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A speaker discusses the problem of measuring one's behavior during a meeting and how it can lead to missing important moments. He suggests that measuring one's past performance and then measuring one's progress during the meeting is crucial to achieving excellence in one's life. The speaker also warns that measuring one's progress during meetings can lead to a lack of focus and a lack of progress being achieved.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah obita. Catherine. This is Mohammed Ushabti.

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You know, the problem with new year's resolutions is that people don't check up on their resolutions until one year later. And actually, I'm thinking about that, I don't even think they even check up on them. They just set some resolutions every year. And then it dwindles away, and they forget about it. There's an amazing phenomenon that researchers have discovered. And that is anything that you start paying attention to and start measuring, that thing will improve just because you're measuring it. So look at your past year, have you been measuring what you've done, if you truly want to improve, you want to do amazing things in your life, you have to start paying attention and start

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measuring those things that matter to you. Let's say charity, a person wants to be a charitable person, rather than just giving every time somebody asks, What if this person actually measured it? How much have I given this month, this quarter this year, and then they make a stretch goal for themselves. I'm going to give more in the next year. And they keep improving upon that that which is measured improves. Now let me give you an example that might not be so easy to quantify. How about spending quality time with your loved ones? So if somebody says, for example, Hey, I have my child here, my son, my daughter, how much time am I spending with them quality time where I'm totally

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focused on them. If every week they measured that and then week after week, it would improve just by virtue of the measuring it and it just wouldn't fall to the wayside. You might be asking though, why am I being so anal about this? Why don't you just go with the flow? Why don't you just live your life. And the problem with that is if you just go with the flow, you're never going to achieve excellence. You're just going to let life pass you by and life carry you down. And unless you're measuring that which matters to you, it's not going to improve and it's not going to become excellent. So the bottom line is this. If you want excellence in your life, you need to start

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measuring that which matters to you. This is Muhammad Sharif Acetamide ACHEMA