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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history and characteristics of Islam, including Surah number 78, which describes the creation of fruitful fruit, the message of Jesus, and the return of the soul. The message is to not be afraid of people who have been in distress and to not be afraid of evil doers. The conversation also touches on the return of the soul and potential conquest of law.
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Muhammad Allah Helene. So as we come to the last Jews of the Quran, the 30 years, and it starts with surah number two, the number 78. And another key thing of Surah 78 is that Allah created the mountains, he created our sleep the night, the day the he created the seven heavens above us who created the sun and created the, the waters that came down from the skies and all of that. And then he says, all of that he will destroy it. And the only thing he wanted from that was just as a farmer that has many things going in his field, the only thing that you want in the end is he wants the actual fruit or the crop, or the seeds that come out. Allah says that from this whole earth are

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created you the human beings, and the genes you are that harvest that I will take at the end and everything else I will destroy. So the naza tells us about how different angels come and take our souls. So those angels that take our souls, and if you're a bad person, then they will rip and tear the soul out of the body. And this is the beginning of the surah and those those of us who find ourselves to be good believers inshallah, but not they will be very delicate in how they remove the soul from our bodies. And it says for amomum powervault, those who actually have exceeded the limits of Allah who have given preference to this world over the next then they will have Hellfire in the

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next one as a destination number 36 to 39. And those people who actually feared the the field standing in front of the loan and the Day of Judgment, and they they stop themselves from following and carrying out their desires in this world and the shower and the passion in this world in Iran in an unlawful way. Allah says for you there is Jana, a Surah Surah Ibis is Surah number 80. And that tells us that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, when he had a person was Abdullah number two who was a blind Sahaba who came to him to learn that religion, when it came at a time when Prophet salallahu alaihe salam was with already with the leaders of the kadesh the province of Lawson was

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disturbed by but why did he pick this time to come and ask me something, when a lot of reveals that the people who are you you're trying to call, they are not going to believe in this message, but this man is blind is actually trying to take something from you. So we supposed to bear this in mind that, you know, try and benefit as many people as you can, and don't try and sort of have those feelings towards some people. Now suta taquile and so the infidel 81 and 82. They capture the day of judgment in terms of the banking or the breaking up of everything. So how the sun is round down, how it loses balance, how the stars lose their light, how the mountains are going to be moving across

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the across the skies, how Allah will will bring all the animals together, how alone set the seas alight with fire how Allah will bring the the buried daughter alive on the day of judgment on Ask her what has seen was how Allah will bring gentlemen close, gender close, and so on all of this in these two students. And then he says not to think about it that we've got kurama and Catherine noble angels that are writing by our sides, and they they know everything that we're doing. And on that day, we don't have to answer for these things we've done sudomotor 15 tells us about people trade. And when they give things to others, they want to give less for when they take from others they want

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to take in full love reminds us about cijena leaving the solar, the abode of the people the good souls will be leaving and rejoicing. And they're both of the people who are evil sold in Cydia and they'll be in punishment. This surah captures that surah in shaqab tells us about the people who receive the book in the right hand, they will they will have an easy account and the people who receive it from the from behind them. They will be wailing crying on that day. So the Buddha tells us that there were certain people in the past that were thrown into pits of fire because they believed and Allah praises them and tells us that their enemies will be dealt with the enemies were

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dealt with and Allah has full power over that. Surah Tarik tells us for every human being to think that a lot and one quantity on a captured by the surah is he tells us that there's an angels that that's appointed around us to protect us that there's a protecting Angel for every single human being surah Allah tells us how beautifully Allah azza wa jal has given this quote and he wants us to listen and start to collect this Quran try to bring it in ourselves. And we should try not to forget this question.

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On the portion that we've taken inside surah Harsha tells us that there will be certain faces that will be very, very undiscovered number 88. There are certain people that will have broken face in the Day of Judgment, and only certain people will have faces of delight on the Day of Judgment. And it tells us to ponder about the the camel that we've got house created the sky, the mountain, the earth, how illustrate all that, to reflect on this and to come to terms with this message. So the father tells us one part I want to tell you that on the Day of Judgment, if you have a regret, there's no turning back. And that some of us will regret and May Allah protect us from that. And

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there will be no one that will be able to return back and do the actions again. And to the end of the sooner Beautiful, beautiful art. It says, oh good soul or soul that is contented returned back to you, Lord, that is pleased with you, and you are pleased with your Lord and join my service and join Jana. This is what we actually look forward to Surah Bala tells us about feeding the people who are in need and the poor people a lot of stress has been given in that and that those people in the Day of Judgment Day In return, Allah will remove the troubles in the dead determine because you remove the troubles of the people on this earth. While we're here. Surah Shams tells us by taking a

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lot of old tells us about the soul. Allah says that you're old enough so your ego you can train it to do good or God can prompt you to do evil, sooner or later tells us that those people who gave who are fearful and who who accept this, the goodness of this, of this message, allow make things easy for them. And those people who are stingy, who refrain from this who deny the truth of this alone make things difficult for them surah Doha which is Surah number 93 talks about the prophets of Allah has and how is he was an orphan and love brought in to give him you know, the profit to it and also gave him a lot of wealth later on in life. And it tells us to remember the orphans because once we

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might have been without money, but Allah gave his money, we should also spend on others as well. So the insurer surah number 94 tells us that Rasulullah Salah has with dignity will never go down, it will always go up. So the team tells us that the human being has been created in a beautiful way. He should maintain that by believing this good message surah Allah tala 96 tells us to think about the fact that Allah has given us this message and he's taught us a lot of things through this poor ad, and that we should not be ungrateful to Allah. So the sutra

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the sort of power to the number 97 tells us how great Laila to father is it Scott one is better than 1000 months to worship Allah azza wa jal in that Surah begginer tells us that the people who are disbelieving this message they will find themselves in Hellfire and they will be in Hellfire for a long time and the people who believe in this message, so the disbelievers will be then longtime and they believe is will be there will be in Jannah rejoicing and they will have no fear. Because they had the fear of this world they will be pleased with Allah and Allah will be pleased with them. Soon as the result tells us that whether you've done an iota smallest atoms Wait, have a good day you'll

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see it on the Day of Judgment, whether even the smallest atom rate of a bad deed you'll see it on the day of Surah hodja. 100 tells us that just as the horses will listen to their masters on this earth, Allah reminds us of human beings you can do better than that horses listen to you when you want them to go ahead in wars and battles, can you sort of pull their head for your own master who's allowed to do so the carrier tells us that there will be on the Day of Judgment, those whose good deeds the weighty they will be in absolute bliss, and those whose bad deeds are waging the dead your judgment they will be in hellfire. sutra Takasu tells us that on the Day of Judgment, he will ask,

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ask us about the gifts that we had on this earth he will ask us about that sutra. Awesome. So number 103 tells us that all human beings are lost except for those who believe who have do good actions and who tell each other to believe in the truth and stick to the truth and tell each other to do to have patience, pseudo homosassa and pseudo number 104 tells us that by amassing wealth and gathering wealth is not going to get you anywhere. Those if you want to really get success you have to save yourself from the crusher and the crusher is actually helpfile. Sula, she tells us about the event around the province of the Lara's and birth and the elephants. They bought the elephants to try and

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crush the Kaaba. But Allah tells us how he left the plot to dismay. Surah porridge tells us that they had a wonderful trading route going through Syria to

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hijas and at that time, Allah says that they should worship Allah in return of this safety that he gave them.

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soura A my own tells you that little things don't be stingy in telling people like not going to get together little things that someone asked for water give them waters and ask you for you know soul to something very little just give it to them. So the culture tells us about the pool and the depth doesn't assume muscles will be around that to serve the people of this oma once I reach them. So the caffeine tells us that our now we will continue with our way and the people who are with disbelief, they will continue their way we have no connection if it comes to them asking us to give up our faith surah fat muscle 110 tells us that eventually there will be a great conquest of law given once

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that happened Rasulullah sallallahu is supposed to turn to Allah and it's the foreign forgiveness and and that's what he did. Surah Abu lahab tells us about I will I will have in the proxy last time him and his wife tried to make the progress of the Muslims life very, very distressing. And Allah tells us how they will be in Hellfire carrying fire of wood or rope of fire in Hellfire surah ikhlas surah number 112 tells us how allies only one he has no family. He has no partner. He didn't come from anyone. And no one comes from him. And he's absolutely independent from his creation. And the last to sort of sort of follow up on us.

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Tell us to seek protection from the evil doers from the people who have hassle the jealousy from the shaytaan from the one blows in the knots from the witches from the evil of the darkness and so on. Why? Because these two sewers are to protect us from Sarah from Blackmagic and from Jane's unless the end is up my

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Qur’an made easy, delivered at EIC masjid.

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