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The speaker discusses a situation where a chef had to deal with a friend who was supposedly giving them a curse. The friend claimed they had done everything they could to help, but the friend claimed they were being oppressed and the situation would lead them to feel bad. The speaker advises the chef to go to the friend and let them go, but reminds them to be careful of the situation. The chef also emphasizes the importance of learning about Islamic school curriculum for children.

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I went the other day to a takeaway, sort of sort of a friend of mine and he said something to me and this is a reminder about this he said to me as a chef,

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you know this person in the past okay, I've I've whatever, you know, issue we had, but he said I've let go I've tried my best to try and sort it out with the person. But the person is telling me now you know, even though this my friend is saying, I've done everything I can I've given whatever right they had, I've I've said sorry to them, but they they said to me that they're giving me bad why are they giving me a curse? Are they saying something? You know, they're saying saying things to Allah that might might go against me my life, you know these words and so like, like what we call normally a curse. Now, he said to me, what do I do? You know, I feel bad inside my feet, like my life's going

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to be ruined. And I said, Listen, my friend, I said, if you're in there, right? And somebody is in the wrong and they curse you, that curse has got no way of reaching you. Okay, Allah does not hear the curse of someone who is oppressing. He hears the the whale the crying, or the or if a person is actually cursing while they're oppressed, while they're oppressed, then that goes straight to the skies, then there is no barrier between you and Allah when, when that when that's the situation and that's why in Hadith, he says it tacky, Dawa tell mudroom.

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You know, beware of the curse of one who is oppressed, but not the oppressor or not someone who is just doing it because they think they've got one over you. Okay? Now, you could be in a situation when you need to sort something out with someone, and you're doing your best, but they're not, you know, they're being horrible to you. If that's the case, you just need to understand that. Just do your best, do your best to try and sort things out between yourself and them. And turn to Allah make dua to Allah, of course, you should seek forgiveness for the wrongs that you've done. But you must go to the person, give them the right or give them you know, sort out the situation. But if they're

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still being horrible towards you, because sometimes people are like that, for some reason. They're still horrible towards you. They think that you know, because you came to say, sorry, now they can show you that they're still upset with you. They're angry, they don't want to talk to you. You get away UCC, I was always right. That's where you've come to me to ask me sorry, right now, all you're trying to do is be a good Muslim and only trying to deselect videos, let's work this out. And they don't want to do it. And I was in a situation like that once. Believe it or not two years, somebody who didn't want to talk to me exactly. A person I regarded to have had knowledge as well who, who

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just didn't want to talk to me. And I said, Look, please, before one of us dies. And before we end up on the Day of Judgment, I want to get this thing out, I want to if I'm if I've done something wrong, I will say sorry to you 100 times if I have to, but the person didn't, didn't want to even entertain us sitting down. I said I'll give you any date you want. I'll meet you anywhere you want. But if you're upset with me, sit I'll sit with you and unless we'll decide because last thing I want is for an issue that to be there on the Day of Judgment, one of us has passed away and you know, I can't reach you anymore, you can reach me anymore and we have to wait till the Day of Judgment. So

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you know, after two years Alhamdulillah we sat down with some other people and we sorted it out. But sometimes people can get difficult with you and in those times you should know if you've done everything you can in your in your sort of abilities to transport this out, then then then inshallah you're good inshallah you're good in the sight of Allah don't worry about any bad one occurs anything that they might send you away because that doesn't count. But of course, if you're in the wrong and you think that you can get away with it, you'll catch up with my friends. So try and try your best to so do that. Okay, exactly. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Hi.

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