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AI: Summary © The importance of keeping certain names for reference in the brain is discussed, including the Spanish word "vanilla" and British word "vanilla." The speakers emphasize the need to change one's mindset to make oneself feel better and avoid causing harm. The speakers also discuss the use of names like Islam, "sterile", and "vanilla" in various situations, including the career of a young man who was sold as a slave in prison, and the career of a woman who was given a job as a minister and eventually became a woman in the HolyQaron. The segment encourages the audience to set up a reward system and avoid missing out on opportunities.
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Still over 100 700 layerable alameen wa salatu salam Allah even I'm going to give them a hammer the rider early he was looking at nine to all my brothers and sisters a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome to the seventh session on the 99 Names of Allah as of reflecting on these names. Now, the next couple of names that we come to is a semi or Albacete, so Allah azza wa jal he, he is everything and allows a little he sees everything. Now of all the names that you know of a lot of

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these are very crucial names to always keep, I mean, you know, when a person is is walking around the daily life, it's very difficult to try and keep in your mind 99 names Okay, okay, is this is that is this, sometimes what we need is the few names that we just said, just a few names that we can keep inside our mind. And that, you know, those names are going to be the absolute necessary names that we need to keep in our minds. Now, what are those? Of those, I'm going to give you three, just three, because to give people like 510 you just won't be able to remember them. Three, hopefully, inshallah. You can remember, they are. Okay.

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Uh, semir Albacete allele. Okay, these three names. So we've already covered covered a lot earlier today. And today, we're going to cover a semi embassy. So whenever I'm saying something, okay, I think about this, whenever I'm saying something

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as semir the old hearing is hearing whatever I'm saying, whenever I'm doing something, whenever I'm actually doing some action, Albacete, the one who sees everything is watching me right now.

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And whenever I'm with my thoughts, I'm alone. I'm not doing anything. I'm not saying anything. Allah, Eileen, they're all knowing, okay, he knows my entire situation. Okay, so if I'm saying something, I've got a listener, I've always got a listener, if I'm doing something, I've always got a watcher. And in terms of me being completely still, or not doing or saying something, I've always got a NOAA Okay, a hearer, a watcher, and NOAA, if you can get these three things and carry on your life with these three things. Insha, Allah, Allah, you're gonna have a very close relationship with Allah, it's a very meaningful relationship with Allah. Because what happens often is look,

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often we might, you know, we might say something, and we want someone to listen to us, but they're not, they're not really listening to us.

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A lot of the times we might be doing things for people, and we want them to notice what we've done for them. And we want them to appreciate what we've done.

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But they're not doing it. They're not they're not giving us that sense of appreciation. They're not giving us that, you know, thank you, Zack, no hate none of that. You know, I know a lot of mothers out there a lot of fathers out there a lot of you know, parents out there that are doing things that you know, you only wish the people you're doing the things for that they would appreciate. But you know what, you're not getting that appreciation.

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the question now is, am I going to make myself miserable because of that, you know, my style and my dear teacher, my love for him. Now Allah bless him, he said one thing he said a beautiful thing. He said, You know, when you do something, and you kind of think well,

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I never you know, got one of appreciation from so and so what you need to do immediately.

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Immediately what you need to do is think that he said in order to do he said deck Nirvana deck clear.

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He said the one who was supposed to see it, the one who's supposed to see it has seen it.

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That's what we have, we should have on our minds. That the real one who's supposed to see it. Who is that that is allowed

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the real one who's supposed to see it.

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He's the one who seen it. He see my action. And that's what really matters. Because right now

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if you carry on the way you are with your mind, and you start thinking well, he didn't appreciate it or she didn't appreciate it. Right now if you can't even think like that, then you're going to take yourself towards misery.

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And you will take yourself towards feeling that

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I'm someone who nobody cares for these people don't careful. But what you forgotten is that what your your action should really be for Allah sake.

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If you actually

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was purely for Allah sake. And yes, other people are watching me, and I want them to acknowledge what I've done,

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then the real,

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the real audience, meaning allows the real being that's supposed to see what you've done has seen it, you know, if you actually do the chores of your house with that in mind, now how easy and how enjoyable it becomes.

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Because now your focus is somewhere else. It's not on your family, it's not on your, you know, the people of your household. If you were to do the things that you do for someone, and, you know, I've just received, I think, a lengthy message on, you know, one of my social media messages,

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I think was on Facebook, that, you know, the the mother or the father, they don't appreciate what the daughter is doing. And the lengthy message of you know, how much he's doing and they don't appreciate and always telling her off and so on.

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The thing is, you got to change your mindset to make yourself feel better. You got to change your inside you got to change your your Eman, your belief somewhere, you know, you got to make it correct, right. Our email should be this, our email should be every single thing that I'm doing. I'm always being watched. I'm always being heard. And I'm always known for I'm doing by lasota. His hearing, he's seeing his knowing, or his knowledge is everywhere, everywhere at every single time. And that's our keener. And if we walk around with this, then no one can really upset us. Because if I'm doing it for Allah sake, and he said, that's what I'm really doing it for. That's who he is what

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I'm, you know what I wanted him to hear that that's it. It's done. Now, I'm telling you this, that there are a lot of people around in this world who unfortunately have lost the sense of appreciating others in Ursula Ursula Simpson mill, who served as an appreciate the millennia willingness, let me free life you don't appreciate people people do, then you don't really appreciate what allows me dentistry, meaning that people should appreciate more. And of course, that shouldn't be the case. But unfortunately, that's not the case. But what we want to do is we've got we've got to make a mindset in a way that in these things don't affect us, because I know there are people watching me

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right now and are thinking, you know what, I'm in that position right now. And I wish people would, you know, would see the things I'm doing for them or would listen to me or it could be simply because you want someone to listen to you now so badly. We've got a wonderful passage. And of course, all the passages are wonderful, but this part related to this

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Surah Al mujer de la surah number 58, right, the beginning Allah says on Sunday, I love vocoder. Lupita Jaggu allows me to say look, a woman named hola insoluble, viola Horner, she came to the voxel last month she complained about her husband. And it was a genuine complaint. I'm not you know, I know we've got to a stage where line and the law you know, we're in an era where everything needs to be complained about please don't go down that pathway. There are sometimes things that genuinely need to be complained about, like you know, some someone being really horrible to you and so on. So this woman came for the purpose of the lesson and she she spoke about her situation at home, how her

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husband is treating her as straightaway a lawsuit and he revealed he said Allah has heard the woman who complained to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam about her husband Allah has heard that affirming that he's heard it now why would Allah is going to put that we know a lot he has everything, but why would he put it there? Because my you know my fellow friends, whether you're male or female, or whoever you are out there, listen to me and you think you will so and so hasn't heard but I'm trying to say people in this world will let you down and you want them to hear what you're saying but they will let you down even though they know Alliance sees the things they're doing wrong a lot. Here's

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the things they're saying wrong and a lie. Here's your look. The one thing that you you should know is Allah has heard it, okay, this person might not change. This person might not actually listen to you or they might not actually, you know, see the wrong that they're doing or they see it but they don't care. There are people who know exactly what they're doing is wrong. But they don't care. They don't give a damn.

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But what you should walk away with is look, Alice Alice had me because on the Day of Judgment, according to the 20/25 uS 24th use of the Quran surah hammam senza surah number 41 Allah as we just said, shahida Allah him somewhere on Sodom Allah said their own, their hearing will witness against them their see will witness against them, their skins will witness against them. So walk away with the fact that Allah xuejun has heard me and my complaint is of course we should try and get our justice in this world but if you can't then you know that ally has heard it and Allah seen it. And and you stand by that and do what you have to do and make sure that you're

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Your your own Islam does not, you know, fall short. You know just be that someone has some swears that you doesn't justify you swearing at them. Just because someone is cruel to you doesn't justify that you be cruel to them as well. stay within the limits of Islam. Anyway, Samir, I'll see.

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Okay, so we've got these two that Al hakam allegedly, Al hakam an odd number, these are the next two names, which is Allah is the judge and Allah is the one who is who gives us absolute pure justice. Okay? So not only from Allah azza wa jal we get it we get the judgment, or he is the judge. Now, what does that mean? That means that allows you to when he tells us something to do, he's very balanced in the way he tells us to do things. And when Allah finally takes our, our judgment on the Day of Judgment, he's gonna be absolutely just now to know, understand this, the, you know, the finer details of these names, is that we've got to really

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understand that this whole this whole existence around us besides Allah, okay, besides Allah, this entire existence around us, are we talking about all the people in this world, mainly, we're talking about the people in this world, the genes and so on, because they're the two that allows them has has, you know, give given instructions to, they will, at many times calls injustice, loom oppression, they will go beyond limits, their judgment sometimes won't be balanced. Okay? There are many people out there that will do this. And there are some 100 other people who go to the limits to just because their blood line angle, okay, just because their own blood is on one side. And they

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know the truth is on the other side, they will stand with their blood lie behind the line. I've seen this with my own eyes, I've been in situations where I've seen it, and I cannot express how much it hurts me to see people people see that their own family members, you know, or their friends on this side. No, I need to support my friend, I need to support my family member.

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Because it's my family member. It's my sister, it's my brother, it's my son, it's my daughter

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in law, and they don't they stay here everything on the other side and think when I know that guy is saying the truth a little bit, well, you know what, it's my sister, I need to stand by her.

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And there's so much to lose or oppression that comes because of this, because of the fact that people will cross the limits, and allows you there has given us these names to understand that look.

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In our lives, when you're looking for someone to try and find someone to resolve the matter. You know, the answers, let's say for example, there is there is a husband and wife and they're having some issues between them. In the Quran in Sudan before I never said in five, allows us we just said look, if they are, you know, falling apart the the husband and wife of you know, moving apart from one another. Allah says, How do I how can I mean any, or how to I mean, Allah, Allah says, Go and get a person who is balanced minded in their judgment. And in the, in the outlook. And in the way they see things bring that person from his family, one person from his family, and one person from

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her family. Both Allah called the mahakam, very, very similar to the name that we were discussing. And Allah said, Let these two individuals, the one who is a balanced person who's going to make a judgement, but is balanced, comes from his side and another person count from her side, and both of them meet together. So, you know, he's representing him, and he's representing her and both of them said, they talk with one another. And they try and reach a way of reconciling between the two. Now, look at the word that I use the word Allah said Lhasa hacker man, he used it twice. What does that mean? You can find so many people out there to try and sit between you and somebody else. But people

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can be biased. People can, you know, decide with with the blood. People can listen to an argument and then they can, you know, twist things. They can misrepresent things, they can force things on you that you know you didn't want them to force on in so many things people can do. But to find a balanced person look a balanced person means is that they're going to be impartial. They're going to listen to all the evidences, and they're going to say, look, you know what, I'm going to take myself out of this and I'm going to say, Well, this is where the truth lies, according to my you know, the best judgment I can. I can

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Say, those are the people that you need to involve. And I'm going to say to you one thing, guys, look, if you've got friends today, that, you know, they don't harm you, but they're harm others, or they make bad judgments about others, or they make bad sort of, they have bad thoughts or reflections about others. And they tell you about these things. I wouldn't keep friends like them. I'm being I'm being serious with you. I only have a selected amount of who I call friends. very selective. I know, 1000s of people. But I only have a very few friends. Very few that I call, I could probably count them on my hands probably twice. If I just go from maybe up to 20 or something.

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Okay, you might think well share. That's a bit you know, that's a bit mean. No friends have to be those Look, I know a lot of I have a lot of associates, so people I know. But I wouldn't call everyone a friend. A friend is someone who you know, who you could trust. When your honor and your dignity. If I have a friend who passes bad judgments about others, than one day, this friend is going to pass a bad judgement about me, that's not a friend to keep

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a friend who is sinful. And he sins or she sins, and you're going to keep a friend like that. Whoa, because they're going to sin against you. They will do something one day one day, not today, today, you know, you're happy, they're happy, everything's hunky dory, okay? When you come to a clash, a true friend, even if you clash with your friend, a friend won't become that bitter, a friend will just walk away with respect in that respect. So you got to understand that living these, you know, the effect of these things we have in our lives and how we ponder upon these names that Allah has, he has kept you know, he's given certain people a balanced you know, mind and judgment when they

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come something these are, these are some of the best people you can have around you. Because they won't stray away and and, you know, they won't make such mistakes as others do. And these mistakes can hurt a lot, they can hurt a lot me very wise, who you choose as your friend, a lot of the times we end up with friends, because these are the people that we happen to have a hobby or a habit or something else that we share. Okay, so either you share your work with them, so they're from your workplace, or you shared your educational degree with them. So you studied with them, okay? Or you happen to have lived with them somewhere, maybe a business trip or somewhere you went, Okay, so you

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happen to meet them. So you shared that experience with them. Or maybe you have some sports or something else that you play with them, and therefore you're your friend. So they're your friend, because they share this part of you with them.

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But what you got to understand is, that's not friendship, that's, that's you and then being close to the another because of education because of sports, because of, you know, a trip a business trip because of business yourself, whatever it might be. But that doesn't make you make them your friend. Right? If you want to have people around you that you really get on with then find those people lost at hackerman who people are of a good judgment, and they're balanced and they don't do zoom. They don't do oppression with Alaska, his name

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he has absolute justice. Now there are people on this earth who have already you know, started to say and we've heard this Okay, and there are people who are who want to leave Islam because they feel that Allah is he you know, he's he's causing a little more oppression. Look.

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Don't make a judgement about a lot till you know, Lazarus himself has spoken and he's spoken in the Quran. Honestly, if you want to, if you want to find out whether Allah is just not complete or odd, because if you look at the words of every person at the time of death, if you look at every person unless quoted them the Quran you can find us end up sort of magical, you can find them in the end of surah min. On the 23rd suit of the Quran. And Allah told us what those people said the time of death. He has told us what will they say they'll say all right, give me one more chance. They never said you're wrong. They never said you did oppression on me. They never said you this you that to

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blood. No. They said just take one more chance. Let me just go back. I'll do my best.

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I want to do some good actions. Or at that even on the Day of Judgment. They will say you know they will say enamel pins were absolutely certain with Rama Rama abzorb now we've seen everything was America will hurt everything. This is a Surah Surah Surah number 32 we've had everything we've seen everything for a journal just send us back. We will do good actions normal side and enamel pin on we are absolutely you know faithful. We know

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This everything you've done all your system, everything you've done from the beginning of creation to today, we are absolutely convinced now that you You're, you're the adjuster, and you're the one who's done everything right, and I'm in the wrong so just give me one more chance. Or even when they get into Hellfire, they will tell the angels it will sell.

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Now luckily, on a narrow book, you know, your Lord just should should make a final decision and just just end us you know, his, we, we accept that we were wrong. It's all in the Quran. Now what will happen is by the time Allah has passed his judgments on the Day of Judgment, it's going to be you know, we're gonna say that's just now I know seven people are there right now thinking, Well, you know, what?

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How can I do this? Who do you know what Allah is going to do with whom? Because Allah said, Look, these are universal principles, your family mind you magnesia where you're at the moment, he forgives whoever he wants, and He will punish whoever he wants, you know, that means whoever he wants. Now yes, we've got certain you know, parts in our scripture in our Quran in our sooner that says so and so will get punished for this. So someone who has Kibera arrogance will get punished in hellfire. Somebody who who has you know, done this x y&z don't get punished. Now, those rules are there, but to whom Allah will apply those rules and to whom Allah will not apply those rules and

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just simply forgive them? Who do you know who's going to who is going to apply to by the time you get to the depth and then I'm gonna see who he applies his eye at or his his word of punishment to? Or who he forgives, we all unanimously 100% of all the creation of the entire entire, you know, mankind engine, we'll all say, spot on 100% allies, right? So start working backwards, if Allah is going to be right, if Allah is right, and he's going to be right on the Day of Judgment, then today, maybe I've misunderstood something, maybe I'm thinking about that person's gonna be punishment, but you're punished that person, they'll be punished. And I've already you know, being too rushed to

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this judgment, I don't know for certain whom Allah is going to apply what rule of his because all all of them are his rules, he can punish, and He will punish them, and he can forgive, and he will forgive. And that's up to Allah. It's not my world. It's his world that he makes. We have got these rules in front of us but because of that, don't try and make your world look like Allah is unjust on let's go to do this, this punishment happening and therefore I can't believe in Islam of it. It's not difficult, you know, you're you're making you know, you're rushing to a judgment too soon. Let the Day of Judgment come. Because according to court and nobody, not even the time of death, or in

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the you know, in under their judgment or inhale fire will make a complaint to say Allah was the unjust one anyway.

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And we know the Quran in terms of Look, if you've got belief and you got belief, Allah says, one document Allah Haditha, who else is more truthful than Allah in speech. Anyway, let's move on to the next couple of names. Allah says, a lovely if a hobby. He is delicately, Jen, you're gentle. There he is very gentle olive leaf. And Habib, he is well aware of situation and some had a lot and Latif al Hamid, Allah is very gentle in what he does, but at the same time is well aware of what is happening. So these two names kind of go together. So what does what does that mean? That means that, look, you could be in a situation in your life, and you're thinking, Well, why is this

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But you got to understand that Allah has his plans. We don't know his plans, but his plans are great plans. And you might say, well, you just saying that because, you know, you just want us to believe how do we know he's got great plans? Look, have faith? Have faith?

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Yes, we can't see Allah. We don't know what he's doing. We don't know his exact plans and nobody's gonna know his plans.

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And nobody's going to see what he sees. That's why he said in the Holy Quran in surah, number six item 103. He said love to drink will absorb.

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None of these eyes around a tea can ever, ever grasp Allah, they can never see a loved one who are you to recall upside yet he sees all the eyes that are out there. And then he adds, well, who want to Luffy for hobbies? And he is very gentle.

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In terms of him reaching out with his mercy in terms of him being gentle towards someone, and very, a hobbit he is well, you know, he knows. He knows everything that is happening. Now. Why are we using these two names with the situation let's just go to the story of a famous story that you might know of use of ICER use

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About a salon. Okay, he's in his house. And he's, he's unaware of what his brothers are about to do. But he tells him the dream that his father says don't tell your brothers about the grid. He says his brothers get jealous. They leave him in a well for that, right? The one they just want to get rid of it. Now when you look at that situation, you slicer Look, what wrong was he done? Nothing. Well, why is he there in a dark night in a well, and what's going to happen to him here you think about Latif and Javi. Allah is very is going to be very gentle. But at the same time he is going to he's well aware of us realize from situation. So now usually something is kidnapped the next day. Okay, it

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gets worse.

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He's taken by some tradesmen to a foreign land, from firestein. to Egypt to missile

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now using what young boy done nothing wrong. Very handsome. Very good looking. But now he's gonna be sold.

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As a kind of a slave. He's gonna be sold. He was sold as commodity. Now he ends up in the minister's home.

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Okay, there's young boy in a Minister's home ISIS growing up, the minister's wife tries to seduce him. What wrong? Did he do that nothing. Now what is it? Where does he end up in prison? gang, I'm shortening the whole thing for him because we haven't got time to control the way he ends up in prison. I think what Ron did this young boy young man do, where he goes from a house from his father to well to being sold off as a slave to a prison. But alas, plans and lies, Latif lies Kabir, Allah is very gentle, be gentle towards him. Because the thing is, the main thing is what did you tell us and do all of this time he turns to Allah, the years he spent in prison,

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he's, he's doing this all day that he's getting close to Allah. And through our gift Allah gives the knowing how to interpret dreams, this knowledge brings he brings the attention of the king to him.

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And then soon, is sitting as a minister with the entire agriculture in misery in Egypt, mother, the greatest civilization at that time in the world, he is sitting in charge of all of that. And then his brothers come suhara light all day now you think, wasn't a lot aware of his situation he was wasn't alive, gentle to him when he went to the Well, yes, he was. But now it's coming. And that's when you got to understand whatever situation you're in right now. I just you know, if you've got some age to yourself that you think it will I'm 30 or 40 I'm sure you've got those moments in your life you think a lot close to certain doors for me in my life, but whenever Allah close his doors

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for you in your life, he always opens other doors for you in your life. And all he's doing is he's just taking you to a place where he wants you to be you are meeting you will want to be here now but he takes you in different directions. And when you flick back at your life, you'll see that allows you as well he was being gentle to you but in a way that we never knew that he's being gentle towards you and he was well aware of your situation. But just you couldn't see it. So anyway,

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come to this you know, I'm gonna ask you please brothers and sisters please if you please don't switch off I'm literally going to finish in two minutes. Okay.

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What you know, there's been a fantastic response from you brothers and sisters, I want to give you a wonderful opportunity. The month of Ramadan just giving 10 pounds of aka outside of Ramadan could could be anywhere between the visa laws really says in the Holy Quran he says that he multiplies our our Silva reward, okay, imagine this outside of Ramadan. Allah says he could multiply by 700 Okay, because Allah gives the example in Surah Baqarah surah number two iron number i think is 260 where he says Matheran Levine supernovae Sevilla, those who spend in the path of Allah, Allah says is like, you know, the strokes of, you know,

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like corn if you if you look at each and every each and every one that has is okay, that is that have 100 in each stalk, and a lot of the seven of the meaning that that says 700 so you put one grain and you got 700 out of it. The same way you put like 10 pounds outside of Ramadan, and you got times 700 Okay, now what's what's that? That's like 7000 you've you've given outside of that in Ramadan, so the handler that's times by 70 why

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That's that's like, what

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is it? Um, do the calculations. Okay, so you've got, you've got like 7000 times 70 I think it comes to comes to almost half a million or something, right? I might have got my calculations wrong, but you know, you work it out. You see there you see the Tell me about the calculation. But anyway, I just want to say you say to me this, do I want to miss out on the reward of Ramadan for even a date? No, I don't want to miss out not even a single day. What we've got now in the description below, and you can see it on the screen here in the description below, we've got a fantastic opportunity for you. Should I miss one day like in Ramadan is going every single day is going every single day I can

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get this opportunity, but I haven't got that much money to give every single day. So what I'm going to do is look, I'm just going to give like five pounds a day, I can afford, let's say let's say for example, for the rest of, you know, 20 something days of Ramadan, I'm just gonna put five pounds aside every single day. But how we're going to give this up, we've made it very easy for you click look at the link inside the description. If you click that link, you can set up for yourself only give this much money every everyday. Remember, every day it goes out every day from your bank account. And you can just set the day you can set the amount you want, what a wonderful opportunity.

00:31:15--> 00:31:51

And I want you to please do this wide for yourself is not just fine, but it's for yourself. You don't have to give five pounds, you don't have to pretend that you can eat whatever amount you want. And you can change it. Right. So you choose them and it could be one pound, but at least a one pound times the normal 700 up to 700 or 700 pounds times 70 on top of that, because it's Ramadan, you're getting that reward. So I want you to set that up right now please don't delay this. set that up and out for yourself for you. I mean, let's all of you that opportunity should not be missed by anyone. Because no, you can just get reward every single day by not doing anything. You don't have to go

00:31:51--> 00:32:07

look for a donation box. You don't have to look for anything else. You just set it up right now. Whatever it is three pounds, four pounds, five pounds, whatever you want to get every single day one pound every single day for the rest of Ramadan. It's set for you does that mean I just do that right now. So now I like when I have to lie over cattle