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A Juz A Day (20th): Is there a god besides Allah?

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Begins: Al-Naml 56
Ends: Al-Ankaboot 45
This juz includes Surah Al-Naml (27), Al-Qasas (28) and Al-Ankaboot (29).

Surah Al-Naml – Is there a god besides Allah?
The phrase “Is there a god besides Allah?” repeats 6 times in 6 consecutive ayaat in this Surah. The Surah highlights Allah’s miraculous signs – historically and presently.

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A lot of solo Allah Allah he was having a lot of issues. He said there was in the MDF a lot as a ministry of the holy urban Athena for dunya, Santa Santa Ana, Santa Monica, who Today we have with us the 20th Jews. We will start of course, a little bit before the 20th just because we had we have to cover today similar to normal just throw number 27 pseudo classes, which is sore number 28. And these two sutras are starts in the 2019 years and continues on to the 20th. So we'll cover these two inshallah today, the 20 years also has sort of uncovered which is the 29th surah that surah we will get to insha Allah tala tomorrow, but today what we have with us is the 27th surah and the 28th

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surah. And this comprises of the 20th Jews of the Quran says, you know, the audience about this is now what it means is that we are very much into the latter part of the put on the last third of the Quran. And this is

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appropriate because we are also approaching the last half of Ramadan, and these last 10 nights in Milan are very, very critical nights. These are the nights where, you know, the layout of the night of power is so we ask Allah to give us the ability to worship Him in these last nights and to seek later to other inshallah, and that he gives us the blessings, let me know but I mean, we'll start with sort of the normal sort of the number is the surah. That then the name of the surah means the act. Let's read the introduction to the surah porcine delta is for annual kitabi mubin tossing these are verses from the Quran, a book that makes things clear who don't what will surely mean it is a

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guidance and good news for the believers. Alevtina up una sala for you tuna xhaka are humble Asada whom you know and those who pray regularly pay zakat, obligatory charity, and have firm faith in the hereafter. This is the key part. We'll see what the home Ukrainian does the thing that drives the engine that drives the car of the believer is a home bill as he wrote the home Ukrainian there are certain not probability certain that there is going to be life after that after this life after death. And that is what sets up sets the believer of for everything in the Medina law, you know, we'll ask her and to the contrary, the ones who have rejected the truth, they are so because they do

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not believe in the hereafter they say there is no life after this life. And this is the only life that we have. And thus these people they and Allah whom Allah whom, for whom, Yama Hoon, they are the ones whose actions seem good to them. They feel that their actions, what they do, the choices that they made, the fact that they don't see that there is a life in the next life. That seems to be like a good choice to them. Allah says we have made them think that this is actually a good decision for whom Yama Hoon and dusty are the analogy is like the one who is wandering blindly, without any direction. Although you can levina known soon either they are the ones who will have the worst of

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the punishment, and in the Hereafter, they will be of the greatest losers. In the catalog call for Anna Milan, Hakeem and Arlene, you are have received this foreign from the one who is all wise, and all knowing the interesting, you know, thing here is that they see that they are very happy with their choices in this life, thinking that Oh, everything is hunky dory. But in reality, in the next life, they will find out that all those choices or bad choices, and unfortunately, their life's work has gone to waste all of that because they disbelieved in the concept of the next life and accountability and that is what set them up for a failure. So this is the introduction to the sutra.

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Now what is the theme of this sutra? The theme of the surah is one of the themes of the surah is is there a god besides Allah question mark? This is a rhetorical question that Allah asks. He repeats this question Allahumma Allah six times in six consecutive is in the surah. And it's a very, very powerful passage. And that, you know, that is the, what the surah is trying to present as one of the central themes. The surah highlights this point by highlighting allows miraculous signs, okay, miraculous signs historically, and miraculous signs. Presently, historically, the profits will

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Had miracles. Allah demonstrates his power and the fact that he is the only one worthy of worship through those miracles. And then presently, as we'll see, alone will speak about all these beautiful things that are around us and the Quran. And those are the present miracles that show to us that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah spawn Tada. This surah as you might notice, began with tahseen the surah big before saurashtra began the toss he named a surah after will begin the porcine meme as well. These disjointed letters, whenever they begin a surah after that Allah will speak about the miraculous nature of the Quran, how great the Puranas and you see that here silica

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acid kita qurani Okita have been moving. And that is again, an illusion or a

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a way for a lot to remind people that this Quran is from Allah, this is you know, the letters of the language are in front of you. And it is an open challenge for the one who wants to think or who wants to produce a surah like the Quran, the challenge is open. And there I was watching something. Unfortunately, that came across my timeline, I'm saying unfortunate because of wasting my time. But it was somebody tried to produce a pseudo like the Quran in like a it's like a mockery of the that they're trying to make of the of the Quran. And they called it the surah of COVID. And it's actually hilarious that this person thinks that somehow they have met the challenge of the Quran by

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fabricating the this thing. And basically,

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just because the words are rhyming, all of a sudden, this is now a surah. That was what this fool doesn't realize whoever was behind this, it's I think, some an ex Muslims who who are up to this stuff, usually these are the guys who do this. What's interesting is that

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if you look at the poetry of it really low on who he had some of the most incredible poetry that rhymed as like as greatly as you can imagine. And Andy would actually do the seed of Quran through his poetry. So even if Quran in his poetry, but Ali or nobody else ever claimed that his poetry all of a sudden is now like a challenge to a las pantallas

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are the response to Alice challans that here are the words of the Quran or hear the letters of the Arabic language produce a foreign like it, no one ever in their right mind thought that or believed that because the rhyming ends of the surah is not what makes the Quran miraculous. It is the message in it. It's the precision in it. It's how the everything ties together and conveys a coherent message. Despite that it's revealed over such a long period of time in piecemeal fashion, and, and then so many other reasons. So it's an interesting little tangent that I decided to, you know, talk to you about how the intro of these sources that we're studying right now talks about the pourrons

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miraculous nature, and this challenge is not met by people

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except that they have made themselves to look like fools. When the Quran was revealed the people of Makkah, even though they were staunch enemies, acknowledge that this is definitely something very special, the one who produces some nonsense and says, oh, look here is I'm trying to meet the challenge of the Quran. They're just making a fool out of themselves, because no one takes them seriously. They're just actually laughed at and scored that because the value of that composition is, is completely worthless, no one would bat an eyelid at it. So anyway, that is the introduction to the surah and Allah will proceed to the miraculous science. Firstly, he talks about musala as is

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the style of the Quran. Allah speaks well Masada Islam quite a bit. Muslim salam, what's mentioned that's different about him this time is that he was actually terrified.

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When he, when he threw down his staff, when he saw the staff moving like a snake, one motivator, and while I'm you active, he turned and fled. This is one of the strongest people that you can imagine. And you will see this in sha Allah in Surah, number 28, zero curses. But what's amazing is that everybody has, we're all humans we all have, like, you know, we all fear things. And when we see something that's very, very, you know, like, we can't explain it. Generally, we are overtaken by our fear. So musallam was overtaken by fear, and he ran away by the amazingness of the miracle but a lot, you know, consoled him and reassured him that Oh, Moses, do not be afraid the messengers have

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no need to fear in my presence.

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Also, Allah mentions that musala salam

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had nine sides, okay?

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Put your hand inside your clock next to your Buzzer Buzzer in your armpit, and it will come out shining white without any blemish. This will be one of the nine signs for Pharaoh and his people for they are truly a rebellious people. Okay? So this a lot introduces the idea of how he sent miraculous signs, historically, to musallam. To show he is the only one worthy of worship because he's the one who sent these miraculous signs with Musa Islam. Of course, when the signs these miraculous signs came to the Pharaoh, they, of course rejected it, and they called it sorcery, it's a magic trick. It's something that he's doing to trick us, it's not really a real, like, something

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that is breaking, it's not something that is breaking the laws of the universe. It says, some trickery, but

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and they persisted in rejecting it. But that was something that did not help them that led to their doom. Eventually, the next prophet mentioned here, that is more in detail is Sulaiman Allison. And so lemons are Solomon, as it's mentioned in the Bible, is, His story is mentioned in quite a bit of detail. Here, we covered a little bit of it in Surah, number 21. This one has more details. And then surah, number 38, we will have some more details of the Prophet of Allah, Solomon came

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here, the amazing, amazing miracles of Solomon are mentioned the incredible, vast array of miracles that Allah gave him, the power that he was blessed with the kingdom that he proceeded over the dominance that he had, unlike anybody else. And that was all. That's all mentioned here. Because Allah wants to show that he gives these miraculous signs to whoever he wants of his prophets, to show he is the one who is worthy of all acts of worship, and him alone. It starts by mentioning that we gave David and Solomon knowledge and that's one of the greatest blessings a person can have. The ability and the

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the blessing of knowledge, knowledge of all types, by the way, not just religious knowledge or, or worldly knowledge. It's not one or the other. In fact, we're encouraged to learn as much as we can about everything that we can, and encouraged to learn about our faith and other aspects that are not necessarily related to our faith, you know, like our historically Muslim scholars where or you know, our educational systems where, where a person will come, they will learn or they will learn grammar, they will learn math, they will learn a little bit of chemistry, and they will learn some facts, all in the same setup all in the method. That's how things were set up for us because everything we

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believe all of this is a study of a loss creation, like chemistry and whatnot, or it's a loss of words like the Quran, or is Allah's law, like the shediac, the Sunnah, and all of that goes together, when we acquire this knowledge, we become better, more informed people, and that's a blessing. So Allah mentions of all the great miracles of the OED and so demand Firstly, that they were given the blessing of knowledge and that is a great thing to be thankful for. I'd like you to notice how so demand is very thankful person, how he will constantly thank Allah in this passage, she says on hamdulillah Illa de for Allah, Allah, Allah, Kathy remain Hiva the hidden meaning. They

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both said Praise be to God who has exalted us above many of his believing servants, okay. He has taken care of us and he's made sure that we are the ones who

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are, you know, elevated above the others. That's a favor of a law that he has chosen to favor us with Now, next eliminations, but what it has to lay man down. Of course, after though that isn't passed away, the kingship passes on to Sulaiman and he is now the king of Bani Israel. And

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he has been given many great miracles or people he says, we have been given, we have been taught the speech of the birds and endowed with all good things, meaning he could understand birds, he can understand animals, the speech of animals, and he could communicate with the birds and animals if, as he wanted to, and then this is a great favor of God. Now for Solomon, his army was a it was a wicked army. Begin in a good way, okay.

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Meaning you had jinn and men and birds all were gathered in this presence and Marines in battle order, so

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This is humans and there's Jin. And then there's air support with the birds. You know, this was a, you know, a juggernaut of an army. So they might have had

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and now as his army is passing by, right, they are passing by this valley of the ants. Okay. Hata Otto Allah was the number the, the value of the ants and that's what the solar is named after one of the ants call at Nam LA. Yeah, Johan Nambu. Masako said, Oh, ants, enter your dwellings in case Solomon and his army in advertently, crush you that they crush you without realizing. Okay? So they wanna slam, the great prophet of Allah obviously understood what the ad is saying, because that was on the miracles that he had. And he smiled broadly after hearing this. And as he, as he recognizes his blessings, he, as you will notice, thanks a lot immediately. He thanks a lot by saying oh my

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lord inspiring me to be thankful for the blessings that you have granted me and my parents and inspire me to do good deeds that please you, and include me by your grace among your righteous servants, what an amazing do I encourage you folks to please learn this doors surah number 27 i a 19 this door are very beautiful, go around and learn it make it because we have many blessings, to be thankful for many, many favors Allah has done to us that we should be grateful for and this is a beautiful daughter of someone who had the most blessings of anybody. And he made this drop to thank Allah for all the blessings he had given. And the thing for us to note is that when we are blessed

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with something when we recognize our blessing, we should thank Allah for that blessing and and that is a way that a lot will give us even more of those blessings in Sharma then he goes the sort of talks about another miraculous

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aspect of Solomon's life, which was he had power over the birds, particularly one type of bird, which is in hupo LFO the hood came

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in hupo for you know, that that's what it hupo looks like this bird and Hood Hood is mentioned in the Quran. And this is a bird that was like a it was like a spy of is like an Intel like, you know, the intelligence of Solomon's army. So so the man is, Allison doesn't see him. So he says, Where is this bird? Right lol Whoa, damn, can I even so he wants a snowman, Islam is going to say that I'm going to punish him severely or order him to be executed. Not because he's a tyrant. But because you know, the formation of the army depends on everybody being in the ranks together. So if one person breaks the ranks, that puts the whole army at risk. And that is why he is very stern here. But Hood

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Hood was just, you know, not too far off. He put what came and said, Hey, I have learned something that you don't know. I have come to you from Sheba. When Sabbath mean never in your clean form some with some very reliable news. I brought something. Okay. What is it that I brought out today, man, I have brought news of a woman who is ruling over the people of Sheba. And she's been given everything and she has a mighty throne. I have found her people Unfortunately though, worshipping

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the sun. Alright, and look at how nice this for this whole This bird is right? Like, we can learn from this bird quite a few things here. You know, he says was a you know, lahoma Shyvana Allah, Allah whom Satan has made their conduct appear good to them. It's not like, you know, these people are just like evil people. You know, they've been like, they've been tricked by the devil. Okay. And and thus has been diverted from the right path. And that's why they're not guided. So he's like, you know, trying to give them an excuse. The these, these people are not an excuse for worshiping relevant, excuse me, but more like, try to find something to say, you know what, I don't condone

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their behavior, but I think they could be better. And that's a, you know, something nice that we can appreciate from the way this bird is speaking about people. You know, I think as people we should have even more dignity when speaking of other people and speak well of them, hoping that what they're doing if they're doing something wrong, is just a situation that they have made some wrong choices, and they're not beyond hope or beyond repair.

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Now, so they weren't Elisa Lam wants to verify this news. He's like, well, we shall see whether you soak in the truth or you're just making this up, go and deliver my lecture to them, and tell them and then we'll see how they respond. So the monitor Sam sends a lecture, the Queen of Sheba receives it, she says, All my counselors, all my, you know, generals, and mela, the people who are leaders, I have received an honorable letter. It is from

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Sulayman it is from Solomon. And it reads the swindler hit rock Manor Rahim. His Beloved Mother Hen This is the eye of the Quran. This is the only thing in the Quran where Bismillah is an ayah inside the surah By the way, Surah 27 is 30 and then the letter of Solomon is very simple, no small talk straight to the point. I latched on to Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Yahweh to name was the mean don't exalt yourselves above me, but come to me all in submission. This shows you how dominant and powerful so the madness I was, is I don't even bother trying to resist just submit. I am a prophet I am you know,

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the one Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I am you know, I have received revelation from God.

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Come to me as believers and submit, okay. So this is a very interesting

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you know, this is the way a person who has full confidence in their strength, that is how they are speaking. Now, the Queen of Sheba, there's a lot of like really cool things to learn from her. Okay. Firstly, the Quran, as you can see, is talking about somebody who's a disbeliever here at this point in the story, not a Muslim at this point. She is not she's a disbeliever at this point, but as we are going to see, this is the Praiseworthy aspects of her life, or of praiseworthy aspects are mentioned about her, the things that we learned from her that are like really cool things and like, things of wisdom and things of

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things that have real value. And it's not, it doesn't make a difference, whether it's from a person who's a believer or not, it's something like the Prophet said, and hikmah dollar to movement in America have

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the wisdom is like the property of the believer, wherever he finds it, he has the most claim to it, meaning we learn wisdom from all sources, from all types of people, whether they are Muslims or not. And the Quran here is telling us that also the Quran here is mentioned in the story. Again, not to say that, you know, the Quran has criticism of groups of this believers, groups of people who have rejected large, you know, like, communities, but individually as I mentioned, the Quran does not generalize gifts exceptions gives you when gives credit when credit is due. And this is one example. So look at this lady, she is like okay, what do you think generals and leaders, what should we do?

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There are going to say, well, we can fight, right? We're strong, we can fight. Look at the wisdom of this lady. She recognizes that this is not just like any other person. This is perhaps someone who has some some revelation, and even then she recognizes that war and battle isn't going to get anywhere. She's like, Look, when mighty kings in the maloca Hello Korea. When kings enter a country and invade a country, they spoil it, they destroy it. After do however, there is a villa and they humiliate its noblest inhabitants. And these men's will these men will do the same thing. All right, so she is a lady of wisdom. She's like, Look, war, just because out of fighting out of emotion. With

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before, diplomacy is not a wise tactic. Because war, even if you win is going to cause destruction. You know, and that is a really, really as a personal wisdom who's speaking here. Okay, so Hi, Lola. So she's like, let's see, let's try some diplomacy. She tries diplomacy with a with a president. So the mannerisms having none of that. He says, I am not interested in diplomacy or bribes. I'm here to extend the rule of law over as many people as he can. And he now is going to demonstrate what he what he means businesses, so the miners lab, okay, so he first he wants to, you know, he's not trying to

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he wants to do his job, which is to spread the message of revelation across as many people as you can, but also he doesn't want bloodshed either. Okay. Now, what does he do? He says, Okay, my gin, who of you are you and mela he's talking to his gin here. Okay. Which of you can bring me her throne because the hupo had told so demand that he or she has a big magnificent throne one of them said you know I can bring it to you I fleet is strong devil strong demon said I can bring it to you before you get up from your seat. But the one who had knowledge of the Book call Olivia in the moment look it up and it can be accomplished in a car for the ones who have knowledge of the Book said I will

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bring it to you in the twinkling of an eye before your you know even before your ridden blinking I can bring it to you

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Okay, and this was the miracle that he had the power over the jinn who could do extraordinary superhuman feats for him right. And as soon as he had finished saying this, but Amara who was in the womb and Solomon started police before him, he exclaimed, this is by the grace of my Lord hasn't been familiar. Again, as he is recognizing his fleet favours as he sees the blessings that are, you know, like unfolding in front of his eyes, he immediately thanks a lot for those blessings. And that is the attitude of gratitude, that the Prophet of Allah the man is teaching us. This is why the rest of my Lord to test me whether I am grateful or ungrateful, and whoever is grateful it is for his own

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good for the good of his own self and whoever is ungrateful and surely my Lord is in Nairobi, honey Yun Karim, my lord is self sufficient and generous money is actually someone who doesn't need anything or anyone in fact in Arabic the word for wealthy you know is someone who is money is wealthy meaning you don't need much right and the Prophet said Lisa Luna Casa de la bella Kenosha, Rena when enough wealth is not, you know, collecting lots of assets and materials. And in fact, being wealthy is being content you don't need much you don't desire much. And that is true wealth that the prophets solemn alludes to, and then under one of the names of Allah is the one who is free

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of all need, the one who doesn't need anybody in his creation, he is self sufficient. So if when we think a lot, we are thinking a lot, because that is for our own benefit, and if we don't think a lot that it will be to our own detriment. It's not to, it's not somehow making a hole or something, right. The last part that doesn't need us are thanking Allah for the blessings He's given us, makes us whole makes us, you know, recipients are more good makes us happier now. And happier in the next life as the Sahara saying online, gratitude increases blessings, for sure.

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Now, so he brings the throne and now he wants to show this lady before there's like a confrontation. That look, I am a prophet of Allah. So he says, okay, make this throne this guy's the throne. So let's see if she can recognize or not. When she came to Solomon, Solomon asked her Do you recognize this throne, she's like, this looks exactly like the throne that I have. Okay, and now this lady before Solomon can give her the message, or show her another sign that he is a prophet. He's like, you know what, we actually already know that you are a prophet of Allah, Hakuna muslimeen and we've already accepted Islam. Subhana Allah, look at this lady's humility. And that's an wisdom of this

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lady. This is what we learn from her, the Queen of Sheba. Wisdom not to get into confrontation. Okay, a war because of emotion. And, and, and, you know, a misplaced sense of patriotism. No, he's like, let's, let's, let's talk first, let's figure things out. And that's wise. That's, that that shows wisdom. And that shows actual, like real, being really secure about yourself. And that's something that we learn from the Queen of Sheba. The second thing is, it shows humility, again, she is not of the same ethnicity as Superman. Superman is a foreign person. So here it seems different for her to accept someone from a foreign ethnicity as like her superior, right? But this is the

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thing we learn about the people who are true believers. It doesn't matter who brings the truth in what the messenger looks like. The people who want to follow the truth will follow the messenger and they will have the humility to put themselves lower, commanded lower, they will have the humility to lower themselves to the command of Allah, to the choice of Allah, Allah chose to demand to be a prophet. So I will submit a lot of tools the prophets seem to be a prophet. So I will submit to Allah by accepting and that humility, you can see she's not there. You know, there is no like pent up frustration as much come out. She is humble, and she has submitted to Allah. And the last miracle

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that was shown to her was the floor of the palace de la land policy.

00:29:33--> 00:29:40

So the castle or the Palace of Solomon and the sun was so magnificent, that the floors were made of the the this

00:29:42--> 00:29:59

this amazing glass that was see through so when she saw this, she's never seen anything like it. She was like, Oh, this is and by the way, under the castle, there is a river flowing. So she thought that this is a pool of water that she's about to step in. So she lifted her dress up and bear

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Her legs, not wanting her dress to get wet. And then so the man says, actually, this is not you're not stepping into water. This is solder one moment radome and kawari. It is a palace paid with glass, pave, excuse me, with glass, how amazing of a miraculous, you know how how amazing the creation that cinnamon ruled over was. And that is when she was even more inclined to submit. And she said a slum to Mara in New London of see what a slum tomorrow so the manor lillahi Rabbil aalameen I submit myself along with Solomon, to the God to Allah to the Lord of the universe. So this is a the miraculous signs again, this sutras theme excuse me, even though surah is

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is there a god besides a lot and he will show that to us by mentioning his miraculous science. Historically, historically, when Mussa historic with Solomon, historically with solid a solid next source story is solid, who was sent to the mood saying worship Allah and Allah worship Allah alone, the people of course, were divided into two groups of people who want it who are believing and a group we're opposing him crib. Now what's interesting is that this story as we've seen before many times, the part that is pertinent here that is not found in other parts is this information. But can FL Medina t decide to run the UFC, do not fill out the water use the home, they were in the city,

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nine men who spread corruption in the land, and would not reform

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they said, let us bind ourselves by an oath sworn in the name of God that we shall attack slowly. And his family by night and to his protector like his other extended family, we will say that, hey, we didn't see anything What happened? And we're telling the truth. They're like, Look, look, let's kill solid and let's kill his family. And then we'll just like you know, lie about the fact that we were not there. Okay.

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Now what's interesting,

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Allah says they devise the plan and we also devise the plan, but they were not not aware of it. So look at the consequences of their plan, how we destroyed them and their people are truly so panela here it was miraculous sign to solid was the she camel by the she camel, and then the she camel, these nine people lead, try to assassinate solid, didn't do so but then ended up killing the camel, the camel, and that is when a last destruction was unleashed upon the people of solid, the

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people of some mood.

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So that

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is again, in line with the theme of the surah that the miraculous signs that Allah has sent historically, they were there to convince people that only Allah is worthy of worship. Now you will talk about miraculous signs that are all around us because we are not witnessing these historical signs with our eyes. We are reading about them. We're hearing about them. Okay, but it was like if you actually want to see miraculous signs, then you look all around you and those will be enough to convince the one looking for the truth. Okay. The people of solid who had like, a miracle ish, a camel that was not born, it was created in on the spot and the camel that not just was created, it

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burst through a rock and came out as a camel. Okay, this was in explicable by the laws of physics or the laws of nature, okay.

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But yet, very few of them believed they, the people of Moses, the Pharaoh, very, no, almost nobody from the people of Pharaoh believed in the miracles and there were nine of them. Okay, this is the point the people were often looking or asking, demanding miracles often really don't have any interest. That is just a misdirection but the ones who really want to believe the Ayat of Allah all around them, and they will be amazed by the creation of Allah we awestruck by it, and that would give them the conviction. Isla Houma mala Is there a god besides a lot? A man Chanukah sumati will who created the heavens and the earth and sends down water for you from the sky by which we make

00:34:34--> 00:35:00

luxuriant gardens grow had the EPA that the budgeting you could never make such trees? Such trees grow in them? If you try to artificially irrigate them you wouldn't be able to, but a love grows them. Isla humara law. Is there another day t besides a lot. Is there a god besides a law? Hmm, that's the question. The Miracle miraculous sign of a law should lead us to the answer.

00:35:00--> 00:35:48

I have this rhetorical question that No, only Allah is worthy of worship, who he is the one who has made the earth a stable place to live in seven rivers flow through it said mountains upon it. All these amazing different landscapes that are on the earth placed a barrier between the two seas. Is there another day tea besides God Allahumma Allah, but a credible lie Allah moon, most of them don't know is He who responds to the oppressed when he calls out? Yuji will look for either there are two panela the feeling of, you know, making sincere, sincere supplication and then having that supplication answered before your eyes. How amazing is that feeling? That is a true sign from Allah

00:35:48--> 00:35:53

subhanaw taala when you actually feel soothed, relieve suffering when you're alone

00:35:54--> 00:36:27

and has put you in charge of the earth, you know, generation after generation. Who does that ala mala? Is there any other God besides a lot? how little you pay heat on Isla de la corona little time you spend thinking about these things? And Maya de config umatilla very well by her who guides you in the darkness of the land and in the sea? helps you navigate the rough terrain? Who sends the breeze as harrows of His mercy. This is the reason that you know cools things down or breeze or brings in the rain.

00:36:29--> 00:36:37

Allahumma Allah is there a deity besides God? Allah Allahu Allah Shaquan Exalted is He about what they associate,

00:36:39--> 00:36:40

um, my

00:36:41--> 00:37:24

phone my radio, who he who originates the creation, then regenerates it, whereas alumina sama, he will or then gives you sustenance from the heaven and the earth, from the sky and the earth. illa humara Allah is there a deity besides Allah will have to work hand in quantum saw the Finn Subhana Allah very beautiful is that miraculous signs of Allah are all around us, and they should give us the conviction, that law is the only one where the worship the miraculous signs of a law historically that he sent the reckless signs of a law that is created in the creation all around us, they are beautiful. And they are all over the place. Also of that is the Quran. And number 79 Allah

00:37:24--> 00:37:35

references excuse me, 76 of the references that are on here that in the handle put on a persona bunnies are in a Corolla v. v.

00:37:36--> 00:38:25

v. v. 34. In the unexplained, the chair of Israel, much of what they differ in, meaning, it's not just retelling their story. It's not just recycling, like the content from the Bible, it actually speaks about the stuff that they are, like their theological disputes that are not like public, Lee discussed, debates, these are like, matters that their scholars would discuss, and matters that their books discuss. So Allah says, the fact that the Quran speaks about that stuff, right shows you that this is from Allah, because the prophets had no way of accessing the details. He may be. Definitely he knew about the Prophet musala Islam, he knew about other prophets when he saw it, but

00:38:25--> 00:39:08

the details, no way there is no access because that information was not publicly available. But the Quran speaks about that shows you It's a miracle from Allah, it's a miraculous sign. So if you want a miracle that's living today, two things number one, you look around amazing, all over the place. Amazing signs of Allah, tala that are the system that he's created, and how he responds to us how he takes care of us how he's made our bodies, how he is, allowed us to flourish and thrive. And then number two is the poor and how the poor and conveys the message speaks about matters the problem could not have spoken about the profit and know how to read the problem did not write the problem

00:39:08--> 00:39:43

didn't have access to these details. He wasn't known as a person as an author, as a scholar, as a poet, he was known as the truthful, as trustworthy as a, you know, amazing human being as a good businessman as a good family man, but not known as the one who had access to all of this information. That is evidence that the book is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. The conclusion? This also surah has many interesting points about the Day of Judgment, what happens on the Day of Judgment, but we'll go to the conclusion which is in the very end Allah says here

00:39:44--> 00:39:55

and number 89 Mangia Avila has an active Allahu hierro minha whoever does a good deed shall be rewarded with what what is better or Mangia bisi at

00:39:56--> 00:39:59

home in faza. He oma eating me noon and they shall be

00:40:00--> 00:40:50

Secure from the fear of that day, and whoever does evil will be flung down and on their faces in the fire. Are you not rewarded according to your, your deeds? Hassan I hear the word al Hassan is not just a good deed, in fact, the transition is not correct. A poverty mentioned this is good deeds that is believing in Allah and worshipping Allah alone. And seeing that, you know, heilala mukhin and Bihar being certain of La Ilaha, Illa Allah, so somebody says al Hassan a here means La ilaha illa Allah and that ties the theme of the sutra that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah. So whoever says that believes that lives that when they will get all types of good in this life and

00:40:50--> 00:41:32

all types of good in the next life and a Savior is the opposite of that, the opposite of that will be not just like any type of evil because you can have a person who is a believer doing evil things, they will be held accountable, they will be punished, they will have to, you know, pay reparations as the Quran and Sunnah speak about it. But here I say yes, specifically is the one who does not acknowledge acknowledge La ilaha illAllah, who does not say that there is only one God worthy worthy of worship, for that is the person who is referred to here, but I say, all right, so that is the end of the surah. It concludes with talking. It's It started with talking about the ones who,

00:41:33--> 00:42:29

you know, believe who don't want Basra meaning it ends with talking about the Prophet Salaam, and showing how he saw Salam practices, the faith and how he's devoted by showing that he is worshiping Allah, of course, and he is commanded to recite the Quran, right? So that is a beautiful circling back, and ties together the beginning and the end of the sutras. The next surah is total costs, total costs, means the story, right? I'll also say is crystallized a story puzzles, his stories. And the word. This slop comes from the Arabic, its etymology is to follow someone's footsteps. In surah, number 18, Allah says for Allah is an email kasasa Moosa and his servants retrace their steps until

00:42:29--> 00:43:20

they got to the place where they met him. All right, so that means that the story that's being told, is not being told just for the sake of entertainment, the story is being told with a very clear purpose, very, very clear purpose of being of the story being told is that we are supposed to put ourselves in the shoes of the protagonist, and try to walk in their shoes, not just for sake of following the story, but actually, as an example, to follow for our lives as a role model for our lives. To to, to modify our behavior accordingly. That is how it's supposed to be we listen to the story, we learn from it. And then we try to emulate that behavior when we are in the same type of

00:43:20--> 00:44:08

situation. And we will never be in a situation that's as bad as a prophet who went through who would go through the most difficult situation, but it won't be as bad for us, it will be a little easier. So if it's a little easier, we can most certainly emulate the sacrifice of the one who went through something harder. Now, this is Surah also begins with posse meme, and as you might notice, after posse meme, it speaks about the verses of the book that make things clear. Again, the Quran is mentioned. The Quran clarifies the religion clarifies it gives us clarity of thought, clarity of vision, a worldview, that's clear. You know, our fundamental belief is clear. The secondary aspects

00:44:08--> 00:44:17

of that belief system are clear. And that is what the Quran mentions. Not Lu alayka, may never emotionless read the introduction, not to alikum he never he moves a

00:44:19--> 00:44:35

walk around, I will have pity on me, you know, and we shall narrate to you some of the story of Moses and Pharaoh with the truth for people who believe, again, Musa alayhis salam is here, and we can discuss a lot about musala salam. He is the most frequently mentioned person in the UK.

00:44:37--> 00:45:00

But a lot begins by talking about the federal, the Federal, behaved arrogantly in the land, divided the people into groups, seeking to weaken one section, slinging their sons and sparing their daughters and he was of those who spread the spread corruption on Earth. The Pharaoh was ruling and the classic divide and conquer technique. This is how the column the colonized

00:45:00--> 00:45:42

colonize the world. Divide and Conquer, make, you know, deals with this tribe, against their brethren tribe, and set them in a state of war, let them destroy themselves, and then come and take the spoils of war afterwards spoils of victory afterwards. Same thing here, just stop the evil guy for the men whom he had divided the people. So that there was no unity, no one would stand up to the pharaoh because they were not divided. They were not united, excuse me. And he would, constantly seeking to seek to weaken those who were trying to like rally. How so in the most brutal me in the most brutal criminal way you can imagine, by murdering them, but not just murdering the people

00:45:43--> 00:46:32

murdering the most innocent, helpless of the people, the kids, but not just murdering the kids, because he wants to humiliate the people whose kids he's murdering, he's murdering their sons and leaving the daughters alive, to tell them that you're never going to get strong, because I'm going to kill your kids, your boys. And I'll leave you with all your girls. And if I want to enslave them and take them from you, this was them the way that Pharaoh operated. Can you see a glimpse of how evil of a criminal he was? And how brutal his techniques were. And still today, you know, you have, you know, historically and not too far, not that long ago, how brutally you know, so much of the

00:46:32--> 00:46:59

world was colonized. And these exact tactics were replicated. But today those people are celebrated as heroes like Winston Churchill who celebrated some hero he brutally killed like 4 million people in Bengal holla you stole the evil toilet, I mean, who knew that be who have now literally letting people starve to death. This is, unfortunately how tyrants and and dictators, the criminals have them. That's how they rule.

00:47:01--> 00:47:30

But Allah says in the middle of all that darkness there is the power of a law that serves as a light, we wish to favor those who were oppressed in the land, to make them leaders and make them inheritors of our bounty, to give them power in the land. Okay, the oppressed will rise from the ashes and become the kings, and to show the Pharaoh and Harmon and their hosts their army high man was like Pharaohs next in charge.

00:47:33--> 00:48:18

The very same thing that they fear, they feared an uprising, Allah said, watch the uprising rise from your own house ofera how so Allah makes a promise, this is the surah the theme of the surah is being certain of a lost promise, I was gonna make a promise, and it will show how he keeps his promises. And the idea is all prophet of Allah, Allah will fulfill His promises to you as well. And the idea for us is if Allah has promised us something in the Quran, his promises something in the Sunnah, that will be fulfilled, just like Allah fulfills his promises, all of them to all the people before an example here, particularly musallam, he will fulfill His promises to us as well and there

00:48:18--> 00:48:23

are far less you know, far less dangerous, far less, more difficult.

00:48:25--> 00:48:26

Now, here we are.

00:48:28--> 00:49:12

Our hyena Illa Mimosa, and out there eu musala salam, the baby Musa is about to be killed, because that's what the pharaoh would do, you would kill the boys. So now a lot inspires the mother Mossad s&m this amazing lady. Notice the ladies in this surah By the way, the mother Moosa, the sister Musa, the wife or Musa, all of them are like incredible role models, outstanding ladies, okay? A lot inspiring inspires her and look at how powerful how courageous This lady is. Allah says to her, feed him like suckle him breastfeed him. Okay, but when you were afraid that he's gonna get assassinated, the guards are at the door trying to like, you know, kill this baby.

00:49:14--> 00:49:27

Don't let them do that. Take sneak away and toss them in the river cast them in the river, while at the half you will add the honey and don't be afraid, don't fear.

00:49:29--> 00:49:39

What's the last promise in naraku Iraqi, we will return him to you and we will make him a prophet which are Illumina morsani. Now

00:49:40--> 00:49:57

that the guards of the pharaoh game that tried to you know, they're trying to hear a baby, they're trying to come inside the house to kill the baby. The mother Moosa sneaks away, puts him in the river And off he is floating in this little basket in the river. And where does this basket end up floating to.

00:49:59--> 00:50:00

It ends up

00:50:00--> 00:50:06

Floating to the house or of the Pharaoh, where another amazing lady,

00:50:07--> 00:50:26

the wife of the pharaoh Asya, one of the great ladies of all time, she picks her up, he picks up this baby. And she says Cora twining Lee Wallach, he will be a joy to the eye for me and you we will both, you know, enjoy the blessing of this baby because she didn't have her own child.

00:50:27--> 00:50:59

The Pharaoh was inclined to kill because he knew this is bunnies right in the child. She said, Don't kill him. Maybe he will be of use to us. Maybe we'll keep him as our son. We'll adopt him as our son. How can he harm us if he's our son, right? But who knows, but they will not realizing that muzzle is around was going to be the one who's going to bring about the downfall because the variable is always paranoid. The bunny Israelites are going to rally around some person and come in to you know, this overpowers with their numbers. Okay.

00:51:00--> 00:51:48

So he kept killing their kids. Now, one other kids is being raised in the house of the pharaoh himself well as perhaps the only Mustafa but the mother of Musa as powerful as strongest years. She's still a human. She's still a mother. Her heart was like empty, okay, the ISS of the transition says her heart was full of anxiety. In reality fat is something that's just like, barren. Like, it's like the cupboard is bare. She's got like, she is like her battery is discharged. She is just, she's done. She is about to give up now. Okay. But Allah says Lola roboton Allah Calvi Hallett. akuna Minal meaning a love strengthener heart, so she held on a little longer, and she did devise the plan

00:51:48--> 00:52:38

was the plan. The next lady in this story, the sister Musa, okay, she says to the sister Musa, go follow him. So she wants the baby as the baby floated down the river downstream, and recognize and she was smart Jin, she made sure no one saw her. And then when she knows the babies in the palace, he finds out as a smart young lady, a smart young woman, that the babies Okay, she finds out that no one she the baby is not drinking milk from anybody. Okay, so now she goes and says, You know, I know somebody who can breastfeed this baby, would you like us to take care of this baby. And that is how the sister moves up, became the way or the one who brought Musa back to the mother of Musa cater

00:52:38--> 00:53:22

Karina, so that her heart will be comforted. And then she will not grieve as long as she can know that the promise of Allah is the truth, but most of them don't realize it. And that was a lost promise that he made to her. And then he kept it and how amazingly he fulfilled it. Right. Saved Moosa from the person who's trying to kill him by giving him shelter in the house of the person who's trying to kill him. And then, as the mother of Musa is so scared, the sister Muslim, you know, is the one who she sends to watch over the baby, as he's helplessly floating in this on this river, she finds out where he where he is, convinces the people that I know someone who can take care of

00:53:22--> 00:54:11

him, and brings the baby back to the mother. Amazing. And now, every day, baby muscle comes to the mother for breastfeeding and goes back, and everyday comes back and then goes back how amazing we allow made sure that the promise that Allah made was kept musalla assemble, get in trouble. This is musasa by the way, before Prophethood certainly, certainly lost promise before profited. Then certainly in the promise of Allah after Prophethood or during prophet or excuse me, Musa gets into trouble How so? He was a fine young man was stoah, he was strong, he was he was built like a tank, okay. But he was also extremely smart. You will, Athena hoekman were ilma wisdom and knowledge and

00:54:11--> 00:54:56

this is the thing again, as believers, we pride ourselves on the people or wisdom and knowledge, people who are learned and people who acquire knowledge, people who say the right things who do the right things. This is something that is a source of pride for us. We don't find joy in being irresponsible, or it's not fashionable to be irresponsible. It is actually for us fashionable to be wise and knowledgeable. And that's all you will notice that in the Quran throughout. Musa is in trouble also, he entered the city. He saw two people are fighting. One of them is funny. Sorry, the other one is not moosari some steps in punches. The guy who's not funny, so are you. Okay.

00:54:58--> 00:54:59

All right. And then

00:55:00--> 00:55:46

He ends in so called ah lady that man dies. Okay you thought Muhammad Ali was a great puncher, Rahim Allah. Well, he was so damn good Mmm, haha that is not a sign listen with one punch masala Salam finished him off with one punch. But he didn't intend to kill him this is manslaughter, it he wasn't intending to kill this man. It was just the force and the situation caused it. And then musasa realized that this is a fatal mistake. This is a mistake that he's made, and this is going to be trouble. And he recognizes it, that he has done something wrong. He asked a lot for forgiveness. But he also learns a lesson he says, Look, I am not going to repeat this again. This is from the wisdom,

00:55:46--> 00:56:29

you will make a mistake once. That's mistake, you make it twice that shows you're not really wise. He's like, I'm not going to make this mistake again. I will never be the helper of the guilty. I got pulled into it out of emotion. I didn't really actually verify who's right and who's wrong, who deserved you know, punishment who didn't? And unfortunately, the the consequences of his choices he would have to live with because this very same person would then rat out musallam A Moses Do you want to kill me just as you killed a man yesterday, right? He got into another scuffle with another person. And now he is about to rat out Musab, and he recognizes Moses coming from him. You only want

00:56:29--> 00:57:09

to be a tyrant in the land you don't want to be you don't want to set things right. This is the thing. If we do things emotionally, oftentimes, there's like a ripple effect to it. And those consequences we have to deal with. And that ended up costing musasa because he had to now flee for his life. If he had to flee for his life. A good person told him no gentlemen, ox Almudena, a man came running from our side of the city said, Oh, Moses, the authorities are conspiring to kill you. They're going to frame you for murder. They're not going to accept this as manslaughter. They will say Israelite killed and Egyptian and that will be it you would have no case to make runaway Moosa.

00:57:09--> 00:57:12

I am your well wisher, so he runs away musasa.

00:57:14--> 00:58:01

And he prays in this difficult moment that Oh, Lord, helped me get through this musasa makes Dora musanze Dora is answered in number 22. He manages to flee the Egypt and the Pharaoh, who's pursuing him and reaches million. Now, as he reaches Midian. This is a strange land. He doesn't know anybody here. Okay. He reaches medium. And he says, he finds that there is people wandering their flocks. And there's two women who are just standing there. All right. Again, the role of women in the suit is very fascinating. musallam goes up and he's like, what's up? But this right mahatva Kumar, why aren't you? Why aren't you taking water for your flock? They're like, well, we can do it until the

00:58:01--> 00:58:42

shepherds take away their sheep. We can't really go ahead because the men are there. So we have to wait until the men leave and then we get whatever else we want. And most of the time recognizes that this is an injustice. This is unfair, right? It's not fair at all. So he takes now their flocks. And he again, users a strength is time to water, the flocks and then returns and now he's got like, he's just she just did this. He just did this because it was the right thing to do. It wasn't anything that he had to gain from it. It was just the right thing to do. So he does it. But as he's doing it, he's making them he's like Oh Allah, I'll be in the mountains into 11 Hayden, Sophia My Lord, I am

00:58:42--> 00:59:27

truly in need of whatever blessing you send down to me. Hey, Musa means Dora, Moses, Dora is answered. How is it answered? One of the girl comes and says, hey, my dad would like to reward you. When he taught tells the father what had happened. He said, Don't worry, you're safe with us now. And he says, You know what? I'd like you to marry one of my daughters. Okay. And the condition is the mahute is you stay with me for eight years. But if you say for 10 there'll be better and musala sam accepts that. Now amazingly. Look at how Moses was answered. He was afraid. He says Allah nagini minakami Valentin saved me from the wrongdoing people. Allah saved him by bringing him into the town

00:59:27--> 01:00:00

of Medina. He was he lost his family is lost his family's got nobody left. Last one I gave him a family. He lost all his possessions. Last month I gave him a job and a household. Everything he lost a lost father replaced for him and the hours are between neelima and delta 11 fighting for clear my lord I am truly in need of whatever a blessing you missed and down for me promise made promise kept that is the the themes of the surah is number 24. By the way, this is a draft for the

01:00:00--> 01:00:41

One who was trying to get married as well, because musasa made this law and got married. So people are like, you know what we should make this law, try to get married just fine. It's a beautiful law, you should make it for whatever reason, but also for the purposes of seeking a good partner for your life musala salaam, also, two points about this story, and then I'll conclude very shortly, is that he is teaching us how to make dora dora is done, not just by just words, it's actually action. He first did a good deed, good deed of helping these two ladies that he made. That's how to either make good deed, good actions. And then you follow that up with while that's why fasting and we make glide

01:00:41--> 01:01:20

the end of the fast you've done a good deed the whole day. Lots of good news handler the whole day. Now we make up make a DA and Allah answers of the law. Number two is how amazing is the story where, you know, like, one of the two women came to Moosa right to one of the two came walking up shyly, one of the two said, one of the two girls said, Father hire him. A lot of them tell us which of the two Mussa married, right, there's two girls, two sisters, right? He married one of the two, but a lot of them mentioned who he married, because that's actually not the point of the story. And frankly, that's nobody's business. That's only musala salaams business. And this is a important

01:01:20--> 01:02:09

lesson for us that we as believers are taught by the Quran and the Sunnah, that men whose lemur is, Islam will not eat or who melayani from the beautiful aspects of a person's religion is that he or she only focuses or only he or she leaves things that are not their concern that isn't their business, people's private lives. What are they doing? That is none of your business. That's none of my business. We leave things to like we let people have their privacy, let people have their space. This is a very important thing that we learn from the son of the Prophet Salaam. And it's implied beautifully here, a lot of dimension, which of the two, a lot of mentioned, you know, the choice he

01:02:09--> 01:02:52

made, because that's not our business. That is musanze business. And that is again, promise made promise kept. If I could just take a couple of minutes to wrap this up and gela promise made during profit or loss monto speaks to musala salaam, here when he is returning to Egypt. And he says to him, here he actually describes how the bush was where Allah spoke to him from he came to it. He was called by a voice from a bush in a blessed spot on the right side of the valley, that oh Moosa, I am God, the Lord of the universe. We don't believe that Allah is there in the fire. That's not our belief, but it's the voice movie I mean, shelter universal payment. Allah sparklers above his

01:02:52--> 01:03:40

creation, he's not inside are part of the creation. But he spoke to Moosa and the voice came from that bush, and that is where he Musab received his first revelation. If the promise that allow me to musalla psalms 133. Allah made him the promise, man, he says to Moosa, a messiah go, and you know, free your people. He says, Oh my Lord, I have killed one of their people, I fear that they will kill me. And my brother Harun, he is more eloquent, my brother Aaron is more eloquent than me. So help me with him. And let me let him be a backup for me. Because I feel they will reject me because I'm not very eloquent in the way I speak up. Allah says his promise, son, I should do our due the cabbie, we

01:03:40--> 01:04:14

shall strengthen your arm through your brother, and we will give you both power for Allah, Yossi Runa la Kumara. So they will not be able to harm you, the ayah Tina is set forth with our science, you and those who follow you will prevail, Allah makes that promise to musala ceram the promise of Allah is fulfilled, I am number 40 how So, after all, that transpired 100 now who would you know, do we seize him and his host and toss them into the sea and can then consider the fate of the wrongdoers and consider consider how the people

01:04:15--> 01:04:16


01:04:18--> 01:04:19

who were

01:04:22--> 01:04:39

oppressed and enslaved for generations, how we made them, you know, leaders and kings, and that is a laws favor that he chooses to split chooses to bestow upon whoever he wants.

01:04:40--> 01:04:55

And Subhanallah This is an amazing, you know, how a lot of other showing the product to musallam how he made promises to him, and how he kept his promise. The surah concludes with a lot of telling the profits loss on them, right.

01:04:56--> 01:05:00

That the promises that he has made to you or profit in the

01:05:00--> 01:05:45

The follow law legal foreign law Luca enamorado, is the one who has entrusted you with the responsibility of the foreign will surely lead you to a successful end or profit. You know, there's a large passage where Allah speaks about the Prophet son versus Christ because Musa verses for our own, the parallel to that is the profit versus perish. Okay the same exact parallels are driven are are there so Allah mentions after Moosa versus Pharaoh, the prophecy versus correlation, quite a few details there. But then Allah concludes by seeing just like the promise of Allah, so filter to Moosa before Prophethood and during Prophethood the promise of Allah will be fulfilled to you as well. So

01:05:45--> 01:05:48

don't you worry, oh prophet of Allah, do not.

01:05:49--> 01:06:32

You know, don't don't become distress. It's not that, you know, this was something you weren't expecting this, you were not not expecting to be chosen as a prophet, but it is Allah's mercy that she he chose you and gave this to you. So don't become a supporter to those who are rejecting the truth. Don't let others divert you from God's revelation. Focus on what's in your control. When the ruler of bigness invite people in white people in white people, and then let the rest leave the rest in the hands of a lost father. He'll take care of it. That is the end of sort of associate child law. And then it's a beautiful foreshadowing because the prophets Allah eventually also became the

01:06:32--> 01:06:49

one who conquered his enemies. The people of crush HR tomorrow will look into Ron Kabuto and the rest of the juice to panic Aloma we hamburger, a Chateau La ilaha illa Anta istockphoto kotoba legs up with everybody. I'll see you all tomorrow, same time, same place with Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh