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Qur’an made easy, delivered at EIC masjid.

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me Uzi Luffy.

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salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Allah Allah has become to dues number 24. And use 24 begins with the fact that there are in Allah says in the beginning he says Elisa, lo, be careful not there isn't a lot enough for his servant is an ally enough meaning that if we trust in and we have a faith in Him, He will be enough for us. And he asked us again to think about the time that we're sleeping because we were sleeping, we're actually dead, but he's actually looking after us. And we have a trust while we sleep, that we're going to wake up again, this is our number 42. And he asked us to think about

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the consequences of the human being. Because when a human being is given a gift, he often forgets, allows origin and it becomes the gift itself becomes a means of his own test is number 49. But those of us who are those of us who are actually sinful because of this, we will turn away. And those of us who contemplate that all things are from Allah azza wa jal, they come and they go, we will not turn towards sins. But those of us who have found ourselves that we wasted our entire lives, what allows us that tells us is not to worry, even if you wasted our entire lives with sins, and we filled them as soon as I number 53, he tells us look, there's still a chance for you to turn towards

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me, and turn towards me before it is too late before the punishment comes turned towards me, before you come in the Day of Judgment, and you bring an excuse, and you say, Well, what am I done to myself the amount of sin that I've done, and you know, in the earth world that I could go back to if I only could go back to the earth and change my life, that would be my my greatest dream. And all of these alarm mentions and tells us then again, to think about the actual, you know, dreams, then from here on, we do find that every single surah that comes along will give a different aspect of the Day of Judgment. And what it tells us here is about the blowing of the horn. And it tells us when the

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blowing of the horn will happen, every single creature on the earth would actually lose its senses, and number 68. And it says that you will then reshape the whole of the whole of the earth. And all the prophets, the witnesses, all of them will be brought on the Day of Judgment. And they'll be two different lines of the brand in two different ways. Those that were that had Cofer and disbelief, they will be dragged towards hellfire. That is in number 71 or 72. And those who actually had faith they will be they'll be taken all the way to gender itself. And they will thank allows of them forgiving, giving them that we come to suit a moment after that. And so the movement talks about a

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believer in the time of Musa la Sera, Sera, and a lot of it is about belief itself. And what we find is that a lot talks about the angels in the beginning they're actually making dua for the believers on the earth. This is an EIN number seven. And they're saying that your mercy covers everything and we're asking you to forgive those people who make tober make repentance, who follow your pathway will ask you to save them from hellfire.

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And on the earth, you will find people again clashing with one another over what it's all about belief and disbelief. And Allah says we'll look at your essence you were you were people who are dead and unlikely brought you back alive. And then you would you died again you are you will die again. And then you will come back to life. And all of this will be admitted even by those who are disbelievers, they will admit to that on the Day of Judgment, but it will be too late. And Allah tells us to focus on in terms of belief and the clash that we have with believers and disbelievers will always have a clash. And the greatest clash that happened in the past was Sharon Harmon and

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Powell who wrote about a great power over the people around them because fear around was the political side, you had a cartoon that was the financial backing for the for the economy and for the for the government of the country. And you had Harman who was the mason or the builder. And he three of them together made and made a massive force. But that did not stop someone from the myths of fear owns own cabinet. There was a man who believed in Allah who believed in the message of masala syrup salam, but he hid his belief. So what Allah is trying to tell us here is that look, you can do do the same doesn't matter how much pressure you've got around you, you can still believe. And he was

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the one who said, think about think about the people of the past. What about the witness if the message of musalla is true, what will happen to us? And he gets him to think again and again. And he says, you know, if you don't tell them that look, what's in front of me is what's in front of me and I'm going to believe in that but this man carries on telling them and tells them that this is only a temporary worldly life, and it's all going to go

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And he says, What's wrong with you people you're calling me towards, you know, the dunya. And you're calling me towards this as you're not calling me towards the, towards the towards what is on the other end. And it tells them that the guru Lama APU shall think of what I used to say to you, because he was the one giving them dollar, and allows you to save this one man amongst his whole cabinet, when he destroyed the entire army funeral home, he destroyed all of them, but he saved this one man and he captured the scene on the day of gentlemen, when they will be arguing with one another and they will say, they will say that what you know, they will say even to the guardians of

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the helpfile take us I believe in you should ask Allah ask the Lord to take us out from this fire. And that will be that will be something that will not get anywhere because it will be said to them that didn't the messengers come to you? And they will say yes. And that was the end of them sort of in Hellfire, but allows us to reflect again on ourselves and think about the thinking about things around us. So he asked us to think about the night and the effect of the night, the day. He This is an iron number 61. He asks us to think about the earth and how stable it is. This is item 64. He asked us about not to think about the creation of the human being is it number 67, that many phases

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that the human being goes through, and all of that he asked us to reflect Why? Because the consequences of all of this is we're going to have to think about the numbers and the gifts he gave to us. And we're going to have to answer to Allah about the gifts that he gave to us. And he asked us again in number 79 to think about the animals is that is given some that we eat and some that we ride and these benefits that we have and he says well he can roam around the Earth. But in the end, those that will benefit from from the gifts that they've got is to actually display the belief and the whole pseudo was about believing in God belief. And you've got the actions with that, then they

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salvation otherwise, those that have disbelief will actually find that that God destruction and hasira hoonah nickel, caffeine and all the disbelievers will be in absolute loss. In the end, we come to hermina sajida. And Halima says that tells us

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to think about, again, this port and that came the plan that came and the people around the province of the laws and said that you know, we've got something in our ears, our hearts, I'm actually not actually receptive to this Quran. Allah says those of them those of us that actually are finding that the reception and we believe in Allah azza wa jal, Allah tells us to be to be, again, steadfast on this Deen. And it tells us to think about the people of the past in terms of iron and some old and how they came with their mind and the power and the arrogance. And they said, Nobody liked them has ever been created. And Allah says, Well, he's the Creator, who is more powerful than them. This

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is an animal 15. And in the end, he destroyed the come coming to a scenario of the Day of Judgment, he brings a scenario where people will actually start to lie in front of Allah and say that we didn't do these things. We didn't do that. This is from EIN number 19 onwards, and in the end, Allah humiliates them, because he makes their mouths concealed. And their own hands and feet, and their own skin start to witness against them. Then they when their mouths start opening again, they curse their own cells, and they curse the skins and they curse their bodies. And they say, why did you witness against myself, you're the one that's going to burn. And they say, look, Allah has power

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even over us. And using that we're going to stop witnessing when Allah has given us power. And this eventually tells us that on the Day of Judgment, law tells us that whether you're a gene you're in, whether you're a gene or a human being, in the end, we will find ourselves on the Day of Judgment. And we will have, you know, there will be certain people that will drag others or try and drag others to help with and this is an EIN number 29, because they were diluted, but those of us who are actually believing this, Allah gives us good news, that right up until our death, there are angels that used to look after us and those angels will give us good news and they will tell us, don't

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worry, don't have any fear whatsoever. And they will give us good news of Allah azza wa jal on good news of having Jenna and good news of receiving those things that our hearts would want. This is all around our number 32.

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And he asks us to think again, about the you know about life after death, because it's all around us. And he says about the waters that come onto the ground, and they create certain vegetation and then they die and then they leave again, then every spring comes, life comes and every winter comes out and comes there is death, and life after death, life after death rotates around us every single year. And he asked us to take heat from this because by the end of it, you will find people on the Day of Judgment again, nothing will will come of any avail when they are called no on the day of judgment when they find that

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They did not answer this call, because they will be told when I'm lasagna hung funny enough. See, just as we are told right now, whosoever believes or and whosoever does good actions, they are doing it for themselves and whosoever does a bad action, it will only fall unto themselves. And Allah is not the one that is oppressing His servants. He's made that message very clear to us. And he's asking us to take heat from that. And one of the things very important thing is that I number 42, is that this Quran is the one if you reflect on this quote, and it comes with many reminders for us about our future about the next life and we should take the heat from that