back and Allah knows if we'll be able to come back or not. So what do we do usually, is what the prophets of Allah salams sunon etiquette whenever he sees someone living, or this one he himself is living how he approaches people. So what was the Rahmani Raheem Allah tada

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the book of good manners from the other side of hain cada woronora ignorance of the law 172 and a via sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Ramadan added on top of the allotted time, one day he planned to go to Oman. So he saw he looked for permission he sought permission from the province of Alliance for admin and the base assembly gave him permission to do it, of course, for Karla to Mana bisola Salah began with the permission he said to him, Cora, Latins, and I afford yahaya Mendoza manda. He said do brother Do not forget us in your

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somehow imagine the Prophet salaallah salaam coming into somebody's life? It doesn't matter. But don't forgive me in your time. Charlottetown the prophets Allah subhanaw taala

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does he did he need the Alpha Kappa Delta? Of course. But that shows you his humbleness, humility, self

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development, I said it's alright. For someone who's superior indeed, and knowledge to ask someone who's relatively inferior to ask him for life.

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Even if you don't think that's your dessert, you know, he said, he said me making the offer you say why not? Everybody wants to have right. And the best I want to do and secret behind their backs when they don't really know that you make an offer. So if you know someone that deserves you, will make the happen. Whether your parents, your friends, relatives, your neighbors, your teachers, your machines, and so on. You may laugh for them in their absence when they're not listening to the data that you're making. So

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often I hear those words from the profits of a lot of my dear brother, don't forget me and your dad. If you were in that position, what would you What would you say? Well, how would you feel anyway?

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Of course, imagine the Prophet is talking First of all, is calling you my dear brother. A lot. So the brother is testifying for almost 10 years and my dear brother, that's a testimony by itself. And he's telling him Don't forget when you die, what does that mean? The profits or the loss? I'm acknowledging that Omar is there are is good.

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Mr. Omar is good. And his dad is good because of the quality of his email and his Deen. So that's a testimony from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for karma Coca Cola Kalamata Maya saruni and nanny. Omarosa said I would not exchange these words of his Salalah Salam for the whole

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me this one for me these words that he mentioned.

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There are there are debate and all that which in this world on this wall, So bottom line, was that online rewards an offer on the visa lottery, Amazon chicken

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fried rice, he said, include us, my dear brother in your

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roadmap, Buddha would would tell me now you know that from this hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he asked someone who was traveling to LA Why do you think that for because the prophets of Allah have another another idea? He mentioned that there are a lot. There are three or three occasions for supplication. Allah subhana wa tada will not reject alternatives that is the hands down. Are these occasions one of these occasions Alamosa? Traveling? Why is that? Because a traveler specifically back then in the days when people used to travel in a very dangerous circumstances. They still go on horses, on camels on foot, they go in a desert, very dangerous terrain on Allah

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knows what they're going to be facing, you don't even know if they can survive the trip without you. So it was very dangerous. So therefore, if anyone on earth if anyone on earth needed his job to be basically accepted who that person will be the one who's in the room.

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Because there's other people who have no one to help them except whom Allah Subhana Allah died. So therefore the prophets of Allah Salaam, you gotta take care of a person with him.

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Throughout the journey that allowed acceptance, therefore, wherever you travel,

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whether you're flying, whether you're driving, whether you're riding is meant to have been the light. However,

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be careful, even in a situation like this one that should be accepted as being now stranger, alone in a foreign land, foreign culture, all sorts of circumstances are against you. Still, the Prophet salaallah sermon hated the love of Moscow not a lot.

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And he gave the example Roger in a Shut up, but perhaps it would be a man who was the shovel, dusty, he has been on the road for so long, he didn't take shower. He had been on the road for so long, for bachata of Bermuda, he extended his arms and his hands up in the sky to heavens, and it's making life who we are.

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My Lord, my lord is in me.

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And then the prophets of awesome said about this person.

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This would have been my shabu, ha, ha,

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ha, the glow the shirts on his back as

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well, wouldn't they have been haram? And he was nurtured through how to unload the javelin? How do you expect the last panel to honor that.

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And that shows that the importance of halaal provision, and the person should make sure as much as possible, of course, but the alarms to top up the last panel as much as you can, that wherever you feed your family, yourself and the people around you to give them a hot sauce. The point is that whenever this is someone that is living, then in this case, you just ask them for law over the last panel and I will accept that.

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And it will be for you will love data. Any questions?

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Are the two occasions you mean when I must max up the door? Yeah, the parents for the children. And then the third one is

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the one who's oppressed against oppression. So in this case, you have your parents Mashallah, keto, Jen. You'd be careful that every time you observed them the rod the gates are open. And every time you place them in make the app for you and show the gates are open.

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Any question in your mind? Yes.

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thoughts about how the Bible was collected?

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joking about the gospel or the gospel of grace of Allah, the Torah of Moses, or both?

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is an exam. Do we know if the Prophet sallahu wa sallam mentioned how the book of that of the engine in particular was collected or how it was written? How it was gathered? and so on? The answer as far as I know, no, I don't know the prophets all of a sudden particularly mentioned anything about the book of a sadness or loss of power that I mentioned that

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you had it won't kill him by the model that they will alter that and the last parameter says avoid Alenia to go on to tamper with

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the law you have to be a monopoly. So last practices war to them, those who go on there write down the words on their own, and they claim this to be the words of the last panel. What if there will be a terminal trader that is carrying the the gain of this wall? So last time I mentioned few things about the day added these words. They're just getting you know, just the dunya for it.

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And alas palaces alladhina Dinamo Khattab era funeral come out for nap now. He doesn't be given the book from before they know the profits or loss, Allah basically, is the profit the way they know their children. And the last panel that I said mentioned some of the some of the themes that you might find in the NGO

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as a sort of prophetic speaker about a description of the Sahaba of their local dialect, the mother of the Torah, mother of maternal villingili Catherine.

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And that's their example the Torah. Another example the NGO swansong, so he mentioned a little bit of that, but how was collected at what time At what point? Know the prophet SAW, I don't know that a professor of a sudden mentioned that.

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If you forget

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Will you be

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Do you have to mention him by name. For example, when you come back

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when you do

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Now, the question is if someone goes to hatch, and then you know, when you go to HUD, you have people lining up my schelotto family to make the offer me make the offer, make it offer me all these names, the best way of doing it is just basically put it on your iPhone.

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And I

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basically just take pictures and everybody says may remember them later on.

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Now, if you couldn't remember them by name, say we just musk Allah subhanaw taala. Whoever asked me for that, yeah.

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So that would count for them. And hopefully it will count because when the prophet SAW some right towards the end of his life,

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he made a collective out

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of that door, he said, allow him to do if I made against animal said if I made against animal

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losada y'all have made this as a charity for them. And forgive basically forgive what I mentioned about them, and make this that God made this charity for them. For the other man. They said, I will come for everybody that actually yeah, and he was mentioning and the other prophets are a lot of seller by enemy even Cipolla and something interesting say Muslim, that the commentary

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about this issue as one of the virtues of

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a Muslim you mentioned that actually in the virtues of Sahaba. He mentioned this desire to be a virtual for more hour.

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How's that? Because my one day the prophet SAW somebody requested to basically in his own Somalia to come over.

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So he sent an envoy to go on call. Now it was busy.

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So eventually, when the man came back when the person came back to the prophets, Allah subhanaw taala also a lot I left him in Italy. So the proper god he was at go to him and call him to come. So he went again. And it was still in shock.

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So he came back against is aerosolized.

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Now why is he didn't respond right away he thought, because if you're allowed to delay your food for the Salah, which is of course communicating with the last panel, then it's the same thing could be for a civilized masala. So it was just the head on the line eventually third time the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told the person that says last Ba ba ba ba ba

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nada he'll bring him down here says Lashkar Meggie never feel satisfied. Just bring him down here. So when the when the professors are made that if I make against anyone got a lot sick they make this as a charity enough for them. So the other one is, this is basically one of these virtual model models a lot of the prophets Allah Salaam, count that guy against now later on as something of his virtues. What long time? Yes.

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Tells you can make.

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So if someone asked you to make the app for them, what type of value would you make for them? First of all, I would just want to make a remark.

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Or someone asks you for a DA Halima Muhammad Rahim Allah, in his opinion, and asked him someone to make law for you is kind of a crook. Why is that for many reasons, are one of these reasons it might lead it might lead to an excessive excessive kind of belief in this person. Like this, this person's got his martial arts super, means he has such a superpower, and eventually would lead to a little time. The other day I asked him to help me with that matters drop, Mashallah. Next day was there, as if now that people start believing that these things happen through people, not the last panel. That's number one. Number two, because a devotion to our lives and our reliance on trust you do the

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last panel should not have any mediums. So therefore, it is my crew to ask people if you can make the draw yourself, then do that offers?

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Yes, there might be some occasions that you needed to have somebody to make an offer for you. Like

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I'm not a photographer.

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He needed someone to make the art to ask Allah subhana wa Taala for that, and it was drought season. So he said one day also yada, yada, yada. And we used to do the term of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam we used to ask you for reading through the prophets, Allah said, we will go to the Prophet, the prophet next to our analyst power center. And now we have

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this uncle Arbus. Yeah, Boss conferred on us startup made goggles. So he asked us to laugh with him on the line. So there's a special occasion. Yeah, you might need some mentors. You know what? I'm going through this rough time. I really, really do that.

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But just for everything

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a lot

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and have a strong really point on this issue.

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controversial topic. But just before that before the controversial one. So what kind of topics relevant or for whatever you think is fit for them? Yeah, whatever you think fit for them, let's say, you know, this person is guidance, ask a lot further guidance, someone who thinks that they're weak in their environment rather than someone who needs risk, ask a lot to provide them address, whatever you think that they're hinting for.

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I'm on tarawih. perspective.

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Now, when it comes to the subject of Ramadan,

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one of the most interesting things about that actually, as a matter of fact, is that many people, they take her away any more seriously than swatted?

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Many people, many people, they miss a lot of shots still eating. But it's one of

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the US Federal Court. True, but it almost started as a pilot, ironically, people don't even come to the method at all before Ramadan.

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And now suddenly, they have time to come for three hours, four hours,

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every single night, they don't miss it. So that's really That's ironic, why because it seems that we have changed the perception and the concept of tarawih is actually is just another form of

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another form.

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It was given that special special title because of the season on Milan, number one, number one, number two, because of the intermissions, the breaks, we take between every paragraph, they are mclamb. This is called terribly miserable. Rest, take rest, take a break. So they call it away from that, in that sense. So when we say it's beyond, so what are what are the rulings of *? Is it?

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Is it obligatory? So they have to print out? What if someone fast Ramadan did not pray taraweeh at all, in the month of Ramadan, whether fasting be accepted?

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Would there be anything wrong with their fasting? So why don't we stress that for the subject of tearaway so much as if it's true for if someone doesn't further away, or if we stress out the issue of eight or 20, or full juicer or half a juicer or something, it's really, really hot and it's completely we take it out of proportion out of the three perspective. So, if we now understand that is not as large as Russia, then we should be relaxed when it comes to discussion of

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tarawih as another form of preamble length or delay. Therefore, let's see what was the son of the Prophet sallahu was delivered.

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And another thing is, why would the prophets of Assam play a tracker, because according to Muslim, the professor said, he never added more than a tracker, Salah Lawson, not a normal non Ramadan, he always played a tracker. So the last column for his family, however, was the latter later on. That he added basically made that whenever I thought to make it easier on many people how to perform a lot better away. In addition to that, the number is not actually limited to 20. So you could be removed. According to the medical school, they go up to 36 items to the medical school, up to 36 Records, and other alcohol they say there is no limit to sort of normal because the prophets Allah

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submit a very gentle statement he says a lot to learn

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the night person be in units of two in units of two which means to Raka the cupboard to Raka finish to finish and then he did not make a limit to that could be 100 to 1000 if someone wants to spend the entire night praying, he might just but the quality of the profits of the lesson and that's the difference right? The quality is autonomy according to Isla de la used to pray for a cat which means to and then to basically what back to back and then she'd say fella to salon

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Don't ask me how beautiful and lengthy those those are

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beautiful and lovely. And then he would take over and they would pray another for fellow artists and I told him asked me how beautiful our longest.

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Unfortunately these days be focused on the task of finishing a 20th is the fast of finishing the entire for an even if we don't taste the citation even if we don't get the spiritual you know aspect.

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Therefore money will amount even in mama mo law or other family medical and other schools. There's several accomplice or that are aware that

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The bottom line is Maho our openness. Whatever makes it easy for the people, whatever is easy for them, should you remember it right beside the entire must have or not, should you pay 20 more or more or less said there is no specific number, no specific amount of citation. It is actually what it is upon us because this is according to the congregational prayer should be for the people, but it's easier for the people you want to receive at home recite as long as you want as American as you wish.

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So if someone basically wants to come to the Muslim pray,

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there's some there's going to be problematic for us as a matter of fact, because now we see that the Ramadan for the next four years inshallah that will be in the summer, just for another day.

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That means salada Russia will be around 10 3010 15th and then

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by the time I finish Russia, I will start tomorrow it's 11 o'clock.

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Now by 11, all the way until 12 o'clock if you're going to be praying basically, in a specific format that text to rocket I mean, I would say two hours will finish by one one third. Guess what if we don't take your Ramadan off, you're going to be fired

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by the end of the month you're gonna be fired. So, what is out of awkwardness, this is something needs to be discussed and inshallah mature and total a bit under two minutes. What should be the best format that will go shallow data for these few years that are coming short to make it easier for the people, again, leading the longer salah and make it basically

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to finish them thermal stuff and so on. That's absolutely the recommended. There's nothing nothing wrong with that. But when it comes to using it also during the week, in a practical manner, might be difficult for many people to attend. And again, it's not about finishing Twitter account on the whole must have as much as creating a community awareness of the underlying Ancelotti.

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Over here, and then we Let's finish on this note and then if you have any questions

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