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The speakers discuss various aspects of the "has been a practice of" and the "has been a practice of" concept, including finding protection and finding peace in life. They also touch on the "has been a practice of" concept, including the Day of Judgment and the importance of watching and guarding people. The segment also touches on the "has been met with" concept, where individuals can see their own actions and create fire through tree trimming and construction. Finally, the "has been met with" concept is discussed, where individuals can see their actions and create a fire.

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Just you know behind our hammer hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam rse. They now want to be in a Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi align. Firstly to all you brothers and sisters cinematic Maha Lovato we come to another session of reflecting on the 99 Names of Allah azza wa jal and we came to the name of a Salaam yesterday so we've covered you know, name of a lot of young man Rahim and molecular producer Salah. And what I'm going to encourage you to do is every day as I'm doing the names, if you can just add four to five names, I mean, if four to five names is too much for you, then in the month of Ramadan being 30 days, if you memorize, just like some like three names

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and some maybe one a couple of days or three days, four names a day,

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then you will straightaway have memorized the entire 99 Names of Allah and you know one of the really beautiful things about this is that when you call Allah as well you can just say your Allah you can say your Iman you can say our Haim and then make your dog. Okay? But imagine you say all of the 99 names and this has been a practice of some of our great alumni in the past that they would say, you know, they would start off the door and they would say yum and hula, hula

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hoop or ramen or Rahim on medical to do Salah Milan why immunology. So they will start from young men who a lot oh one who is you know who is the God and there is no other God besides Him. There is no other day to besides him by starting with that lead in Allah who are rock man who is the most gracious and Rahim, the Most Merciful al Malik, the king SLM, and so on, and so forth. They go all the way to the end of the 99th name, and then they make a drop. So wow, you know, imagine you're now collecting all the different, you know, names of Alaska and everyday you make that you practice. Because if Allah said to us that, you know, these are his beautiful names and call him through his

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beautiful names, and you call him through one name is fantastic. You call him through two names, or three names, or four names even better, you call him through all the 99 names, you're smashing it, right. And imagine the drive that you make you imagine the dollar that you make after that, how you know how likely it is that your dog is going to be accepted Anyway, today, we go into the, you know, into the name of our movement. Now, after a salon is allowed monopolies and movement and movement is the provider of protection and security. He is the one that that is that gives you security who provide you protection. And I want to say something to you that some of the most basic things that

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Allah has given us, we take it for granted. So I want to I want to take you to an example. Now this is a study done by Muslim in the 1940s, where he looked at civilizations. And he looked at civilization and said, what are the key features of why people stay where they stay, you know where you are right now in Britain, or in America or Canada, wherever you are in the world. And you're watching this, why is it that you stay where you are. And he built a pyramid This is called Maslow's pyramid and you can search this on the internet. And he found that the most the two most, you know fundamental things that people look for when they're going to find security in when they're going to

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find you know, they want to live in a place or they want to settle their place. He said, The two most fundamental things is that you've got to be able to keep yourself away from hunger. So you got to find food there. And he said, You got to find protection there. Are you going to find safety there, or you're going to find amnesty there. Now, so analyzing if you look at these, if you look at these two things that Mazda has said the bottom two thing, meaning that these are the most fundamental after these two people look for jobs and jobs, and they look for, you know, other things you've done to build a, you know, a business whatever it is that after this the look for those

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things. But the two most fundamental things I want, that a person wants to be away from hunger and a person wants to find peace and he wants to find protection where he is or where she is. If you look at sort of Croatia Suhana laid out in Surah Quraysh pradesh that near the end of the poor and we know that famous Qureshi that he went on, you look in that surah and Alonzo then has said to the Quraysh Allah said because they will take it for granted but Allah has given them and Allah said you know you should worship the Lord of this house or oberheiden bait and then he mentioned two gifts and lovey avana whom endure

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Look, he is the one he is the one who is feeding you, and keeping you away from hunger. And he is the one who has given you amnesty and giving you security against fear. Now, these two things we take for granted, but these two things are the very, very, you know, two things that give us a lot of a lot of reasons why we stay where we stay. Now, you might not even have thought of these gifts, but when allows a little wants to

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he wants to affect the nation, you know, what he does?

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He will afflict them with by taking these two things away by taking these two things away, and Allah has mentioned that in Surah anon towards the end of surah how you will find a lot of a lot of Allahumma telcordia Amina Allah is really he gives a an example of a city that would cut was completely secure. And you know, they had everything they needed. Yeah.

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You know, the risk of a lot of the provisions of Allah came to him from all different sides mean cooling McCann and from all different sides. But then they started to you know, disobey Allah, they started to sin.

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And then Allah says, he he afflicted them with two things. liba said jewelry well hope he gave, he made them aware or it's a it's a matter of metaphor. But he made them go through a situation where food wasn't guaranteed, and peace wasn't guaranteed. So for example, you know, when you have a war, so lai lai lamellas will protect all our brothers and sisters across the world. But you know, if you follow the news in the last, you know, nine to 10 years of what happened in Syria, what, what a great country it is, what a great people they are, they are the people of Sham and, and, and Rasulullah sallallahu has given a lot of good, you know, a lot of good news about the people of

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Sham, they're wonderful people, if you met the people of Sham, there's such wonderful people, but they went through a tragedy, a civil war over the last 10 years, where the beautiful city of Damascus where many other cities around it in Syria, they were ruined. And they you know, people got to the extent May Allah forgive us and forgive them, they got to the extent where they had to ask that Allah is it okay for us to eat cats and dogs live in

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a city that, you know, people people flourish to from all over the world to learn or to learn knowledge to learn Arabic and so on. I know so many of you that went there to learn Arabic, a city that was founded upon so many good qualities. And because once the Arab Spring came up, and the people you know, there was the rebellion within and so on, so forth. And in the end, what happened is a war took place and because of that, that peace and security went away. And they had to, you know, they didn't even find food line I had.

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And when I give them the, you know, the safe country back, Allah has really given me a restore peace and security and give them the best of foods there. But this is in front of our eyes in just in the last 567 years. If you follow the knees, you would have seen what there were those people went to and so many refugees went to many different countries, because of what Allah Allah Allah did. Now, the thing is, though, Allah can bring about the situation to any any country at any moment, may Allah protect us. And there are so many countries that you can name that have gone through this in the last 100 years, in the last just 100 years, you can see so many countries that went through

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that, that once their security goes away, once you can't find food, then you've lost everything. There's no point of view when living there. Certainly, Allah is looking provides all of that and a lot of look from his name. And what we realize is that the Roma have mentioned this, that number one, he's told us that he's never going to oppress anybody. Because in that in that Hadith, a Muslim he said, Yeah, a baddie in Johan de la salle de Lune. All my servants I have made it haram I made forbidden and I will ever oppress any one of you. So that's one amnesty one one security and one protection we get. Number two is you know, when we have no meaning, see, when you think of Allah's

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Name, I mean, while you're moving and we are moving on, we are believers, what's the connection between that? Well, once you are a believer, you get these special tranquility and serenity that allows you that gives in the hearts of the believers just because they're connected to him. So the handla number three, is that he will he will protect people from you know, at the time of death. At the time of death, death, Allah Israel will protect them from the pangs of death and he will send the angels upon them to give them good news. This is in Sudan 41 I number 30 and 32 in alladhina, Paolo Robin along to Mr. camo tetanus, Allah, Allah to have one and so on so forth. Okay. All right.

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gives that kind of security at the time of death. Number four is you're a believer, and you believe in Allah the L movement, okay? The one who is the giver of protection. And what we find is on the Day of Judgment, he will say you he will save, and he will secure people from the great catastrophe of the day of gentlemen, this is a pseudo number 21 ID number 1012103, I will first talk about the great terror of the Day of Judgment, a level of security and from that, and I want to add one more, one more of that to run and I have said number five, which is really good for us in this dunya. When you're a believer and when you connected with a movement, and whenever look, whenever you're feeling

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that you're you're you're in fear, the name to read is your movement, your movement, your movement. If you remember in the first session, I said, whosoever is in whichever situation you're in, whatever name of Allah you find and you recite that name over and over again, Allah will give you that so whenever you're in fear, read this name say Yama, Yama, Yama, Yama. We are one who is the provider of provider protection. The provider of amnesty the provider of security. Yeah, moving Yarmouk. minyama read that name. Now look, what happens to to a believer in a woman on this earth who feels for her child who's her child, her child is mousseline Sarah, is about to be killed by the

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soldiers that are going to come, but allows them to, you know, she is fearful and highly fearful. But she, she's turning to Allah, or what does Allah do? instantly he puts into her heart, a plan, that she can't even comprehend what she's going to do anyway.

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Think about this, a plan, which no mother would even comprehend and would even think that, you know, if they were to think about the plan, they think that is that I can't do that is so foolish. What did she do? She, in her heart, Allah said this, he said, what

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I put into the, into the heart of moose, Alice's mother, that nose just rubbed your baby or putting into a basket and just throw that basket into the river now, just throw it, just do it. That's the best you can do at this time. Because you can't hide this baby anywhere else. Right. If you keep them with you, they'll find the baby If you keep them in your house, they'll find him. If you keep him in any other ones house they'll find it because Fiona had made a made a an announcement they said any baby boys that are born from the bedroom slide in that year have to all be killed by soldiers. So the soldiers came right to to musasa mom's house, and his mother just circled him some

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milk as much as she could. And then she feared and soldiers are coming. What are you supposed to do? She panicked and a lot that moment, put something in her heart that look just just wrap him up. The best thing you can do, there's the river. Okay, there's no other way you can hide this baby. They're gonna kill it. So put him in that basket and just throw him as you just did it. You know, sometimes in your life. You make a move that is like, you think is unbelievable. I just had a super had a lot of him. I heard a sister said to me the other day that she was sued in a situation she overtook another lorry or something. And, you know, within seconds, she saw that there is there's another car

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coming the other way. And within a split second. She had to make a decision. Is she staying there? Is she gonna come swerving straight? Now on to this, I actually made a split second decision where she swerved. They just happened the other day in about 10 days ago. And then she came off the road her car turn sometimes over. But you know what? Unless you safe, and nothing happened to her. In that split moment. She made that in on that narrow escape. She could have frozen just there and she could have hit the other car headlong straight on. But no, she just made that she said she Oh, she could have hit the brakes. Right? A lot of people have hit the brakes. If you hit the brakes, and

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again, that collar hit her and it would have been a full on collision. But what she did do is that in that split second she made a swerve in the direction where that other car couldn't hit. The lottery couldn't hit her because she's just taking over and overtaking the lorry and she went straight over off the road, had car turned over her car got some damage, but you know, Subhanallah she was safe. He is secure and harmless. She's fully well. And even the people who came to her off the road, they said even the quite a few men that came there and they said How did you make that move in that split second? See this is this is a movement. This is the provider protection working

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within a split second because he'll make you do something on putting your heart and you're a believer you connected with with a movement. And in that moment you put something in your heart and in a split second you do something like musasa

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Mother's in a split second, she just threw that basket into the water, not knowing where her child is gonna end up. But luckily after the soldiers came, they check the house they couldn't find the baby. Most as a mother told, you know, mothers resistor, older sisters could go and see where that basket is. So she follows the basket, all of the behind the line, you know, the rest of the soul is not the moment to say to go to the full story. But just to show that the provider of this security and great you know,

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peace and security, he will drop something into your heart just keep your heart connected with him. And if you're in any danger, just say yeah, movement, mania mania mania movement. If you're looking for peace in your house, peace around you say yes, Allah was the name that we covered yesterday the last name Yes, salaam wa. sallahu wa salam Yes, Rob. Do you know that on the day gentlemen, the prophets will have that on their tongue as in they will say Salim they will say all law bring the safety on this day of judgment. Anyway, we go to the next thing, which is Alamo Haman. Now al Mohammed means the one who is ever watchful, the one who is overlooking overseeing everybody is the

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Guardian as well. Now, there's a few things that few qualities that come together with mind. Number one is whatever he is watching over, which is literally everything is watching over, let's just say for example, he's watching over me, this is the way to think about I'm watching. He's watching over me. And he's got, he's got the full knowledge of everywhere about me right now and my future as well. Number two is that he's got full power over doing anything that that I'm about to get into. Right, any situation I want to find myself into, he's got full power over that. Number three is that he is watching and guarding me as things happen. Right. So Subhanallah I'm sure you've seen this and

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I've seen this myself. Wow. You know, when you see that your child, okay, another child threw something at this child a toy or something. And this charge just went like within a specific event like that you didn't even you couldn't even raise your brain couldn't even register something coming that fast towards your towards your eye. And you just moved there and nothing hit you just there. Or a hit to their right. This must have happened to you when you were young. So mahana Lana, this is Alma Haman at work. Because every day through his qualities, he's doing things on this earth. see a lot of the time he's what I really hate. Okay, this is what really upsets me. A lot of people just

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think about all the disasters on the earth. Oh my God, this happened. Why would God allow that to happen? Well, why don't you think about all the great things our life is doing on the earth? Because he says in Surah, Rama, Kula Yeoman, who are few schatten every day, Allah is doing things out of his great qualities every day, to be a Allah, you know, the command to cut the band. So which one of Allah's gifts are you, men? Women, are you in jeans, are you going to deny Which one of the gifts of Allah you humans, and Jen's going to deny coolamon everyday he's doing things. I personally I'm sure you you, you know, you can you can send messages now if you want, about near misses you've had to

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your body to your eye to something that was to your face, right? The split second thing that, you know, sometimes you make that movie, you can't eat me or they say that your brain can't even register that fast that that item is coming towards your face. But you have to know what happened at that moment when you made the move. You know,

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in Surah, Allah Allah tells us, that you will see where Allah

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in Surah Surah Allah says use your eyes mahabhava Allah sends a body over you, he's protecting angels and allies we are also in Surah he says that there are angels that are protecting us in Surah apothic Allah tells us that every single human being has an angel that is with him or her all the time protecting them and it's a polite if he tells us to protect us or not. So there are so many times in our life we've been protected without even knowing that without knowing that we will protect it without knowing that you've been protected. There are times that you missed the you know, use the crane or you missed the bus not knowing that that bus is gonna probably get into you know,

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the people on the bus are gonna get into a fight. You could have been on that bus but Allah protecting you by making you miss the bus there are things that happen like that. And Allah has got his angels and at that moment when you moved you know what happened? The angels they shifted your your face, they moved your face they pushed it

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because in that split second for them, time is something you know Subhanallah for us time is something where we need to say all of these words, but for angels within a split second they can ask Allah Allah should I rescue this this human being or should I

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Not in that very split point. 00000. Second, they ask Allah and Allah gives an answer and says yes. And within that point 000001 on the second, they push your face, and that thing doesn't hit you and that is Mohammed. Okay? Now if you want to like for example, yeah, you've got a baby there you go something else that just, you know, just read the name yellow Haman. I'm sure there's a lot of mothers that are listening to me right now. You know, you're worried about your baby Yamaha. You know, one of the things I've seen Wow, it's, it's amazing. Okay, baby sleeping because a baby asleep sleeps on his back.

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When he sleeps on his back, you know, there's only he can't move his shoulders, he can, he can't come up to the side. So it, it becomes environments while it's sleeping, or while it wakes up and he vomits. Okay, he wakes up and it's vomit. Okay, so the vomit is there. Now, if, if it leaves the vomit that if the head says exactly that, it's going to choke to death.

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So what happens the baby naturally just moves the head to the side. And the vomit comes out of this out of the mouth, from the side, that is our moment, that is the one who is guarding who is who has the, you know, over watching, guarding protection over human beings over us. And that is how we connect to Allah by knowing that these things are happening in our lives, and that we can call these names and know that Allah will be will be there for us now. So we've come a Salaam l movement, and more Haman and then Allah Aziz. Okay, Allah Aziz. Now al Aziz has, it has a dual meaning, okay? And as he is the name of Allah, Aziz is that he is one of miton power, but he's also one of dignity. Now

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that the combination is Names of Allah is that when he wants to win, he wants to show his might against someone who is causing corruption, he can do that. But he will do it with dignity. What does that mean? Look, when we have people on this earth trying to go to war, they will do things that are you know, that are out of order. Sometimes, they will show their might well, they will show it by completely, you know, doing something which might lead to other saying that why did he go so fine doing that or what? Wow, why? Why is it that he's, he's lost his own dignity in the process. But as he See, the thing is with Allah azza wa jal, when he wants to take others to task he will not only

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take them to task, but he will do it in a way now in this world, people can question him and they can say, Well, why did he destroy a nation like that? Awesome, you can question all of that in this world. But my friend, when you get to the next level, you will see what Allah is real and why he did things. Look, don't judge a lot in this world. A big problem is Look, a lot of people have less left Islam, that there's been a host you knows a whole set of people that are, you know, that don't want to leave Islam because they're not happy with the things that Islam has preaching or how Allah azza wa jal is governing this world or whatever. Okay, now, look, don't judge Allah azza wa jal from the

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little that you see in this world, okay. Why? Because you and me, we can't see the full extent of why Allah is doing what he's doing. Human, no humans in history, sometimes right back one century late and they say, you know what, that was a good thing that happened. You know, there are certain wars that happen in this world because of the rules, much bigger rules don't happen.

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Like, let me give you an example. When in Australia, for example, there's there's a break of, you know, these bushfires are in California, you know, one of the ways to actually stop the fire is to create a fire, you're gonna say to me, that's crazy. How do you how do you get rid of a fire by creating a fire, what they do is, they will create another fire to drive this fire into a certain direction, so that they can extinguish it. Or they will, what they will do is look, they will create a, let's say, a circle around this or you know, of trees, so they'll get rid of other trees, okay. And they've created a circle after the circle, there's no more trees for this fire to catch. But the

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fire is within that circle. And what they'll do is they will then make sure that that fire catches the circle of trees, because they want it to burn as that circle as the last circle. And after that the fire can't find anything new to burn so it's going to extinguish it so it's going to just go out itself. Now sometimes you have to create fire to take out fires, same way sometimes Allah create walls to get rid of bigger problems on the earth. Like he will he might set one people against and other people for some reason. Allah says in the Holy Quran in the end of the second Jews, well Allah definitely

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NASA bottom up, left us a little out. If Allah hadn't created a certain people coming up against and other people, then the Earth would have been corrupted. And there are many things a lot doesn't the earth we cannot understand. So when you go to the day of gentlemen, and you find that understand why Allah did a certain thing, that's where we uncertainty, that's what it looks like you want to say this, okay? When the Day of Judgment happens, all you're gonna hear people saying is you're right Allah. You know, that's that's the truth. People will say all the messengers were right. You know, it all make sense right now, I want to say to you that look, people look, my friends. And maybe

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there's some non Muslims that are even listening to this, right? You know, we as children, sometimes we can't understand something. But when we get to adulthood, we can fully understand what happened. There are divorces of parents that happened when I, when someone was a child, they couldn't understand that grief in the head. Why? Why couldn't mum and dad stayed together? Now I'm not saying divorce is a good thing. Divorce is a bad thing. It's a bad thing. But however, I'm just looking at it from the angle of this child understanding now, when the child is seven years old, eight years old, nine years old, is no way that child's gonna understand the full extent of why whatever

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happened, why it happened, and why this family member said this and that are limited. They can't understand that. When they get to adulthood, then they can make up with the father and mother on both ends. And they can say, you know, what, I fully understand what's what's going on, and what actually happened. There's a certain moment in your life that you can't really grasp. And you can't really understand things that are happening around you until you get to a certain you know, other other part of life. You just can't understand it. You just won't understand it until you get to that part of life. Like sometimes if you're a child right now, if you think you will, why my parents

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acting the way they acted towards me. You won't understand until you probably become apparent yourself. I'm being honest with you, because I've actually talked to so many people. And they've said exactly the same thing when they reach the 30s and 40s. they fully understand what was going on the same way on the Day of Judgment.

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Allah azza wa jal, when he reveals all the things that happened in the dunya why this happened? Why did I allow that to happen? Why did I allow that to happen? Why did I destroy that, you know, community? Why did I take that person away from your life, when a lot revealed all these things, we're gonna say, you know what, you're absolutely spot on. You said the truth. Your messenger said the truth, my own understanding how to deficiency, I don't care how much of a problem on the earth there is right now. Because what you got to understand is that, not only Allah is at work in terms of showing his mind on the earth, but it's also there showing his Heckman showing his wisdom on the

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earth anyway, we're going to cover some more of that money come to the name of hacking. So the thing about knowing about Aziz is that he's got dignity, even though he might show his might and power. Now, the next thing that we come to is eligible. Okay, a job now, I just bought this two beautiful sides to this name. One is that Allah is going to smite and Allah is going to, you know, he's going to put down those people who think that they're so so so great and so powerful yet they are, they are destroying people's lives and then making you miserable for people to live on this earth. Al Jabbar is the one that can show his might, in the sense that he can show that he's going to, he's

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going to subdue these people. Right? So that's one meaning. But another beautiful name of, of this is, it comes from the meaning of Java, which is to to like, you know, when you've got a wound, and you want to put it where you want to put a bandage around it. Okay, so what are you doing? You're actually you know, covering the room with a bandage. Okay? So you're, you're kind of mending Okay, you mending what's being broken. So you've got a broken bone. So you're going to put you're going to put your arm into a plaster and you're going to stay like that for a couple of months, then mending your broken bone inside you one of the meanings of Jabbar is that he is the one who meant he's a

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great mentor. Okay, Amanda what what is he meant? He means broken hearts. Okay, if you've got a broken heart, he is the one who mend broken hearts. He means the the poor by giving them some richness. He means those who are you know, who are looking for a way out right? And Allah gives them a way out he means the situation. If you're in a situation where you feel broken, if you've got a broken heart or broken life, keep repeating your job your job or your job Jabbar meaning that we're the one who can mend my life. And I'm telling you this to repeat the name just do it. My friend do it. You're gonna say to me, Well, me saying this.

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Name and Allah come to my rescue. Well yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. But repeat it and have faith and connect up with the laws of the jungle with his with the with the thing in your mind the notion in mind that he is the mender the great men that the body is the great mender So I'm asking the great men the my Allah to mend me to mend my life to mend my heart to put things back together again show older in my life, and you carry on repeating the man with faith. I'm telling you, you Your life will be mended and even if you don't find everything 100% he will put it in a way that you're going to be satisfied with whatever life you end up with. Just carry on repeating that name.

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My brothers, my sisters. I'm going to take just two more minutes of your time and I'm done inshallah, guys, you've been very supportive May Allah bless all of you and I just want to say to you, you know Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam when it came to Ramadan when it came to the month of Ramadan

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in the 11 months before Ramadan Rasool Allah means to give his to give his to give his to give there was he never used to say no

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when the month of Ramadan came say that Abdullah did our best for the love Allah says in the month of Ramadan he's giving became like a fast wind like he would give like no other I'm asking you guys again a minute and I'll be off so please stay stay tuned with me in the month of Ramadan they said it was like a very fast when this Assad is in Bali so resources which to give give give why because in Ramadan the amount of reward that we can get me never going to get outside from other guys take full advantage of this because no one of us knows not a single one of us knows if you're going to see another Ramadan if if you think that you're guaranteed to see another and abandon the make a

00:31:50--> 00:32:25

comment I don't think there's anyone out there that can make that comment. I can't make that comment Am I gonna see another another I don't know only Allah azza wa jal knows. So this could be my last Ramadan this could be your last mother. So let us all see this. This could be my last opportunity of a month like this with things are multiplied by Sunday Times, whatever you get is multiplied by 70 times we will appeal to you for the last two days and 100 people have been coming forward, we want another Okay, today inshallah another 40 people to come so we're going to reach our target of 330. Okay, if another 40 people come in ahead, all you have to do look that that thing you see at the

00:32:25--> 00:33:04

bottom there, okay, the bottom 313 dot Just type that in, I'm going to be off in 30 seconds. Look, all you did is when are switched off, just type that in. Once you've done that, there'll be a very small thing that you have to fill out and straightaway the team will get back to you and they will give you a form. All you then do is folded to a few people and you've reached your target of 313 pounds. We are asking for 313 people to come forward today. 313 pounds that's all we're asking you. If you can do this right now Guys, guys, don't leave it till later. I want you to enjoy your staff melasma bless all of you may Allah will give you the best of this world natural

00:33:04--> 00:33:19

malas will accept your great dogs that you make before you start I mean just do this right now. And Allah bless you and earn the reward Rola because you don't know if you're going to see another Ramadan or not. May Allah bless you and give you a long life. I mean, Salah Malik Mahathir Mohamad cattle