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Qur’an made easy, delivered at EIC masjid.

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The transcript describes a series of surahs that teach about the importance of not giving gifts and not bowing down to the poor people. The surahs also discuss the importance of saving people's lives and protecting their private spaces, while emphasizing the importance of not being in the same position as the people who receive the book. The transcript also highlights the negative consequences of not offering one's name to the goddamn and the importance of having faith in Islam, connecting with the Prophet sallahu in nightly prayer, and the negative consequences of not offering one's name to the goddamn.

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Shalom avana Lee de la ke

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ko on

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alaminos salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Allah Allah,

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we come to the 29th Jews of the of the Quran and start with sudo mulk surah number 67. And this surah if anybody read this read every single light, inshallah, Allah when they get to the afterlife, there will be no punishment of the brain for the person who resides the sooner the sooner tells us

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about us thinking of what Allah has done for us when we don't even realize it, that He has given this this earth is given the sky above us. He's keeping everything intact for us, he's told us to use his gifts and his Nana, and those people who come on the Day of Judgment, who will not actually believe in this, they'll be told that because you had the chance at that time you failed. Because of that chance. It's got nothing to do with blaming anyone else on the Day of Judgment. And Allah tells us that if he was to take us the if he was to take these gifts away, he could do so. But he's not going to do that. Why? Because he's the right man. And as mentioned, towards the end of the surah,

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we come to Surah column which is Surah number 68. Now this surah is about an in captures a story where you had this father who had these sons, and these sons, he the father used to make sure that every time he had this whole sort of whole part of trees of fruits, these fruits used to give them to the poor people first about 10% of it, he's to give the poor people and then he used to distribute the rest of make business from the rest of the fruits, his sons, when the father passed away, they were they were not interested in that they wanted to get the fruits and have it for themselves. So they rushed through that without giving the southern part for the poor people. And in

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the end a largely destroyed the whole fuel by just one fire, all of it was destroyed. And then they regretted that they didn't follow the orders of the Father. And what this tells us is that the little that we give in terms of SATA or to people back that, that gets us a long way ahead. And Allah tells us that there will be people who will come because they never did sudo they never bow down to Allah on this earth, they will not be able to bow down to along the desert island of 42 Allah tells us that there will be certain people who come and they will think that they can just do something on the day of judgment and make it if they haven't been we've been with Mohammed Salah

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Harrison beforehand, with the message, they will not be able to do that. Now, we then come to suta 69 surah hapa. And what this surah depicts for us after telling us about how some of the destroyed and other people know hands on, it brings us to the dead gentleman with the books are given out and a lot of the people who received the book in the right hand design of the 1920s and so on, they will cry on to others to come, don't Stokes, no scream and shout out joy and tell people to come and read their books and say that we knew this, this was going to be a consequence, they will be in Jannah they will they will have lots of trees with their branches, lower down towards them. And Allah will

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tell them to eat and drink without any worry in journal as for those people who receive the books in the left hand, they will they will regret it then they will say that they wish death came and took them there. And then they will wish that they never saw these book of deeds on that day, they'll be thrown in a Hellfire they will have a chain of 70 feet long chains wrapped around them of fire and grabbed him to help find they will have no friends on that day. And this is the consequence that we should think about for under their judgment and do our best on this earth to make sure that we receive the book and with that in our right hand and not in our left hand. Come to supermarkets.

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We're number 70. And sort of 70 talks about the long day of judgment where people are, you know, denying this, but Allah says it will come very soon, very soon it will hit people. And then he tells us that human being is very, very selfish. When he gets something he is overjoyed when he doesn't then he starts complaining. This is all around and the 2021 he says except for these people, except for these humans, the humans that prey the humans that continuously have the salaat the humans that recognize a portion of their wealth should go to the poor people, the humans that believe in their judgment, the humans that are fearful of a loss or punishment on that day. The humans that that

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protect their private paths are number 29 the humans that keep their promises and number 32 the humans that don't give false witnesses and the humans that continues to guard their prayers. These are the people the law says they will be in Ghana, they will also be in the presence of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam and others who haven't made it in these qualities will not be able to join the Prophet sallallahu wasallam even though they will come from the right and the left of the Prophet

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lavon is up to join him under the optional law. On that day, they will not be able to join him, we come to sue the law student number 71. And this was one long day of saving a new house, a salon making two alarm telling Allah what happened with these people when they didn't believe. And finally he asks a lot to destroy his people. And the beautiful thing about this surah is that it teaches us that just as you would sit with a friend to tell him about or tell her about your problems, we should really tend to Alon just talk to her learn the same way. Just Just know, let all that tension off to Allah in advance. And that's what Susan and Alison did. We come to sort of them sent to

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surgeon. And this is a long story about the jinns who came to Prophet sallallahu wasallam they heard his recitation, they went back and told their people, they come back and they came back and they had a whole conversation, which is recording operands they admit to the false that they did in the past. And they they found this guidance, they accepted this guidance of this of this Quran. And Allah azza wa jal towards the end of the surah tells us that, you know, there will be people who, who have the true faith in Allah. And once those people have the truth, faith in Allah, they connect themselves one in the heart with the law, and second is with the masjid. And this is mentioned in the middle of

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the surah that this this Masjid, and these massages have been created so that we don't see and we don't recognize any other authority except for Allah azza wa jal will be have a true faith. And they are the people who have salvation in Surah Muslim when we come to the surah really connects us with the Prophet sallallahu this man his nightly prayers to Allah ways to stand up, he's to recite slowly to Allah in rhythmic fashion. And his to his suit him East also helps him be very

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stable in the mission that he has. And that is nightly connection Surah mudassir sudonym 74 talks about his data in connection with his own malware used to get down to people and how he did that was because he had that faith now the sooner before that tells us his connection in the night. And then his daytime used to be busy in calling people towards towards the right path. Now one interesting idea here is that the people have a Hellfire agenda that is described here as well, heaven in general is described, and they are the people who are rejoicing. But at the same time, the people over hell are asked the question, What led you to Hellfire, this atom 42. And the answer they give

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is no formula Mussolini, we never used to be those, those people who used to offer their Salah, or the the prayers in this world, this is number 43. And it certainly is a stark warning again against those people who don't offer their Salah, we come to suta Tiana surah number 75 that tells us about the Day of Judgment how Allah will break up the sun, the moon bring about the day of judgment and that time, he says man can try and bring as many excuses as he wants, but he knows himself what he what he has done on this earth. And design number 14 and 15. So he then tells us that though there will be certain faces that will be mean with delight on that day I number 2223. And some of them

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that will be very sad. And it tells us about the fact that people at the deathbed, even if a doctor was to come to you and try to you know help you overcome the situation, there's no escaping death.

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So that they have also the incentive to names different names he has. So number 76 follows. And this tells us that a human being what were you before you came on to this earth you are nothing you will not even known. And it tells us a lot about Jenna a lot about the journal and the fact that people who give to the poor people allow will make them not fear on the Day of Judgment, they will have loads of delight and happiness and 11 they will be rejoicing, reclining on cushions they will be in Jannah where they will be not too hot, not too cold, they will have a wonderful blessings of shades where they will rejoice they will have people around them servants that will serve them all the time

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with different dishes coming all the time, the number 1819 and some of these dreams sell sebelas and JB Rolla will create beautiful dreams for them. And they will have all of this why because of the fact that they were human beings here who worshiped and who did the right thing on this earth. And finally come to Suda more solid, more solid is kind of the opposite of surah.

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The household in sandwich tells us about the catastrophe of the Day of Judgment. And it tells us that look. You know you're people who been given all these gifts you've been given water you've been given the land you've been given.

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You've been given many generations and people around you and you're supposed to ponder and think about the consequences all of this and again the repetition in this surah is why neoma iluka. Even those people who deny this message they will have a punishment on

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They're just so it comes towards the end where a lot talks about like on the dead end and says, Well, why are these people speaking? why don't why don't they have an argument under them? And why don't they express themselves? Why don't they start to plot on the Day of Judgment like they were doing in the world. And it talks about a bit about the people who will rejoice and be with me in Geneva. And finally, Allah says that the people who never used to do recall in this world they will not be able to bow down to Allah on the Day of Judgment. And he finishes up by saying, he had eaten by the who you know, which other message after this will you believe in and that's the end of the

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