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The speakers discuss the importance of honoring Islam's creation and verifying its creator, as well as the need for everyone to show their greatness. They stress the importance of showing weaknesses and strengths to avoid sin and avoiding regret. They also emphasize the importance of forgiveness and appreciation for others, as well as a charity called the bottom click. The speakers stress the need to continue pursuing forgiveness and not let anyone convince them to do so.

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Bismillah R Rahman r m al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala so you know what I mean and Muhammad Ali he was talking about mine to all my brothers and sisters out there salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And we continue with the names of Allah as of yet Today's the eighth session of reflecting on the names of Allah azza wa jal. Now we come to the name of Allah haleem and haleem allow him, okay, so from the beginning, I hope you're everyday you're trying to learn some of the names as we're going along. Some of you might find it difficult to do so many names in such a short space. But what you can't lose look, in Ramadan, if you were to target like

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three or four names a day, you do all of it. But if you couldn't do that, then at least throughout the year, now look 99 days to learn 99 names is not a big deal, right? 99 days, is just over three months, right? Just over three, three months, 10 days or something, you'd have the full, you know, time to go through all these all these names. And it's not a long time. And if you were to add one every single day, then you'd be able to, you know, memorize all of them. So, what are they like I said to you, you want to use these names and call on to a larger agenda hula, hula V or Yemen or one who is? Who is Allah? Allah, Allah, Allah Allah who there is no other data except for him or

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recommend the Most Merciful Rahim them they're specifically merciful and Malik the king Allah knows the most sublime Allah zz and producer Salah Mohammed Aziz with the burden of highly converting masala Fabrica how habit was Apple attack, rollin COVID and versatile harfield Raphael Morrison melindo semirara possiable. Hakka monohybrid luckily for her vehicle haleema Avi that's where we are right now. And Halle Malawi, so

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I'll Haley means the one who is most forbearance. Now, there is a beautiful thing about this name, which is that allows real Okay, you know, you can be someone you can be someone who forbearance, who's tolerating things, but imagine you knew all the discrepancies and all the flaws of your of your enemy or of the person who's trying to do something bad to you. Imagine you knew everything that they did wrong, yet you still show forbearance now that goes to another level allows you to think about this allows you to he knows every single fault that every human has. And he knows our entire past and all the things that we did wrong and the things that we are doing wrong right now.

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Despite all of that Allah shows him Allah shows his forbearance. Now this can be also understood by

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a beautiful Hadith and anadrol that Professor Allah has told us, which is Alhamdulillah hidden Alhamdulillah Allah help me bother Amy. I praise all praise All praise belongs to Allah azza wa jal for his forbearance after he, after he had the full knowledge of whatever he had. So after Allah mu everything, to the extent already known, which is everything, the fact that you still forbear that deserves true praise,

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while our free bar by the purity and I praise Allah azza wa jal for his for his pardoning after he had the power, after he had the power to do whatever he wanted to. So, this is this is a lot of the way every you know moment that we go through how much Allah tolerate with what we you know, what we have, what we have done, or what we should have done, we didn't do and so on so forth. So that is a highly, he has so much forbearance. The next one will come to the next time we can please allow ving now Alvin is something which, you know, of course is about greatness, but its greatness in a specific way. Allow him his greatness in the sense that he has his mahalo or his creation revering

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him, they basically in all of Allah azza wa jal, this means that look all the angels Allah has has created they are in order of Allah all the different you know, whether you look at the the the summer what even the heavens and the earth they are, they are or Alaska, the trees they are or of Alaska. In fact, you know, zarahemla he mentioned a wonderful thing. He said, if you look at all the mountains, okay, the mountains are just, they look like they're sitting.

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They are sitting in all of Allah is like a position Allah has created them in

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That they are in order of Allah and that resembles the position that we do you know when we sit down for to hear in Salah that resembles that when we sitting in salah and he says that look all the animals that are under force, they are resembling the record position. You know when we go back and do two records 200,000 they all the annual because there are no four on all fours and their heads are lower down. It's like their entire lives they are showing you know that they all have a lot they're reviewing a lot they are in, you know, they're showing a lot that we're here to show how lonely we are, are you the greatest

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and he says Imagine all the trees in the entire world and everything that grows comes out the ground straight and stands straight. Okay? They're like the dam that we do live in Salah we stand up and you know, it was a lot but um, we hold our hands. That's like a tr is in a position where we are showing the lasagna that you know, we are standing in front of you as a bad and all the trees have lots of jelly in the entire world. They are they are reviewing a lot all the time. And if you look at the animals that crawl on their stomachs, those animals they're almost like in a suit position. So the way when we go back when prostrate in front of a large Villa, we know that we're in a

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position of sudo. So you don't realize is that you know, if you look at this, all these positions are last created in his creation. They are always in reference to Allah so it doesn't matter whether mean you worship Allah is good or not. He's already created creation right in that position in order of Allah and also that they're doing the sphere. Every single thing besides the humans engines, they are always glorifying Allah azza wa jal constantly. So now, look at look at this, this word, this this name Allah of him, and our thing is that we all of us, we have we have a thing that we should look up to Allah azza wa jal and we should feel that

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we know we want to do this because you deserve it. Because of who you are in your nature in your being in your existence. You deserve us showing you such such you know greatness to show you that you are so great. And that is why when we go to recoveries and we say Suhana alim, so we lowered ourselves in Roku, so I put my head down, I put my, my back is straight, my hands are, you know, clenching onto my my kneecaps, and I basically you know, once I'm down there, I say allow vim I say Allah is so great. Why? Because of this reverence because of showing, you know, revering Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah. Allah has in the Quran is the great, the great book. Why? Because it's from the

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great one. He has called his own option, Rob Bulava has even the plan. He is the Lord of the great throne. Meaning that everything to do with a lot is great. And this means this look, if I as a seven I become ullas. And then I'm also great. Not I'm not trying to like you shouldn't be thinking that and I shouldn't think that Yeah, I've actually become so great, so big No, no, no, it's look whatever Allah as well. attributes to himself and he says, This is my he makes it great, because he's the greatest. And that's how we want to live this name that we want to always walk through our lives knowing that Allah is the great and Allah Allah is great in that sense that we are we are

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looking up to

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that being the as one who gives the source of everything that I need. And he truly deserves that praise. And he deserves it because of his existence of who he is and what he can do. So that is a loving, and we show that great reverence for Allah Zoda. So I'll Halim Levine Oliver for a shackle. These are the next two names I love for him is the one who forgives very often. Now, we've already come across a name of Father which is a lot forgives greatly, meaning that he forgives things that are all allows you to really forgive things that are of great nature of a sin. So you might you might have made a big sin, analyze a lot of animal food, the name that we will come to right now is

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that allows well he forgives, but he forgives again and again and he forgives again and he forgives again. So there's a continuty in his forgiveness is always forgiving. And we want to understand that look. I want to tell you this that since we will have since we will have since there's nobody that listened to me and can that can say well, I don't have any sense anything

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You know, unless you are, you know, under age and so on. But if you reach that age where now you understand things, okay? Not only that they say that that's the age of puberty. So above that, once you once you go down your daily, you know your daily routine you will have since

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having since, or having come across a situation where I've made myself sinful is a situation where that shouldn't have happened and I don't want to do it. But you're not alone. Think about this, that the whole of mankind right now is sinful. So having the sin is not the worst part, the worst part is not going back to a lot. That's that's the sin.

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That's a bigger thing than your actual sin itself. If you find that, you know, there are many ways that shaytan tries to make us make us think that our sin is the is the means is the blockage is the thing that is going to stop us. It blocks us from Alaska. And the thing is, look, since I since they need to be they need to be cleaned, like our bodies need to be clean, cleanse from the, from the sins that we have. And that's why we have an Easter fall.

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We have is the fall, we have an opportunity to seek forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal. And when you seek forgiveness from Allah as well, you you start to clean that heart and clean the inside from those sins. And Allah is there to forgive, and he will forgive again, I was so many stories of forgiveness that Alaska has has given us through the Quran, and through the demands of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And we've got one of those, which is look right now in Oregon, you've got the Knights, okay, you've got the Knights, and especially Soho time, a lot of you are waking up at us the whole time. I want you to understand that that time in the night when we wake up, it's so hard. It's a time that is the the one of the most closest we can get to a Lazarus and in that time, that time you got in the in the last part of the night. So the night you divided into three, you have the first third you have the second, third, third, third. And that last third that we've got, which is the term of sahul, which is a term that we know before before further, it is a very blessed time a lot of angels are

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around and according to the Hadith, Allah azza wa jal, we don't know exactly how what it means could be most likely is a metaphor, but he says he comes down to the first heaven and he starts to ask

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Helman dine. Is there anyone that is calling for something that I should answer to the court helming Musto fitting for outfit Allah is there anyone who is seeking forgiveness that I should forgive that person now one thing you should do does not doesn't matter what time you wake up as soon as you wake up is not still fudger Okay, you're gonna wake up straightaway say stuff Lola straightaway seek forgiveness from a lawsuit and because that's the time a lot of really is he's ready to forgive us he's ready to forgive us. So that's the time we should say it's the fall and in fact if you can do it, the hygiene is even even better. And just having a Soho does a lot of Baraka does a lot of

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blessings or luggages, according to say Hadith Allah azza wa jal, and his angels proven that they send their blessings on to the one who is having so so at that moment, we should be turning to Allah azza wa jal, because it's a very busy time, seeking forgiveness from Allah can be any moment, any moment you want. And we should never leave a day without having sought forgiveness from a lot. This is nothing that I mean, and a believer always has an up to date tober status. It's like basically, if you were to have your bank balance, what would have your bank balances, minus? Or plus, would you have it, you know, in credit, or would you have in debit? Would you be lower than zero? Or would you

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be like to be above zero, everyone, they will say, I want it to be above zero. I wanted, I want to be in credit, I don't want to be in debit. I don't want to be owing the bank something. So that's the thing with since you're in the minus. And with Stefan's feet, forgiveness, seeking forgiveness from a law student, you're in the plus. And if you always update if I always have a life where I'm updated, look over, it's like paying all your bills, paying all your loans or whatever you've got, you've you've cleared everything out and you've still got money in the account. That's the state you want to be in. You don't want to be in debt to others. And so far is that thing that you know puts

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us out of that kind of misery. Because if you were to die any moment, then you're in the minus like those things are going to draw you down. But if you continues to finish in a seek forgiveness from Allah as a result, and then you're in the plaster, I just want to say one more thing.

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A lot of people look a lot of people say, Well, I'm still singing. I'm still singing

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How can I seek forgiveness when I'm still sitting? My friend, on telly, the regret that you've got in your heart for your sinning, that's still a very good thing, because it comes from Alonzo, he's giving you that regret inside you that you know that something wrong that you've done, that's still a good thing, the moment you get rid of that regret, then you're in then you've been taken by the shader, you've been taken by the shader lie in a lot. So having that regret is still a good thing, achieving that sort of feeling that I'm singing, and I've still got to seek forgiveness from a lot, you know, having that state is still a very good thing. Because what's happening is that you're,

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you're in a situation where you're still turning to Allah. When we were born, the Hadith tells us that that every human being has an angel and has a shaytan or devil with that human being when we were born. So whenever in your life, you feel that some your own self, you think yourself to do something good. It's from that it's from the angel. Whenever you feel you want to do something bad, it's from that devil, having that regret inside you and feeling remorse is from that angel is from that Angel, and he's telling you to be to do your stuff up. Now, if you're still singing, I'm going to tell you to kind of seek infamous analyzer. Look, you want to stop singing, I know that. But

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don't stop the regret. Don't stop the stuffer don't stop seeking forgiveness for a lot. Because once these are the things that you're holding on to your Eman and you believe is holding on to once you get rid of that, then shaytans ease he's got human, he's got you. It's like having Look, if you had three defenders in the defense side of a football, you know, pitch right. So this is your team. You're the goalie. Right, and you got three defenders there. So you've got you know, a defender, that is your that is your regret defender that is you know, you remorse a defender that is feeling that he needs to seek forgiveness from Allah, right. And the opposite team is coming with the ball.

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As long as those three defenders are still standing use the gun, you still got a chance to have three other predictions before that that ball comes near your net. But if all the three defenders feel like you know, what's the point, right, the guy's gonna score anyway. Or I'm too weak, and I'm not going to chase for the ball. If the defenders don't do that, then what you've just done is you've allowed the ball to come straight to the goalie, now you're on your own. Why wouldn't you three defenders help you even if the other team is winning? You know, three, one, whatever. Why would you defend this give up and feel weak? Once they feel weak? It makes you very vulnerable,

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extra vulnerable, but if you defend to say, look, we losing three one, but we're still gonna stand up. And we're still gonna fight back. Now that's, that's a true team. So now what have you got inside, you're sitting, you've got you still got you still, you still can see producer, even though you're sitting you still can have remorse and regret and so on and so forth. You need to keep this up. Yes, I'm losing. I know, but I still need to give it up because it's going to be worse. Imagine all your defenses they say I forget this man, are you ready to just sit out on the pitch? What's gonna happen? Well, then they're going to kind of scoring one after the other or you're going to be

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under heavy fire as a goalie. So

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even though you're in a situation where you doing this to just just listing I'm going to sit here and walk away and look, Allah said in the ninth use of the Quran, right at the end of Lazarus and he said, Well, my kind of love who you are, I remember whom, with whom Mr. from Allah says that Allah is not going to punish the people of Makkah, while they still seek forgiveness from Allah, you know, this was this was honoring the fact that people who've been looking these people are miserable. These people are really bad. they've they've been against the prophets of Allah Islam they've been, they've been antagonistic towards him to the dean to the Quran, Allah says, if they seek forgiveness

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from me, right, these people in Makkah, I'm not going to bring a dab or punishment on to the city. And of course, Allah also said that will interfere him Oh, you mentioned your your amongst them as well, I'm not going to bring the punishment onto them. Now look, one of the part of the of that idea is that as long as people seek forgiveness from Allah, Allah is not going to bring his punishment onto them. So think about this, think about it positively. As long as you don't, as long as you don't,

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you know, stop, you're seeking, seeking forgiveness, there's perhaps a good chance that punishment won't come your way. So please kind of seek forgiveness. Keep that, you know, don't be hypocrite don't like, like, I'm gonna say stuff. Like, I'll do all of that. Yeah, regretfully, but I'm still gonna know it's not like that. It's like you have genuine, you have genuine fear of Allah of the Astra. But you just find yourself in a weak position where shaytans giving you some kind of addiction and you're just going ahead and doing some kind of sin that you're finding it hard to stop, but you still try and try and keep up. You're regretting your remorse. He says, it's the fun

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You tend to a lot, you're in this terminal, still being in that terminal is better than giving up. That's what I'm saying to you. So her food is the one that will forgive me forgive them think about this. Yes, he's forgiving me once for the same thing. And I'm kind of come back here with genuine regret not like I'm being a hypocrite, I'm gonna carry on sitting and kind of come back to my currency. And I know, it's a genuine thing that I fell down again, and I tried to put myself up again, I tried to make the intention of I'm going to be strong again, but I fell down again, right, you can follow you know, with a genuine, sincere regret and remorse. You can fall like that many

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times and you can come back to the land Allah is Allah for the next time we'll come to is a shackle.

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A shackle is the one who appreciate him, he greatly appreciates what we're doing. Like this name, you know, this name is a is a very,

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very, very lovable name to me. Why, because it's the one name where alasa jelly he, you know, in all the other names, you know, wish, we are showing how great allies and we completely nothing, and we are completely nothing, not that we have anything. But this is the only name that we've got where Allah says, Whatever you did,

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even though we have no status, but whatever you did, I truly appreciate that.

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And just just to think that he appreciates us doing the actions that we do not that he needs it, there's a difference between appreciating and needing, he doesn't need any of actions, he doesn't need a single sense that he doesn't need a single. And even if we had the whole of mankind worshiping Allah, He doesn't need that. But he says that I appreciate it. I appreciate the fact that you have gone against your own desires and managed to, you know, get up and say yes, I want to do this for Allah sake. I appreciate that. What does the Quran teaches the Quran teaches is that whenever we doing some good action,

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like sugar, when we are whenever we are showing appreciation, it's for ourselves. Whenever we're doing anything good is for us. All the benefit is going to come to ourselves. So allows well he says in the Holy Quran, you know that there are many paths along the way, he tells us that only you should find the mushroom enough See, whoever is being thankful that they're being thankful for themselves. Because all of this that we're doing is going to benefit benefit us in the afterlife. There's no benefit for a lot in that sense. Because Allah is really he he doesn't benefit from from anything. He is the highest. He's the Almighty, He doesn't need any of this. Everything we're doing

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is for ourselves. So when we sin May Allah forgive us when we sin, that that could go against us and when we do good deeds, that is for us that that is in our benefit. And Allah says in touch guru yoga hula Allah says if you show gratitude and I will be pleased you know with you, you're

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gonna be pleased with the if you show your gratitude Allah says we're intact photo fine Allah heavenly union to if you show your ungratefulness that Allah is Allah doesn't need you. So we need him and that's why we doing the action. So that is us. Show now one of the great things I want to say to you with this name a shackle, how we live this is that Please do your best to show sugar and to show appreciation to others because Allah azza wa jal has said in the in the Quran, he said we're calling min Eva da Shaco. There are very few servants of mine that show true appreciation that truly thank others. A shackle is a mobile of a form which is like an extraordinary form of that of that,

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you know, verbal action. So shocking is one who appreciates or who thanks, but a shackle is one who greatly appreciates. So Allah says, Those who greatly appreciate amongst my servant servants, Allah says earlier there are few. So look,

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whether it's your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, anyone in your life, husband, wife, whoever it is, appreciate, appreciate what others have done for you. And showing that appreciation gives happiness to people. It makes people seriously feel that they're worthy. Okay? People need to do this because we live in a very selfish, very selfish time. When we keep on receiving receiving things and it becomes the norm you do know that they say Lionel, they say that

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people only appreciate something truly people only truly appreciate something before they get it. And after they lose it, like that's a human being for you.

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You know all human beings like you want some you wanna you wanna you want this car you on this car you buy this car, okay you waiting for you? Are you in this car you want to do and then you save your money and then when you when you got it. Now before you got in you really appreciate it that car but when you go there and we can use that

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For a few years you've had it, you know, it's an all the same with the house, you really wanted the house before you got it, you are so looking forward to it to try and get that house, right, and you got it.

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But once you got it, it became the norm, you don't really appreciate much that you got the house, unless you lose it. If you lost the house, if you lost the car, then you understand what you really had. Same with a child, you never had a child, look how much fold you looked, you look to having a child.

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And then you you know, May Allah keep you preserve our children. But if you lost that child, you'd know what, what, what the meaning of that child truly was, you know, right now, you've got your parents. And it's unknown because parents were there from day number one, there wasn't a time before you had your parents you weren't even born. So that's this is this is one thing where you know, it's different from many other things. You never had a wife, or you never had a husband. So Previous to that.

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You you really were looking forward to having a husband or a wife, or children or a family.

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There's a day when you're going to lose your wife or your husband, or your children or whatever that's comes later on. So there is a before and after and getting your husband or your children or getting your spouse.

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However, with parents, you are born into the world that there was a no before getting parents, you're born into having parents. And that is one of the reasons why because you're born into it. A lot of the time, you can appreciate what parents are.

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And guess what parents are doing the most for you more, but more than anybody else. Yet, sometimes they're the least appreciated sometimes. Because people have never, you know, lived a life without parents until they lose a parent. And a lot of people do lose parents while they're alive, they'll probably lose the father first. And then they'll lose a mother, it could be the other way around. But for most people is the father first and Mr. Mother.

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And only then the true appreciation of a father or mother kicks in. So I want to say to you one thing, you know, appreciate appreciate the parents that you have. Because those parents and

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that you know you well, you can't get parents back, you can't you can't replace them with anyone, even Auntie uncle, grandfather Anyway, you can't replace your parents. So appreciate if you if you listen to this, and you have parents, you know, sometimes you might be saying things that are not appropriate to your parents, because you want to have those things that you haven't got today. And then I'm giving it to you, I've got rules and regulations or whatever. And you're not very happy. So you know, just appreciate the fact that you call your parents, so appreciate them, I'm going to say to you that look.

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Losing losing those parents, they come with a lot of memories.

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And every single memory that you have is also a moment moment of appreciation. Like the moment you have right now, I'm telling you this right now you're going to remember my words, five years time, you won't be in this position anymore, you won't be in this position.

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The life that you've got right now the people around you or the situation you've got and the way you feel of life is running five years time. So I'm going to be doing the same way. And every single episode or event, you come to every memory that you have something that happened right now, appreciate it. Because you never you'll never have the same thing again, you won't, you won't have the same setting with your family members. Again, it's just not going to happen because life is always moving on. And people are always changing and situations are changing and you're going to change and others are going to change around you and it's never going to be the same. So appreciate

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the moments you have. And appreciate the people around you want to say to your brothers and sisters,

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you know, you have this opportunity I'm going to spend just one or two minutes more and then and then I'm finished. Please stay stay where you are and listen to this, this may benefit you.

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You know, one thing that people will will really look to is the Hassan ad and the and the different rewards that we get on the day of judgment on the biggest reward you can get is to help others and you know that Allah will give salvation to his servants for the for the for the help that they gave to the fellow brothers and sisters on the earth. There are many more people who are more poor than us. They need help. I personally go every year to Bangladesh and I visit these people and through helping me today, which is a charity that we've got the appeal for throughout this Ramadan.

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It's a charity that I'm personally involved in and I go out and I see these people. I see these people and you know what? helping those people by being so much

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distraction to the heart. Your donations that will go to this you know to this to this whole you know the whole campaign we're doing the Ramadan giving campaign with Unity. This is going to helping so many people out there. We're talking about people who will get water people who will get you know food people who will get clothes people who will get the living people who get accommodation people who get new cars and people will get no people who are stuck people who will get mattresses done people will get you know ailment, knowledge received Islamic knowledge. There's so many things that we're doing through this charity in Bangladesh and other parts of the world as well but mainly in

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Bangladesh. And when you leave what we want you to do is look not miss an opportunity in Ramadan for yourself like this when you end up on a day adjustment imagine you see that the one pound the five pounder whatever you've given, you can set this up like go to the link that come to this with this video called the bottom click the link and just set whatever you want for the rest of Obama. And everyday is going to be time 70 and when you get to the day of gentlemen, you will see how much your money where your money has gone and how many different things Alaska has has given you reward for because you just gave that one pound or two pounds or five pounds whatever it is daily, just keep it

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for Ramadan. You'll be amazed inshallah and how would you help these poor people? disaster my friend my brothers and my sisters may grow from you as well. I mean God for you said I'm really lucky.