The Fiqh of Salah #14 – Unrestricted Nafil Prayer

Yasir Qadhi


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All right.

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Number three, a total war. I'll move to lock

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the unrestricted the unrestricted

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Nuffield prayer at any time of the night and day. So for any reason, so,

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the rewards are linked with the five prayers, The Witcher and tahajjud is linked between Fudger and between Asia and Fajr. And then you can pray at any time. So, right now, we have prayed Maghrib inshallah we have pray soon and erotica. And we're still waiting for Isha. Right now, if this lecture we're not going on, and we were at home or in the masjid. And we just wanted to stand up and pray. We all know it, his job isn't good. This is what he's talking about. A total war al Mortlock, the unrestricted prayer, that you just pray at any time. And this as well is encouraged. And the perhaps the most famous narration in this regard, is that famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam that one of his servants was asked by the process of them that what do you want? Ask me something and I'll give you what do you want it? And the process was expecting that the servant would say, I want money, I want tours. I want this. I want that. So instead, he asked you how rasool Allah I want to be with you in Jana, along with sudo modificata. Jana. Okay. So the prophecies from said, e then are in ni, either NF seeker because there are two sujood, in that case, helped me in your cause helped me to do what you want me to do, by lots of such this. So meaning that's the way to get close to the prophets of salaam DeSoto remotelock. Anytime just pray, pray,

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pray, pray, maybe then I can help you to get to that place. So this is a total we're not luck, and a tutorial not luck, the random or the open prayer, the night time is better than the daytime. And the last half of the night is better than the first half. And this is of course, because we know that the general timings of the day and night, evening is better for private worship, for dua for vicar, for a bada for Salah for sujood evening is better. And we learn as well that Allah azza wa jal comes down in the last third of the night. And he asks, Who is there making dua who is there praying, so the last third of the night, and I already mentioned how do we calculate the last third and that is

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from fajr. To

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from Muslim to Fajr, from fajr, from sorry, from Muslim to Fajr, that is the beginning and end and then we look at what is the last third. And so the general rule is that the later on during the night that you make drop or the later on during the night that you pray it is better. And so all of this is permitted. So a total we're almost locked at any time of the night at any time of the day, we're supposed to we're encouraged to pray to record and

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the tour guide was allowed to lelee math nah, math. Now, the prayer of the night should be done in pairs two by two. Now this is the general rule, and it is what the madhhab says. Nonetheless, the Hadith mentioned that at times the processing would pray for four and at times you would pray all eight together however, this is based on the authentic hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is motor for Carly Salah to Layli Westerner Messina for either har*a sobre el tiro that Salah to lay is to to and when you think it will be done, then just pray with it. Okay, so Salah to Layli Mussina Mussina wa salatu wa ad either Miss Freeman Salah tell him and the one who

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prays sitting down will get the reward of half of the reward of the one who prays standing up. And this is because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explicitly said Salah to rajulio or Aden, nice for Salah and reported by Sahih Muslim, the one who prays sitting down will get the reward of half of the Salah. Now, this sitting down can be done for any of the non for Salah. So any of the Salah mentioned in this chapter, it is allowed to pray sitting down but you lose half of the reward.

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So that's a rajulio

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So a solid trilogy, we'll call it then either in this facility or Eman, the one who prays sitting down, we'll get half of the record of the one praying standing up. And therefore, those of us who are healthy, those of us who are able to, they should pray standing up, even the Sunnah nothing. Nonetheless, there are times, so when a person is genuinely sick, that is a different story. And perhaps if a person cannot stand up, out of

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nowhere, that disability is clearly forgiven. That's even the Father is not going to stand up. Now you're talking about that, we're talking about somebody that is temporarily ill, that he has, let's say, a pain. So for example, our process of them fell off of a camel for at one point in his life, and he was not able to stand for one month. So he prayed Salah sitting down. Now in this case, we won't apply the hadith of half

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because it's beyond your control. Okay, so you get a broken leg for example, and you have the big cast and you cannot stand with that cast and do saija So you have to sit down until the cast is removed. This hadith doesn't apply them. So in this case, he shall get the full reward because his Nia was to stand up and the man will be rewarded according to the NIA but there are times when

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you are very very tired, let's say and you just don't have the energy let's say just stand up because you want to go to sleep. So it halaal completely and you should not feel guilty because it is better for you not to forget what we just said clearly over here. Okay.

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I didn't want to say that.

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So solid, the salah of the one who is tired, let's say the Nuffield and Sunnah it is allowed for this person to pray

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seated and for him to proceed it is better than for him not to pray.

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So if you're so tired, and especially the one who is regular at tahajjud right it is very possible that they'll wake up and they're very sleepy, but they still want to pray. So for this person we say You know what, okay, if you're that sleepy today was a bad day whatever. Instead of going back to sleep, it is better for you to sit down and pray and inshallah to Allah you will get much reward compared to the going back to sleep but the point is that it is Jah is and headed and there is no guilt because it's soon anyway it's nothing anyway. So if a person wants to pray enough of sitting down it is better than not praying enough it at all nonetheless to pray standing up you will get

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double the reward versus the one sitting down okay. So this is the third category and that is unconditional Sooners.

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me, Mr. Healy, doll Seanie

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