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Qur’an made easy, delivered at EIC masjid.


AI: Summary © The transcript describes the surah that connects with Islam, highlighting the importance of not being associated with any religion and not sharing one's wealth with non Muslims. It also highlights the importance of avoiding being associated with Islam's values and not wanting to be associated with people who do not believe in their beliefs. The speaker emphasizes the need to learn from one's wealth and actions in order to succeed, and to practice and listen to the hotbar to differentiate oneself from others.
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me the lucky.

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Sayyidina Muhammad Ali.

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We come to Jews number 28. And it starts with sudo Majid Allah. Allah is where there is a woman in the province of Lahore, Lisbon's time she has a complaint that she wants to bring about her husband. And she brings it in in front of the province of Allah Islam. Now bringing that the whole of the surah is a lot about secrets and secret life and secrets is that people have. So if Allah says in Anima, seven doesn't matter what whisperings you've had, what secret meetings you've had, he is if you are, if you are three, then he's the fourth, if you are five, having that meeting, he is the sixth. And if you are more or less, he's always the other that listening to that conversation. And

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even in the process of last month's time, some of the Jewish people started to whisper in his gatherings to try and cause a bit of friction amongst them. Why? Because they will take the time to steal his time taking the side whisper in his ear, about things that were really futile. And they were wasting the wasting the time. So Allah imposed that people who stopped that approximate loudness and like that, and take private time of him must give some sadaqa before they start whispering to him. And obviously the problem stopped because those people didn't want to pay up. And so the IRA talks about then right at the end of the, the surah tells about the day of judgment that

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those people who are very fond of the believers, they will be together and those who are against the believers, they will find themselves in a group on the Day of Judgment, we then come to sudo hash and so the hash code is a lot of it is about

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the province of Allah has been having a situation with some Jewish people in his time, but he had to exile them from Medina. Why? Because they were being treacherous. They broke the agreements, they then started to make a lot of plots against the Muslims, these only a few sort of Jewish people in approximate last time. And the province of Alaska had to deal with them, because they were already in fortresses. Well build fortresses that was saving them and securing them from the from any onslaught. And Allah says that no matter how much you think that they would never leave those fortresses when he wants them to leave, he will make them leave. And the same, we should think that

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any you know, any enemy that you've got, is no tough enemy when Allah wants to come and intervene. And this surah is beautiful in the sense that it links us up with the with with a lot of bad politics. And if you really look at this, this this surah and you think about policies of what's going on now, you will find a lot of meaning and we'll leave that to you. But it tells us about thinking and connecting ourselves with Allah azza wa jal and only knowing him through his Safari and through his attribute attributes and so on. These are these towards the end of the surah and tells us that we should not become the people who forget a lot because those who forget Allah, Allah

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leaves them to themselves and they forget their own purpose of life on this earth. This is number 19. We then come to sermon Dinah. So the Montana is a surah when the Prophet sallallahu resona had already come to Medina, and the truce had already taken with the people of Makkah, and they had to now accept certain people who are migrating from Mecca to Medina. And these people who are migrating some of them you have your doubts whether they really believe is or not. So Allah azza wa jal gave gave, you know, he gave some instructions here and he said, Look, you can show your goodness towards the non Muslims, and you can show your goodness towards the people unless, of course, you see

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something fresher treasures, you're not supposed to, you know, associated with such people. But otherwise, if they're clean people, you can associate yourself with them, even if they're non Muslims, even if they are people who don't believe in your faith, this is an iron number eight and number nine, and towards the end of the surah Allah tells us that if they are to come and join the believers, then they should join with this good practices of the Muslims have, what are our good practices are good practice are and again, summarize it and number 12 is that we don't steal we don't fornicator commit adultery, we don't kill children. We don't come with blasphemy against

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people. We don't

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commit any kind of disobedience in anything that is well known. And we are people who seek forgiveness. If these things are their qualities are there then you know, people can join us on the same same grounds. We come to Surah sauf surah Juma and Pseudomonas one so surah soft surah number 61 really tells us that the people of this ummah who've got money, they should spend their wealth and money in the service of a law for this Dean to substantiate this this itself. And if you look at one if it's some zero, he says, Yeah, you Lavina

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All you believe Allah says How shall I tell you over commerce that if you enter that commerce, it can save you from the punishment of the hellfire. If you believe in Allah, you strike in the path of Allah with yourselves and with your wealth, then this is sort of better than this sort of better and you will actually find what Allah has promised and sins will be forgiven. And Allah will give us Gemini in return of that and he asks us to do that in terms of our wealth and struggling and sort of Juma, what Allah tells us is Sula. 62, is that the people who've got knowledge and the people who've got, you know, the good understanding of the deen, they should spend that in the right way of

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communicating with people with their hammer with the action so that they can substantiate this deed. So number one was the wealth and sort of stuff. And second one was sort of Juma, with with with knowledge and with knowledge comes practice. So one of the things that law tells us is that when it comes to the time of Juma put your knowledge to practice some common time and listen to the hotbar or to the sermon that is being given, and not to sort of be inclined towards the world when you're actually in the masjid itself. This is in the last part of pseudo Jamaat pseudomonads it tells us that the other way of substantiating this, this Dean, and this religion is that we've got to have

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the faith in the believers and we've got to substantiate them with the right dignity. There are people who are monastics around us people within the Muslim good Muslim names, Muslim backgrounds, Muslim, the born Muslims, and so on. But they will, they will be the very source that will try and weaken us. And Allah tells us that these two who will not succeed, he gives us a lot of the qualities of the monastics and the hypocrites in this surah. And it's actually called the sutra of the Menagerie. So we've got to watch out of these people and make sure that we differentiate ourselves from these people. Then we come to surah tavano surah number 64. And this is the caption

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of the surah is that on the Day of Judgment, though, we come with good actions. On that day, there will be certain people who will snatch and steal our actions because we have done something bad to them. And this is something for us to worry about. If you look at number nine, you will see this captured and law tells us to be careful of even the families around us, even the children you know just to give them their right to the hug. But to make sure that they don't become a means of becoming a test for us on this earth. I number 14 and a number 15 even your wealth, be careful of that wealth taking you away, because that will be another means of the Day of Judgment, you'll have

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to worry about how you spent it what you had. And Allah tells us spend it don't have the stinginess inside you that stops you from spending it. It was all of it is from Allah. And we will get plenty of more in return. We come to Surah talaaq after this wouldn't be 65. And the wholesaler tells us that it brought people in family problems and family ties, they're having problems. And they are in a situation where they need to separate but by separating their thinking well financially, financially, the loser Allah tells us that look, first we should try and stick together we should not break up the family. But if you ever get to that stage, then whosoever depends on Allah alone

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open Allah will give them you know, an opening or love will be enough for them. And he tells us a lot of a lot of rules about what's what happens once we split up as husbands and wives. But towards the end of the surah Allah tells us that those people who are with the mission Salallahu alaihe salam, they listen to the IRS and they take heed of the of the Quran, they will be people which will which will be going from darkness towards light. And they will be on the day of judgment in a good state where Allah will look after them and they will be in the gardens and so on and so forth. That's mentioned towards the end of the Surah Surah Taha, which is the last surah of this juice

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captures a time in the province and a lot of time, when covering the wilds of the province of law, Harrison played a joke on another wife to try and make her not give a drink to the province of alcoholism or beverage she made which was halal. And they kind of said to the colossal similasan that it's kind of his breath is probably smelling. And that kind of made the promise of loss not go to the wife and otherwise and have a drink. But then what happened is the whole thing was revealed the whole thing came down a lot go the sewer down to notify the person last and what some of his wives had done. And this was all done in a rivalry of one another I need to learn in good faith

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nothing horrible intended. And but they will recommended that people who are close to the province of Allah holism shouldn't take that advantage. And family members specifically this is about families that our own family members were supposed to save them from the fire of the hell. This is an EIN number seven, we've got a duty and those people who will do the good Toba Good, good sincere repentance to Allah. This is their reward. This is an ayah number eight that they will not only have their sins forgiven, they will enter Jannah they will be with the practice of law someone that believes in the dead

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Judgment, they will have light when it comes to the dark moments of Hellfire, and the dark moments of the spirit and the bridge. And finally, Allah tells us that even the wives of new ally Solomon loot alehissalaam, when they didn't believe the consequences was an evil consequence, they will not be with their family members on the Day of Judgment. And when asked here, the wife of Iran, she actually believed she will not be with her, but she will be in Ghana. So it depends, doesn't matter what family member you are, your consequence will be your consequence, not because of your partner, or whatever else happened at that time in this dunya. And that's the end of the 28th